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Chapter 11: Oops 2.

*Illya's POV*

Not much has happened since me and Akane set out for Cromerth. We've just been making our way to Cromerth very slowly. How else are we to satiate our lust for blood in a moral and justified way if not by systematically eradicating all evil beings on our way Mostly Goblins and Kobolds though.

We should make it there in a few hours after taking our sweet time walking and camping for over 40 days. At this point, me and Akane have almost run out of things to say so our conversations were quickly one note since we could just automatically understand each other thoughts.

Illya: "I think we might want to learn about more things and explore more places otherwise, we'll completely run out of things to say." I said with a thinking pose.

Akane: "I agree! Want me to say something to you that will probably piss you off and help take your mind off of your boredom?" Akane said while looking at me.

Illya: "Will I regret letting you?" I say with a nervous tone.

Akane: "Who knows?" Akane said with an evil smile.

Illya: "Okay fine." I say with a sigh.

Akane: "Remember how you wasted 2 years of your life training skills that became completely redundant when you got Creation Magic?" Akane said with a chuckle.

Illya: "..."

Illya: "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO FUCKING REMIND ME OF THAT??!!" I say while rolling around on the grass.

Illya: "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" I scream while still rolling around on the grass.

And just like that one reminder was enough to send me into a fit of rage that rivaled the last time I had a tantrum but, it didn't last long because my wife was rubbing my head while I lay my head on her lap and telling me that everything was okay.

Illya: "I'm sorry that you had to see me like that...Again." I embarrassingly say.

Akane: "I'm not! Please do that more! It was a nice change of pace to treat you like my younger sister instead of a murder-happy Celestial that would probably commit more genocides if I ever took my eyes off of you for more than a few minutes." Akane says with a smile.

Illya: "First of all, I do love when you pamper me, and second, all of the genocides that I committed were absolutely justified and benefited the world greatly." I say with a pout.

Akane: "What about Ithial?" Akane said with a head tilt.

Illya: "That was for love and technically, it didn't happen so I'm 100% in the clear." I say continuing to pout with my arms crossed.

Akane: "Sure, I believe you completely." Akane said with a chuckle.

Illya: "Anyway... How far until we reach that terribly named Kingdom?" I say with a sigh.

Akane: "We're already in Cromerth, silly. Don't you remember me telling you that we already made it to the forest that surrounds Cromerth? The capital city is where we're heading. We skipped over the smaller towns." Akane said with a smile.

Illya: "Oh yeah, what's the capital called again? I completely forgot." I say with an embarrassed tone.

Akane: "I don’t blame you since it’s a pretty bad name. It’s called Iwririe." Akane said with annoyance at people in this world’s naming sense.

Illya: "I can't even pronounce that. What is wrong with the people in this Kingdom naming things so horribly?" I say with annoyance.

Akane: "I can’t fathom how it is properly pronounced either. As for why they’re terrible at naming things, I also don’t know." Akane said with a thinking pose.

Illya: "How'd you know what it's called then?" I say with a head tilt.

Akane: "The head of that caravan we passed wrote it down for me. Don't you remember?"

Illya: "Nice! I’ve just been zoned out lately, sorry." I say with a slight chuckle.

Akane: "It’s fine. Anyway, to answer your earlier question, it'll take us only 20 more minutes to reach it." Akane said while rubbing my head.

I was relieved to hear that we will be arriving soon but, I had another question for Akane that has been bothering me lately. I just hope that what I’m thinking is wrong and I’m just worrying over nothing.

Illya: "Hey Akane." I say while nervously playing with my fingers.

Akane: "Yes?" Akane said with a head tilt.

Illya: "Be honest. Do you think that something is wrong with me lately?" I say nervously while playing with my hair.

Akane: "Huh? What do you mean exactly?" Akane said with a confused expression.

Illya: "I feel like ever since Karie and Reina left us, I've gotten less intelligent as well I feel like I’ve gotten weaker." I say with a thinking pose.

Akane: "H-how so?" Akane nervously said with concern.

Illya: "I feel like I haven’t been able to use Creation Magic well at all lately. I also feel weaker than usual as well." I say while continuing to do a thinking pose.

Akane: "..."

Illya: "Also I feel since I reacted so childishly to remembering wasting all of that time for two years is like I’ve regressed in intelligence." I say with a sad tone.

Akane: "T-that can’t be good..." Akane said with a sad tone and expression.

Illya: "Not good indeed." I say with a sigh.

Akane: "Okay. Let’s just calm down and think first. What always happens prior to you feeling like you’ve regressed in strength and intelligence?" Akane says with an intense thinking pose.

Illya: "I always feel that I’ve regressed after we have sex." I say with an embarrassed chuckle.

Akane: "Oh no..." Akane said with a very shocked expression on her face.

Illya: "What's wrong? Did you figure out the reason why I’m feeling like this?" I say with a head tilt.

Akane: "I always knew that having sex with you was miles and miles better than with Karie and Reina. I can't believe that I didn't realize sooner..." Akane said with a facepalm.

Illya: "I don’t like being left hanging here. Could you please tell me the reason?" I said while looking at Akane with concern.

Akane: "I've been unconsciously eating your Stats when we do anything sexual... I should have realized something was wrong since you have been acting more childish lately." Akane said with an expression as if she were about to cry.

Illya: ”H-how do you even know that is what happened?” I say with a shaky voice.

Akane: “You haven’t checked your status since Karie and Reina left us, right? Please check it and let me see.” Akane said nervously encouraging me to check.

Illya: “Okay. Status.”



Name: Illya

Race: Celestial

Sex: Female

Age: 18

Level: 413

HP: 25,785/25,785

MP: 1,843,624/1,843,624

INT: 233/1218 (-985)

STR: 273/2125 (-1852)

DEF: 642/9642 (-9000)

Luck: 912/10,776 (-9864)

Charm: 9999

Illya: "looks like my stats have been heavily eroded… Why did this even happen from us just having sex?" I say with a shocked tone.

Akane: "The reason it happened was because of my title." Akane said with a sad tone.

Illya: “Title?” I say with a head tilt.

Akane: “My full title is, Akane The Goddess of Gluttony. Due to my title, I ended up eating your stats…” Akane said with her head in her hands.

Illya: "..."

Illya: “What about Reina and Karie? Didn’t you also eat their stats?” I say nervously.

Akane: "They’re fine by now since, the method to reverse stats eaten by me, is a method that both you and me will absolutely hate." Akane said with an extremely sad tone and expression.

Illya: "W-what're you doing..." I say after Akane jumped away from me.

Akane: "I'm sorry. I love you very much and it's all my fault that I've hurt you yet again." She said with tears in her eyes.

Illya: "NO DON'T!" I scream with tears in my eyes.

I was trapped in a magic circle, even though I’ve lost so much INT, I can still understand that is a magic circle used for teleportation... Due to that, I knew exactly what was going to happen and I didn’t like it one bit at all.

Akane: "This happened because I was unconsciously using my power to eat anything. You'll be completely cured if you stay away from me long enough. And once you've regained all that I've stolen from you we can be together once again." Akane says while wiping tears away from her eyes.

Illya: "..."

Akane: "Don’t give me that look. This won’t happen again and by the time you make it back to Iwririe you'll be cured and, I'll be there waiting for you." Akane said with a sad smile.

Illya: "Ugh! Fine! But, just remember that this will scar me forever and I’ll never let you forget about it!" I said with a pout.

Akane: "I know, and it's a sin that I'm more than willing to commit to have you cured. Goodbye, I love you." Akane said with a wave.


That was the last I heard her say before my vision was covered in a bright light. Goddamit! She could have at least given me a warning before sending me off. I didn’t even get the chance to tell her that I love her... Luckily my current problem of falling from the sky distracted me from my sadness.

Illya: "AAAAAAAAAAA!!" I scream while falling.

Illya: "Oh wait, I can fly...I really did lose my INT stat if I can’t remember such a basic thing." I say after using flying magic to break my fall.

I hovered around until I landed near a lake that looked very familiar...

Illya: "Oh, she sent me back to where I first woke up. How nice..." I say with a sigh.

I still remember the way I have to go to make my way to Cromerth I would immediately run back to Akane but, as it stands, I should just slowly make my way there and only run when I’m sure that my stats have returned to normal.

Illya: "How long must I go without seeing Akane?..." I say while sitting down by the lake and contemplating.

Illya: "..."

Using a skill that I really hate to use, Time Management I carefully counted the months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds until the day where I regained my stats finally came.

Illya: "I miss Akane so damn much…" I say with a sad tone.

I didn’t think that it would take so long to get my stats back. I had to just wait outside of Cromerth for many extra days waiting for them to return. It took about 5 months to regain all of my stats.

Illya: “Status.”



Name: Illya

Race: Celestial

Sex: Female

Age: 18

Level: 413

HP: 25,785/25,785

MP: 1,843,624/1,843,624

INT: 1218

STR: 2125

DEF: 9642

Luck: 10,776

Charm: 9999

Illya: "Fuck waiting any longer! I'm just going to teleport right next to Akane and give her a big hug and then scold her for hurting me like this!" I say with a pout.

Illya: "Teleport!" I say while channeling magic around me.

Akane: “Illya?” Akane said with a confused look.

Illya: "AKANE!" I scream before giving her a hug.

When the blinding lights around me vanished I was in a great hall and Akane was on the throne. A bunch of female knights surrounded me with their weapons drawn. Not that I was scared at all I could kill them all without much trouble but I'll relent because they're all quite beautiful. Ahh, beautiful women, my one true weakness. Anyway, I just ignored them and jumped over them to hug Akane.

Akane: "Illya! It’s been a while, dear." Akane says with a bright smile.

Ahh, I've missed this sensation, the feel of her skin, her smell, those beautiful eyes. Whilst I was being enraptured by my wife everyone else in the hall was quite shocked at what had just occurred.

Illya: "Yes, and I've missed you so damn much my dear wife but, could you perhaps explain what you've been getting up to while I was away?" I say while glancing around the throne room.

Akane: "Of course but, first let us go somewhere more private." Akane says after picking me up in a princess carry.

Illya: "Actually... I really just want to have sex first please." I say with a shy expression.

Akane: "That's what I meant silly." Akane said with a chuckle.

Once me and my wife had "talked" for 8 hours, it was, unfortunately, time to discuss what she had gotten up to during my forced vacation. I mean, she was on a throne and everything. Did she really take over Cromerth in that small amount of time that I was gone? Only one way to know for sure and that is to ask her.

Illya: "So what exactly have you done since I left?" I say while laying on Akane’s lap.

Akane: "I've successfully taken over Cromerth. Rather than building up a reputation, I took it over by force right after you left. I also changed the name to something less terrible." Akane said while rubbing my head.

Illya: "You probably named it a pun to try to fill the void left by me right?" I say with a chuckle.

Akane: "Damn... At least let me pretend that I was fine all this time without you." Akane says with a pout.

Illya: "I was a complete wreck without you so, don’t worry about that. Anyway, what did you name it?" I say after sitting up and giving Akane headpats.

Akane: "The joke is kind of ruined now but, I named our new Kingdom Luriville." Akane said with a proud tone.

Illya: "Oh wait, where's the pun? That just sounds like a normal name." I say with a head tilt.

Akane: "Luriville is Serbian for Yuriville. Cut out the “Ville” and I basically just called this kingdom Yuri." Akane said with a chuckle.

Illya: "Ahh, Not too bad of a pun to secretly call your kingdom Lesbianville I guess." I say with a laugh and a smile.

Akane: "Thanks for appreciating my attempt at making puns." Akane says after giving me a kiss on my cheek.

Illya: "Uh, so what now? You have pretty much done all the work already. There isn’t anything that I need to do." I say with a thinking pose.

I doubt that taking over one kingdom was the only thing that she had done so, I proceeded to ask her what else we need to do before we can leave this dimension.

Akane: "I have already taken over the entire continent. Each kingdom is mainly run by women. Even without us, they’d be able to thrive let alone survive. They will probably be greatly advanced in 100 years compared to what they would be if we didn’t do anything. And it is a paradise now."

Illya: "Boooo! You didn't leave me anything to do." I say with a pout.

Akane: "This is a gift for you. Or maybe it's just a way for me to say sorry for what I did." She says with a sad tone.

Illya: “What if my justified genocides aren’t enough for me to become a dimension traveler?” I say with a concerned tone.

Akane: “Actually, we both already meet the qualifications since I did everything in yours and my name. Now we can both become dimension travelers and leave this dimension for a more fun one.” Akane happily says.

Illya: "So we can finally leave this boring dimension? But what about your kingdom? Are you sure that you’re fine with just leaving it? Didn’t you put in a lot of work to make this continent a paradise?" I say while looking at Akane with concern.

Akane: "I already have my replacement prepared. Or more specifically replacements. Even if we never come back to this dimension, with them in charge it will still be peaceful for many years." Akane said with a smile.

Illya: "Let me guess, Reina and Karie?" I say with a knowing expression.

Akane: "That is correct!" Akane said after clapping her hands.

Illya: "We aren't taking them with us?" I say with a head tilt.

Akane: "None of the members of our harem will be coming with us. Even if we could take them with us they love this dimension far too much to just up and leave." Akane said with a sign.

Illya: "That's kinda sad..." I say while sighing with Akane.

Akane: "Don't worry, those two will surely rule this world perfectly and without fail." Akane confidently said.

Illya: "I know they will. Well, are you ready to leave?" I say after shoving my head into Akane’s beautiful mounds.

Akane: "First, we will enjoy our time together with our harem." Akane said with a laugh because of my actions.

Illya: "And why's that?" I say while looking up at Akane from her breasts.

Akane: "We must first be reincarnated to become dimension travelers. First, we should enjoy ourselves. We might be separated for a long time again once we reincarnate after all. And you’ve been starved for affection for months." Akane said with concern.

Illya: "We're immortal though? How are we supposed to reincarnate if we can't die?" I said with a confused expression,

Akane: "All we have to do is surrender our souls to the sea of life. We will be reborn in a random dimension with the benefit of still having all of our memories of course." Akane said with an assured tone.

Illya: "What if we get reborn in different dimensions? We’d be separated for a long time. Even if we’re dimension travelers. I’d bet it would be pretty hard to find each other." I said with a nervous tone.

Akane: "Don’t worry, Yuna will rig it for us. we will be reborn together in the same dimension without fail." Akane said while pinching my cheek.

Illya: “Yuna contacted you?” I say with a head tilt.

Akane: “Yes but, I can’t really tell you why or how right now, sorry.” Akane said with an apologetic tone.

Illya: "That's fine, it’s a huge weight off of my shoulders." I say with a smile.

Akane: "Mine as well." Akane said smiling with me.

Illya: "By the way, how many women did you manage to add to our harem?" I say while looking toward the beautiful maids waiting on us. They didn’t even leave when me and Akane were cuddling. They only just blushed.

Akane: "185 beautiful women exactly!" Akane said proudly.

Illya: "That's a lot! How do they all fit here in this castle?" I with spiral eyes.

Akane: "Spacial magic. It's much bigger on the inside than the outside." Akane says with a shrug.

Illya: "Amazing! Okay, I'll make a killer feast and then we'll have fun with all of them! I did hunt a bit on the way here after all." I say after getting up from the bed that me and Akane were on.

Akane: "Yes dear!" Akane said after getting up from the bed and showing me where the kitchen is.

The days passed by quickly whilst indulging in the bodies and company of my wife and members of our harem. They all accepted me very quickly. Like that 8 months of fun had pass and, me and Akane were finally ready to reincarnate and leave this dimension with no regrets. Even so, I still had some worries that I expressed to Akane.

Illya: "What if I reincarnate as an ugly woman? What if I have to have the mind of an adult whilst being a baby? That would be a nightmare…" I say with spiral eyes.

Akane: "You silly! Didn’t I say that Yuna will rig it for us? We'll look exactly the same as we do now but, just younger." Akane said while consoling me.

Illya: "What about the baby thing?" I say with a head tilt.

Akane: "We won't get our memories back until we turn 3 years old." Akane explained to calm down my nerves.

Illya: "Okay. Well, I’m over all of my worries. Are you ready?" I say after grabbing onto Akane’s hands.

Akane: "Always my dear. I can't wait to see you again. I love you!" Akane says before lowering her head to kiss me on the lips.

Illya: "I love you too!" I say before accepting her kiss.

We had our final passionate kiss of this life then using Reincarnation magic, we let our souls drift into the sea of life. I wonder what kind of world me and her will wake up to? Oh shit... Will I lose all my powers and strength? Probably but, it won't be too hard to become strong again. I do hope I'm reborn in a less shitty world this time. Regardless as long as I can find Akane again I guess it doesn't really matter. Oh no... I can feel my soul leaving my body and my consciousness fading...


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