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Chapter 4: Love?

Akane: “I’M SORRY! I’M SORRY! I’M SORRY! I’M SOOOORRYYY!!!!” Akane said with her head down.

I had woken up to a still nude Akane on her hands and knees and was repeatedly apologizing for yesterday. Now that I can properly get a look at her without my mind being in a fog, she is even more beautiful than my first impression. I can definitely remember how silky smooth her skin felt while caressing my body as well as how squishy and soft her breasts were speaking of her breasts, they were constantly swinging and bouncing back and forth as Akane kept apologizing.

After about 15 minutes or so of apologizing and not even listening to me, I was finally able to convince her to continue her apologizing session on the condition that we get dressed. I asked her where my dress went and she said that she had destroyed it in her excitement.

Luckily due to my new creation magic, I was able to make new replacement clothes for us both. Well, actually she came to this dimension in the nude so it’s more I replaced my dress and also made something for her to wear. She was now wearing a pure black dress similar to what I wear but more regal since I got caught up in my excitement from making clothes. As for my outfit, I made a new white dress similar to the one I had on when I came to this world except that it's obviously far higher quality than that ill-fated one.

Akane: “PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!” Akane says returning to her apologizing position that she previously was in.

Despite already doing it for 15 minutes she went on begging me for forgiveness for well over 40 more minutes. I had finally had enough and was beginning to get annoyed so I decided to try to talk to her but, she wouldn’t listen to me yet again so I “lightly“ chopped her head with my hand to snap her out of it.


Akane: “ACK!” Akane says before rubbing the spot where I chopped her.

Illya: “I am still quite confused on what exactly happened so before I even begin to think about forgiving you, could you at least explain why you had assaulted me?”

Akane: “T-that’s…”

Illya: “The small nod that I made earlier was NOT consenting to you since I was being pressured by you and wasn’t in my right due to filling out those surveys for you.”

Akane: “I know and I am sorry! I know that It’s no excuse but, I’ve been interested in you ever since I first started being your system that oversaw your soul.”

Illya: “Huh? But that was only 2 years ago at most.”

Akane: “You see, even though It’s only been two years, You were still the most interesting person I’ve ever watched so I did already as a huge inclining to like you. And when I had finally gotten a real physical body, I was not used to it and all of its emotions, hormones, and urges and they hit me all at once and I was not able to hold myself back since I find you so cute and irresistible… ” Akane says while blushing.

Despite my anger with what Akane had done I still couldn’t help but blush and feel happy at her words. Am I just lonely or something? No. I would definitely kill anyone other than her in the most violent way that I could think of if they did to me what Akane had done.

Even though my first kiss and first skin-ship were taken from me without my consent, I decided to forgive her since she had a pretty good excuse and I seem to be extremely attracted to her. As long as we don’t cross each other's boundaries I don’t mind forgiving her at all.

Illya: “Fine. I forgive you.” I say while patting Akane on the head.

Girl's heads should always be headpatted just like this! I don’t know why I think that, I just do.

Akane: “Really?” Akane says while looking up at me with tears in her eyes.

Illya: “Yes. Now please get off the floor. I want to cook some food.” I say while rubbing my stomach because I am quite hungry.

Akane: “Okay…I love you!” Akane says before kissing me.

She had given me a quick kiss on my lips. Though it was more of a peck if I’m being honest. I was about to reprimand her yet again but, she then dashed out of the house for some reason that I didn’t understand. Did she like run away so I wouldn’t yell at her for kissing me without asking me first again?

While I was thinking about all of the potential reasons behind her running off without telling me anything at all, she had come back 15 minutes later. Akane had seemed to have hunted a huge cow-like monster. I guess monsters aren’t as afraid of her as there are afraid of me?

Illya: “Oh I can make something really good with this. Thanks!” I say before putting the cow thing into my inventory.

I am far too lazy and also not in the mood to carve up a huge 8-foot tall cow monster and luckily my storage has a feature where it can prepare food for me. If you’re wondering why it has such a convenient feature, It’s because I modified my storage to do it.

Akane: “You’re welcome! I’m salivating at the idea of eating your food.” She said this while drool leaking down her mouth.

Illya: “That so? By the way Akane.” I say with my eyes closed and with an angry-looking smile on my face.

Akane: “Y-yes?” Akane says with a stutter.

I once again chopped her head. Unlike last time I didn’t do it “lightly” and she fell down on her butt.


Akane: “OW! Why did you do that?” Akane says while rubbing her head and her rear end.

Illya: “You drive by kissed me!” I say with both my hands on my waist bending over and looking down at Akane.

Akane: “And sooo? We both liked it.” Akane says while looking away and whistling.

Illya: “That doesn’t matter at all!“

Akane: “W-why?”

Illya: “If you want to have a relationship with me then, next time you want to do ANYTHING sexual with me, you must ask me for consent first.“

Akane looked at me for a while with a look on her face as if she doesn’t realize why I’m so mad but, then she started to stare into space for a few minutes with empty eyes that kept darting around until she finally came back to reality.

Akane: “I’m sorry for hurting you like that.” Akane said while bowing her head.

Illya: “Pretty lackluster apology.” I say with my arms crossed.

Akane: “I just didn’t understand that there are certain boundaries in every relationship. Of which I have crossed yours twice.”

Illya: “That’s correct.” I say with a sigh.

Akane: “It’s not an excuse but, please understand that all of my existence for thousands of years was just being an operator for the System.”

Illya: “And? You must have seen a lot of people in your service right? Surely you should understand relationships.” I say with a raised eyebrow.

Akane: “I’ve always been called the problem child by my fellow operators…” She says with a making an embarrassed look.

Illya: “Why’s that?”

Akane: “I’ve always just slacked off and never actually properly helped or observed beings that use the System.” Akane says while looking down.

Illya: “That so?” I say with a head tilt.

Akane: “Yes. I know now what I did wrong because I searched up information about romantic and nonromantic relationships on the Operator Net.”

Akane: “As I’ve said, it’s no excuse but, until I did that I had no idea what a relationship even was. As such, I didn’t understand that my conduct was wrong. Once again, I’m sorry!”

I wanted to ask her what the hell the Operator net was but, I’m just gonna assume it’s something like the internet for operators like her. Though it irks me, her excuse was actually quite solid so, I decided once again to forgive her. Am I being too nice to her? Eh, who cares. She’s beautiful so she’s already forgiven in my book.

Illya: “Well at least you understand so it is fine.” I said before once again patting her head.

Ahh, this is bliss. Who knew that head patting a beautiful woman would feel so good? Not me! At least until now. I definitely going to get addicted to this blissful feeling. Akane looked quite sad that I keep forgiving her so easily. I just can’t help myself! It’s her fault for being so damn cute!

Akane: “Is it truly fine? I think that I have to explain my feelings for you more clearly.” Akane said while standing back up before closing her eyes.

Akane looked to be in deep thought for 12 minutes before she took a deep breath and then began to speak again after a short pause while she collected her final thoughts on what she wanted to say.

Akane: “I love you! It’s not just as simple as normal love either, I love absolutely everything about you! Not only that, I will love you for all of eternity! No matter how many years pass. Even so, I know that you haven’t known me for very long and I understand that you can’t say the same but, if you give me a chance I am absolutely fine with you taking your time to fall in love with me or even if you decided that you don’t love me.” Akane says with a powerful and loud voice.

Illya: “…”

Akane had said all of that within only two minutes and it went by so fast that I had to take a moment to fully process what she had said. When I did fully process all of it, I was so embarrassed by what she had said that once again I was beet red.

Akane: “But even so due to my ignorance I ended up hurting you. If you want me to leave and never come back I would agree and leave without a fuss.” She said before bowing and then immediately running to the door.

Akane immediately started to run out the door but I quickly grabbed onto her arm to stop her from leaving.

Illya: “WAIT!”

Akane: “W-what?”

Illya: “How could you be so stupid?” I say with an angry tone.

Akane: “What do you mean? I thought you hated me since I assaulted you.”

Illya: “What kind of idiot runs away before getting an answer?”

Akane: “…”

Illya: “I’m not mad about that anymore! You didn’t understand what you were doing was wrong and you were just expressing your love for me. Though be it in a wrong way.”

Akane: “B-but…”

I immediately cut her words off to continue what I was saying. Akane seems like the kind of person who won’t understand unless you give them a better reason so I decided to come up with a slight lie.

Illya: “Why do you think I grinded life skills for 2 years?”

Akane: “Because you were bad a keeping track of time right?”

Illya: “I’ll admit to being bad at that before I got a skill to fix it but, the main reason I did that was because I was so desperate to do something interesting so that you would come back.”

Akane: “But why? We barely talked to each other.” Akane says while tilting her head.

Illya: “Because once you left I felt so alone. And for some reason, I felt like a part of me was missing. A part of me that I wanted to get back as fast as possible. I don’t understand why but, maybe we’re meant to be together.”

Akane: “I…”

Illya: “You think that I would have let someone that I didn’t like kiss me or touch me? I might not have known you for long but, I think that I feel the same way as you do about me. Given time I’m sure that I’ll love you just as much as you love me!” I say before hugging Akane.

We both were blushing beet red as well and just enjoying in each other's embrace. We just hugged each other for quite a long and talked but I’m just going to spare you the back and forth we went through as well as most of the details and skip to the present.

Illya: “I love you but, next time you need to ask me for consent before doing anything like that again okay? I will also do the same for you.” I say while rubbing Akane’s head.

Akane: “Yes I understand! I love you!” Akane says before giving me another hug.

Illya: “I love you too!” I say before giving her a kiss.

We shared a deep kiss that lasted for so long that my stomach started to rumble because I completely forgot about making food and eating. I do wonder what that cow monster will taste like… Eh, I’m just going to assume that it tastes like beef… Mmmmm beef!

Illya: “Thanks!” I say before taking the ingredients that Akane had gathered for me.

I had asked her to get some vegetables and aromatics for the cow monster thing steak that I’m making. I have to ask about how she made this house while we’re eating. It even has a fully modern if not futuristic kitchen of which I used to prepare our meal.

Akane: “No problem dear!” Akane said with a huge smile.

A smile like that could even make the most depressed person in existence extremely happy. I mean, it certainly made me happy but, how she just referred to me made me blush with confusion.

Illya: “D-dear?” I said with a stutter.

Akane: “Is it wrong to call you that?” Akane said with a head tilt.

Illya: “No but, it’s far too stimulating so, I’d prefer it if you called me Illya.” I say while not being able to look into Akane’s eyes.

Akane: “B-but… A lot of other people that you meet will be calling you that.” She said with a pout.

Like I said she started to pout and I was having trouble cooking the steak but, I had a very good reason for her to only refer to me with my name.

Illya: “Only you and Yuna will ever be allowed to call me by my name.”

Akane: “What if you get another lover?”

Illya: “Hah! There will never be another lover. Akane you’re the only being I will ever love even if a million years pass that will still be true.”

Akane: “I know for a fact that you will have other lovers.”

Illya: “Huh? What do you mean?”

Akane: “You do realize how beautiful you’re right? Every man will instantly fall for you and every single woman will instantly become a lesbian just by looking at you once.”

Illya: “…”

Illya: “T-thanks for the compliment but, I truly don’t think that I’ll have other lovers.”

Akane: “You basically scream ”I am a beautiful woman who only likes other women and has many female lovers.“ I’m not saying that you can’t have other lovers but, I at least want something unique about our relationship as well.”

Illya: “Like what?”

Akane: “Marry me!” Akane said while pulling out a diamond ring from somewhere.

Illya: “O-okay… I would like that.”

I’m not quite sure why Akane was so certain that I would have other lovers but, I at least don’t mind marrying her.

Akane: “Hurray! Here’s to our eternity!” Akane says before kissing me a kiss.

Illya: “Of course! Now enough lovey-dovey talk! I have to hurry and cook our meal we die of starvation. While I’m cooking why don’t you go looking around the area? I sure that there is plenty to see around here.”

Akane: “I would rather stay here with you though.” Akane said with a dejected look.

Illya: “This is your first time actually being able to explore a dimension so, I think it’ll be quite fun if you did.”

Akane: “Okay fine! But I won’t explore much because I want to explore with you.”

Illya: “That’s fine! I would also like to go exploring with you. Anyway, have fun!”

Akane: “I’ll try!” Akane said before running out the front door.

She has quite the habit of just running away whenever she wants to do something that requires her to go somewhere else it seems… Anyway, with Akane gone, I started to focus on cooking the cow monster thing steak. Which I think it probably won't take long due to my op cheat cooking skills. The house that Akane made which I completely forgot to ask her how she made it, also had a high-class kitchenware of my dreams completely stocked with all the knives, or tools I’ll ever need. My dreams? Huh. I guess that I really like cooking, even more so than fishing.

Illya: “Alright! Let's do this!” I say while clapping my hands.



*Cooking noises!*

What I had made was probably going to be my favorite meal from now on. BBQ Steak with Chicken rice! As for the drinks I made something that resembles soda.


How did I make soda and BBQ sauce as well as where did the rice come from?

The soda was made with my Cooking skill and was probably only possible because of how much of a cheat my cooking skills are. As for the rice and BBQ sauce, I used my creation magic to make some. I could have also used my creation magic to make the soda but I wanted to test my cooking skill and it was worth it since it tastes far better than the soda from the dimension that I came from.

I was curious on how soda made with creation magic would taste but, it wasn’t as good as what I had made with my cooking skill. As for why that is, I think it’s because I can only make things that I know about and my creation magic makes it exactly how I remember it. Oh, if you’re wondering, the base for the soda was just water. Crazy right?

Anyway, Since I can apparently make anything that I can think of and the only cost is mana this skill is extremely overpowered and I will most likely get a lot and mean a LOT of use out of it. Now that I think about it, should I make a gun or nuke? Nah, my magic is already more powerful.

Illya: “Awesome! it’s finally finished!” I say while taking off the apron I had on.

What? Just because I can use cleaning magic and can easily clean my dress I still didn’t want it to get dirty. As for all of the food and drinks, it only took 25 minutes to make. Thank you OP goddess’s cookie! Walking over to the table, it was a circular one that some rich medieval girls would use for drinking tea with each other. I set the table with a table cloth that I made using creation magic and use magic to elegantly put the food on the two plates. Then I poured soda into two glasses.

Just as I was wondering how the hell that I was going to inform Akane that the table was set and the food was done, Akane walked into the house with perfect timing. Is she a food esper or something?…

Illya: “Oh Akane. How was your stroll?” I say Akane who looked like she was in a trance.

Akane: “Huh? What? Oh sorry, The smell of your food called me here.” Akane said while wiping off the drool on her face.

Damn, I was right. She must be a food esper if my cooking somehow brought her back here.

Illya: “I see… And your walk?”

Akane: “This whole existence thing is pretty interesting if I’m being honest.” She said with sparkling eyes.

Illya: “That’s good to know.”

Akane: “No really. It’s so fun just to look at everything.” Akane said while trying to convince me even though I already agree with her.

Not that I don’t like how places look back in my original dimension but, places here are all so varied and beautiful. This dimension would make a nature buff go insane. I have a bad feeling about how she said “look” at everything…

Illya: “Don’t tell me that you did an Illya and inspected everything that you saw.“ I say while shaking her shoulders.

Akane: “Not everything!” Akane says while breaking from my grip.

Illya: “So what exactly?” I say with a questing look.

Akane: “Just most things.” Akane says while looking away in embarrassment.

She’s probably embarrassed because she didn’t learn from my mistakes. Well at least using inspect and leveling it up isn’t useless. I have to ask her what her status looks like later. I’m rather curious about what her stats look like.

Illya: “I see.” I say with a sigh.

She’s just like me I guess. Two peas in a pod. Though I don’t think that went as overboard with it as I did.

Illya: “Find anything interesting?” I say while leading Akane towards the table.

Akane: “I did in fact. I found a nest of Goblins in a cave. There were a lot of human bodies but they had 2 captives. Both BEAUTIFUL women.” Akane said with great enthusiasm.

Illya: “Why did you yell ”Beautiful“?”

Akane: “To incentivize you.” Akane says if she’s got my number down.

Illya: “Is that so? We should save them after we finish eating.” I say pretending not to be irked by her statement.

Though they may be beautiful women but, I have no idea what Akane’s definition of “beautiful“ is, so they can wait until we’re done with our meal. Akane seemed to be fine with waiting until we were done eating since me and her both were salivating over my food so, we then sat down at our chairs at the table. Rather than sitting in front of each other, we’re sitting closely right next to each other. Me and Akane cut both of our steaks into eatable pieces.

Illya: “Akane, say Ahh.” I say while holding up a fork with steak on it to Akane’s mouth.

Akane: “Illya, say Ahh.” Akane says while also holding up a steak laden fork to my mouth.

Illya: “Ahh.”

Akane: “Ahh.”

Illya: “…”

Akane: “…”


It’s funny but, me and Akane both had the same idea to feed each other. Despite our combined embarrassment, we feed each other a bite of my meal that I secretly made with love for Akane. We’re instantly enthralled by the supreme taste.

Illya: “ITS SO FUCKING GOOD!!” I say before stabbing another piece of steak with my food.

Akane: “THIS IS AMAZING!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!” Akane says while doing the same as me.

We quickly devoured the meal. Akane’s plate was almost completely clean with only a bite left of steak left. As for my plate, it was completely clean without a single crumb remaining.

Akane: “Hey, Illya!” Akane says after darting her eyes back and forth from me and her remaining bite of steak.

Illya: “What?“

Akane: “Can I do something sexual with you?” Akane says with an innocent look.

Illya: “What exactly would that be?” I say with a head tilt.

Akane: “It’ll be great, just trust me!”

Illya: “Fine.” I say with a sigh.

Akane: “If that’s the case I won’t hold back!”

Akane then proceeded to take the last bite of steak off her plate and put it into her mouth. I had no idea how that could be sexual and was about to ask her what she was going to do but, then she grabbed my face and brought it to hers.

Illya: “WAIT! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?” I say in pointless resistance.

Akane: “MWAH!”


She then kissed me with the steak still in her mouth and we sensually crushed the remaining food together with our tongues. We split the food half and half and swallowed but, we still kept our mouths locked together for a long time playing with each other's tongues until we were both satisfied.

Illya: “Pwah!” I say after separating my mouth from Akane’s

Illya: “Pant!” I say while almost out of breath.

Akane: “Mmm… so tasty! And by that, I mean your food and your tongue and mouth (◕‿◕✿).”

Ignoring how she just somehow spoke emote. I decided that I also thought the same.

Illya: “I agree! Both your tongue and mouth are also extremely tasty!”

Akane: “Your taste is intoxicating!”

Illya: “Actually, I’m also already addicted to your taste if I’m being honest.” I say with a blush.

Akane: “It’s good that we both feel the same way.” Akane says while giving me a huge.

Even though there were damsels in distress awaiting us to rescue them, the afterglow of our kiss was still present we decided to head to the bed to give each other our virginity's for a few hours before heading out to save them. Or it was supposed to be just a few hours but, Akane suggested that we should wait until it was dark out to raid the Goblin nest purely because it was the best plan and definitely not because we’re both too enticed in each other's bodies to care about other people right now. As such, many hours went by.

Akane: “I want more!” Akane says while holding my waist.

Illya: “I also want more! But what about the captives?” I say with a thinking pose while holding onto one of Akane’s breasts.

Akane: “Surely they can wait a little bit longer for their saviors right? And sorry if this makes you hate me but I honestly don’t care about anything or anyone other than you. So I would rather have sex with you than go rescue some random people.”

Illya: “Huh, you make a good point. More sex it is then!” I say before rolling on top of Akane.

Despite our previous agreement, me and Akane both thought that even an additional 8 hours wasn’t enough to satisfy our desires for each other so,+ we then proceeded to spend an additional 8 days enjoying ourselves. We even did that feeding each other mouth-to-mouth thing every time we ate in those 8 days. We kept going until we were satisfied.

Akane: “I will never get enough of you or your food.” Akane says while rubbing her stomach and touching my thigh.

Illya: “You will always have both, as long as you ask.” I say while also rubbing her thigh.

Akane: “Don’t tempt me. Otherwise, we’ll have to continue even longer.”

Illya: “Trust me. I would like to but, we should go save those captive beautiful women that you mentioned.”

Akane: “Why the rush?”

Illya: “We spent over 8 days having sex so, I’m worried that they might have been killed by now.”

Akane: “I still sense them so, they’re at least alive for now.”

Illya: “Let’s go save them then.” I say before getting up from my seat.

Akane: “It’s still bright out, let's cuddle until it’s dark then we’ll go.” Akane said after grabbing my waist to stop me from leaving out the door.

Illya: “If we start having sex again they’ll definitely die before we’re satisfied you know…” I said while trying to break out of Akane’s grip.

Akane: “No sex. Just cuddling. We could also just talk.”

Illya: “Fine I don’t mind.”

Akane: “HURRAY!!” Akane said before picking me up in a princess carry and heading towards the bed.

We started to cuddle, of course, while naked and under a blanket. It didn’t doesn’t take us long to get dressed anyway. I guess I’ll ask Akane about those questions I had for her.

Illya: “Hey, Akane. Can I ask you some questions?” I say while looking at the top of Akane’s head since she was laying her head on my breasts.

Akane: “Sure. I’m happy to answer any of your questions!” Akane said before rubbing her face in my breasts. Cute!

Illya: “How did you make this house?”

Akane: “I also have creation magic. It’s really hard to level up and I didn’t have many chances to do so while operating the System. My skill with it is no where near your level and I don’t have definitely don't have the same amount of mana that you have. Creating this house almost used all of the mana I have.”

Illya: “I see. Could I perhaps see your status?”

Akane: “Sure. Status!”


Name: Akane.

Race: Goddess.

Sex: Female

Age: 1

Level: 580

HP: 15,570/15,570

MP: 12,241/12,241

INT: 582

STR: 574

DEF: 1289

Luck: 5

Wow, she’s a far higher level than me but, my stats are higher than hers. I guess that my race really is a powerhouse. I wonder what her age is….WAIT! ONE?!

Illya: “Umm…Why are you only one year old?” I say while shuddering at the idea that I might be a pedophile by no fault of my own.

Akane: “Haha! I knew that you would react like that. My age is 1 because I’ve only been a goddess for less than a year. Like I said before, I am way older than you.” Akane says while patting my head.

Illya: “That’s good but, why does it show up as only one year? Shouldn’t by like 10 days?” I say with a head tilt.

Akane: “It shows up as one year for even newborn children as well. Yuna never bothered updating the System to show months in people's age stat.”

Illya: “I see. Thanks for answering my questions.“ I say before playing with Akane’s breasts.

Akane: “Anytime.” Akane says before doing the same to my breasts.

After a few hours of cuddling, the sun finally went down so, me and Akane stopped cuddling and headed outside. I wish that I could still be surprised but, I wasn’t since I’m used to stuff like this happening. Especially with things I do. As for what should or would surprise most other people, Akane put the entire house into her storage with no effort… I had asked her if I could do the same and she said that with my mana and skills I could easily put hundreds of castles in my inventory and still have mana and room to spare.

Akane: “Anyway, we should head to that cave now. Those captives are still alive but, we might have well go there as fast as we can so they don’t get hurt.” Akane says like a responsible adult while ignoring that we had spent 8 days just to have sex and put off saving them.

Illya: “Right, let’s go!” I say while also ignoring it.

Me and Akane both shared a kiss and then held hands whilst on our way towards the Goblin cave. It was pretty funny having random high-level monsters be turned to red paste without either of us letting go of each other's hands.



Why are monsters attacking me now?

Well, I had asked Akane why they wouldn’t attack me and, she said it was because I wasn’t hiding my blood lust. It only took me 15 minutes of her teaching me to figure out how to hide my blood lust. After which, monsters just kept swarming us one after the other. It was a good thing that I didn’t know how to hide my bloodlust when I first came to this world otherwise I would have gotten easily killed by a horde of monsters.

Illya: “Hey, Akane.”

Akane: “Yes?”

Illya: “I understand now why the monsters and animals avoided me but, I don’t recall ever releasing my bloodlust.”

Akane: “You released it when you first woke up in this dimension.”

Illya: “Before I killed that bandit that was trying to kill me you mean?”

Akane: “Correct. You didn’t release when you first woke up per se, Once you saw what that bandit was trying to do to you was when you released it.”

Illya: “Makes sense. I was pretty mad.”

Akane: “Even I was shocked at how much bloodlust you had. All of my fellow operators were the same.”

Illya: “Are there other operators watching us right now?”

Akane: “No.”

Illya: “That’s good.”

Akane said she wouldn’t explore far but, the Goblin cave was over 5 hours away. How did she manage to explore this far even though it only took me less than 30 minutes to cook the food… Anyway, we had arrived at the cave o Goblins. The entrance was decently fortified and had Goblin guards on watchtowers. Looks like the Goblins in this world aren’t the stupid kind I thought that they were going to be. Oh, by the way, me and Akane were hiding behind some bushes while we thought of a plan.

Illya: “Should we just rush in?” I say while looking at Akane.

Akane: “Normally I’d say no and come up with a better plan since I don’t want you to get hurt but, honestly I doubt that would ever happen considering how strong you and me are.”

Illya: “So the rush in plan is a go?” I say like a little child happy about getting a new toy.

Akane: “Yup! Let's kill some Goblins and save some hopefully beautiful women!” Akane said while getting out from the bushes.

Illya: “What? Am I not enough for you?” I said jokingly.

Akane: “You’re the only one for me silly! Don’t we both have the hobby of appreciating beautiful women?” Akane said while patting my head.

Illya: “That’s true. Let's go!” I said with great excitement.

Can you blame me? I haven’t killed something in so long. I really need to scratch this itch!

And thus the Goblin massacre began. Soon the surrounding forest and cave will be painted with red blood and fleshy mush. If only the Goblins knew about their impending doom they could prepare to fight us properly or, at least pray to some God but unfortunately even if they had a God to pray to and said God actually showed up to save them they wouldn’t be able to stop these to OP young lady’s who took great pleasure in killing their foes.

Actually, I don’t really know for sure if Akane likes killing her enemies as much as me but, she had told me she did during our cuddle session and she does strike me as the kind of person that would. Oh, those poor Goblins…

A note from IllyasArt

Didn't realize that once the novel was approved it'd be up for reading oof.

Anyway, I've uploaded the chapters that were finished. Enjoy! :D

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