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Chapter 2: Fight and Rest





You’ve received 1489 points of damage.


Name: Illya

Race: Celestial

Sex: Female

Age: 18

Level: 260

HP: 6,057/7546

MP: 132,465/190,000

INT: 855

STR: 1986

DEF: 6818

Luck: 777

Illya: “…”

Hello! Not much has happened since we last left off o imaginary people in my head. And by “not much“ I mean I’m still fighting Gorn. It’s pretty fun so far.

Though as expected, even though I’m at a way higher level than Gorn, my lack of fighting experience shows. This fight has only been going on for 20 minutes so far but, I’ve already lost a decent chunk of HP and even though I have gotten Gorn with my dagger quite a lot in those 20 minutes, he only has just shallow cuts on him…

Maybe trying to fight Gorn with such a shitty weapon and at his level was a bad idea I might have no choice but to just steamroll him with my magic but, that would defeat the point of me trying to have a fun fight…

OH! I have a good idea! I’m most likely probably or most definitely at a major disadvantage because my dagger is really shitty. I really should have brought a better weapon. I wonder if Gorn would let me blunder the corpses of his comrades for a better one? Hmm… Let me at least try.

Illya: “Hey Gorn?” I say after adding another cut to Gorn’s shoulder.

Gorn: “Yes little missy?” Gorn says while breathing heavily.

Guess even though I haven’t done much damage to him, this fight is still exhausting to him. Ahh, poor old man... I would stop but, he's done some pretty fucked up shit in his life so it's a guarantee that I'll kill him. Is 38 considered old?...

Illya: “Let me get a better weapon before we continue to fight since this dagger is trash.”

Gorn: “And why the hell would I do that?”

Illya: “If you try stabbing me in the back while I’m rummaging through the corpses of your recently deceased lackeys for a decent weapon then, I’ll tell Chris your real name.”

Gorn: “Real name? What the hell kind of nonsense are you talking about, my name is Gorn!”

Illya: “You mean Bob right?” I say with a smug look.

Gorn: “…”

Gorn: “Fuck…”

Gorn: “Fine! Go get a decent weapon, I’m sure there’s one laying around here somewhere. On the condition that you don’t tell Chris or ANYONE my real name.”

Hmm… I was just joking and I didn’t actually think he’d agree. Well if I’m being honest even I think that being named “Bob” in this fantasy world would be a bad punishment. Was that the reason that made him turn to banditry? Who knows? I don’t and I don’t care since he will be dying soon anyway.

Illya: “I’ll agree to that but, first may I ask you a question?” I say tilting my head.

Gorn: “Sure, what?”

Illya: “Shouldn’t you just kill me to stop me from blabbing your real name?”

Gorn: “Hah! Little lady before I answer that could you answer a question of mine?”

Illya: “Sure, shoot.”

Gorn: “What is your name?”

Illya: “It’s Illya.”

Gorn: “Well Illya, I’m not stupid and I know that I will be dying today.”

Illya: “Oh? how so?”

Gorn: “I know that you aren’t using your full strength to fight me. I and I also that dagger of yours is quite the handicap.”

Illya: “Yes that is correct.”

Gorn: “I figured. Listen the reason why I’m agreeing to let you loot my deceased men undisturbed is because you’re fighting me at my level instead of just killing me immediately and I appreciate that.”

Illya: “Of course. Otherwise, this fight would be utterly boring. Anyway, I’m gonna go look now kay?”

Gorn: “Okay take your time. I’m gonna go have myself the last meal of my life.”

Illya: “Enjoy your meal!” I say while waving to Gorn who went back into his cave tent thingy.

I spent around about 40 minutes looting, I could tell you the exact amount of time it took with my Time Management skill but, since it annoys me so much I’m not going to explain the exact time ever again. Unless I decide to be a hypocrite yet again that is…

I got tired of using the All Seeing Eye skill on every weapon I looked at because I had to say “All Seeing Eye“ every time that I wanted to inspect something and then I realized that if I just say “Inspect“ its effect just defaults to “All Seeing Eye” so save time not having to say that full skill name every time. Yet again I am astonished at me wasting my own time by not thinking things through but… Yay!

Illya: “Inspect!”

I finally found a decent-looking weapon. It’s a standard-size short sword but it might as well be a fucking long sword with my height. I honestly feel like a child getting into their parent's gun safe or something with my puny stature. Its stats are arent exactly impressive but compared to that shitty dagger it is certainly a huge improvement and now I can finally fight Gorn without fail even without using my op magic.

Chris’s Mithril Sword:

Quality: Excellent
Rarity: A
Durability: 100%
Damage: 375

Yup, that’s right, that sword was attached to Chris’s waist. Who the hell is Chris anyway? Every other weapon in this fort including Gorn’s was no rarer than F and the quality was no higher than Poor. Why does he have such a good weapon but become a bandit and stay in this shit hole of a bandit fort? I’ll have to interrogate *Cough* I mean “ask“ Chris nicely after I’m finished killing Gorn. Speaking of me and killing and Gorn…

Illya: “Oh Gorn~~” I say with a high-pitched voice like a little girl talking to their parents.

Ilya: “I’m done loooting~~” I say with a prolonged “looting“ just to show that I’ve found something good.

I thought that he would have long since cut his losses and run but here he was sitting in his tent with crumbs on his face from his apparent final meal. Looks like he just finished as well, I do wonder what he ate… Maybe some soup and bread? Not really the best last meal in my opinion but, I guess that doesn’t really matter.

Gorn: “Ahh little Illya, perfect timing I had just finished eating.” Gorn says wiping off the crumbs from his face.

Illya: “I can see that. Though I’m confused why you didn’t try running away.” I say while looking at Gorn with a look of confusion.

Gorn: “Try to run away? Hah! You wouldn’t let me run away even if I tried escaping with every fiber of my being, would you?”

Illya: “Yeah, I did put a spell on you that would instantly and painfully kill you after you got a certain distance away from me.” I say with confidence.

That’s a lie but whether he believes it or not doesn’t matter in the slightest. Even if he did escape he wouldn’t be able to run for long until I found him and finished him off.

Gorn: “BAHAHA! I figured you’d do something fucked up like that.” Gorn says with a hearty laugh.

Illya: “Oh please don’t say it like that. You’ll ruin my reputation, how could I ever face Chris again?” I say while holding my hand up to my face in feigned shock like some rich girl.

Illya: “Before we begin again, could you perhaps tell me what you know about Chris? He really sticks out like a sore thumb in this bandit fort.“

Gorn: “I don’t really know much about him. Or about anyone else here. Can’t get too attached in this business little missy.”

Illya: “That so? A shame.”

Gorn: “Enough talk! I’m ready to die draw your weapon!”

Damn! I was hoping that I could get some good info about Chris from him. What a shitty boss Gorn was, couldn’t even tell the difference between a Chris and Bandit A. Or was it B?, C? Well whatever. Actually, I wasn’t that interested in Chris I just really want to get this fight over with and finally kill him since this has been dragging on a bit too long and I’m itching to kill something again even though it hasn’t been that long since the last time I did just that.

Illya: “My thought’s exactly!” I say while drawing Chris’s sword out of its sheath.

It made a really nice *Swish* sound when I swung it down to test out its weight and balance.




*Various other sounds that usually accompany a during a fight*

Gorn: “UGH!”

Gorn: “Damn! That dagger really was holding you back!”

Illya: “Looks like it.” I say while swinging Gorn’s blood off of my sword.


Gorn: “ACK!!” Gorn says while in extreme pain.

After 20 minutes, Gorn was finally on his last legs and was on his way to succumbing to the various injuries that I inflicted on him and finally die. Who knew that equipment mattered so much? In this world and System does item rarity and quality matter more than stats? Hmm… Who knows.

Anyway, with the fight over Gorn was on his knees with my sword pointed at his neck. My sword arm was itching to quickly end his miserable life but, I stopped myself and decided to give him a final last mercy so that he could say his final words.

Illya: “It’s over. That was a really enjoyable first fight.”

Gorn: “*Cough* Haha first huh?”

Illya: “That’s right. Well not counting those other bandits since I didn’t count that as a real fight if you get what I mean.”

Gorn: “I see…” Gorn says with labored breaths.

Illya: “Any last words?” I say while tilting my head with an innocent and cute smile.

Gorn: “I have a few but first. Chris ran away while we’re fighting you know?” Gorn pointed toward the spot where the once peacefully sleeping Chris laid.

If you’re wondering, we had moved outside of Gorn’s tent to fight since fighting in a cramped space is not only stupidly hard but also pretty boring.

Illya: “I know. I let him run away.” I say in a monotone voice as if to say that I don’t really care.

Gorn: “Why?”

Illya: “It’s far more interesting this way. I mean, what if he comes back with more sacrific… I mean bandits for me to kill?”

Gorn: “Hah! so that’s why. Huh?”

Gorn: “Well even though it was your first real fight that was without a doubt the best fight of my life. Thank you!”

Illya: “I enjoyed it quite a lot as well. Thank you and goodbye!”

Gorn: “Goodbye little missy.”

I swung my sword across his neck severing his head which went flying off into the distance and his headless neck stump started spraying blood all over me. I didn’t mind it in fact, the feeling of the warm blood of my defeated enemies flowing all over my face and body is an interestingly intoxicating feeling. Seems like I was right about loving this. I wonder why…

I also heard that oh-so-familiar and annoying sound.


Level up! x 17

You Killed a being 15 levels lower than you, Experience will be lowered.

Congratulations! You are now a level 277 Celestial Being!

You’ve learned new skills!

Sword Mastery: Level 1: Rarity: A

Combat Mastery: Level 1: Rarity: B

: General:

Name: Illya

Race: Celestial

Sex: Female

Age: 18

Level: 277

HP: 8666/8666

MP: 225,000/225,000

INT: 899

STR: 2125

DEF: 7234

Luck: 777

When the afterglow of my maybe “justified” murderous rampage was finished and after I used a cleaning spell to get rid of the blood covering my clothes and body and a healing spell to heal my injuries, I went towards the building that housed their various captives. The door was locked but I luckily looted some keys from Gorn.


*Unlock sound!*

Illya: “I knew taking his keys would be a good idea.”

You may think that it would be obviously a good idea to loot keys but almost every bandit had a key of some kind. It would have taken hours to go through all of them and find the correct keys. And my time management skill always screams at me for wasting even a millisecond of time which is quite annoying at times.

WAIT! Why did I really need a key? I’m sure that I could have just forced the door open or at least used magic to break the door down… Stupid me!

Illya: “Hmm… It’s pretty dark in here.”

Illya: “Bright Light!”

Illya: “ACK!”

Illya: “FUCK!” I say in distress while covering my eyes and deactivating the spell.

I used a light spell which makes a ball of light that illuminates my surroundings and floats near me or at least that was the plan but Bright Light was so fucking bright that destroyed my eyes and I had to use a healing spell on them.

Good thing I wasn’t near the captives yet or I would have to be apologizing for roasting their eyes. Having your eyes boil in your eye sockets is not really fun you know. Magic is pretty scary, especially in the hands of some reckless little girl like me. Ahh… I guess I’m almost an adult now though.

Illya: “…”

Illya: “Light!”

Illya: “That’s better.”

I used a weaker version of the light spell and continued walking down the dungeon. Looking at the various cells holding captives I get disappointed because there aren’t any beautiful female captives. Just a few kids, old people, and average almost ugly-looking women. Shouldn’t there be beautiful women in these cells who would join my harem? This world sucks so far!

I was almost tearing up at the fact that my only spoils from this whole endeavor were cooling off my anger, some titles, and skills, oh, and Chris’s sword I guess.

Illya: “Such is life I guess.” I say with a shrug.

While still sulking and about to release the captives from their imprisonment a familiar face showed up. One of which I assumed long since had escaped. He probably came back since his sword is super good and most likely valuable.

Illya: “Oh Chris?”

Chris: “That’s right…” Chris says while catching his breath.

Illya: “I thought that you had run away.” I say while putting my hand on Chris’s sword.

Chris: “I did.” Chris says while looking at his sword.

Illya: “Oh then why did you come back?” I say with a head tilt.

Chris: “This forest is infested with monsters and you took my only weapon.”

Illya: “That so? I haven’t come across any monsters yet.”

Chris: “Yeah because they can sense when something is dangerous and, you scream dangerous.”

Illya: “Those monsters sure are rude. I am just a beautiful and innocent young girl after all.” I say while twirling around with my dress like a little girl who just got a new dress for a present and was showing it off to the parents.

Chris: “Right…” Chris says in disbelief as the person who just easily slaughtered an entire fort of bandits acted like a little innocent girl.

Illya: “If those monsters are so dangerous, why didn’t you try to get your sword back?” I say with a questioning tone.

Chris: “I was in a panic to get the hell away from you so, I didn’t realize that you had taken it.” Chris says while looking to the right unable to look me in my eyes.

Hah! I was right! He did only come back for his sword. It must have far more than just sentimental value to him if he is willing to risk his life coming back to me to try and get it back. I mean if I wasn't me I would be quite terrified of me as well.

Illya: “Are you saying that you perhaps want me to give this o so shiny sword back?” I say while hugging the sword in my arms.

Chris: “That’s…”

Illya: “You know, I’ve grown quite fond of this sword.”

Also, that is a lie but, this sword is pretty nice and it’s fun to mess with him. Which I think I will do a bit more since I have nothing better to do anyway.



What about the captives you say?

What about them? I’ll still save them, I just don’t care about them much.

Chris: “Please I beg of you to give it back. It’s been passed down through generations of my family for a very long time.” Chris says while on his knees.

Illya: “Is that so?” I say with a bored look on my face.

Chris: “Yes! If you have any honor you will give me it back immediately!”

Illya: “Honor? Hah! That’s quite a funny thing for you to say.” I said while rolling my eyes and shrugging my shoulders.

Chris: “W-what’s so funny?”

Illya: “It’s just that, I am not a knight and I also don’t give a shit about something like honor. On top of that, you do realize that as a bandit you’ve lost all your honor already?” I say while rubbing my foot on his face.

Chris: “…”

Oh shit, that might have been a bad idea because he started to turn red. Is he a masochist or something?… Even still I decided to add more fuel to the fire and continue berating him since I do still find it fun though, without any more physical contact since I feel nothing for men and I have no desire to uh fulfill his fetishes.

Illya: “Why should I even bother giving it back at all?” I say while leaning on one of the walls of this dungeon.

Chris: “I…” Chris says at a loss for words.

Illya: “Can you really not give me a single good reason?”

At this point Chris was about to break down crying and beg me for his sword so, I decided it was time to end my fun and give him a suggestion on how he can get his sword back.

Illya: “Listen. I have a proposal for you.”

Chris: “A-a proposal?”

Illya: “That’s right.”

Chris: “Alright… I’m listening.”

Now that I got his attention and he finally came back to his senses I told him about my proposal.

Illya: “I’ll give you your sword back if you can escort these people back to the nearest town.” I say while pointing towards the cage housing said captives.

His eyes started sparking for some reason.

Chris: “Really?”

Illya: “Yes.”

Chris: “I can do that easily!” Chris says while standing up in high spirits

Maybe I shouldn’t give his sword back so easily… Well, whatever, I already made up my mind and I honestly can’t be fucked with dealing with escorting the captives somewhere safe. I mean, none of them are beautiful women so what’s the point?

Illya: “I know that you can. Do we have a deal?” I dismissively say.

Chris: “Of course!”

I begrudgingly shook his hand since I do really like men at all and then, I gave him his sword back with the warning that if he harms or abandons the captives I’ll know, and the spell that I put on him would kill him.

This time I did actually use a spell on him but, I don’t actually have a way to know if he does anything bad but, the threat of me killing him is apparently good enough and I don’t think he’ll do anything bad even if I warn him or not. The captives all thanked me for saving them which took about 10 minutes after that, they all left with Chris and I was finally on my own again.

Illya: “Ahh I feel so refreshed!”

I really did. Even though I had just committed bandit genocide. With how good killing makes me feel I think this might become a problem in the future… Well, as long as I don’t kill any innocent people or beings it should be fine right? Anyway, I’m really sleepy…

Illya: “Guess I’ll properly loot this base first.”

I searched the base for goodies but found jack shit! Why does such a big bandit group have nothing to show for it? Just moldy food and shitty weapons. At this point, I’m starting to regret my decision to raid this place again… Well, it’s fine. I did quite enjoy that slaughter fest for some reason I can’t yet explain.

Illya: “I’m actually super tired so, I guess I’ll go back to my base to sleep.” I say to no one but maybe the currently rotting bandit corpses.

Unlike the time, when I was grinding my life skills I got far more tired. Like so tired I could sleep for weeks and still not feel well-rested. maybe it’s because I wasn’t sitting so close to a mana lake this time and just wasn’t used to the expenditure of mana and energy?

Regardless I decided to head back and rest. I don’t plan to stay in this forest any longer after I take a well-deserved and long rest. I’ll leave since I’ve gotten bored of staring at a lake for years. It’s a shame that according to Chris, monsters run away from me. Do I smell bad or something? *Sniff* Nope I smell like a flower so, that can’t be it. Chris must have not been lying about monsters being able to sense danger. It’s a real shame since I might have been able to fight monsters and level grind my combat skills and not just my life skills. I will miss the fishing though. At least I have an almost never-ending stockpile of fish remaining in my storage.



Murderous Celestial bishoujo’s get tired too okay. I mean, I can’t murder evil beings without having a good night's rest after all.


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