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Chapter 13: Business.

*Illya's POV*

After getting a quick meal at a fast food restaurant and a 6 hour drive, I arrived at the Katsumi estate. Though, I had gotten here four months ago. I still even haven't met my grandparents. Whenever I asked the servants around the estate about them, they just tell me that they're too busy to meet me but, according to Rias They're in this estate and are avoiding me. I can only assume they’re avoiding me because I look similar to their failure of a daughter and they see her in me.

Not that I care at all. Some of the servants for some reason like to bully me, whilst most of them absolutely adore me. What I mean by bullying, I mean poisoning my food, putting sewing needles in my food, tripping me, and various other methods of bullying. Even though the bullying was pretty dangerous, no matter what they did I didn't get mad or yell at them. Rias could barely keep herself calm but, I convinced her to let them bully me until she finds who was the one making them bully me to this extent. I’m guessing that whoever is doing this is trying to get me to look bad to my grandparents and get thrown out and get replaced by one of my cousins.

While I was waiting for Rias to give me juicy info on the perpetrator, I was continuing to work on trying to raise my level and stats as well as trying to regain some skills that I've lost. Sorta hard for a peaceful world like this since Killing someone wouldn't give me really any levels due to the fact that almost everyone in this world is either level 0 or barely level 1. There are also no monsters to kill either but, I found out that practicing cooking, working out, and training my skills at handling weapons and sparring with Rias gave me a lot of exp and levels decently fast.



How do I know that killing people in this dimension doesn’t give me levels up?

Nothing too special, I just went around killing a few serial killers and other terrible people. I stopped after the 15th one that I killed when noticed that I wasn’t gaining any EXP at all from killing them. I know that killing things makes me feel amazing but, I still won’t kill innocent beings and specifically not beautiful women. Those are my bottom lines. In this sense, I’m the mix of the best of my Mother Yuna, and my Mother Mia.

Illya: "Phew!" I say after wiping away the sweat from my forehead.

Illya: "That's enough for today." I say before getting up from the floor.

I had just finished doing push-ups alone in my room and, I had just set my new record of total push-ups in one set. My new record is exactly 1,200 push-ups in two hours. I would like to go even higher but, because of this small feeble three-year-old body of mine, 1,200 was my limit at the moment. It was pretty tricky to kill those scum in this small body but, sneak attacks still worked pretty well. Also using myself as bait worked most of the time. Most people wouldn’t think that a little girl like me would suddenly kill them with ease with a smile on their face.

Illya: "Alright now, I wonder what my stats are now." I say after clapping my hands to use cleaning magic to clean the sweat off of my body.

I didn't check my status at all since I really like seeing big gains instead of small ones. My new stats will probably be crazy. And it will be because of all the effort I've put in these past two months. You can’t even begin to understand how much dopamine seeing your hard work displayed in easy to understand stats. If everyone had a system like this where you could visibly see your progress, this dimension and any dimension for that matter would be significantly more advanced easily. Especially if there were daily tasks like brushing your teeth, taking a bath and washing, going for a walk, making food, etc.

Illya: "Time for the moment I’ve been waiting for. Status!"


Level up! x 99 (You have reached the current restricted level cap.)

Congratulations! You are now a level 100 Celestial Being!

You’ve regained all of your skills and titles due to your powerful soul!



Name: Illya

Race: Celestial

Sex: Female

Age: 3

Level: 100

HP: 5,000/25,785 (Capped at 5,000)

MP: 50,000/1,843,624 (Capped at 50,000)

INT: 1218

STR: 350/2125 (Capped at 350)

DEF: 500/9642 (Capped at 500)

Luck: 10,777

Charm: 9999

Illya: "..."

Illya: "Huh? Why the hell is my stats and level capped?" I say with an annoyed tone.

I was about to go into a profanity-filled fit of rage but, I realized that even though my stats and level are capped, I'm still most likely the most powerful being in this world. After I calmed down, I saw a little note attached to my status. The note was from Yuna and it explained the reason why my status was locked at a specific cap.

Yuna: "Just in case you do something crazy like do inhuman amounts of training, I've taken the liberty to cap your highest level and stats. This way it makes it less likely that my enemies will find you, If you actually manage to make it to the level cap you will gain back all the skills and titles that you had prior to your reincarnation. I did this just so you wouldn’t waste years of grinding skills again. Please don't do anything crazy. I love you, bye."

Illya: "Well at least I know why. Still, this kind of sucks. Way less of a hit of dopamine than what I was hoping for." I say with a pout.

Eh, it’s fine I guess. I'm pretty overpowered for this dimension and I'm still a little baby heh... Huh? What? Why didn't the list of tiles and skills show up? It’s because I'm too lazy to tell you about them since you're just a fake person in my head that I talk sometimes talk to for some odd reason. Anyway, now that I’m sure that no one can get in my way anymore, I think it's about time to get my revenge on those the person who went against me and had people try to kill or at least bully me. Of course, that’s assuming that Rias has the info I need on the person responsible.

Rias: “Good morning Illya.” Rias said with a smile after entering my room and looking at me.

Illya: “Good morning Rias. Do you have any good news for me?” I say with a smile.

Rias: "That’s correct. I do bring you some good news." Rias says with an excited expression.

Illya: “Judging by your expression, is it news regarding the one who doesn’t like that I’m the heir?” I say with a questioning tone.

Rias: “Yes Illya, I have finished my investigation.” Rias says before putting down the binder of information on the perpetrator that she gathered.

Illya: "Oh? Is this really the ringleader?" I say with a head tilt.

Rias: "I am certain that the one responsible is the head butler Yagi Kei." Rias confidently said.

Illya: "You sure? I’m not doubting the information that you’ve found but, I can't ever remember even pissing Yagi off once." I say with a thinking pose.

Rias: "Yagi is being paid to do so by people who don’t want you to not be the heir of the Katsumi name and assets. On top of that, he is the one that raised your cousin that was the original heir before he died and you replaced him. Because of that, he hates you immensely. He would have probably continued to try to kill you even if he wasn’t paid off." Rias said explaining without taking a break to breathe. Fitting of a highly skilled maid.

Ahh, That makes sense when I think about it. I wonder if I can just pay him off? Pffft! Like I'm willing to let a person that hurts me get away with it. The one thing that I’m really wondering about is, how I’m going to kill him. Painfully or quickly? And in what way? Ahh, so many options…

Illya: "Rias, On a day when my grandparents aren't home, please call him and all of the servants that have gone against me into the home theater room." I say with a sinister smile.

Rias: "Yes Illya, right away." Rias said with a bow.

What a good maid she is. She didn’t not even question what I plan to do and just went along with what I said. I do think that I should be a little bit more merciful on Yagi’s underlings because I really doubt that he paid them since most of the time when they bullied me they looked very sorry. so I'll only kill Yagi and only scare the rest, just to set an example.

I spent about 8 days after that waiting for my grandparents to leave the estate. Finally, they left the estate and went to an event. After they left, I had Rias call those involved to the home theater in my estate on my behalf. Those responsible for bullying and trying to kill me were 12 maids and 2 butlers, not counting Yagi. They are now gathered in front of the screen in the theater. It's a pretty big theater honestly, it’s far bigger than most commercial ones. All of them were sporting a look of confusion on their faces.

Yagi: "My lady, could you please explain why you've gathered us here? We're all quite busy and don't have time to play games with you." Yagi said with a rude tone.

Illya: "Ignoring your comment that lacks respect for me, I've gathered you all here for a premiere of a short movie that I’ve made." I say with a smile.

Yagi: "A short movie? My lady, this is a bother. We all have far better things to do than humor you." Yagi said with an annoyed tone.

Illya: "It’s a very special movie. Staring all of you." I say before snapping my fingers and the projector firing up in sync.

Using creation magic I was able to make fake recreations recordings of all of the servant's bullying and murder attempts. Because there were no cameras in any of the rooms, I had to make my own footage of said events and then I compiled them into a small montage. Once giving Rias a thumbs up she started the movie.

The run time was an hour and 38 minutes. The faces that were once showing confusion and annoyance, are now displaying emotions of fear and shock. The one who showed the most fear was Yagi. It’s kind of funny for grown adults to be afraid of a small child like me showing them evidence of their crimes. Hmm… Maybe, they're only afraid that I'll tell my grandparents?

Illya: "What a splendid movie! I give it a 10 out of 10." I say after with a round of clapping.

Yagi: "M-my lady, please don’t show this footage to your grandparents!" Yagi said with a pleading tone.

Illya: "Huh? Why would I bother to tell my Grandparents when I can handle this myself?" I say with a head tilt.

They all calmed down when I said that. They probably think that they weren't actually in any trouble since I’m just a little girl and they aren’t scared of me at all. They reasonably think that a little three year old girl can't do anything at all to them.

Illya: "I said that I’ll handle it and I intend to do so. Goodbye Yagi!" I say before jumping up and attacking Yagi’s neck with a knife that I made with Creation Magic.

After I decapitated Yagi's head from his body, his face still had a calm look on it which, really pissed me off because he wasn't scared at all before I killed him. Seeing me being covered in blood whilst sporting a pure smile on my beautiful face, seemed to make the remaining servants break down in tears and start begging for their lives.

Illya: "Well, didn't you all change your tone fast? All I did was punish a fool who thought that they could get rid of me." I say while waving around the knife that still had Yagi’s blood on it in front of the kneeling servants.

Servant A: "PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!" A man in a suit said while shaking.

Servant B: "I DON'T WANT TO DIE!" Another man said with a look on his face that he was facing the devil.

MAID A: "I'M SO SORRY THAT I POISONED YOUR FOOD! I WAS JUST DOING WHAT I WAS TOLD TO DO!!" A maid said with tears falling down her face.

Illya: "Don’t worry, I know." I say with a warm smile.

From loudly begging for their lives to complete silence. I like it when people do what I want to do without me even having to say it. I mean, I didn't even lock any of the exits so they could of all have just run away but, rather than choosing to run, they asked me for forgiveness instead.

Illya: "I won't kill any of you as long as you don't go against me again. And if you all become my eyes and ears in the estate and stop other servants from planning anything to hurt me." I say with a serious tone.

Rias: "Illya has given me permission to deal with anyone who goes against her from now on. That includes killing them." Rias said with a sinister tone.

Illya: "Yup! Rias doesn’t even have to report to me first beforehand either. Now you all go back to work while I clean up this mess." I say while waving them off in a dismissive manner.

And like that, they scattered like cockroaches. Rias told me that she'll deal with the body but, I told her to "Just watch." and then using magic I completely got rid of Yagi's body and the evidence that he was killed by me. Even the blood was completely wiped not even leaving a single piece left. The murder weapon was also easy to get rid of since I had made it myself with creation magic. With a flick of my hand, the last piece of remaining evidence was gone without a trace. Not even forensic science would be able to find something. Not like most people would think that a 3 year old could kill a grown adult.

Illya: "I could deal with the body but, I'll leave the explanation of his disappearance to you Rias." I say with a smile while looking at Rias.

Rias: "Yes Illya, I'll handle this immediately." Rias said with a bow.

Illya: "Good girl." I say while patting Rias on the head. She even bowed her head lower so that I could pat it.

I honestly don't really know how she'll cover this up but, I trust her to be able to be able to do something like that. Though I haven’t known her long, I can tell that she is absolutely loyal to me and would never betray me. After that whole bullying and attempted murder business was finished and I secured my position in the Katsumi estate. My days were filled with luxury and peace. Besides reading manga and novels, watching movies and anime as well as playing games, I didn't really do anything important for years until I was 18. I couldn’t increase my stats or level anyway. After many years, the time came for me to enroll in high school.

Huh, what?

What about every other grade?

With my absurdly high INT stat, I was able to skip every grade and just chill for many years. I was only enrolling in High school for fun and to find women to join my harem.

Rias: "Illya, you look absolutely beautiful in your school uniform!" Rias says with a smile.

Illya: "Well thank you kindly!" I say with a bright smile.

I replied to her praise with a passionate kiss that lasted longer than most people could kiss for but, Even though I only turned 18 5 months ago, I've trained Rias well. On my 18th birthday, Rias asked me what I wanted her to give me as a present. I leaned into her ear and whispered “Taking all of your firsts would be a very good present to me. I can even give you mine, it’s a win win.” As such, that night, me and Rias embraced each other for the first time. Because I’ve been holding my sexual desires back for all these years, I went a little overboard and had sex with Rias for 4 days straight. She couldn’t even walk right for 2 days afterwards.

To this day I still haven't seen my grandparents so, Rias was the only one to see me off. After my driver dropped me off at the gates of Endo Academy which is the high school that I enrolled in. It's the top high school in the world, not just in Japan and you need a lot of money, connections, and high test scores to be accepted in enrolling.

Illya: "I look forward to seeing you again Rias." I say while giving her a hug.

Rias: "Likewise. I hope you will have an enjoyable school life." Rias said while returning my hug.

Illya: "Thanks! Bye love you!" I say before giving her another kiss but this time on her cheek.

Despite all of the love training I gave Rias, she still can't say that she loves me in public. Not because she doesn’t want people to know that she is a lesbian but, because she's too embarrassed to do so. Meanwhile, I just made out with my maid for an hour straight whilst other students, teachers, faculty, and servants watched.

Illya: "What?" I say while cutely tilting my head to the crowd that was gathered around me.

Due to my beauty, everyone including the girls and female teachers and staff members blushed. Endo is split between the male and female locations so only female personnel is allowed in this location. The perfect place for me to make a new harem and hopefully find Akane.

Female Teacher: "E-everyone please proceed to the gym for the opening ceremony!" A teacher said with a blush and a stutter.

As such everyone snapped out of their daze and we all went towards the direction of the gym for the opening ceremony. The current class president gave a boring speech that I didn't listen to. She wasn’t up to my standards of beauty so I just didn’t even bother with her speech. I was also quite busy checking out all the students, teachers, and faculty and figuring out which ones I should go for.

Illya: "Interesting." I say with a smile to no one in particular.

The ceremony lasted for an entire hour. After it was finished, we were all guided to the dorms since this is a live-in High school. I went to a dorm that no one else went to because I had pulled some strings before coming here.

Illya: "This is absolutely perfect!" I said with an excited voice.

Due to the low admission rate of this school and high requirements, there was an entire dorm building that was completely unused. I used my connections and money to buy it and renovate it. There were well over a hundred luxury rooms, with the biggest being mine. With all this space, my harem can live in pure bliss.

Rias: "Welcome home Illya." Rias said with a smile and a bow.

What? You thought that I was actually gonna leave Rias behind? Nope! She was able to get in using the magic that I taught her. On top of magic, I also trained her combat skills and she is currently level 32.

Illya: “It’s only been an hour and I already miss you so much!” I say after kissing Rias on the lips.

Rias: “I’m ashamed to say that I feel the same.” Rias said with a blush.

Illya: "That’s good. By the way, How was my acting?" I say while playing with her silky hair.

Rias: "Apart from the abundant PDA, your acting was pretty good in my opinion but, honestly I'm pretty biased when it comes to you." Rias said with a sigh.

Illya: "Well at least they won't think you've followed me. Just make sure you use magic to hide yourself unless it's in front of someone we trust." I say while exploring my dorm with Rias. I didn’t look at it beforehand. I just told them to make it modern but luxurious.

Rias: "I’ll be sure to hide myself well, don’t worry." Rias said with a chuckle.

Illya: "Hmm… You look like you want to say something. What is it?" I say while doing a head tilt.

Rias: "Was spending 150$ million USD worth of money to buy and renovate this dorm?" She said with a concerned look.

Illya: "Of course. The investment was absolutely necessary. I have no buyer's remorse at all." I say with a laugh.

Rias: "So you say but, I just don't understand why you’ve renovated all the other rooms. I mean, 30 people can fit in just one room and your room could fit over 80 people. It just seems like a waste." Rias said with a sigh with one of her hands on her cheek.

Illya: "But Rias, where else would I house the other members of my harem?" I say with another head tilt.

Rias: "Oh? I wasn't aware that there were other members already." Rias said with a head tilt mimicking me in jest.

Illya: "There aren't yet but, giving how many beautiful women are enrolled here, it won't be long until these rooms are filled up." I say while gesturing for Rias to sit down on the couch in my room and drink some tea with me.

Rias: "Knowing you, that most likely isn't a joke at all." Rias said before taking a sip of her tea.

Illya: “Rias, be honest with me. Do you prefer my body or the food and I cook and drinks I make?” I say with a seductive smile.

Rias: “Y-you already know the answer to that rhetorical question.” Rias said with a blush. She was blushing because I sat on her lap and looked directly into her eyes.

Illya: “Then prove it! Let’s break in my new bed while we’re at it.” I say with a lewd look on my face after getting off her lap.

I then grabbed Rias's hand and led her to my oversized bed. I then took her clothes off one by one before she did the same with my school uniform. After groping and making out with each other for 15 minutes, I picked Rias up in a princess carry and carefully placed her on the bed. Then we proceeded to enjoy ourselves for the rest of the day and most of the night. I had to call it around 2 AM since I have my first day of class tomorrow. As such, we fell asleep cuddling each other.

What? How did I get so rich? Well, it isn't my family's money, I just made stupidly advanced products such as the cure for cancer, and every other disease or sickness. I cured aging and extended human life to a theoretical 1000 years just to name a few.

Of course all under different names so the public doesn't know that it was all me. I'm currently the richest person in the world so a few hundred million is just chump change to me. Yuna did tell me not to do anything crazy but, I'm sure that she just meant for me to not to commit genocide or something. Tomorrow my days of gaining harem members start and I can't be happier about it!


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