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Chapter 12: Shitty Start.

Being in the Sea of Life, was an interesting experience, to say the least. It was completely dark and felt like I was on a water ride of some kind. I don’t really know how long I was in it but, it felt like an eternity as well as just a few seconds at the same time. Eventually, I had woken up. My body ached quite a bit and I was in pain when I woke up. The reason for my aches was due to what I had used as a bed. My "bed" was just a piece of cardboard and my "blanket" was some old newspapers.

But, who am I anyway? After I asked that question to myself in my head, I suddenly felt a major pain in my head. During the pain, tons of memories flowed into my mind quickly getting me up to date on my current and past identity.

Illya: "OH! That's right! I'm Illya!" I say after jumping out of my “Bed”.

Fortunately, I regained my memories as promised and, I was most likely a 3 year old little girl. After I got up from my makeshift or as I put it "Piece of fucking shit." bed, I looked around and saw a mirror, I went over to where the broken handheld mirror was. I picked it up and looked at the reflection hoping that I still retained my beautiful face and body.

Illya: "Yay! I'm still beautiful! Yuna really did come through for me!" I say with a loud and excited voice.

I retained my beautiful eyes and hair. I basically just look like a smaller chibi version of myself. Though, due to me being enthralled by my own beautiful looks, I completely ignored my surroundings and voiced my excitement out loud.

???: "Shut your FUCKING mouth! Can’t you see that it’s still early in the morning you little shit! My head already hurts and you yelling ain’t helping not bit!" A hungover man screamed in an angry tone not even understanding that he also isn’t helping his head pain.

An unknown man screamed at me. After a minute, I was able to recall him as apparently my "Father". While I was thinking, he picked up an empty glass bottle of what I assume was alcohol, and was about to smash my head with it. I don’t seem to know his name though, I now knew the reason for all the bruises that I have on my body. I was just three… what kind of piece of shit would abuse their barely out of their diapers child? Could I really let him get away with damaging my oh-so-beautiful body? Absolutely not!

Father?: "UGH!" The man screamed in pain.

Thanks to my previous life’s skills, dodging his slow and barbaric attack was child's play. That pun was 100% intended if you're wondering. You might be wondering why he screamed in pain as if was injured and in a lot of pain. The answer is very simple. After I had dodged his attack, I quickly picked up a loose needle. It was probably used for injecting some kind of illicit drugs. Doing drugs while you have a child? Surely you could forgo the drugs to at least buy a bed for your child right? Regardless, I stabbed the needle into his left eye.

Father?: "You ungrateful little SHIT! I DON’T BELIEVE THAT YOU MESSED UP MY EYE! I DON’T CARE THAT YOU’RE MY DAUGHTER! I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!!!" The man had screamed in rage once again.

Most people would be out of commission for a while after getting stabbed in their eye like that but, either he was still drunk or the drugs were still in his system dulling his pain since, he pulled out the needle from his eye, and this time he came after me with his fists. Dodging was once again easy. After I stabbed his eye, I ended up with some of his blood on my face. Being covered slightly in his blood with a huge sinister smile on my face only angered him further and further with every attack of his that I dodged.

Illya: "Too slow." I say with a child like laugh.

After 8 minutes of us running around the small apartment and him around trying to hit me, I got bored of his constant failed and pathetic attacks so, I picked up a big knife from the kitchen. I the knife to give him many cuts as payback for damaging my body. When I was finally satisfied with all of the cuts I gave him, I used the knife to slit his throat. It didn't take more than a few minutes for him to choke to death from his own blood. The entire time I just stood there watching him bleed out with an evil smile on my face.

???: "YOU LITTLE BITCH! WHY DID YOU, MY OWN DAUGHTER KILL MY LOVE?!?!" A Woman screamed in rage.

A woman came out of the bedroom and into the small living room to see the lifeless body of that worthless trash and screamed. This dirty-looking woman who didn't even look like me at all but, at least she had the same color hair as me. She is apparently my mother. After seeing the body of that “father” of mine, she went into the kitchen and grabbed a knife. She didn’t immediately attack me so, I didn’t attack her yet. I guess she actually wanted an answer so I guess I'll give her one.

Illya: "All I did was be a little loud and then he attacked me." I say with a shrug.

Mother?: "THAT'S NOT A GOOD ENOUGH REASON TO KILL HIM! HE WAS YOUR FATHER!" The woman continues to scream.

Illya: "And hitting your child with a glass bottle is for being loud is? Do you think I give really care about someone as terrible as that? I mean, I feel the same towards you as well." I say with a huff.

Mother?: "YOU UNGRATEFUL BITCH!" The woman said before attacking me.

My own "Mother" fully intended to kill me it seems. She lounged at me just like my "Father" did. What? Do you think I'll be merciful since she's my mother? According to my memories, this piece of shit once tried to sell my body to some well off scum bags before my father told her to wait until I was older and more desirable. I could try to reason with her but, I could tell that she was far too drugged out of her mind so I didn’t even bother to try I mean, These two didn't even bother to name me for God's sake.

Mother?: "AAA!" She screamed.

I also lunged towards her, dodging her knife and plunging my knife into her heart killing her. She did not die instantly but, decently fast. She just sat on the floor looking at the knife lodged into her chest and back at me until she finally died. Once it was all said and done I had successfully killed my own parents and was covered in their filthy blood. As I looked at the broken mirror on the ground, I was happy to be covered in the blood of my enemies once again.

Illya: "Now, let's think about my current situation." I say with a thinking pose.

Once I collected the memories I had of this world, I came to a conclusion. This is a modern world without magic or any fantasy like things. The current year is early 2010 and the country I am currently in is America. My parents had ran away together from Japan because my mother's family wouldn't accept their relationship.

Illya: "Well this fucking sucks…" I said with a sigh.

Apparently, my mother was pretty well off but, that ended when she went against her family. I figured this out from looking at the emails on her cheap laptop. I wondered if I could still check my status so I said those oh-so magic words.

Illya: "Status."



Name: Illya

Race: Celestial

Sex: Female

Age: 3

Level: 1

HP: 5/5

MP: 1/1

INT: 1218

STR: 2

DEF: 1

Luck: 10,777

Charm: 9999

Illya: "..."

Well, at least I kept my Charm, Luck, and INT. But, what was a poor little girl like me supposed to do without their parents? I mean, I could probably figure out something but despite still being a Celestial I'm absolutely starving as well as thirsty. Those two must have been too far gone since there was no food in the fridge. I couldn’t find even scraps of food. They probably spent all of their money on alcohol and drugs. They could care less about their starving child especially if they want to get their fix.

Illya: "Dammit!" I say after stomping on the ground.

???: "I'M SORRY!!" A beautiful voice says.

Illya: “Who? How are you talking to me in my head?” I say with a head tilt.

???: “I’m the Queen of the Creators, Yuna.” The voice calmly explained.

Illya: "Wait what? Yuna?" I said with a confused expression.

She wasn't in the room but, I could hear her voice in my head and If I wasn't already used to magic I'd probably have thought that I had gone insane or something like that. Her voice is quite pleasant and calming to listen to. I can only assume that she is a beauty.

Illya: “What are you sorry about exactly?” I say with a calm tone.

Yuna: "I had no idea that stupid woman would run away with this terrible man." Yuna said with a hint of remorse.

Illya: "What do you mean?" I just continue to use a calm tone since I don’t know if Yuna can see my expression and I don’t like using an angry tone if I can’t see the other party.

Yuna: "You were supposed to be born in a prestigious household and live in luxury but, your mother left that all behind and ran away with the "Love of her life" who turned out to be a conman only after her money." Yuna said with an angry tone.

Illya: "And where did that money go exactly? If you haven’t noticed, I live in a fucking shack!" I say with a pout.

She said her next sentence while holding her laughter back. She isn't laughing at my current situation but at the fact that a three-year-old is swearing like an old sailor which, I admit, is quite funny.

Yuna: "Like I said, she left and forfeited her right to her family's money. Once he figured that out it was already too late and her family wouldn't respond to them anymore and they completely cut ties with them." Yuna explained while holding back her laughter.

Illya: "Lucky me." I say with a sigh.

Yuna: "Don't worry, I’ve already fixed your situation." Yuna said proudly.

Illya: "Oh? How did you fix it exactly?" I say with a head tilt.

Yuna: "Your mother’s family already knows about you but, they didn’t really care about you since they already had an heir." Yuna says with a calm tone.

Illya: "Wait, what do you mean by “had”? Oh, God! What did you do?" I say with a concerned expression.

Yuna: "Even at the ripe age of 14, he was quite the piece of shit. Your brother's name was Eric" Yuna said emphasizing “was”.

Illya: "That was two past tenses. Did you kill him or something?" I say with a judging tone.

Yuna: "I set him up to be caught by the woman that he was cheating on. His main lover was a yandere. After I let her “accidentally” see him kissing another girl, she committed "Lovers suicide" with him. With this, your family needs a new heir. That will be you since they don’t have any other heirs. They're already on their way to pick you up." Yuna said calmly while saying something very messed up.

Illya: "Wasn't that going a little too far? He was only 14 you know." I say with a reproachful tone.

Yuna: "Oh come, on you've done worse for less. I mean, you did just gut your own parents after all." Yuna said with a chuckle.

Illya: "Yeah but, that's expected of me. A 14 year old truly couldn’t be that bad of a person right?" I say with a thinking pose.

Yuna: "Only 14 and already had multiple rapes and murders under his belt. Also, who do think you got that from?" Yuna said with a playful tone.

Illya: "Is that so? I guess I don’t really care then. And I don't know, was it you?" I say with a head tilt that wasn’t directed to anyone since I’m alone in this room.

Yuna: "No, you got that from your mother." Yuna said with a serious tone.

I ended up pointing to my head to show Yuna that I was talking about her. It can’t be that corpse on the ground next to me since I was already like this before being born in this dimension.

Yuna: "No, not me." Yuna said with laugh.

Illya: "Then who exactly?" I say with a head tilt.

Yuna: "Her name was Mia. Like you. she was a Celestial and also my wife. To be more specific she was the Queen of the Celestials. Her mercilessness rubbed off on me quite a bit." Yuna said with sadness in her voice.

Illya: "Another was." I say with a concerned tone.

Yuna: "She was killed by an enemy of mine. She was killed along with all of the other Celestials with the justification that they were too dangerous to keep alive." Yuna said with an angry as well as sad tone.

Illya: "Were they right about Celestials being too dangerous? I remember Akane telling something like that before." I say with a thinking pose.

Yuna: "Yes but, not to the extent that genociding them was the correct choice. Even if it was the correct choice, those bastards killed my wife and I almost lost you our daughter." Yuna said with an angry tone.

Illya: “So, there really is magic that can help a woman get another pregnant huh?” I say with a lewd smile.

Yuna: “That’s correct.” Yuna said with a sigh at my obviously ill intentions towards women.

Illya: “On a more serious note, what did you mean by almost losing me?” I said with a serious tone.

Yuna: “We had let you live as a human in a modern dimension. Our enemies found out about you and tried to kill you. Luckily, I had noticed their plans and sent you to a new dimension to be safe.” Yuna explained calmly.

Illya: “Is this dimension the one that I was original in before they tried to kill me?” I say with a questioning tone.

Yuna: “That’s right.” Yuna confirmed.

Illya: "That’s interesting. Also, won’t I be hunted again then?" I say with a smirk.

Yuna: "I know that you’re thinking about killing them but, I've been keeping your existence a secret using magic. I’ll keep doing this until you're strong enough to fight them." Yuna said with a serious tone.

Illya: "Fight them?" I say with a head tilt.

Yuna: "I want revenge. You want to satisfy your blood lust. It’s a win win." Yuna confidently said.

Illya: "Even still, you want to draft your own child into a war between powerful beings?" I say with a slightly angry tone.

Yuna: "It's wrong I know. I can't stop them much longer. Once they decide to put their plan into action I won't be able to stop them anymore, even with you." Yuna said with a remorseful tone.

Illya: "And what plan is that exactly?" I say with my hands on the waist of my child body.

Yuna: "Don’t worry, they can’t execute their plan for a long time. You should be able to grow up first before they can. I'll tell you about their plan when you're ready." Yuna said with an assured tone.

Illya: "I see that you currently have no plans to explain it to me right now so, I won’t try to get you to tell me." I say with a sigh.

Yuna: "Now, I'll arrange this room properly. I"m sorry this is all the time I can talk with you for a while. The more I do, the more likely that they will find you. Goodbye, my child, I love you!" Yuna said with a loving tone.

My sight was blinded by a bright light and once it was gone my rag dress was still covered in blood but significantly less of it. My parent's bodies were set up to look like my “mother” fought my “father” to save my life and so was the room. I really hate that Yuna made my “mother” out to be my savior but, I’m not going to complain since it saves me the trouble of explaining to people. While I was examining the room, maids wielding handguns burst into the cheap apartment that I’m currently in.

Maid A: "OH NO!" A woman in a maid outfit yelled.

Maid B: "Calm down! Check their vitals." The maid said to the other maids.

Maid C: "T-they're both dead mam..." She said with a sad tone.

Maid D: "Damn that fucking piece of shit of man!" One of the maids said after slamming her fist onto a table.

Due to me not really reacting at all, the combat maids didn't notice me until the one who I think is the head maid looked my way. She is quite beautiful if I had to compare her to someone, she'd almost beat Akane. She had long black hair tied into a ponytail and brownish-black eyes. She spoke to me in a very kind and sweet way that a mother would talk to their children like.

Head Maid: "Don't worry anymore child. We will take you to your family." She said with a warm smile.

Illya: "F-family?" I say with a stutter.

I feign being a traumatized child and look at my mother and father's corpses while shaking with tears welling up in my eyes. I have to say, I’m a pretty good actor. I mean, I did just kill these two but, I was able to perfectly act like I was sad and actually cared about them.

Head Maid: "Not them. Your new family is what I mean. My name is Rias and from today onward I'll be your personal maid." Rias said while lifting me up with her arms and holding me in her embrace.

Illya: "M-maid?" I say with a child like head tilt.

Rias: "No need to talk if you can't right now. Just let it all out." Rias said while patting my head.

I then hugged Rias and started sobbing. I cried until I passed out. What? You thought I was crying for real? No! that was a good excuse to shove my face into her breasts. Oh, how I had missed the soft feeling of a woman’s breasts so much.

Illya: "..."

I woke up on a huge and comfortable bed. This is a really big change from the last time that I had woken up. I look out of the window and noticed landmarks that tell me that I was in Japan. Despite it being dark out, I could see many still a lot of landmarks since most of them had a bunch of lights on them.

Illya: "How?" I say out loud with a head tilt.

Was I really asleep that long? I mean a plane wouldn't take that many hours but, it didn't seem like I was in a mansion or a rich persons house. The room looked more like I was in an expensive hotel. As I was thinking about that, Rias sneakily came into the room.

Illya: "Rias?" I say after looking in her direction.

She quickly hid the knife she was holding behind her back. Rias was shocked that I managed to notice her. It was pitch black in my room. Rias blended right into the darkness. Even the greatest of assassins wouldn't have been able to notice her. I was able to because of all my combat experiences in my past life. The main giveaway from her was the small amount of blood lust that she was radiating.

Rias: "Y-young lady! It's good to see you up and about." Rias said with a small stutter.

Illya: "My name is Illya. Also, stop pretending to care about me. Why exactly are you trying to kill me?" I say with an angry tone.

Rias: "There are people who want you gone so they can claim your families money." Rias said with a calm tone.

Illya: "And what? Are you working for them?" I said with a head tilt.

Rias: "No my dear. I just didn't want you to suffer." Rias said with a loving tone.

I could tell that she wasn't lying and this was her own twisted way to show that she cared for me. Not like I haven't seen different and messed up kinds of love before. I’ll let her off since she’s beautiful.

Illya: "Will I also have to worry about you trying to kill me on top of those people you spoke of?" I jokingly said.

Rias: "I swear to you. I will do nothing but protect you from now on." Rias said after kneeling on the floor.

Illya: "Oh? Is that so? Why the change of plan?" I say with a smile.

Rias: "Your reaction to my assassination attempt proved to me that you're capable to live in this role." Rias proudly said.

Illya: "How so?" I said with a head tilt.

Rias: "You killed your parents right?" Rias said with a smile.

Illya: "Of course! Though they attacked me first I just defended myself." I said with a laugh.

Rias: "A three-year-old child killing two grown adults isn't something that a normal child that young could do. On top of that, you've even made it look like your mother died protecting you." Rias said with a serious tone.

Illya: "You saw through that huh? I'm quite impressed." I say with an evil smile which made her stand up and take a few steps back before she regained her composure.

Being able to scare a grown adult like that is proof that even with low stats, I’m still just as terrifying as I was in my past life.

Illya: "Don't look so scared. I’ll have you know, I don't kill beautiful women." I say with a laugh after getting up from the bed.

Rias: "And why's that?" Rias said with a head tilt.

Illya: "Can't get them to join my harem if they're dead you know." I said with another laugh.

Rias: "You’re only 3 and you already know your sexuality? So you won't be making an heir?" Rias said with a concerned tone.

Illya: "There will be no need for me to leave an heir as I will be the last head of this family." I proudly say.

She realized that I'm a lesbian but, instead of being disgusted at me she looked rather happy. Maybe she had a grudge against my family or something?

Rias: "You plan to let the Katsumi family name vanish after you die?" Rias said with a questioning expression

Illya: "Oh, so that's my last name. I won't be dying." I say with a smile.

Rias: "Foolishness what do you even mea..." Rias said with a concerned expression.

Before she could finish her sentence I skillfully took her combat knife away from her and then proceeded to cut my own wrist with it which, sent blood flying onto the floor not like it matters.

Rias: "MY LADY!" Rias yelled before trying to rip off part of her maid outfit to bandage my cut.

Illya: "Calm down and watch." I say after stopping her.

Rias: "W-what how?" Rias said with a shocked expression.

Rias looked at my cut in awe. Instead of the wound bleeding. It quickly healed and didn't even leave a mark. Even with my stats reset, my soul is still immortal.

Illya: "I will be the last heir since no one will or can replace an immortal being like me." I say with a smile.

Rias: "My lady. Though I don’t understand why you are immortal, I will serve you for the rest of my life." Rias said after she got on her knees like a knight to a king.

Illya: "You sure? When I am older that will also include serving me with your body." I say with a lewd smile that doesn’t belong on a child’s face.

Rias: "I will serve you to the best of my abilities no matter what you ask me to do." Rias said while still kneeling

Illya: "Very well. I welcome you with open arms...and lips… Actually, I’ll wait until I’m older before I kiss you. Please wait patiently." I say with a smile.

I held Rias face with my hands and drew my face closer to hers wanting to give her a kiss on her enticing lips but, I stopped right before reaching her face. With my current body, I don’t feel comfortable doing something sexual. It pains me greatly but, I have to wait until this body is of age. This is going to be a painful 15 years…

Illya: "Now, please tell me where we're currently at." I say after shaking my head to get rid of any sexual thoughts towards Rias.

Rias: "Yes my lady. We're currently staying in the famous Nakasone hotel." Rias said with a very respectful tone after standing up.

Illya: "A hotel? Why not my family's estate? Did they go bankrupt or something?" I say with a smug expression.

Rias: "I concluded that you would wake up before we reached it so, instead of going straight thereafter the plane flight I booked us a room here."

Illya: "Wanted me to wake up comfortably huh? Good thinking!" I say while giving Rias headpats.

Rias: "T-thank you, my lady." Rias said with a stutter and a blush on her face.



Aren’t you a child? How can you reach Rias’s head?

Simple! I just got up on the bed to reach her head.

Illya: “Why did I even sleep that long anyway? A flight from America to Japan should be a little over 11 hours.” I say with a head tilt while looking at Rias.

Rias: “That’s because, on the flight, I let you smell a drug that makes you fall asleep.” Rias said nervously.

Illya: "That so? It’s fine, I’m not mad. By the way, call me Illya from now on." I say with a bright smile.

Rias: "B-but my lady..." Rias said in a pleading tone.

Illya: "No buts! This is an order." I say while putting one of my fingers over her lips.

Rias: "Y-yes my lad... Illya." Rias said giving in to my demands.

Illya: "Good girl!" I say before giving her another pat on her head.

Rias was blushing whilst I continued to stand on the bed and pat her head. Keep in mind, I am just a small child you know, it's really hard to be domineering in this small body. I just realized that I haven’t told Rias that I reincarnated. She is probably quite confused by how mature and domineering I act.

Illya: "How long would it take us to drive to the Katsumi estate." I say after getting down from the bed.

Rias: "About 6 hours but, you should have something to eat before we leave." Rias said while helping safely get down from the bed.

Illya: "You’re right about eating. Let’s just get some fast food on the way there. Any fast food restaurant would be fine." I say with a shrug.

Rias: "B-but...Wouldn't you rather have a luxurious meal at this hotel? This hotel is also famous for its amazing food." Rias said with a confused expression.

Illya: "Food is food. Besides, nothing can compare to what I can make even on a bad day." I say with a proud smile.

Rias: "I struggle to think that a small child could make better food than a 5-star chief." She said with a thinking pose.

Illya: "Haven't cooked in this life yet but, my food outclasses all but one." I said while smiling at Rias.

Rias: "Hm? What exactly do you mean by this life?" Rias said with a head tilt.

Illya: "I was reincarnated. It’s a long story, maybe one day I will tell you about my previous life. Just know that I’m not a child and was once an adult." I say with a shrug.

Rias: "I see. I hope one day you will trust me enough to tell me about it." Rias said with a somber smile.

Illya: "Maybe I’ll tell you after I give you my first kiss in this body. Anyway, let's go now." I say while walking towards the door.

Rias: "Yes Illya, right away!" Rias said before picking me up.

Illya: “R-Rias? W-why’re you picking me up?” I say with a small stutter.

Rias: “Regardless of you having the mind of an adult, your current body is that of a child. A child that was starved. For now, let me carry you until you return to full health.” Rias said with a smile.

Illya: “Fine. Onward to my estate, Rias!” I say with a chuckle.

And that was how my new life started. I look forward to what will happen in the future, I do hope that it's entertaining. I have to have enough interesting stories to tell Akane about them of course. I was surprised that Rias didn't think that was I crazy by saying that I was reincarnated. As far as I’m aware, this dimension shouldn’t have anything that’s related to magic. For Rias to just accept what I said as truth without even questioning me is kind of odd but, I guess that I just have to ask her later. Ahh, this life is gonna be so fun I just know it!


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