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Chapter 7: Not just flirting.

*Illya’s POV*


Level up! x 136

You Killed a being 15 levels lower than you, Experience will be lowered.

Congratulations! You are now a level 413 Celestial Being!

Congratulations! You gained a title!

Goblin Genocider: Rarity: S

You’ve killed so many Goblins that they instantly fear you upon sight of you.


Name: Illya

Race: Celestial

Sex: Female

Age: 18

Level: 413

HP: 25,785/25,785

MP: 1,843,624/1,843,624

INT: 1218

STR: 2125

DEF: 9642

Luck: 10,776

Charm: 9999

After me and Akane were satisfied with our “vacation“, the next morning I got rid of the sleep spell on those two women that we had saved so that those two could wake up. I also made them breakfast which was scrambled eggs, bacon, and sausage. As for the drink, I just made them a glass of water. Me and Akane will be drinking soda since I like it and Akane has gotten addicted to it.

As for those two, they might go crazy if I make them the food that me and Akane usually eat, and because they might still be shaken up from their time in captivity by the Goblins so, a simple meal would be the best for them.



Where did I get the eggs, bacon, and sausage?

I had figured out that I can create any ingredient I want and at the highest quality using my Creation Magic. After experimenting a bit, I realized that as long as I understand how the thing I want to make is uh made and if I know how to make it even better then I can make it with my creation magic. So, I had asked Akane to help me research a bunch of food Using the Operator Net. She said that she didn’t mind but, it’s more correct to call it the Goddess now.

She helped me look into what I wanted to know about food and other things so that I could understand them perfectly. As a result, now even the soda I make with creation magic is amazing! If you’re wondering why I figured this out, it was because me and Akane got tired of going downstairs to cook while we were on vacation so, I just started feeding me and Akane completed dishes that I made with Creation Magic. This was required because me and Akane have high standards for food.

Speaking of those two, they finally came down from the upstairs. They looked nervous but, extremely refreshed. Which would happen if you slept for almost over 18 days straight. As for the nervousness, it’s probably because they think we’re Goddesses or something. To be fair, Akane is a Goddess so they aren’t completely wrong. The two beautiful women sat down next to each other at the table across from me and my wife. They still weren’t saying anything but, once they laid their eyes on the food they said both “Thanks for the food!” and then immediately started stuffing their faces. Seeing people enjoy my food makes me very happy. Maybe on the same level of happiness as when I kill my enemies and bathe in their blood.

Once they were done eating, we moved them to the living room. Me and Akane sat on one couch on those two sat on the couch across from us. I had set out cups of tea for each of us. I decided it was time to at least try to start a conversation with them I mean, surely they must be curious about their current situation, right?

Illya: “Hello, let me introduce myself again.” I say while putting down the cup of tea that I took a sip of.

I pause for a bit to see if they can understand me and they nod so I continue.

Illya: “My name is Illya, and this is my wife Akane. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” I say while waving my hand towards Akane.

Akane: “Nice to meet you!” Akane says with a blush. Cute!

Illya: “If you’re wondering about our identities then, Akane is a Goddess and I am just a very powerful person. As for why we saved you, it was on a whim and we both just wanted to have fun with killing something.”

Karie: “…”

Reina: “…”

It took both of them a few minutes while sipping on their cup of tea to process the information that I’ve given them.

Karie: “Thank you so much for saving us.” Karie said with a bow.

Reina: “I give my thanks as well.” Reina said with a polite bow.

Karie: “Could I perhaps ask about what you meant by ”killing something.“?” She said with a head tilt.

Reina: “Karie!” Reina said while giving Karie a bop on the head with her hand.

Illya: “By something, I meant something evil. We don’t kill anything good unless they piss us off.”

Karie: “I see.”

Reina: “That’s better than what I thought you meant by saying that.”

Illya: “Now that I answered your question, could you answer mine?”

Karie: “I don’t mind but, you should probably direct your questions to Reina since she is better at talking than me and also way smarter.” Karie says while tilting her head and rubbing it to show that she’s embarrassed.

Reina: “I don’t like it when Karie says self-deprecating things but, it’s true that sometimes she can only think with her fists and sword.” Reina says with her head in her palm.

Karie: “Speaking of our swords, what happened to them as well as our armor?”

Illya: “Both of your armor and swords were of low quality. I mean the clothes that you’re currently wearing give you more defense than them.”

Reina: “That sounds a little hard to believe but, I have the inspect skill so I can inspect our dresses.”

Illya: “Be my guest, I don’t mind.”

Reina: “Thanks, Inspect!”

Reina’s Dress of Absolute Protection:

Quality: Goddess Tier

Rarity: SSS+:
Durability: Infinity.
Defense: 15,000.

A dress that was created by the Celestial Illya.

Damage Absorption: Level 10: Rarity: SSS

Gives user HP from foes attacks and steals their HP.

Self Cleaning: Level 10: Rarity: S

Cleans blood and grim from itself.

Karie’s Dress of Absolute Protection:

Quality: Goddess Tier

Rarity: SSS+:
Durability: Infinity.
Defense: 15,000.

A dress that was created by the Celestial Illya.

Damage Absorption: Level 10: Rarity: SSS

Gives user HP from foes attacks and steals their HP.

Self Cleaning: Level 10: Rarity: S

Cleans blood and grim from itself.

Karie: “I feel like I’m going to throw up…”

Akane: “You get used to it.” Akane says with a deadpan expression.

Reina: “T-these dresses give us 100 times more defense than our armors…”

Illya: “You get used to it.” I say with a deadpan expression.

Reina: “…”

Karie: “…”

Illya: “About my question?” I say with a head tilt.

Reina: “Oh right, what was your question?” Reina says after coming back to reality.

Illya: “How did you two end up in that situation?” I say with my arms crossed.

Akane: “We noticed the bodies of a lot of knights. Even with that army of Goblins, you should have been able to subjugate them with some losses.”

Karie: “We fell into a trap…” Karie says while looking down.

Illya: “What do you mean?” I say with another head tilt.

Reina: “We had gotten a mission to subjugate a small group of Goblins. That group wasn’t small at all and was more like an army. On top of that, we were given greenhorn knights for support. We were set up.” Reina says tightening her grip on her teacup.

Akane: “So they all died because they were fledglings huh.”

Illya: “Who set you up?”

Reina: “A very old and senile commander of ours. Oh right, I forgot to tell you but, me and Karie are knights.”

Illya: “Why’d they set you up?”

Reina: “We don’t know the exact reason but, we think it’s because we resemble people that he held major grudges with.”

Akane: “Do you want revenge on him?” Akane said while chiming in on the conversation.

They looked shocked that Akane suggested that. But of course, me and Akane don’t think like normal people do. Someone wrongs us? Kill them! Someone hurts someone we care about? Kill them! violently in that case. Though they did ponder my suggestion.

Reina: “That commander was extremely old and senile, before we left for the mission he gave us, he was already on his death bed. With all of the time that we spent being locked up by Goblins. He most likely already passed away.”

Illya: “It’s not like he did it alone though? No matter how powerful and respected he was, surely most people wouldn’t go along with his plan to kill two people for no reason. Other than just him, I feel like there must be other people also aiming for your heads.”

Reina: “Even so, we aren’t strong enough to get revenge.”

Karie: “Of course, we appreciate you two saving us. But the only way we could get revenge is to have your help and we can’t ask such a thing of you.”

Both of them gave dejected looks but, it’s not like me and Akane have anything better to do other than enjoying each other and making a harem.



Yeah me and Akane also decided that if we didn’t have multiple lovers we won’t be able to satisfy our desires. Of course, they just are “lovers“ me and Akane will be the only ones married to each other. I then gave them another suggestion.

Illya: “Me and Akane don’t mind helping you two get revenge.”

Akane: “Yup! Nothing is better than a justified slaughter.”

Me and Akane both had evil yet beautiful smiles plastered on our faces. We also stood up and got our weapons out to show our words were not just for show.

Karie: “WAIT YOU CAN’T JUST MURDER EVERYONE!“ Karie said while getting flustered.

Illya: “Actually I can but, we limit satisfying our blood lust to slaughtering evil beings only.” I say while putting my weapon back away and sitting back down.

Akane: “If I kill an innocent being, Illya would be mad so, I’ll refrain until she stops caring about things like Morals and Ethics.” Akane said something extremely terrifying before putting her weapon away and also sitting back down.

Illya: “Wait! Doesn’t that mean that I am the sane one?“ I say after realizing that Akane wasn’t particularly sane.

Akane: “Probably.” Akane said with a deadpan expression.

Illya: “Shit.” I say with an expression similar to Akane’s.

Akane: “I don’t really want to help some random people that I don’t know or care about but, if it's what Illya wants then I’ll do it.”

I quickly used magic to prevent Karie and Reina from hearing Akane’s last sentence.

Illya: “Dear, can I talk to you alone for a bit?”

Akane: “Yes dear.“

Illya: “You two enjoy some tea and sweets I’ve made while you wait.” I say after making some sweats for them with Creation Magic.

I then pulled Akane into the kitchen and also used silence magic so those two won’t hear us. Our bedroom would also work because it's soundproof. Can’t have woodland creatures and random passersby hearing our moans now can we?

Illya: “Why did you almost tell them that you didn’t care about them?”

Akane: “What do you mean? I don’t care about them at all.“

Illya: “Do you not want to have a harem or something?”

Akane: “Huh? of course I do!”

Clearly, Akane didn’t understand what I was trying to say so I had to put it into more simple terms so that she could get it.

Illya: “Help beautiful women a lot then they’ll start to depend on you. Help and talk to them enough and maybe they’ll fall in love with you. If they fall in love with you or me, preferably both of us, then we get a new member of our harem. Get it?” I said while speaking like a caveman.

Akane: “Makes sense when you put it like that but, let me access the Goddess Net and research love and romance once again since I just skimp it last time.“

Several ones and zeros flashed across her eyes I would be worried if this wasn't the first time I’ve seen this happen to her. After 25 minutes she finished her research.

Akane: “Okay I understand it now. If you didn’t silence me back there I would have deeply hurt their feelings, thanks dear <3!” Akane said before she gave me a small kiss and hug.

I was curious about something so I asked her a question.

Illya: “Didn’t you research relationships before? Shouldn’t things like romance be a subject that you already know now?“

Akane: “For one on one romantic relationships, I researched them completely. As for relationships like friends or having a harem, the research on them that I did was most likely only at the understanding of a child.”

Illya: “I see, that makes sense. You should probably research about more stuff like that when you get the time. Anyway, let's go back to those two.”

Me and Akane made our way back to the living room, of course, after deactivating the silence magic that I used first. What I saw was two beautiful women bunching on sweets like chipmunks and they had a glazed look to their eyes. They saw us and turned beet red.

Reina: “I’m sorry that you had to see us like that…”

Karie: “Your food is the greatest food we’ve ever tasted like ever!”

To be fair, I did give them a shit ton of sweets to eat. They were still stacks and stacks of sweets left. Even this amount would make a princess water at the mouth.

Illya: “I’m glad that you two enjoyed it but, let's get down to business“

They sat up properly in their seats and their facial expression and their eyes returned to a serious look.

Reina: “Will you two really help us get revenge?”

Akane: “Of course! Why helping beautiful women is one of my wives and I’s shared hobbies.” Akane said while shamelessly saying a part lie.

Karie: “Is dressing beautiful women up in cute lingerie and beautiful dresses one of those shared hobbies?” Karie said with a questioning expression.

Akane: “Nope. That’s Illya’s hobby.” Akane said while patting my head.

Illya: “Don’t pretend that you don’t enjoy being in such comfy and cute clothes.” I said with a smug smile.

Karie: “Alright fine! We both love these clothes and honestly, I don’t want to wear anything else.” Karie said with a blush.

Reina: “That’s right! U-unless…” Reina said stumbling over her sentence.

Illya: “Oh unless what?” I said with a head tilt.

Akane: “Unless it’s another piece of clothing that you’ve made Illya. That is probably what she wanted to say.” Akane said before giving them both headpatts.

Again they went beet red and couldn’t look me in the eye. After I and Akane were satisfied from flirting with Karie and Reina they quickly regained their seriousness.

Reina: “To get revenge, we must head to the town of Sherfield. It’s the town to who’s army we are knights for.” Reina said with a serious expression

Karie: “We need weapons though…” Karie said shyly.

Reina: “That’s right, you didn’t really say what you did with them.”

Illya: “I destroyed them.”

Karie: “WHY?!” Karie said with a shocked expression.

Reina: “…” Reina didn’t say anything but remained calm.

Illya: “I can’t have such beautiful women running around with such trashy weapons and armor.”

Karie: “Beautiful!?” Karie immediately blushed beet red.

Reina: “Just accept her compliment, Karie.” Reina said with a smile.

They were surprisingly fine when they learned that I had destroyed their only weapons and armor. I planned to make them better weapons and currently the dresses they wear provide 100 times more protection than their old armor let alone armor you can buy in a store. On top of that, they look extremely beautiful with them on. Can you imagine how it would feel to be killed by such beautiful women like us while we also wear such beautiful dresses? I feel like it would either be someone's fetish or they’ll be extremely angry. Honestly, I really didn’t care either way.

I could have told them my plans to make their weapons when they first mentioned their own ones but, honestly, women make so many different expressions that I can’t help myself from teasing them… This might become another bad habit of mine…

Illya: “I will make you two some new weapons. As we already discussed, those dresses provide ultimate protection, they’re basically indestructible they even heal you if you get they get damaged by an enemy.”

Reina: “If that’s the case then it’s fine.”

Karie: “Not like we’re attached to our gear or anything. Also, you’re fine with us wearing these dresses while fighting?”

Illya: “I don’t mind at all in fact, I’d prefer it. Our dresses aren’t just made to look pretty, they’re also made with fighting in mind.”

Karie: “You’re right. Despite being dresses, they’re really easy to move around in. Fighting while wearing them will be great!”

Reina: “What if we get covered in blood?”

Illya: “Well for one I would enjoy the sight of you two covered in the blood of your enemies quite a lot but, once I am satisfied I will just use cleaning magic on you two.” I say with a seductive smile.

And there they go making cute expressions again. I honestly can’t get enough of it…

Akane: “Enough flirting!” Akane said with a pout.

Illya: “Alright fine. What kind of weapons do you two want?” I say while laughing off Akane’s jealously

Reina and Karie discussed between themselves what kind of weapons they would want to use. I mean to them this was a big decision, after seeing me and Akane’s weapons, they know that whatever I make will be extremely powerful and it’d be wrong to ask me for another one if they asked me for a weapon they didn’t like. Personally, making beautiful women happy is all I really care about so, making a few extra weapons for them is something I wouldn’t really mind doing at all...

Reina: “Could you please make a sword for me?”

Karie: “I would like a dagger please.”

Illya: “Not a sword? Aren’t you a knight?”

Karie: “I was forced to use a sword since I’m a knight but, I’ve always preferred using daggers whenever I get the chance.”

Illya: “Alright requests received. Take these dummy weapons and go train with Akane while you wait please.” I say handing them a dummy sword and dummy dagger.

Reina: “I don’t find the idea of training with a battle junky of a Goddess to be a very good one…” Reina nervously says.

Illya: “Like I said earlier, you both are quite beautiful. Just like me, Akane won’t do anything bad to beautiful women so, rest assured.” I say while patting their heads.

Karie: “That so?” Karie said with a blush.

Reina: “I feel like we really don’t have a choice in this matter...” Reina dejectedly said.

I show them a bright and alluring smile.

Illya: “Trust me! You have nothing to fear from me and my wife. We won’t hurt beautiful women physically or emotionally ever. Isn’t that right dear?”

Akane: “That’s right! I’m just gonna train you using time dilation magic. Can’t get revenge if you get caught by a measly few hundred Goblins now can you?”

Shivers went down Reina’s and Karie’s spines. If they run they could maybe get away from Akane’s hell that she calls training but, the desire to get revenge far outweighed their fear of her training.

Illya: “Have fun you two! And don’t break them, dear.” I say before giving Akane a goodbye kiss on her beautiful lips.

Akane: “Don’t worry dear.” Akane said before giving me a hug.

After the hug, she also gave me a kiss goodbye. Since Akane would be able to train them a lot and all I had to do was make their weapons and then they’ll be overpowered like me and Akane. I decided to start working on Reina’s and Karie’s new weapons. I wonder if I should make them as overpowered as me and Akane’s? I do have much more MP now so I could make them OP and still have a lot of MP leftover… Making them OP it is then!


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