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Chapter 6: Explanation.

*Karie’s POV*

Me and my best friend Reina are highly known and loved knights though, one of our commanders really hates us for some reason. For what reason I have no idea but, because of that hate, we were chosen to take on the task of subjugating a “small“ group of Goblins. That small group turned out to be an entire army and the “knights“ if you could even call them that, who that annoying commander gave to us as support were just a bunch of greenhorns who have barely practiced fighting let alone going out to the field and taking on real opponents.

Due to that meddling commander, me and Reina led that entire group of soldiers to their untimely deaths.

Even though me and Reina are knights, us being knights compared to how we look is pretty funny. I’m short for a woman my age with a modest chest, my eyes are light green and so is my hair which I almost always have tied in a ponytail unless I’m off duty and relaxing.

Reina is taller than me and she has a chest that would be considered above average size for her height. Her hair goes down to her waist and is a light blue color. Her eyes are also the same blue. I always tell her that she should put her hair up so it doesn’t get in the way while she is fighting but, she always says that her hair never affects her when she fights, and to be fair, she is right. I’ve never seen her hair get in the way of her fighting like my hair does.

Me and Reina’s unlucky events began a few months ago. We just finished our meal at the Tavern that was stupidly called Unlucky Jim’s. As Reina and I were leaving a fellow knight gave us orders from that dirtbag commander of ours and we were given orders to immediately dispatch and we would meet up with our support unit at the Goblin cave.

Once at the Goblin cave, going by the order that said the group of Goblins was small me and Reina as well as those worthless greenhorns that were sent to be killed probably just to get rid of us, went into the cave quickly since we had subjugated before and we were confident that we would be easily able to do such a thing again even with the cannon fodder that we were given.

Unfortunately, not only did we get stuck with terrible inexperienced comrades, the amount of Goblins in the cave was highly miss reported. There were well over a thousand of them and, there was even a Goblin King. Unlike our previous Goblin hunt, taking out the Goblin turned out to be significantly harder to kill. Goblins aren’t stupid but, with a Goblin King that taught them how to actually fight and who was commanding them, they weren’t just the normal easy-to-kill Goblins that me and Reina had encountered so far. By the time we even got to the main root of the Goblins where the Goblin King was, most of the greenhorns that we had with us had been killed by the traps that the Goblins set up.

The main hub of Goblins in this cave had seemed to be an old abandoned military base. There were a few crumbling buildings and even a jail cell. It seems like the Goblins had utilized it to get their captives in.

It only took 30 minutes for the Goblins to kill all of those greenhorns and then it was just me and Reina. Oddly, they didn’t seem to be trying to kill us. Much to me and Reina’s chagrin. After fighting for a bit longer, me and Reina noticed that they were herding us towards the cell that I mentioned.

Me and Reina decided that locking ourselves in that cell is better than dying to a bunch of disgusting Goblins so, We decided to do just that. Weirdly, they only locked the cell door and didn’t try to take our weapons and armor.

Reina and I had an idea why the Goblins kept us alive for so long. They went as far as to feed us non-human meat and food such as rabbits and fruits. Maybe they thought we were royalty or something? Me and Reina’s armor and swords are pretty expensive and regal looking. Though we’re pretty famous Knights, I doubt rescue will ever come considering that commander set us up to die. When I think about how many of those new knights were killed for no reason other than just to get rid of me and Reina my blood boil. Reina probably feels the same.

Now that I had all of this time to think about the reason why that commander betrayed us and those knights, the best reason that I could think of was that he was senile. He was even on his death bed. As for why his orders were still carried out even though he was definitely not with a stable mind will always escape me. Honestly, because we’ve been here so long I wouldn’t be surprised if he already died at this point.

I shared my thoughts with Reina and she came to the same conclusion but added additional information that I wasn’t aware of. Apparently, one of the only reasons that Reina could dig up for his hatred of us was because we shared hair colors with two of his infamous enemy commanders that he had faced in battle. Those battles had no winners and only had losses. With his mind failing, he mistook us for them and would do things to mess with us. Usually petty harassment that didn’t affect me and Reina at all. We assume that him being on his death bed made his judgment even worse so he sent us to our deaths.

Lying about the number of enemies and sending two important knights such as me and Reina, as well as new fledgling knights to their deaths for such a petty reason would surely give him the death penalty but, unfortunately, he is most likely already dead so justice will never be served…

While laminating our terrible luck, the Goblin King was restless as well as the other Goblins. He kept sending out more and more Goblins and every time only one scout who ran away would return. At first, the Goblin king seemed to disregard the scout's information and even though I don’t understand what their saying since neither me nor Reina knew the Goblins language, the Goblin King seemed to curse the first few scouts that returned as cowards and would quickly behead them before sending more Goblins out of the cave.

He kept doing that until after the 12th group was destroyed with only one remaining scout. Even going back to the first scout, they were always completely covered in blood. Some with injuries or missing limbs. A few even died shortly after giving the Goblin King information of some kind. By the time the Goblin King stopped sending Goblins, the army he once at was completely gone, and only about a hundred of them were left.

The Goblin King started to sweat from the two approaching figures and me and Reina did as well. The amount of bloodlust that was radiating off of them was enough to make even the strongest warrior choke with fear.

Those two women, rather than looking like they were exterminating Goblins, more looked like they were on a peaceful stroll in the park. One had a spear and the other had a scythe. I didn’t even know that someone could use a scythe so effectively to kill their enemies. The spear I understood but, not so much the scythe…

The other Goblins were all completely obliterated by the time that they had reached the main hold of the Goblins. Rather than anger, or sadness showing on their faces, on their faces were expressions of great pleasure. The Goblins who completely and utterly defeated us were killed with ease while the killers seemed to be having fun doing so.

The carnage couldn’t even be considered a subjugation, it was a merciless one-sided slaughter. Of which it looks like they got bored because instead of killing the remaining Goblins. One of them said to the other to tell the Goblins her messed plan, and the other one then speak in what I assume was the language of the Goblins.

Once she was done speaking the remaining Goblins started killing each other one by one all while the two women sat on a couch that appeared out of nowhere and fed each other some kind of food while watching the slaughter like it was some kind of entertainment for them.

Once it was all over, the white-haired beautiful woman approached us. We were completely unable to speak due to witnessing such a one-sided slaughter committed by two women who don’t even look like adults and who killed the Goblins like it was some game they decided to play. On top of witnessing such a scene, we were also unable to speak because we were scared of them being able to kill so many Goblins with ease.

Me and Reina tried to speak even though we were scared senseless but, every time we opened our mouths no words would come out. Although we couldn’t reply she still tried multiple but eventually she seemed to have gotten fed up with us just shivering and not responding to her at all so she seemed to use some kind of sleeping on us since both me and Reina quickly fell asleep after she had cast it…

I woke up in a house that I didn’t recognize, I did not know how long that me and Reina were asleep but, it was the greatest sleep I’ve ever had. It felt like I had slept for an entire week and I was extremely refreshed. My skin was so silky smooth and my entire body was clean. I would have to clean my body in the bath for days to even get slightly close to how clean I currently am.

One of the two women must have a cleaning spell. Getting a mage or witch to use a cleaning spell on you would cost a ton of money and even some nobles would struggle to pay for it. Even then, that’s only a low-level cleaning spell, a mage or witch with a high-level cleaning spell would usually only be affordable by kings and queens and usually are specifically hired just for it. It’s quite the honor to have such a high-level cleaning spell used on me and I’m heavily worrying about how much this will cost me…

When I got up from the bed, I saw that my armor and clothes were gone and all that remained on my body was a light green dress that matched my eyes perfectly. Underneath the dress was a bra and panties the same color as the dress. The dress seemed to be similar to what those two women wear.

Looking around the room, I could tell that all of the furniture was highly luxurious. The bed was the most comfortable thing I’ve had the pleasure to sleep on. If I stayed in this bed any longer I’ll quickly fall back to sleep.

After laying back down on the bed for a bit I actually did almost fall back to sleep so I quickly got back up from the bed and went to find Reina. I figured it might be hard to find her but, the room directly across from mine had a sign on the door that said “(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧Your friend is in this room, teehee ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)”. My room also had an identical sign. Those two women seemed to want to make sure that me and Reina would find each other regardless of who woke up first.

Even so, I felt irritated from reading the signs. I went toward the room which I assume going by the sign, Reina was in. I knocked on the door and heard Reina say “Come in.” so I did. Reina was wearing a dress and lingerie like mine that perfectly matched her eyes and hair. I should mention that the dresses that me and Reina were currently wearing weren’t revealing or see-through which me and Reina appreciated a lot.

I shivered at the idea of one of those two women being able to use Creation magic since, it’s said that only Gods and Goddesses could use such magic but, that was the only way that they could make our dresses match us perfectly. The dress was just the right the size for me and so were my bra and panties. Looking at Reina’s dress I assume that it was the same as hers.

Karie: “Where the hell are we?” I say while going over to Reina who was still in bed.

Reina: “I don’t know exactly but, it’s probably the house of those two women.” Reina said while shaking her head to show that she didn’t know.

Karie: “One of them must be able to use both high-level cleaning magic as well as Creation Magic.”

Reina: “Creation Magic is it? Certainly, that would make sense given our clothes. I wasn't aware of such an expensive-looking house being located in this forest as well.”

Karie: “Doesn’t that mean that at least one of those two women is a Goddess?” I say with a shudder.

Reina: “Let’s just assume that they both are Goddesses. Make sure that you treat them with respect. They most likely just saved us on a whim.” Reina says while rubbing my head.

Karie: “You don’t have to tell me twice. I mean, they killed all of those Goblins like it was just a game to them.”

Reina: “Seeing how powerful they are, it was most likely just a game to those two…”

Me and Reina couldn’t just stay in our rooms forever but, we were too nervous to go downstairs and meet those two women yet again. It’s not every day that you meant two Gods or Goddesses let alone ones that were extremely powerful and who even saved you.

Akane: “Breakfast is ready, you two!~~” A beautiful woman’s voice brought us out of our trance.

One of the women seemed to have called us down so, unfortunately, me and Reina couldn’t hesitate any longer and we have to go downstairs and meet those two scary as well as beautiful women.

Hopefully, unlike how they treated the Goblins, they’ll treat us nicely. I mean they did give us such nice clothes as well as let us sleep in luxurious rooms on beds that felt like clouds so, surely they won’t hurt us, right? I felt like Reina and me were thinking the same thing but, even so, we still went out of her room and headed downstairs…


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