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Edit as of 8/7/2022.

Welp, Covid pretty much almost killed me and I'm still feeling quite sick. Though not sick enough to not be able to write so, here's the latest chapter rewritten and edited. Major continuity problems for chapter 9 so, if you read chapter 9 before I rewrote and edited just know that you'll be quite confused since I changed stuff with Reina and Karie.


Chapter 8: Oops.

*Akane’s POV*

My dear beautiful wife Illya, had come up with an oh-so-wonderful idea. She asked me to train Reina and Karie so they can get their revenge on those that greatly wronged them. I mean, they most likely won’t face any threats and easily kill everything once Illya gives them their new weapons. Not to even mention their clothes that basically make them both invincible. knowing Illya, she’ll probably make their weapons unnecessarily powerful. I cannot begin to fathom what goes on in that pretty little head of hers. Probably unspeakable things is my best guess.

I do wonder if she realizes that I sorta lied about her being tame for a Celestial? I mean, she seems pretty sane. I am unaware if she's tame or not and she just has really good self-control though. Good self-control for a Celestial I mean. going through the Goddess Net does paint most Celestials as beings that love nothing more than violently slaughtering their enemies and having sex with beautiful women.

Though, unlike them, Illya doesn’t rape and pillage. Which is the main reason they were hunted so heavily. Having beautiful women cuck every race that has beautiful women was pretty dangerous. there are no records of Celestial’s ever truly falling in love with someone let alone multiple people. Though there were rumors that Yuna had only one lover, her lover being a Celestial. I’m beginning to think that either Illya is Yuna’s reincarnated lover or possibly her daughter. Her being the daughter of Yuna would make since most likely she's a mix between a creator and a Celestial though, now that I think about it all Celestials are female…

Let's shelve the trying to figure out how two women could have blood offspring. Let’s just sum it up as powerful beings using magic or something like that to impregnate one of their female lovers and get to training those two women who Illya will soon probably corrupt.



Akane: “Hurray! Good job you two! Your simulated 8 months of training has finally ended.” I gave them headpats and also gave them kisses on their foreheads as well as praised them a lot. Even after I’ve done this constantly in these past simulated 8 months, they still turn deep red whenever I do it. I now understand why Illya finds it so fun to do. Embarrassed beautiful women are extremely cute!

Karie: “The hell? Has it really been 8 months?” Karie says while resting on the ground.

Reina: “It only feels like it's been a few hours…“ Reina says while resting next to Karie also on the ground.

I say ground but, I gave them a nice bed to rest on when they get tired. My skill with Creation is nowhere near Illya’s level but, I can at least do something like this easily.

Akane: “Isn’t magic amazing? I mean, surely with how much more skilled you two are now, such progress would take far longer than just a few hours right?” I say with a hand on my chin.

Karie: “Even so…“ Karie says with spiral eyes.

Reina: “Karie at this point, I’ve long since come to the conclusion that trying to understand anything Illya and Akane do is basically pointless. You have to remember that they’re both as powerful as gods…” Reina says with a deadpan tone.

Karie: “Guess you’re right… Hopefully, I’ll stop being surprised eventually.“ She says with dead eyes.

Reina: “I hope the same… Oh right, Akane?” Reina says while looking up at me.

I am right in front of her so, she has to look up and past my breasts to look at my face. Doing so makes her turn red in embarrassment. I honestly don’t mind if they ogle my body since their reactions are cute. Though, if they weren’t beautiful and or not women, I’d definitely kill them brutally.

Akane: “What's up?” I say innocently as if I wasn’t just thinking about something messed up.

Reina: “I just realized this, every other teacher me and Karie have had would always yell at us when we messed up something but, instead you praised us for trying even if we failed miserably and, you also tailored your teaching to us separately.” Reina said with a thinking pose.

Akane: “So what’s wrong with that?” I say with a head tilt.

Karie: “Most people think that the only way to learn something is to be yelled at…” Karie also says with a thinking pose.

Reina: “But, despite that common belief, we learned far more as well as learned more efficiently.” Reina says while looking back up at me.

Akane: “Of course! Positive reinforcement will always be way better than negative reinforcement. I’d consider the ladder to be abuse.” Because I enjoy teasing them I gave them both hugs and by that I mean, I took turns shoving their heads into my breasts.

The reason that I did that was that Illya always seems to love it when I did the same thing to her. Now that I think about it… I should Illya to do that to me as well.

It seemed to have a huge effect on them. I say that because their faces were quite red and their breathing was haggard. I might have seduce-I mean pampered them too much. I hope Illya doesn’t get mad at me…

Akane: “I’m sure that Illya is done with your weapons by now. It’s been about 8 hours real time…”

That was all I was able to say to them before they both collapsed. I mean, I didn’t let them sleep at all so, they most likely fainted from a mix of exhaustion and being aroused and also being smothered in my breasts…

Akane: “Fuck… Hopefully, Illya doesn’t get mad at me.“ I say while looking at their comatose bodies.

I repeated the words “Illya is nice, she won’t be mad at me.” to myself over and over again whilst carrying them towards me and Illya’s house since, Illya wasn’t waiting outside for us. It only took a few minutes but, despite my desire to not to upset Illya, I dragged my feet through the door because I couldn’t stall any longer and looked around for Illya. She was on the couch reading a book of some kind.

Akane: “Hello dear! Training went great.” I say with a peppy voice while holding the “sleeping“ Reina and Karie over my shoulders.

Reina: “…”

Karie: “…”

Illya: “I’m pretty sure that I asked you ”nicely“ to not break them, dear…” Illya says after looking at Reina and Karie and then looking at me with a look of disappointment.

Akane: “I didn’t! They’re just tired from training, I swear!“ I say while putting them on the couch. I put them on the same couch so, that if they woke up they would be looking at each other's faces. I did this on purpose because I thought it would be either funny or arousing. Probably both.

Illya: “Ignoring that perverted and amazing idea that you totally had by placing them like that, I’ll just heal them to make sure that they’re okay.” She said with a sigh but, didn’t reject my blatantly inappropriate idea.

Akane: “Thanks dear!” I say after she was done healing those two before I gave her a big hug. And by a hug, I once again mean shoving her face into my breasts.

Illya: “There was nothing wrong with them. They were just a little tired. Did you not let them sleep the entire time?” Illya says after separating her face from my booby embrace.

Akane: “I forgot okay! I at least let them take breaks.” I say with a pout completely ignoring how irresponsible I was.

Illya: “What if they hate you when they wake up?” Illya says with a thinking pose.

Akane: “I doubt that, they were singing my praises before they fell asleep.” I say with a proud look on my face.

Illya: “What? how? Knowing your personality, I thought that you were gonna train them like mad?” Illya said with a look of disbelief. Rude!

Akane: “I did train them pretty hard but, I also used positive reinforcement. I also pampered greatly.” I say with another proud expression.

Illya: “Oh shit that doesn’t sound good…” Illya said with a look of shock.

Akane: “Have more faith in me please! The furthest I went was that one thing you like that I do to you.” I say with a face like Illya was being dramatic for no reason.

Illya: “How God! you had sex with them!?!?” Illya said while getting up from the couch and proceeding to shake me with her hands on my shoulders.

Akane: “What? No!” I say while putting my hands up.

Illya: “Then what?” Illya once again looks at me with a look of disappointment. I didn’t realize how much her doing that would hurt me but, I know that she is just messing around.

Akane: “I just gave them lots of headpats and shoved their faces into my breasts.” I say as if doing something like that to people we just met is something normal.

Illya: “Well that’s fine I guess but…” Illya said with a hand on her chin.

Akane: “But what?” I say with a head tilt.

Illya: “I bet they’ve fallen for you at this point...” Illya says with a sigh her head in her hands.

Akane: “I’d doubt it.” I say with a deadpan expression.

Illya: “Why’s that?” Illya says with a head tilt.

Akane: “I don’t think they’ve ”fallen“ for me per se. They most likely only feel aroused by me. Them having feelings for me or you is what I’m doubting.” I say with another thinking pose.

Illya: “True.” Illya said before walking over to Reina and Karie.

*Illya’s POV*

After I was done talking with Akane, I took Reina and Karie upstairs and put them in each other's rooms that I gave them. They were pretty dirty and sweaty from all of the training that they did so, I used cleaning magic on them, afterwards I tucked them into their beds. Though I was pretty tempted to put them on the same bed and take off their clothes as well as put them close face to face but, since I don’t know them that well, I felt that doing something like that would be going too far. At least for now.

Akane had an even more fucked up idea, she had suggested that they should sleep with us but, all she received was a head chop and a big “No.” from me since, again we don’t know them that well and also me and Akane sleep naked.

Me and Akane went to bed after eating a very tasty dinner. The next morning Karie and Reina woke up in their beds confused and groggy. Even so they still sleepily made their way downstairs to eat breakfast.

Illya: “Good morning you two. Breakfast is ready.“ I say while pointing toward their seats where their food is.

Apparently, they were far more groggier than I thought because, In their barely awake state they both made extremely cute replies to me telling them that breakfast was ready. And their cute replies were as follows.

Karie: “What’s for breakfast mommy?” Karie says with a yawn.

Reina: “Good morning mom.“ Reina also says with a yawn.

After a few minutes of them both tilting their heads from side to side like a puppy trying to figure out what their current situation is, they finally woke up fully and are once again red from embarrassment. Seeing this is like the greatest drug to me and Akane so, it’s not like me and her mind at all.

Reina: “…” Reina looks down at her food to hide her beet-red face.

Karie: “…” Karie looks to the side with a face even redder than Reina’s.

Akane: “Unfortunately I don’t have that fetish. Maybe Illya does?” Akane says before looking at me with a smug look.

Illya: “I do but, that’s beside the point. You two stop being embarrassed and eat already.” I say with a slightly red face.

As for what I had made since, on top of being dead tired, they’re also probably starving from training so much so, I made them my favorite meal. which is Steak and Chicken rice.

Karie: “SO GOOD!!!” Karie says with gusto and her red face turning back to her normal skin tone.

Reina: “Honestly I can’t go without having your food ever again… I wish that I could marry you if I’m being honest…” Reina says with a slightly red face and a thinking pose.

Illya: “I’m flattered but, Akane is my one and only wife.“

Akane: “Although me and my dear wife Illya do want to make a harem for each other.”

Illya: “If you don’t mind being our girlfriends then you can eat my food whenever you want. And we promise that nothing bad will ever happen to you two again.” I say with a seductive smile.

Reina and Karie had to think about my offer for a while before they could come to their answers. I don’t think that most people would fall for someone so easily but, even if they decline it’s not hard to tell that it won’t take much more of me and Akane’s pampering to win them over. Honestly, me and Akane already like them quite a lot so, I’m honestly hoping that my charm stat being so high might help with them falling in love with us.

Reina: “I’m sorry. Your offer is tempting but, we don’t know you two enough yet for such a huge commitment.“ Reina says with a look of regret. Looks like she was close to falling in love with us.

Karie: “Yet being the keyword here.” Karie says with a bright smile. Looks like she’s pretty much already fallen and is just going with Reina’s idea to get to know me and Akane better.

Illya: “Fine with me. Now then, let's try out your new weapons shall we?” I say with a slightly dejected smile.

I was a little disappointed by their answers but, I’m fine with waiting for them to fall for me and Akane. I mean, me and Akane have nothing but each other and time. After breakfast, we all went to the living room to drink tea.

Akane: “Please tell me you didn’t go overboard again.” Akane says with a look as if I’ve already done something wrong. Rude!

Illya: “I did no such thing! Anyway, Reina, Karie, here’s you two’s new weapons.” I say before dragging out their new weapons from my storage and putting them in front of them on the table.

Karie: “…”

Reina: “I would like to ask you how you made such beautiful-looking weapons but, me and Karie have already decided to stop being surprised by you two at this point.” Reina says with a deadpan look. As for Karie, she was too busy being mesmerized by her new weapon.

Illya: “Wise choice. Now Inspect your new weapons please.”

Reina: “Inspect!” Reina said while looking at her and Karie’s weapons. Karie doesn’t have the inspect skill so Reina held her hand so that she could see both of the details of the weapons together.

Reina’s Sword of Love and Slaughter:

Quality: Goddess Tier:
Rarity: SSS+:
Durability: Infinity:
Damage: 258,600:

A sword created by the Celestial Illya for her friend Reina. This sword is one of the greatest weapons ever created. Can de-materialize when not needed and materialize when needed.

Illya’s love: Level 10: Rarity: SSS+:

When within a mile of its sister weapons of Love and Slaughter series, all stats and skills are increased by 100%.

Life Absorption: Level 10: Rarity: SSS

Gives user HP from injuring foes.

Self Cleaning: Level 10: Rarity: S

Cleans blood and grim from itself.

Exp gain increased by 500%.

Karie’s Dagger of Love and Slaughter:

Quality: Goddess Tier:
Rarity: SSS+:
Durability: Infinity:
Damage: 258,600:

A dagger created by the Celestial Illya for her friend Karie. This sword is one of the greatest weapons ever created. Can de-materialize when not needed and materialize when needed.

Illya’s love: Level 10: Rarity: SSS+:

When within a mile of its sister weapons of Love and Slaughter series, all stats and skills are increased by 100%.

Life Absorption: Level 10: Rarity: SSS

Gives user HP from injuring foes.

Self Cleaning: Level 10: Rarity: S

Cleans blood and grim from itself.

Exp gain increased by 500%.

Akane: “I thought that you said that you DIDN’T go overboard Illya!” Akane said with a shocked expression.

Illya: “And I didn’t. I can use creation magic so much better now than when I had first made our weapons so, making these weapons only took 400,000 MP.” I say with a proud look on my face while patting my chest.

Doing so made my breasts jiggle a bit. Akane looked quite mesmerized by my breasts jiggling like that so, she stared at my chest for a bit with drool dripping from her mouth.

Karie: “Pinch me. I must be dreaming…” Karie said with spiral eyes surprised by her new overpowered weapon.

Reina: “Umm… Illya I know it’s rude to ask but, could you please show us your status?” Reina pushed past her surprise to ask me a question about my status.

Illya: “Sure, I trust you two so, I don’t really mind at all.” I say with a beautiful smile that makes Reina and Karie as well as Akane blush.

They may be shocked at my status but, I won't lie or hide things from people I care about. Of course, unless the truth would hurt them. then I would lie no matter how stupid said lie was.

Illya: “Status!”



Name: Illya

Race: Celestial

Sex: Female

Age: 18

Level: 413

HP: 25,785/25,785

MP: 1,843,624/1,843,624

INT: 1218

STR: 2125

DEF: 9642

Luck: 10,776

Charm: 9999

Reina: “…”

Karie: “…”

Oops, they both fainted… Welp, Me and Akane have spent too much time messing around in the middle of this huge forest already so, I decided to use magic to make them float so, that we can quickly make our way to Sherfield with them in tow.


How do I know the location of said town?


Akane asked them about the way there at some point during their training. On the way there me and my wife chatted the time away.

Akane: “This is pretty fun raising these two.” Akane says while patting their heads while they float next to us.

Illya: “Yes it is quite fun raising our soon-to-be lovers.” I say before following her example and patting their heads as well.

Akane: “I want them to call me mom or mommy too…” Akane says while looking at them while licking her lips.

Illya: “I thought that you weren’t into that?” I say with a surprised face.

Akane: “Oh I lied. I mean, you’re definitely the more motherly one and, I’m the aggressive one.” Akane says with a head tilt.

Illya: “Well at least you’re honest.” I say with a deadpan expression.

And just like that, Me and Akane chatted the hours away until we had made it to the gates of that soon-to-be covered in blood and visceral town.

The guards got a little uppity at us for dragging along two beautiful floating unconscious women but, once we told them that Reina and Karie were our daughters and that they were just sleeping because they had trained a lot on the way to town and had passed out. The guards let us pass into the town after we finished explaining all of that to them and paying them a few bronze pieces which, I materialized out of nowhere with creation magic without them noticing.

I’ve just realized that as long as I have mana, I’m basically forever rich. Feels a little weightless being able to literally print money whenever I want but, oh well. I’m totally going to abuse this as much as I want.

Illya: “I’ve never been in a town before.” I say while looking at all of the sights of the town whilst ignoring the stares from the people around us.

As for why they are staring at us, it’s either because of the two floating women next to us or, because me and Akane as well as Reina, and Karie are extremely beautiful. Another reason might be that they recognize Reina and Karie. Maybe all three combined?

Akane: “Me either.” Akane says also ignoring those stares.

Illya: “It’s almost night time so, let’s find an inn for the night.” I say while walking with Akane and looking around for a place to safely rest.

Akane: “What will we do tomorrow?” Akane says to me while still walking.

Illya: “Let’s have those two show us around tomorrow before we help them get their revenge.” I say while not stopping.

Me and Akane found the most expensive inn in town. Unfortunately, they only had one room left with only one big bed. We told the innkeeper that we didn’t mind sharing a bed with each other I mean, those two are still asleep so they had no say on the matter anyway. Once in the room, Akane had a lewd look on her face.

Akane: “Is it finally time to sleep naked with each other? eheheheh.” Akane said with drool running down her mouth.

Illya: “Nope!” I say before giving Akane a head chop.

Akane: “Aww… why not?” Akane said ignoring my playful head chop.

Illya: “We must build more trust with them first.” I say patting the spot on Akane’s head that I chopped playfully.

Akane: “Fine!” Akane said with a pout.

I then used Creation Magic to make two beds for them to sleep on separately whilst also destroying the bed already in the room and making a new one for me and Akane to sleep on, of course, completely naked.

I then put Reina and Karie on their individual beds and tucked them in. Wearing clothes that work as an outfit and nightwear at the same time is quite efficient so, I didn’t have to change Reina and Karie's clothes at all. Afterwards, I went to lay down with Akane. She wanted to have sex but, I told her that with how loud in bed we are we’d definitely wake those two up, as well as probably everyone else in town so she reluctantly agreed to resist her urges. It’s not like I didn’t have to resist my urges as well though…

Illya: “Goodnight Akane, I love you!” I say before putting my lips on Akane’s.

Akane: “I love you too goodnight!” Akane says before accepting my kiss.

Once we finished our goodnight kissing session to slightly satisfy both of our sexual desires so that we could sleep which, didn’t count as sex. We quickly fell asleep while embracing each other. Though I’m pretty sure I heard those two wake up and start touching themselves to us loudly kissing but I won’t do anything sexual to them yet so, I chose to ignore their quiet moans and go to bed. Their beds were to the left and right of me and Akane’s bed so, they didn’t hear each other at all.

Ahh, tomorrow is gonna be so fun I just know it! I can’t wait to see those two covered in the blood of their enemies. Corrupting beautiful women is so amazingly fun Hehehehe…


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