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Chapter 10: Moving along.

*Illya's POV*

Once the afterglow of such a wonderful experience was over, Reina and Karie got back into business mode or more accurately, they finally had enough of me and Akane’s love and were satisfied which, was fine since me and Akane were satisfied for now.

Karie: "Okay so now what? Do we just go get our family members now?" Karie says after taking a sip of tea that I made for everyone.

Akane: "Nope. I'll just go get them with Reina and teleport back here first." Akane says gesturing towards Reina.

Illya: "Once they're safe, you two can safely get revenge again." I say after clapping my hands.

Reina: "Do we even need to get revenge again? I'm honestly fine with leaving those three alive and moving on with our lives. What do you think Karie?" Reina says with a thinking pose before turning to Karie.

Karie: “I agree. I’ve already had my fill of bloody revenge to last a lifetime.” She said with a sigh.

Illya: "If you two don’t want revenge why even bother to pester your family?" I say with a head tilt.

Reina: "I'm still worried about them."

Akane: "Illya could just give them protective gear so that you two won’t have to worry about them anymore." Akane says before taking a sip of her tea.

Illya: "Of course, I won’t make them anything too crazy." I say with a wave of my hand.

Reina: "I think me and Karie will be happy with that arrangement."

Karie: “Sounds good to me.” Karie says before giving a thumbs up.

Illya: "Alright I'll make some gear for them then." I say after cracking my knuckles.

Since these pieces of gear will be gifts for Reina and Karie’s families, I spend a lot of time on making them highly detailed and expensive-looking different nick knacks, kitchen knives, aprons, lingerie, rings, necklaces, etc. Luckily, all of their family members are women so, figuring out what to make for them was pretty easy. Once all the items were done, I handed them to Karie and Reina.

Karie: "Thanks Illya! I'll never forget you and Akane." Karie said before giving me and Akane both hugs.

Reina: "Yeah, I think the same!" Reina followed Karie’s example and gave us hugs as well.

Akane: "Huh? What do you mean?" Akane said with a confused look on her face.

Reina: "We can't stay with you two." Reina said with a sad look.

Illya: "Why not?" I say with a frown.

Karie: "Honestly you two are too crazy and we can't keep up any longer." Karie said with a sign.

Reina: "Though, we still are extremely happy that we met you two. As for why we’re leaving you two, and Karie have decided to get married and then travel the world."

Illya: "Oh? Is that so..." I say with a sad expression.

Karie: "After we deliver these protective charms to our family members of course." Karie said with an upbeat voice.

I figured that this would happen. Me and Akane are pretty crazy even if you give us the benefit of the doubt. Even so, I felt quite sad and, so did Akane but, to cheer us up they gave us both warm goodbye kisses.

Karie: "Don't get us wrong. We would still love to be with you two again."

Reina: "You did save and help us a lot remember? We just want to spend some time with just us two. Eventually, we will be united once again." Reina said with a smile.

Akane: "Seems like you two have already made your decision and I'll respect that. Just know that I do in fact love you two very much!" Akane said while resisting the urge to keep Reina and Karie close to us.

Illya: "The same goes for me. It was short but, I will dearly miss you two. I wish you all the best and con congratulations on getting married!" I say with a beautiful smile.

Karie: "Goodbye I love you Illya and Akane!" Reina said before getting up from her seat and making her way to the door.

Reina: "Please don't commit another genocide whilst we're gone." Karie jokingly said.

Illya: "No promises!" I said with a wink.

They both burst into laughter and then me and my wife waved the two goodbye. None of us cried since we will be together again eventually anyway.

Akane: "Now what?" Akane said after eating a cookie that I made for her.

Me and Akane were still sitting down on the couch that I made in our inn room. After thinking about what I wanted to do next, I came to the conclusion that I was already pretty bored of being in this world. Keep in mind, I love fantasy worlds just as much as everyone else but, my main goal is to find more lovers and, it’s sorta hard to do that in a violent and backassward medieval fantasy world.

Illya: "Let's go to a different world!" I say with a loud voice.

Akane: "Well shit. You sure got bored of this world pretty fast huh?" Akane looked at me like I was a child or something. Rude!

Illya: "Can you really blame me?" I say with a pout.

Akane: "Maybe...Do you even know how to transfer to a different dimension?" She said while doing a thinking pose.

Illya: "I don’t have the slightest idea how to do something like that." I say with a deadpan expression.

Akane: "Ahh, I figured. Let me just look it up on the Goddess Net real quick." She said with a sigh.

Illya: “I thought it was called the Operator Net?” I said with a questioning look.

Akane: “Eh, they’re both the same so, it doesn’t really matter which one you use.” Akane said with a shrug.

She looked to be very focused on browsing the Goddess Net so, while I waited for her to get done, I played around with my magic. I pretty much have max leveled every type of magic in existence so, I basically just played around like a little kid, using each type until I got bored with it. After 35 minutes of that, Akane said she was done.

Akane: “Okay, I’ve finished researching how to travel dimensions.” Akane said after clapping her hands.

Illya: “Woo!” I say while clapping my hands and cheering.

Akane: "Cheeky…Anyway, Here are the steps to become a dimension traveler."

Akane: “Step one: Be immortal.”

Illya: "Well we already got that one down."

Akane: “Step two: Save or greatly improve the dimension that you're born in.”

Illya: "Well that's vague."

Akane: "I'd say. Do you have any ideas on how we accomplish step two my oh so mighty slaughter crazy Celestial wife?" Akane says with a chuckle.

Illya: "Easy peasy! I just have to make an extremely good kingdom. Or something like that." I confidently said.

Akane: "Why don't we just do something simple like killing the Demon king or, maybe we could advance the technology of this world?" Akane says with a thinking pose.

Illya: "There's a demon king in this world?" I say with a head tilt.

Akane: "Yes, there's a demon king." Akane said matter of factly.

Huh, that's kind of shocki...

Akane: "Shocking, right?."

Illya: "Okay, now it’s getting kinda scary with how you seem to know what I’m thinking…" I say with a shiver.

Akane: "But, you leave your thoughts so open." Akane said with a smile.

Illya: "Wait, you can actually read my mind?" I say with a shocked expression.

Akane: "No silly, I can just read your expressions to guess what you're thinking." Akane says while patting my head. Ahh, headpats are amazing!

Illya: "That's good to know. I mean, I think about some pretty fucked up things from time to time, if I'm being honest." I say with a slight blush while rubbing my head with my hand.

Akane: "I can only imagine my dear." Akane said with an apologetic look.

Illya: "Anyway... Alright here's my five-step plan." I say after clapping my hands.

Illya: “Step One: Kill or seduce Demon King.”

Illya: “Step Two: Create a new kingdom with modern laws and ethics.”

Illya: “Step Three: Become the greatest Kingdom by advancing the world's tech greatly but, only keep it to our Kingdom.“

Illya: “Step Four: Get every other kingdom to join us. Whether with force or with good old-fashioned power incentives which, is the nice way to say threats.”

Illya: “Step Five: Leave the world after successfully making it a haven of peace and equality.”

Akane: "..."

Illya: "What do you think?" I say with an excited expression.

Akane: "W-why exactly do you want to seduce the Demon King?" Akane said with a concerned look.

Illya: "Only if they're a beautiful woman of course." I proudly say.

Akane: "Ahh good thinking!" Akane said while patting me on the back.

Illya: "All of my best ideas revolve around beautiful women you know." I say while patting my chest.

Akane: "Disregarding that last comment, I mean, it's a simple plan sure but, wouldn't doing all that be hard?" Akane said with a hand on her chin.

Illya: "Don't you recall that we're immortal and also extremely powerful? First things first, we have to go to another big kingdom like Ithial." I say while gesturing my hands around for no real reason.

Akane: "For what purpose?" Akane said with a head tilt while looking at me.

Illya: "We have to start small and build up our reputation. First, we have to become adventurers."

Akane: "And why can't we do that in Ithial?" Akane said while looking at me with a questioning gaze.

Illya: "Because Reina and Karie live there at least for now. Do you remember that guy who seemed like he knew me when we went to Ithial?" I say while looking at Akane.

Akane: “I remember.” Akane said after thinking about it for a few seconds.

Illya: “His name is Chris. Chris would recognize me, I think he is royalty so that would cause us some trouble.” I say with a shrug.

Akane: "Okay you've made some good points. Let's just pick a random direction and walk." Akane said nonchalantly.

Illya: "Huh? We have all of the time in the world. I want to go on a date with you first." I say with a smile.

Akane: "Oh? That sounds great! I'd love to go on a date with you. But, where to exactly?" Akane said with doing another thinking pose.

Illya: "Two words, “the“ and ”beach.“ " I say while putting up two fingers.

Akane: "And where the hell would we find a beach? We don’t really know much about this world since we’ve basically just been messing around in the same areas." Akane said like finding a beach would be a difficult task.

Illya: "It’s not a problem at all! There's a port that I know about which gets a lot of travelers because the beach is quite nice." I confidently say.

Akane: "And where exactly did you get that info? The only other people we’ve talked to for more than a few seconds are Reina and Karie. Everyone else we either brushed offed or killed." Akane said with a confused look.

Illya: “You’re very close to the answer.” I say with a smug look.

Akane: “Oh? And what is the answer exactly?” Akane said with a slightly angry expression.

Illya: "Karie told me about it. Actually, you were there when she told me. You don’t remember? You really should have listened to them more you know." I say while teasing Akane.

Akane: "I guess so, I just couldn’t help staring at you and their bodies the entire time. It was the only thing that I focused on so everything they said went in one ear and out the other... Anyway, what's the port called?" Akane said with a slightly embarrassed expression.

Illya: "Port Bexley and the beach is called Beach Windrip." I say as seriously as I could while trying to not notice her funny expression.

Akane: "Okay, let's have our date there then but, only if you make a swimsuit for me that actually covers my body properly. I know that you would just make it skimpy." Akane sternly said.

Illya: "Ye of little faith. Though I was actually planning for us to just go nude." I say with a sly smile.

Akane: "THERE WILL PROBABLY BE OTHER PEOPLE AT THE BEACH YOU DUMMY!" Akane said with an angry and loud voice.

Illya: "I was joking..." I said like I was wronged.

Akane: "Really?" Akane said that like she is not believing me at all. Rude!

Illya: "Nope." I say with my proud look.

Akane: "..." Akane doesn’t say anything and just has a deadpan expression on her face.

Illya: "Only if there wasn’t anyone else there I mean, I won’t make you do anything that you're uncomfortable with you so, you don’t have to worry. I will make sure to make swimsuits for us that will strike a perfect balance between modesty and sexiness." I confidently say while hiding my perverted expression that I made because I was imagining Akane in various different sexy swimsuits…

Akane: "Alright, I trust you." Akane said while rubbing my head.

Illya: “That was your first mistake.” I jokingly said while playing with her hair.

Akane: “Enough with your silly jokes. Let's head to Port Bexley right now.” She said while getting up from her seat.

Illya: "Yes dear." I said while getting up and following her out of the room and out of the inn.

I graciously kept our Inn room the same as I left it. Anyone who would complain about getting three high-class beds, a high-class table with high-end chairs as well as me not getting back the money for the days that I paid for that I didn’t use, can go fuck themselves for all I care. I say to no one in particular to justify my extreme laziness.

And so our beach date/vacation began. We stayed in Bexley for 65 days which, might seem like a lot of time for a date or vacation but, we're immortals so for us it was honestly too short. We want to go on another beach date in a more modern world since it'll probably be far more fun and interesting.

After we were done having fun at the beach, me and Akane were aimlessly wandering in a forest we haven’t been in yet. We killed anything that was even slightly evil such as more Goblins and other monsters. We did that all while still just talking like everything was normal.

Akane: "I’ll be honest, when you said that we should have a date at the beach, I didn’t think it would be good but, that was pretty fun!" Akane said before giving me a big hug.

Illya: "I didn’t think that it would be that fun either but, this is one of the few times where I’m glad to be proven wrong." I say while returning a hug to Akane.

Akane: "Should we get back to your five-step plan now?" Akane said while still holding me in her embrace and rubbing my head.

Illya: "Unfortunately, I think we have to. Once we can get out of this dimension, we're going to do no more work ever again and just enjoy each other's company." I say before separating from Akane’s booby filled hug.

Akane: "That sounds nice, though it would be even better if we had a harem." She said with a sigh.

Illya: "Don’t forget Reina and Karie! We'll be taking them with us when we leave. Of course, if they want to that is." I said while giving her a headpat.

Akane: "Good to know! So where to now?"

Illya: "THE BEACH! Wait no... I meant, to the Kingdom of Cromerth!" I said while correcting myself.

Akane: "The kingdom that people at Bexley said to avoid? Why go there exactly?" Akane said with a confused look.

Illya: "To become adventurers. Once we get our names out there, we won’t have to go far to start a kingdom." I said with an evil smile.

Akane: "You can’t mean..." Akane said with a look of concern.

Illya: "That's right! We're gonna take over Cromerth once the time comes." I say as if taking over an entire kingdom is something easy that anyone could do.

Akane: "I mean, we can easily do that without any trouble whatsoever... But, the name..."

Illya: "It sucks, I know. We'll just change it to something more reasonable after we take it over, don't worry your pretty little head." I say while giving Akane more headpats.

Akane: “Do you know the way to Cromerth?” Akane says with a head tilt.

Illya: “Yeah, I asked someone for direction In Bexley.”

Akane: "Onward to Cromerth then?" Akane said after grabbing my hand into a handhold.

Illya: "Onward!" I say while pointing in the direction of Cromerth.

Then we set off towards the soon-to-be ours, Kingdom of Cromerth. So that we can become well-known adventurers and then take over said Kingdom. Though, I do hope we'll get to shed some more blood in the process as well as find the Demon King who is maybe hopefully beautiful. Even if we don’t find the Demon King, I’m fine with just fulfilling one of the requirements of helping this world out.

*Bonus beach side story. Akane's POV*

My ever-so-lovable wife had the wonderful idea to go to the beach. I thought that she was joking but apparently, there actually was one which is weird since, this is a medieval fantasy world but, when they said beach, they actually meant "Uneventful place where water meets land and nothing else." So, me and Illya had to make our own fun. Though that was quite the annoying task in hindsight.

Illya: "Well this fucking sucks!" Illya says with her hands on her waist.

Akane: "That it does." I say with my hand on my cheek.

There was absolutely no one at the beach at all. They apparently travel here just for the town and not the beach. Other than the town, people also come here to get on a boat. When we asked about Windrip, the Innkeeper said "The beach around the port is safe because it is guarded at all times. But go far enough away from the port and you'll find dangerous monsters." Due to our status in this world as extremely powerful beings, we weren't scared by her warning so we headed a few miles away from the port via flying, and then we landed at a desolate part of the beach.

Illya: "I wonder what kind of monsters will be here?" Illya says while poking one of her feet into the water.

Akane: "I just hope that there aren’t any tentacle monsters here..." I say with a shudder, remembering some of the things that I’ve seen on the Goddess net.

I'm currently wearing a decently sexy swimsuit that Illya made for me. We change while flying on our way here which, was far more easier to do than it sounds. Apparently, she leaned more on the sexy side rather than the modest side but, given her tastes, she most definitely held back quite a lot when she was making it so, I'll forgive her. Whilst I was lost in my thoughts monsters came out from under the sand.

Illya: "Oh, Hell yeah!" Illya says after getting her scythe out.

Akane: "Why exactly are you so happy about giant crab monsters showing up?" I say with a concerned tone after getting my spear out.

Illya: "Two words." Illya said while looking at me and holding up two fingers for me to see.

Akane: “Them being?” I said playing around with her cheerful tone.

Illya: “Crab and Meat!” Illya said with sparkles in her eyes.

Akane: “Can’t you just make any kind of ingredient you want at any time? What’s so special about this situation?” I say with a head tilt.

Illya: “That’s true but, it’s far more fun to hunt for your own food sometimes.” Illya said with a shrug and before rushing towards the crab monsters.

Akane: "Oh, well then fine. Let me help!" I say before following after Illya.

It didn't take more than 30 minutes to completely clean the beach of Crabs. If you’re wondering, they’re called Laklea. Once it was all said and done, we killed a few thousand of them. Me and my wife then broke them all down using her cooking magic then we stored the meat with our storage magic so they won’t decay.

Illya: "This trip was already worth it for near endless crab meat!" Illya said with a bright smile.

Akane: "Guess so... Are you gonna cook it, my dear? Although I’m not really hungry right now, I’m still curious about how they taste." I say with a thinking pose.

Illya: "Once I’m done swimming and playing then, I will." Illya said while walking towards the ocean.

Akane: "There are most definitely monsters in the water you know?" I say with a concerned tone.

Illya: "You say monsters, I say new and wonderful ingredients." Illya said with a smile before diving into the ocean.

I don't want to be molested by a giant octopus or something so, I let her do the "Cleaning" alone while I set up a small home and place for us to relax at. She finally came back after 4 hours. Her body looked incredibly sexy with the sun beating down on her and the water flowing down her chest and butt. I can’t for tonight!

Illya: "I'm back!" Illya said after using magic to dry herself off.

Akane: "Hey welcome back dear!" I say after giving her a hug.

Illya: "Wow! You set up such a perfect place for us. This vacation is going so well! Thanks for setting all this up I love you so much!" Boundaries were something that we long since left at the door with each other so after she said that we kissed and groped each other for a good amount of time.

We did that while laying down on a beach towel that I prepared on the sand for us to relax on. After we finished having fun with each other's bodies, I asked her a question.

Akane: "I’m quite curious about what you managed to hunt. Mind telling me what I’ll be eating later?" I say while looking at Illya.

Illya: "I killed pretty much everything thing I found within a 10-mile radius so, we're going to have the biggest seafood feast later."

Akane: "Later?"

Illya: "We still have to swim and play. Here look, I’ve even made some beach toys for us to play with." Illya said while showing me various toys that she made using Creation Magic,

Akane: “I’m fine with playing but not swimming.” I say with a hand on my cheek.

Illya: “Why’re you not okay with swimming?” Illya said with a head tilt.

Akane: “I don’t want to get attacked by some monsters or anything like that while swimming.” I say with a shrug.

Illya: “I’ve already killed everything in the ocean for miles. I’ll even continuously emit killing intent so nothing will even think about bothering us.” Illya said to reassure me.

Akane: "Okay fine dear. I’ll swim." I say after giving up denying Illya’s whims.

Illya: “Yay! I’ve been wanting to swim you for a while now!” Illya says with an excited tone while pulling me along to the ocean by holding my hand.

She said that with such a cute voice so I couldn't resist giving in to her demands to play and, didn’t want to anymore either. We swam for 3 hours before which, was more than I thought that I would be able to do. Maybe it’s because I just enjoy being with Illya. Anyway, we got tired after 3 hours so we went back to our beach house that I made. I decided to ask her a question again. Specifically about what she had hunted while swimming. which Illya answered by emptying all the creatures she hunted onto the ground from her storage.

Akane: "Did you just completely destroy an entire ecosystem or something?" I say with a shocked expression.

Illya: "I doubt it. This is just half of all the sea creatures that I hunted in a 10-mile radius. I had to make sure you were safe after all so I went a little crazy. I only kept the ones that we could actually eat since most of the sea monsters aren’t things you can eat anyway." Illya said with a shrug.

Akane: "Are those mermaids?" I say while looking at a pile of corpses.

Illya: "Yeah, unfortunately, they weren't beautiful at all. They were quite aggressive as well as annoying so, I destroyed their entire Kingdom." Illya said something so evil like it didn’t really matter at all.

Akane: "You did what exactly!?" I said with a concerned tone and expression.

Illya: "Hey, the locals said that mermaids kill people all the time and are a huge problem for the people of Bexley. Or at least they were a problem. I'd call this genocide justified and making this world a better place. Don’t you think so too?" Illya said while looking at me with a bright innocent smile.

Akane: "Ahh… I guess you're right..." I say with a sigh.

Honestly. I let her out of my sight for just a few hours and she already committed another genocide... I'm starting to realize the real reason that Celestials are on the kill on site list for a lot of beings. I have to make her less kill-happy before we leave this world or she'll end up being killed by someone stronger than us or more accurately imprisoned due to the fact that she is immortal. As long as she doesn’t destroy a modern dimension she should be fine... Hopefully.

Illya: "What's wrong?" Illya said with a head tilt while looking at me with concern.

Akane: "Nothing at all just thinking about something. Are you sure that we can we eat these?" I say while looking at the pile of all of the monsters that she hunted.

Illya: "Like I said before, all of these can be eaten. All except the mermaids but, I already got rid of them. I even had time to prepare them for cooking while you were thinking." Illya said with a smug look.

Akane: "Could you perhaps give me a list, please? I want to know what I'm going to be eating for the rest of our vacation." I say with a sigh.

Illya: "Here's a list I made while you were lost in thought." Illya said after handing me a list she made.

Akane: "You already made a list? How long was I thinking?" I nervously say.

Illya: "I just slowed time down. You weren't lost in your own head for maybe more than a few minutes so, don’t worry." Illya said while patting me on my head.

Akane: "Ahh I see. I’ll look over it real quick." I say before pouring over the contents of the list she made.

Illya: "Take your time." Illya said with a smile.

The list was filled with Illya flirting with me via bad sea creature-related puns. I'll just skip torturing you with them and just tell you the actual list. The list isn’t that big and is as follows.

Laklea: Giant Crab.
Ralea: Giant Lobster.
Kesanes: Giant Swordfish.
Hissipir: Giant Shrimp.
Strutoidae: Giant Octopus.
Stunkipir: Giant Squid
Zezobil: Giant Shark.
Eagphan: Seaweed
Vanenian: Giant Eel.
Phophin: Giant Jellyfi...

There were 187 different species of edible sea creatures on the list and there was the same number of sexual puns as well. I have two questions for my wife. One why did she bother to remember the names of all these sea creatures. And two why did she make a sexual joke for EVERY one of them? I decided to ask her these two questions.

Illya: "Most of these creatures are too dangerous for anyone to hunt but, luckily the system has names for every one of them." Illya said with a shrug.

Akane: “And you remembered a single one of their names?” I say with a shocked tone.

Illya: ”I had a really good reason for doing so but, you’ll get the answer after your next question” Illya said with a smug expression.

Akane: "Let me guess. It was because you wanted to make a pun for every one of them?" I say with a knowing look.

Illya: "Seems like you know that killing makes me aroused which, made me think of you thus, the creation of the puns was set in stone." Illya said with another shrug.

Akane: "I don’t know whether or not I should be aroused or disgusted..." I say with a deadpan tone.

Illya: "Oh, is that a new fetish of yours or something?" Illya said with a head tilt.

Akane: "No! Now that you've had your fun with teasing me, can you please cook dinner so we can relax and enjoy ourselves?" I say with a sigh.

Illya: "Just one meal or should I cook a big feast?" Illya said with a thinking pose.

Akane: "A feast, please. I'm interested in all the different meals that you can make with these various ingredients." I say before having to stop myself from drooling from thinking about Illya’s food.

Illya: "Okay I’ll cook five meals for each ingredient. But I want to be rewarded tonight for doing so." Illya said with a seductive smile.

Akane: "I'm probably gonna regret this but, what kind of reward?" I say with my nth sigh of the day.

Illya: "Could you satisfy a fetish of mine?" Illya said while still showing the same smile.

Akane: "And what fetish could that be, my dear?" I say while trying to ignore her alluring smile.

Illya: "Nothing too crazy. I just want us to dress up as maids for our love session tonight." She said with a shrug.

Akane: "That wasn't as bad as I thought that it was going to be but, and you're in luck since I also wanted to have sex with you with us dressed as maids." I say hiding the blush on my face with my hand.

Illya: "Oh what luck! I wonder what other fetishes we also share?" Illya said with a head tilt.

Akane: "Why not take our time on this vacation of ours to find out each other's shared fetishes?" I say with a thinking pose.

Illya: "That's a great idea! I'll get to cooking now." Illya said before making an outdoor kitchen for her to cook with.

Like that, I finally coaxed my wife into making food that I can't even begin to get enough of. We spent our vacation days swimming, playing, eating, killing the occasional monster that was too stupid to realize that we were dangerous that wandered near us, and of course, our favorite thing to do which wasn't sex but instead enjoying our time together while also having sex... It was a very fun vacation but, if I'm being honest ever since I stopped being a System it's felt like a vacation just being with Illya. I have to turn her into a not-so-slaughter-happy being before we leave this dimension. It’s a fact that I can’t live without her anymore and I like to think that Illya can't live without me either. It'll be a long time before we can become dimension travelers though so until then I'll just enjoy my time with her.

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