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Chapter 9: Revenge?

*Illya's POV*

The Innkeeper said that the meals were included in our room fee last night but, me Reina, Karie, and Akane all voted for me to make food. Even though there isn’t a kitchen in this room, that doesn’t stop me from just making a kitchen out of thin air as well as ingredients with Creation Magic. It only took a few minutes to make breakfast for us all. It was just a basic breakfast of eggs, sausage, and hash browns. After the food was done we ate in the same room since, leaving it to eat was kinda pointless. Once we were all done eating, we made our “plans” to get revenge for Reina and Karie.

Illya: "I hate planning so you two just say who our targets are and we can get to the killing." I say with a shrug.

Reina: "Terrifying comment aside, our targets are as follows." Reina says before writing on a piece of paper using a pen that I gave her.

She quickly writes the names of their targets for revenge on the piece of paper. By the way, the paper I gave her is like 100 times higher quality than even kings and queens use in this world. Reina kept hesitating to write on it because it looked extremely expensive to her. I was able to convince her to write after a few minutes though.

:Kill list.:

Samuel Underwood: Local lord of the Town of Sherfield.

Zak Porter: Son of the general who tried to get us killed.

Knight Shepherd: Head of the Sherfield knights who is allied greatly with that bastard general who I refuse to name.

Illya: "That's a pretty short list…" I say with a head tilt while looking at the list.

Reina: “Unfortunately, apart from those three. There isn’t any evidence to implicate anyone else. Shepherd, Zak, and Samuel, I can say with 100% certainty that they were in on the plan to kill me and Karie by that shitty general.” Reina said before slamming her fist on the table.

Akane: “It feels a little weightless of a revenge plan if it doesn’t include more people than that though.” Akane said with a disappointed look on her face.

Karie: “We can’t just go on a killing spree!” Karie says with a shout.

Reina: “Karie is right. We can only kill those three since we have enough evidence to prove that they committed the crime.” Reina calmly says.

Illya: “Evidence? What’s that? Is it tasty? Can I eat it?” I say with an evil smile.

Reina: “…”

Karie: “…”

Both Reina and Karie were speechless and had expressions on their faces that basically screamed “Is she crazy?” which, I found pretty funny. I mean, why do I need evidence to kill someone anyway?

Illya: “Okay, Enough jokes. Oh, by the way, Is Shepherd's first name Knight?”

Reina: "No. Only people that are royalty or people that can pay for power can have last names." Reina said after shaking her head to say no.

Illya: "I see anyway, do you happen to know their locations?" I say with a head tilt.

Reina: “Both Zak and Shepherd are responsible for overseeing the military in Sherfield. They are most definitely still here in town since, if they left the military would collapse. The local lord knows nothing about running something as complex as a military.”

Akane: "That sure is convenient." Akane said with a deadpan expression on her beautiful face.

Karie: "Even more convenient is the fact that they should be still staying at the lord's manor."

Illya: “Oh? Why’s that exactly?”

Reina: “The local lord is a coward so he ”graciously” them live with him. Both of them are great warriors and, Samuel is a coward who wants to keep them close to him at all times.”

Wow! Getting revenge has never been so easy. Maybe my luck has something to do with why it's so easy... Oh well, that’s for future me to figure out and for current me to blissfully ignore.

Akane: “Compared to me and Illya, how skilled and powerful are those two?”

Karie: “Well…”

Reina: “You two would be able to crush them like a bug easily, going by what I’ve seen so far at least.”

Illya: “That’s good then. No need to hold back at all.” I say with another sinister smile.

Reina: “…”

Karie: “…”

Akane: “Ahh, my dear wife Illya. When you make such an evil smile, it really turns me on a lot.” Akane said with drool running down her chin.

Illya: “Also good to know.” I say before patting Akane on the head. Can’t have sex right now since we have a revenge plan to carry out.

Illya: "Perfect! Let's head there right away!" I say before going towards the door to leave.

Karie: "We can't just go walking into their front door!" Karie says while blocking my path with her arms stretched out.

Akane: "Yes we can." Akane says before picking up Karie in a princess carry.

Karie: "B-but… What if something goes wrong?" Karie says while blushing from being held in a princess carry by Akane.

Illya: "If and that’s only if something goes wrong, me and Akane can handle it. Don’t underestimate our ability to cope with any situation just because we act a little silly sometimes." I say while patting Karie on the head.

Reina: "Are you sure?" Reina nervously said.

Akane: "I am 100% certain that everything will work out just fine." Akane said confidently.

Illya: "Here take your new weapons. You two passed out before you could even use them haha." I say before taking their weapons out of my storage once again and handing their weapons to them.

Reina: “Oh that’s right.”

Karie: “I almost forgot about our new weapons...”

Illya: “Once you’ve got used to your new weapons, we’ll head out. You two do know the way right?” I say not expecting an answer since they were absorbed with playing with their weapons.

This room is pretty big so, Reina and Karie had plenty of room to try out their new weapons. Once they were done adjusting to their weapons we set out towards the lord's manor.

Guard A: "HALT! If you don't have a meeting with our lord then I must ask you to leav..."

That unfinished sentence was the last thing he said before I cut off both of his arms and legs. After watching him be in great pain for a few minutes, I finally ended his life by using my scythe to relieve him of his head.



I said that I don't kill innocent beings?

Killing and maiming are two completely different things you know. You silly!

What? I killed him?

Oh right, I did kill him but, there is a perfectly good reason for that.

Karie: "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!?!" Karie said with a loud voice and a shocked expression.

Illya: "Having fun. But, don’t worry, I'll put the rest of the guards to sleep with magic." I say before I then put all the guards in the area to sleep with magic.

Now Onto the targets, woo! Reina and Karie seem to be shocked by my unprovoked and gory murder.

Karie: "W-Why did you kill that guard? He didn’t even do anything to us…" She said while shaking a little. Probably from how gory and ruthless the kill was.

Illya: "I did say that I don’t kill innocents but, evil beings are free for me to reap as I see fit." I say with a shrug.

Reina: "You've never met him before though, how'd you even know that he was evil?" Reina says with a confused.

Akane: "Illya has the skill All Seeing Eye so, she can easily tell whether or not a being is good or evil."

Illya: “I can’t exactly know the crimes a person committed but, I can vaguely understand if someone is evil. I could interrogate a person that I deem evil but, I’m far too lazy and would rather just kill them and then move one.”

Reina: "I see, Then are you two good or evil?"

Illya: "Who cares? I certainly don’t. If someone tries to hurt a person that I care about then I'll kill them regardless if they're evil or not. Though I'd prefer only killing beings that are evil." I say with a beautiful smile that belies my awful words. This does however seem to convince them. As such, we made our way towards the location of our targets for revenge.

Illya: "Nice!"

I made sure that my magic didn’t affect our targets only the guards and staff in the manor. All three of our targets seemed to be huddled together in the lord's main office. In the room, there were two men with their swords out who I assume are Zak and Shepherd. Behind them was a cowardly and small-looking man. Probably the local lord, now let's begin!

Illya: "Hello! I've come on behalf of Reina and Karie to get revenge. It is quite the pleasure to meet those that I'll be watching get killed." I say with an evil smile.

All three of them seemed to be eyeing their intruders and then stupidity decided we weren't much of a threat.

Shepherd: “Isn’t that Reina and Karie?” Shepherd while looking at Zak.

Zak: “Seems so, they should be dead by now though.” Zak said while holding his chin with one of his hands.

Samuel Underwood: "Do you all know who I am!? Lay down your weapons at once or you'll incur the wrath of the Kingdom of Ithial!" The cowardly says with a weak voice as if to try to scare us off.

Akane: "One measly little kingdom will not stop us at all." Akane said with a smug look.

Karie: "T-that's right!"

Reina: "Prepare to die!"

Samuel Underwood: "What are you two simpletons doing? Kill them already!"

Zak: "Seems like we have no choice but to kill these stupid bitches and take out Reina and Karie once and for all."

Shepherd: "Fine but, let us be careful. It’s unknown how they survived that Goblins nest."




Me and Akane decided to sit this one out since it wasn't our revenge to get in the first place anyway. Whether it was the weapons or the training they got from Akane, they ended both Zak and Shepherd in only 6 minutes. And then it was finally that coward of a local lord’s turn to meet death.

Samuel Underwood: "I-it can’t be… Is this really how my life really ends? At the hands of two women who should be dead?" Samuel said while shivering on the ground.

Illya: "Yup!" I say with a smile before making my Scythe appear.

I didn't let him finish his last words since I found him quite annoying. Also once again, I was drenched in the blood of my enemies. Reina and Karie were also covered in blood and the sight was intoxicating to me. I just wanted to eat them up. I resisted the desire to see them covered in blood for longer and used cleaning magic on them.

Akane: "Now that you two have gotten your revenge, what now?" Akane said before putting her spear away.

Reina: "First, we need to leave Sherfield." Reina said while making her sword disappear.

Karie: "We did just kill a local lord you know." Karie before doing the same as Reina.

Illya: "Okay but, where do we go now?" I said with a head tilt.

Reina: "We have to go to Ithial." Reina said while walking as we were leaving the manor.

Akane: "Huh? But, we had just made an enemy out of them." Akane said with a head tilt mimicking me. Cute!

Karie: "I have two older sisters that live in Ithial. Reina also has her mother living there."

Reina: "We must get them out of there and take them with us before we escape to a safer place. We have to hurry before they realize what we did." Reina says nervously.

Oops… we might have done this whole thing backwards? I mean, if we just secured their family first and then get revenge, we wouldn’t have anything to worry about besides getting to a safe place...

Illya: "Okay, how much time do we have left before they figure out about what we did?" I say while looking at Reina.

Reina: "A week at most. We have to hurry!"

Akane: “How would they even figure out that it was us who killed them though?” Akane says with a confused expression.

Reina: “Samuel had a communication orb and was talking to someone probably from Ithial. Our entire fight was shown to them. Even if it wasn’t, me and Karie show up in town again after so long, and then, shortly after we arrive the local lord is dead. It wouldn’t take much for someone to put two and two together.” Reina said with a hand on her chin.

Akane: “I see.“ Akane said before giving Reina a headpat.

Illya: “How long would it take us to reach Ithial?”

Reina: "On foot, it will take us at least 12 days to make it to Ithial but, if we take horses instead of walking, it will only take us 6 days to reach Ithial."

Huh walking? Horses? Why don't we ju...

Akane: "Why don't we just fly there?" Akane said with a head tilt.

Illya: "Ahh, my dear wife, you always know what I’m thinking it seems." I say before giving Akane a kiss on the lips.

Karie: "F-FLYING!?!?" Karie said excitedly.

Akane: "Yup! No time to waste, let's head there immediately."

Illya: "We don't have time to think about another solution so, we'll just carry you instead. Just point us in the right direction."

Karie: "Yes mam. Waaah!" She got spooked because I picked her up and put her into a princess carry. Akane did the same to Reina and once again, their faces turned red but, instead of it being from just embarrassment, I think that they’re red from both embarrassment and arousal. Interesting!

Karie: "We're almost there!" Karie said while in my arms. She was still quite red in the face.

Illya: "Wonderful!" I said cheerfully.

Even though we flew to our desired location, it still took us around three days of flying to get to Ithial. This has been Illya Airlines hope you enjoyed your flight please come again.

We landed back on the ground a few minutes away from Ithial and me and Akane put Reina and Karie so that they could walk. It only took us 8 minutes to reach one of the gates of Ithial but, there was a terrible sight…

Akane: "ILLYA! DON'T LET THEM SEE!" Akane said while trying to block Reina and Karie’s sight.

Illya: "Unfortunately, It’s a little too late for that." I say stopping Akane from covering Reina and Karie’s eyes.

Me and Akane assumed that the severed heads in front of the gate were their families. Which is why she was trying to block their vision. I have no desire to show them such a terrible sight but, they had already seen it and were in shock. There wasn’t anything that we could do to hide this from them at this point.

Unfortunately, it seems like news travels fast, or maybe, Reina was right about Samuel contacting someone from Ithial during our siege on his manor. There was a rather big army of knights waiting for us at the gate with the presumed severed heads of Reina and Karie's family laying on the ground in front of them. Not wonderful!

Karie: "Mia... Rikka..." Karie said while she sat on the ground dejected.

Reina: "Mother... HOW COULD YOU!?!? YOU FUCKING BASTARDS I'LL KILL YOU ALL!" Reina lost her cool and yelled and made her sword appear. From what I know about her this isn’t something she does often.

All of the knights looked terrified of Reina’s bloodlust but, one of them mustered up the courage and came to the front of the army. I assume it was the leader of the army and it happened to be a familiar face. Said familiar face was full of pride and he had a smile.

Chris: "No mercy to those who go against the king of Ithial!" Chris said after drawing his sword and stabbing it into the ground.

Illya: "Oh look! It's Chris." Unlike my playful words, my face showed an angry and evil smile and I also radiated enough bloodlust for most of the knights to fall on their behinds in terror.

Chris’s face which was previously prideful turned into a face of complete and utter terror. He must have known deep in his bones what I was going to do to his beloved Kingdom. It’s very unfortunate that I can only assume that Chris wasn’t informed of the people he was ordered to kill since, if he saw it was me he would have told them to not piss me off.

Chris: "Y-you?" Chris said after falling on his butt, completely forgetting his treasured sword.

Illya: "Me." I say before making my Scythe appear.

Chris: "PLEASE I BEG YOU! JUST KILL ME AND LEAVE EVERYONE ELSE ALONE! I WAS THE ONE THAT KILLED THOSE TWO'S FAMILIES!" Then he got on his hands and knees to beg, probably hoping that begging would save his kingdom.

From the little that I’ve seen of Chris, he isn’t the type of person to kill innocent people like Reina and Karie’s family so, he is most likely covering for the one who actually killed them. Not like that would matter at all.

Illya: "How nice of you to offer your head to me but, whether or not I spare the city really isn’t up to me at all."

Chris: “T-then wh?”

Illya: “Karie, Reina, what do you two want to do about this atrocity?” I say cutting Chris off and looking towards Reina and Karie.

Reina: "KILL THEM ALL I DON'T CARE ANYMORE!" Reina said with a shout while rubbing away the tears from her face.

Karie: "WE WON'T LIVE A SINGLE ONE ALIVE!" Karie said after she got up from the ground, made her dagger appear, and wiped away her tears.

Illya: "What was that phrase that you said a few minutes ago, Chris? No mercy? I agree! I don’t give mercy to people that wrong me and those that I care about." I say before robbing Chris’s head from his body.

Akane took out her spear during this short exchange. Us three started killing all of the knights at the gate before rushing into the city. And thus the massacre of an entire city started.


Most of the people in the city are innocent?

Too bad! Those in power of this city greatly injured the heart of two people that I care about so their lives are forfeit. I have to let Reina and Karie vent their pain and, this is just an extension of their revenge anyway. They’ll probably feel terrible after we’re done but, I have a plan for that.


Civi A: "NO PLEASE !! UGH!"


Who knew that the unbridled rage that comes from someone killing your loved ones could cause such destruction and terror? I did! Regardless, the slaughter lasted for 9 days in which exactly 189,582 lives were violently taken by me, Akane, Reina, and Karie. We're all completely stained in a deep red and as well as viscera. None of us even cared about being covered in it so, I didn’t bother to use cleaning magic at all. Ahh, the sight of them covered in so much blood is so arousing I could get used to seeing this. Hmm… I might have a screw loose… Eh, who cares.


Why did no one run away from the city?

Oh, that’s because I put up a barrier around Ithial so no one could escape at all. They were all just sitting ducks waiting for us to slaughter them. Funnily enough, the king of Ithial tried to plead with us to stop. He said that the lives of the three that he had killed were not equal to the people still living that we haven’t slain yet. He could only stay alive for seconds more after saying that because Reina had cut his head off in rage from how he devalued the lives of her and Karie’s family.

Reina: "Ahh..." Reina says while sitting down on a pile of rumble

Karie: "What have we done..." Karie says sitting down on the same pile of rumble as Reina.

Akane: "You just committed genocide of course." Akane says while kicking the head of a knight that she killed through a window.

Illya: "Feel better now? Got it out of your system?" I say while giving both Reina and Karie pats on their heads.

Reina: "Obviously but now I just want to kill myself..." Reina said while looking down at her blood-covered hands.

Karie: "You never should have given us all this power...We're monsters!" Karie said after dropping her weapon to the ground.

Ahh, I remember my first genocide like it was just yesterday. Though, I was pretty happy back then. I have a feeling that Akane was lying to me about being a tame Celestial... Anyway, it looks like those two are thinking about ending their lives so, I of course have to stop them from doing such a terrible thing.

Illya: "You two ready to go back?" I say after stopping giving them headpats.

Reina: "Back where? We have nowhere to go now..." Reina says with dead eyes.

Karie: "We’re probably going to be hunted for the rest of our lives..." Karie dejectedly said also with dead eyes.

Akane: "Huh? We can just time travel back before we killed those three people for your revenge."

Reina: “What are you talking about, Akane?” Reina look at Akane who had approached her and Karie with a confused expression.

Karie: "What? You can just take us back in time so, that we don’t kill the local lord and our families won’t be in trouble?"

Illya: "Yes, pretty easily actually. As you know, Akane can slow time down and I can do the same but, I can also pick a certain point in time to return to as long as I mark it. And I marked a specific point in time right after we got to the inn in Sherfield." I say with a serious expression.

Akane: “Illya informed me about her checkpoint after we got into the inn. She made it just in case something bad happens. Like she said, we can handle every situation that occurs easily.” Akane said with a proud look.

Reina: "WHY DIDN'T YOU JUST DO THAT BEFORE WE WENT CRAZY!!?" Reina said while shaking me with her hands on my shoulders. How unlike her.

Akane: "You two needed to get your anger out and, don’t worry, once we go back in time, you two won’t be guilty of anything." Akane said while giving them both hugs.

Karie: "That's not how it works. We killed all these people..." Karie said while still in Akane’s embrace.

Illya: "It's exactly how it works." I say whilst playing with the heads of Chris and the king. It seems like I now have a hobby of keeping trophies of my kills.

Karie: "B-but..." Karie said after Akane released her from the hug.

Akane: "No buts! Now let's go, the smell of these corpses is starting to get too strong."

Reina: "Alright fine! We've calmed down enough but, what do we do about the us in the past?" Reina said after getting up from her rubble seat.

Illya: "We're immortal beings. Our existence isn't set in stone. When we go back, we'll just be inside the city again and there won’t be duplicates of ourselves." I say with a shrug.

Reina: “You and Akane are immortal, what about me and Karie?”

Akane: “As long as you two hold on to me and Illya’s hands you’ll be fine.” She said while grabbing Reina’s hand.

Illya: “Akane is right. Time travel is a bit confusing but, I'm sure it’ll all work out in the end.” Even after I said those very convincing words, I had some trouble convincing them that time travel was easy and convenient but, they eventually stopped worrying, and then we went back in time.

Karie: "Ahh my head hurts..." Karie said while sitting down on the floor holding her head on her knees.

Reina: "We're actually back in the room of our Inn..." Reina said ignoring her head pain and looking around the inn.

Akane: "I'm also surprised that worked." Akane said after sitting down on one of the beds in the room.

Illya: "Have more faith in your wife will ya?"

Akane: “Always!”

Karie: "We have to hurry!" Karie said after springing up in excitement.

Illya: "Why?" I say with a head tilt.

Karie: "They'll kill our families if we don’t make it there in time!" Karie said urging us to go.

Akane: "We haven't committed any crimes though. They'll be fine." Akane said with a calm tone.

Karie: "B-but..."

Illya: "I know that you two want to rescue them as soon as possible but, they have nothing to fear right now and are completely safe."

Karie: "Even if they're safe right now we have to go to them immediately!"

Illya: "We will, once we eat and rest. Both you and Reina did go on a restless slaughter spree for almost 10 days straight you know." I say before picking them both up in a princess carry one at a time and putting them down on their beds. I also gave them lots of hugs and headpats to calm them down.

To calm them down more I made some food and sweets. Me, Akane, Reina, and Karie talked all day until it was time to sleep. After the first few hours, they both calmed down completely. Though, Reina and Karie had a request for me and Akane.

Karie: "C-Could we..." Karie said with a stutter while blushing.

Reina: "Can we sleep together with you and Akane?" Reina confidently said even though her face was also showing a blush.

Illya: "I would love to sleep together with you two but, Me and Akane sleep completely naked you know." I say with a bright smile.

Karie: "T-that's..."

Reina: "That's fine. Karie stop being so timid around them already."

Akane: "Is it finally time for us to indulge in them, my dear wife?" Akane said with drool running down her mouth.

Illya: "Hmm... Maybe? What do you two want to do?" I say with a smug look.

Karie: "I'm fine with it..."

Reina: "She meant to say that we would love to."

Akane: "Eheheh finally!" Akane had even more drool dripping down the side of her mouth, I thought that it was unsightly so I licked her drool up from her face and then proceeded to kiss her passionately. Reina and Karie were looking at us with eyes of lust and desire.

Illya: "Join me and Akane but, we have to limit it to just kissing and light groping right now. This place isn’t soundproof at all."

Karie and Reina: "YES MAM!"

Illya and Akane: *MWAH!*

I took Reina's lips and Akane took Karie's. I kissed her for 4 hours straight whilst also giving her breasts and butt a soft message. She was completely enraptured and she was like putty in my hands. I didn’t even let her take a break to catch her breath, the entire 4 hours our mouths were locked together with our tongues in a dance or, a fight depending on your perspective. Though at this point, I decided that she needed a short break.

Reina: "*Pant!* Haaa that was amazing! hehehe!" Reina said with a silly look on her face.

Illya: "Likewise. Akane?"

Akane: "*Mua* Huh? kinda busy here." Akane said after separating her lips from Karie’s.

Illya: "Switch."

Karie and Reina: "HUH?" Akane's eyes lit up in delight at my suggestion meanwhile Reina and Karie were surprised to hear that they were going to be pleasured longer.

As such another 4 hours passed but, those two still weren't satisfied. Maybe going on a murderous rampage leaves you with a tone of pent-up sexual desire?

Karie and Reina: "MORE!" They said with shaky voices and heart eyes.

Akane: "Ara ara, such needy ones." Akane said with one of her hands on her cheek.

Illya: "They're already so being so loud, at this rate we're going to wake up the entire town. I'll put them asleep with magic." I say before gesturing my hand towards them about to cast the sleep magic.

Akane: "No don't!" Akane said after stopping me from casting my magic.

Illya: "Why not?" I say with a head tilt.

Akane: "I already put up a barrier. No sound can escape this room."

Illya: "Oh good thinking! I didn’t even notice you cast it."

Akane: “I won’t let random people hear Reina and Karie’s cute moans!”

Illya: “That so? Anyway, Reina, Karie, do you two want to have sex with us? I'll warn you now, the last time me and Akane had sex, we went for almost 20 days straight.”

They flinched hearing my warning but, they honestly didn't care anymore because of how aroused they were and, they just wanted to embrace me and my wife more. And of course, me and Akane were more than willing to fulfill their desires which, we did so wholeheartedly.

Karie and Reina: "YESH!!"

I had to sneak out of the room to pay the Innkeeper a boatload of money since I didn't know how much longer we're gonna stay. How long did we stay and enjoy each other you ask? A modest 12 days! We spent another 2 days just enjoying each other's company, talking and getting to know each other better. This marks them as our lovers and we won’t let anyone hurt them ever again.

Illya: "New lovers get!" I say after throwing my hand up in the air.

Akane: "WOOO!" Akane said while copying me.

Reina and Karie were still asleep so they didn’t hear me and Akane high-fiving and gloating. With that done, now we must head to Ithial yet again. Very Unfortunate that we don't get to slaughter them again, I'm still quite mad you know. I wonder if Reina and Karie's family will join our harem as well... Hehehe.



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