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Chapter 3: New Friend?

*Chris’s POV*

It was supposed to be a simple assignment. I had gotten asked to take on this assignment by my father who is the current King of Ithial. My father spoke of the assignment as if it was something that I could easily complete and it was to join the most dangerous group of bandits near a specific small town in their heavily fortified camp and find a way to kill them and free their captives if catching them alive was impossible. I think this simple thing was a test for me to gain his approval and become the next king since he didn’t have any other children because my mother died giving birth to me and he refused to remarry or copulate with a concubine to honor my mother.

At first, everything was normal, well as normal as a bandit camp could be. Not a single one of them there not even Gorn suspected that I was a spy at all and I was able to become one of them very easily. Surprisingly they didn’t even seem to care that I wasn’t willing to steal, kill or rape. They even didn’t notice me preventing people from getting caught by warning them beforehand and I ended up becoming their poster boy of some sort. But, then she showed up…

The moment I laid my eyes on her I could tell that she was extremely dangerous and here was that disgusting Byrn saying that he was going to rape her to death. Good job Byrn! Anger the being who looks like they most likely came here to kill us and is practically radiating her overflowing blood lust! Even though Byrn a piece of shit I did my best and tried to convince him not to do anything to her and just leave her alone with the excuse that she is probably royalty or at least a noble of some status. The real reason I wanted to leave her alone was that I could tell that she wasn’t a normal young lady by any stretch of the word and she was basically hanging a red flag over her head saying “I’m here to kill you.” but, of course, the idiot who uses his dick as a brain wouldn’t listen to me. After saying some vulgar statements he asked her what she was doing here. All she replied was “Oh nothing much, I just came here to kill all of you so really nothing special.” Byrn laughed but that laugh didn’t last long and he was ruthlessly killed in seconds.

I saw Byrn fall face first and have that ice spear impale him even further. At this point, all pretense and haughtiness I had from being the next in line for the royal throne and the first and only royal prince ran away and I immediately started begging for my life like a child after I fell down on my butt.

I honestly don’t know why but, for some reason she decided to keep me alive and used a sleep spell on me to put me to sleep.


I had no way to know how long I was asleep for but, when I woke up all around me was complete and utter destruction. The smile of mana, rotten, and burnt corpses completely filled the air around the completely destroyed once airtight fort. There were well over a hundred different bandits in this fort not counting Gorn, the fact that all of them were massacred by a young girl who couldn’t be older than 14 was something I will no doubt have a hard time convincing my father of her existence.

My better senses were still far away so, I ran away as fast as I could but before I did I glanced back at that young lady, She winked at me and that was when I lost all sense of control and ran. I ran and ran harder than any time I’ve ran in my life. Until I was completely out of breath.

After I ran so far away I had realized something extremely bad and I started cursing myself for being so stupid. At first, I thought that my sword at fallen off my belt when I ran but, I remembered that glance that I gave her before sprinting for my life and realized that she was using my sword to fight Gorn. She must have taken it from me while I was asleep. She had taken the precious weapon that my father had gifted me before I left for this assignment. Not only did I not have any other weapons, my sword is extremely valuable but its value isn’t what I was worried about. I’m currently in the most dangerous forest in this area and I don’t have not one single weapon at all so I have absolutely no way to defend myself…

After thinking about my options, I swallowed my fear and quickly headed back to the bandit camp. I think she might have had a way to tell if someone was bad or not. It took me longer to return to the bandit camp because I didn’t run this time and my entire being was screaming for me to run away still so, fighting that urge to run made me take even longer to reach the camp.

I must be a terrible liar because she had realized that even if my sword was rare I wouldn’t risk my life to get it back. Which was true, even if I didn’t have a weapon I could still dodge monster's attacks and make my way to a town. The real reason I came back was that, without that sword, I couldn’t become kind… So of course, I was ready to get on my knees and beg her with tears in my eyes to give me back my sword.

She had put her bare foot on my face and for some reason, I felt some fetish awakening in me and was about to ask her to remove her foot but, because I was turning red she must have realized what was happening and quickly removed her foot and looked at me with a disgusted face as I was the worse kind of trash in existence… To be fair, she was young enough to be my little sister so I felt pretty disgusted with myself as well and didn’t blame her for her reaction.

After she finished teasing me she gave me a proposal. At first, I suspected it to be a terrible deal that I would regret heavily and I would get heavily screwed over since she must have a inspect skill to be able to tell that my sword was valuable as well as powerful even in the hands of a child. She was highly likely to ask me to do something extremely difficult to pull off.

To my complete and utter disbelief, she just wanted me to escort the bandit's captives to a safe town which was something that I was already going to do once I got my sword back. I immediately accepted her proposal and she gave me my sword back without any questions asked.

She put a spell on me that was supposed to kill me if I abandon or kill the captives. I didn’t really think such a spell like that could actually exist. Kill me from a long-distance? Sure. The likelihood that there was a spell that was that specific and could tell when and if I had done something bad was highly unlikely. I think that she was probably just making sure I wasn’t gonna do anything bad by threatening me.

After the former captives were done thanking her, I led them towards the small town of Anra with the once captive people in tow. It took about an hour to make it there because there were a decent amount of elderly and children in the group. Not that I minded. I was just happy to be safely away from that girl…

Though I did want to know more about her I mean, I didn’t even ask her what her name was but, my fear won over my desire to figure out her name and I just wanted to get away from her as fast as I possibly could with the villagers and that is exactly what I did.

Now that the former captives were safe in Anra. I had a new problem… How the ever living hell am I going to explain what happened at the bandit fort to my father? Should I just lie and say that I killed all of the bandits in the camp? No. That girl is far too dangerous and it’s my duty to inform my father about what exactly happened, much to my chagrin.

*Illya’s POV*



As I wake up I check my Time Management skill and it seems that I spent well over 120 hours or about 5 days sleeping. Who knew that going on a murderous rampage really takes the energy right out of you. I sure as hell didn’t until now. I realized that there were no monsters or animals that had tried to bother me at all during the time I was sleeping defenselessly.

I was apparently so tired that I didn’t put up any magic defenses… Looks like Chris was right and monsters, as well as animals, can sense that I’m a major danger. Do I have a big sign over my head that says “DANGER!” or something? Hmmm… Well, I guess I’ll go hunting on my way out of this forest now since that was my original plan before a dipped into a short coma. That is if said things I’m going to hunt don’t avoid me completely as usual.

System: “Can’t believe that you never ate the cookie.”

Illya: “Wah! What?” I say and shoot up from laying down in shock.

System: “What?”

Illya: “Don’t fucking ”What?” me! You can’t just show up out of nowhere and speak right in my head just when I wake up Goddammit!” I say while stomping my foot on the ground over and over again.

System: “You seem quite cranky. Even though you slept a long time.”

Illya: “You know what. You’re probably right. Sorry.” I said while bowing my upper body to say that I’m sorry.

System: “It’s okay.”

Illya: “Anyway, I thought you weren’t gonna show up again unless I did something interesting?”

System: “Do you really call grinding almost completely pointless life skills for over 2 years uninteresting?”

Illya: “ACK! I had forgotten about that…Wait, what do you mean pointless?” I say while tilting my head.

System: “I mean, they do have their uses but, usually, most people would level combat skills. Well, at least you did eventually do that.”

Illya: “I see…”

System: “Also slaughtering a fort of decent-level bandits with a sadist glee and blinding smile on your face just to cool off your anger is pretty interesting as well.”

Illya: “Please leave that in the past. I won’t waste my time so much anymore.”

System: “Why? You looked like you had a lot of fun.”

Illya: “Please just don’t talk about that anymore…”

System: “Illya!”

Illya: “W-what?” I say shocked from how loud she just screamed in my fac… I mean head.

System: “Did you not eat the cookie?”

Illya: “N-no.”

System: “Where the hell is the cookie!?”

Illya: “Sheesh! No need to be so angry about it. I just put it into my storage since I didn’t know what to do with it and I was decently afraid to eat it.”

System: “Ahh, that’s right! you did learn a storage skill.”

Illya: “That’s right!” I say with great pride.

System: “Get it out of your storage and inspect it.”

Illya: “I don’t like where this going so, I’m going to deny that request.”

System: “Just do it!”

Illya: “I already inspected it before. Remember?”

System: “That was before you had All Seeing Eye.”

Illya: “The inspect skill doesn’t show all information?”

System: “Nope.”

Illya: “Still no.”

System: “Do it! I swear it’ll be funny!”

Illya: “By ”funny” you mean funny at my expense right?” I say with a mocking face.

System: “Even so, just do it!”

Illya: “No.”

System: “Pleaseeee?”

Illya: “Nah wai!”

System: “I am begging you here! Please just do it!”

The System continued to beg me for over 30 minutes before I finally gave in to her demands in which I will probably regret.

Illya: “Okay fine I will. Just stop yelling at me!”

I don’t exactly know why the System came back. She did say it was because I had done some interesting things but I don’t think what I did was interesting like at all. Grinding levels in games is a pretty normal thing I’m pretty sure…

And now it wants me to inspect that cookie it gave me? Which I will remind you that it’s one of the rarest things in existence. I mean, like I already said I did inspect it but that was when Inspect was level 1, It’ll show more information this time since it's max level and I have also All Seeing Eye, or at least going by what the System said.

Illya: “Inspect!”

Chocolate Cookie:
Quality: God Tier
Rarity: SSS+
Durability: 999%

A chocolate cookie created by the Queen of the Creators Yuna. Dishes made by her are regarded as the greatest of treasures, some Gods and Creator would give up their immortality just for a small bite of anything she makes. Eating her food gives amazing benefits.

Gain all cooking-related skills at max level.

Gain 1% Godhood.

Gain Immortality.

Illya “…”

System: “See? I told you it was going to be funny!”

Illya: “…..”

System: “Illya?…”

Illya: “I’m gonna scream for a bit okay?”

System: “Understandable.”


Illya: “SHIT”

Illya: “BITCH!” I said before once again plunging into the mana lake.

That’s right you stupid ugly mermaid! Stay the fuck away from me unless you want to also become water mince meat just like your sisters…

After screaming swears for over a WHOLE day. A legit whole day or so says my Time Management skill. I’m pretty sure I even invented some brand new never before heard swears…

After I had fully calmed down, I decided to talk to the system again. Oh, and I really wasn’t joking about screaming for the whole day, it was exactly 26 hours 15 minutes, and 38 seconds. Oh shit… Looks like I was right about me being a hypocrite… Oh well.

Illya: “Haaaaah. I’m good now.” I say after drying myself and from my hopefully last dip in the mana lake and sat down.

System: “Really?”

She really didn’t seem to believe me and I honestly felt kinda hurt.



She? How do you know that the System operator is female?

I don’t know, I just kinda feel like she is.

Illya: “Yes.” I said while still having a pout on my face.

System: “Huh, I figured you’d be screaming for about least a few days. I know that took a lot of restraint. Good job!”

Illya: “Thank you. Can ask about why you gave that cookie or why you even had it in the first place?”

System: “Yuna had given it to me so that I could give it to you.”

Illya: “But why would she do that? I don’t even know her.” I say with a confused expression on my face.
System: “Don’t ask me. I’m just the delive…”

I felt like the system was saying something but, the cookie was calling to me and all my attention was on said cookie. Ahh, Yuna’s chocolate cookie…



*Eating sounds!*

Illya: “Mmmm cookie… Huh, did you perhaps say something?”

System: “N-no never mind. Did it uhh taste good?”

Illya: “It was the greatest thing I have ever had the absolute pleasure to eat.” I say holding my hands to my chest and remembering when I ate the cookie.

I was being 100% honest about how good it tasted. People would probably kill to have just a single crumb of that cookie. Ahh… I miss it already…

System: “I see that’s good, Also.“


Congratulations! You gained new titles!

Part Goddess: Rarity: SSS+

You’re 1% a Goddess once you reach 100% you’ll be able to travel to other dimensions, as well as ascend to the God’s realm.

Immortal Being: Rarity: S

You’re an immortal being. Even if your entire body is destroyed you will regenerate somewhere else safe.

HP regeneration 5% of max HP every 5 seconds.

Ageless: Rarity: S
Due to your immortality, you won’t age anymore. Forever young Teehee!

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Queen of The Creators Favorite Being ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)

Rarity: ????+

Yuna favors you out of well over a decillion different being’s in existence.

Lucky! ಠ╭╮ಠ

Charm 9999

Luck 9999

HP 9999

Mana 999,999

All Experience Increased by 999%

You’ve learned new skills!

Creation Magic: Level 10: Rarity: SSS+

Aura of a Goddess: Level 10: Rarity: S

All beings feel a somewhat godly feeling radiating off of you.

Gourmet Chef: Level 10: Rarity: C

You can make the fanciest meals possible as well as run a high-class restaurant.

Master of Cookware: Level 10: Rarity: C

There isn’t a single piece of cooking equipment that you haven’t mastered.

Master of Knifes: Level 10: Rarity: S

If it’s a knife you’ll understand everything about even down to the smallest molecule.
No one can best your knife skills, either in cooking or fighting.

Auto cooking: Level 10: Rarity: S

Too tired to cook? Activate this skill and it’ll cook whatever you want without you even realizing you did the work to cook.

Goddess of Cooking: Level 10: Rarity: SSS+

There is no dish you can’t cook. You could just boil a potato and it’ll come out as the highest quality meal in existence. And anyone who ate it will think so as well.

All of the food you cook will charm all beings and they’ll gain 50% more favorable leaning towards you.

Note: all cooking skills have been merged into this skill.


Name: Illya

Race: Celestial

Sex: Female

Age: 18

Level: 277

HP: 18,665/18,665

MP: 1,224,999/1,224,999

INT: 899

STR: 2125

DEF: 7234

Luck: 10,776

Charm: 9999 *New!*

Illya: “…”

Good thing I’m immortal or I would have already lost my life via suicide from going insane multiple times at this point… It’s okay… Just think about how easy it will be to level skills from now on.

The system brought me back to my senses with a quirky line.

System: “Well that sure was an interesting cookie.”

Illya: “Well at least I think that I am well past the point of being shocked or mad.”

System: “That’s good I guess. I’m glad that you’re happy.”

Illya: “I thought that cookie was one of the very few things that were SSS+?”

System: “It’s not like there aren’t other SSS+ things in existence. As for those skills, they really shouldn’t exist in this world.”

That’s confusing! I was wondering about the Charm stat so I figured that I should just ask the System since I’ve grown quite fond of her(?).

Illya: “Ahh I see, Is it also the same with the new Charm stat?”

System: “Yeah the Charm stat doesn’t exist in this dimension either. As for its effect on beings in this world, it’s hard to say really.“

Illya: “Yuna really gave me a big cheat huh?”

System: “Seems so.”

Illya: “Wait! Didn’t you give the cookie because I filled out your survey?”

System: “You got the skill for filling out the survey.”

Illya: “I’m pretty sure that you said the skill and cookie were specifically for doing that survey…”

System: “Okay, I sorta lied.”

Illya: “Go on.” I said with my arms crossed.

System: “I only ”sorta lied” because I just lumped the cookie in with the transaction for completing the survey so that I could save energy.”

Illya: “Oh I see. That’s fine then.”

System: “Glad that you understand.”

Illya: “Why is Yuna helping me so much?”

System: “Don’t know. You would have to ask her yourself.”

Illya: “Guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get there huh.”

System: “Yup! Anyway, I’ve used up all my energy talking to you so I can’t talk much more.”

Illya: “Bye!” I say quickly.

System: “Ahh what a shame. To leave this poor ”defenseless” child all alone on her own with no one to talk to.”

Illya: “*Sigh* I’m guessing there is a way to get more gain more energy to talk right?” I say while rolling my eyes.

System: “Yes!”

Illya: “Lay it on me.”

System: “If you fill out more surveys I will regain the energy needed to talk to you.”

Illya: “Sounds good. Will I get rewards?”

System: “I’m sorry, I can’t give you any more rewards.”

Illya: “Why’s that?“

System: “I’ve already overstepped my bounds by giving you something from someone in another dimension. If I do any more I’ll lose my job.”

Illya: “What happens if you lose your job?”

System: “I would cease to exist.”

Illya: “That’s bad.”

System: “Very.”

Well even If that’s the case then I’ll still just fill out as many as I can since I don’t want to be just talking to myself anymore. Plus I like talking to her anyway.

Illya: “That’s fine. How much can I fill out at once?”

System: “As much as you want to.”

Illya: “I would like to fill out 99999 surveys please.”

System: “Wait… Are you truly serious?“

Illya: “Yes. What is there a limit or penalty?”

System: “No not at all! It’s just that with that many surveys filled out its way beyond the necessary amount for me to become a God and move on from being a system.”

If I could see her(?) face it would probably have a beaming smile plastered on it. Or at least I’d like to think so.

Illya: “That’s a good thing right?”

System: “Absolutely! With this amount of surveys to fill out, you might feel a slight ”discomfort” so please withstand it.”

Illya: “O-okay I got it.” I say nervously.
I do not like how she put “discomfort“ into quotes one bit…. I mean, how the hell in the first place how do you even do that when we’re talking via what I assume is telepathy?

System: “Okay, are you ready?“

Illya: “W-wait on second thought I….” I say waving my hands up and down in distress before the System just decided to ignore me.

System: “I didn’t hear a no yet soooo… 1 2 3 GO!” The System said in just a few milliseconds.

Illya: “aaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!” I scream while rolling around on the ground in pain.

Slight discomfort my ass!! it felt like someone was directly destroying my brain with a hundred drills. This was most definitely the most pain that I will ever feel in my entire existence but, what appeared in front of me was truly worth the pain I had endured.

????: “Hello, It’s a pleasure to finally meet you in the flesh miss Illya!” Said with an excited voice.

What appeared before me was a beautiful golden-haired woman with Glowing pure emerald green eyes that instantly charmed me. She was significantly taller than me and her chest was huge and almost more captivating than her eyes.


Why was I staring at her chest you ask?

That’s because she wasn’t wearing ANYTHING at all… IN THE NUDE! IN THE RAW!!

I stood there being unable to speak for a solid 8 minutes trying to understand why this beautiful specimen appeared before me.

????: “You seem to be understandably confused.” She says while patting my head

Wow! Getting your head pat is amazing! Especially if your head is getting pat by such a beauty.

Illya: “That’s putting it lightly! how else am I supposed to act when such a beautiful and very nude woman appears in front of me?” I say while blushing.

Seems like me calling her beautiful made her blush. I try to ignore her blushing face… I did say try but of course, I failed! It’s just too damn cute! I’ll calm down eventually, right?

????: “There is no need to be alarmed. It’s me the system.”

Illya: “I figured but why are you here in front of me”

I didn’t actually know it was the System at all since I was still in pain from filling out the surveys. I was just pretending to be calm.

System: “Ara ara? Don't you realize because that you’ve helped me out by filling out all of those surveys I was able to become a goddess you silly~~? Since I became a goddess I got the choice of what world I’d go to and I, of course, would choose the one with you in it. Please call me Akane from now on you silly~~. (◕‿◕✿)”

Illya: “S-silly?” I say while blushing even and with spiral eyes.

Her voice is the most pleasurable sound I have ever heard and every time she talks I feel like I could melt right into her arms. Her voice is like the sweetest candy in existence just from her calling me “Silly” was enough to make my face as red as a beet and having steam pour out from my head.

Illya: “Huh?”


She gently pushed me towards a tree. With my back being secured by a sturdy tree then she wrapped her slender arms around my waist.

Illya: “W-what are you doing?” I say with a stutter.

Akane: “Heheh!” Akane says with a lewd look on her face.

She giggled, then she started to stare at me directly into my eyes with those jewels she calls her eyes almost as if she was asking me for something.

Akane: “Hmm?” Akane said while pointing to her lips and then towards mine.

She pulled her face even closer to mine and held my chin up with her hand so that we could be at the same level since she was taller than me. Her smell and eyes were so captivating that I couldn’t resist any further. I’m beginning to that she also has a charm stat… I gave up and gave her an embarrassing nod afterwards I looked away with a beet-red face.

Akane: “Ara~~ you’re so cute!” Akane says while pulling my face back to its previous position.


Akane passionately and deeply kissed me. Using her tongue to rummage through my mouth until she locked my tongue in a dance with hers. I think she was sensually rubbing her hands on my waist and back as well but, I was in a trance and my eyes were closed so I had no way to really tell. The kiss lasted for what seemed to be hours.

Illya: “*Pwah!*”

Illya: “*Pant!*”

Once she finished kissing me she withdrew her head whilst still holding on to my waist which was good since my legs were about to give out. A very lewd trail of saliva was made from my mouth and hers. She licked her lips and then proceeded to hug me, sandwiching my face between the massive pillows she calls her breasts. This went on for a good 30 minutes with her constantly calling me cute and ara araing. I ended up passing out from her love attack.

Akane: “Awwww you fell asleep from my embrace Teehee~~ that’s soooo KWUTE~~! ♥‿♥” Akane said while still hugging me.

Unbeknownst to me, Akane made a house and fully furnished bedroom with an extremely comfy looking and feeling bed appear out of nowhere and slept with me on the previously mentioned newly made bed… She was still cuddling me while me and her were completely NUDE!!! I had woken up at one point but I pretended to still be asleep until I finally fell back asleep which wasn’t hard since this bed is amazing and this Akane person also felt nice or should I say, absolutely amazing! I was just far too embarrassed to say or do anything because that hug and deep kiss she gave me earlier was so intense that sleep was my best course of action unless I wanted to do something like ask her for more. I feel like she wasn’t really in control of herself so I had to resist her temptations via smothering me with her amazing body.

And that odd exchange was how I first meet Akane, formally the System. Ahh, I can’t get married now….Unless I marry Akane huh? What am I thinking? We just met…



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