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Sakura's Bloom

*Illya’s POV*

I had arrived at my dorm without wasting any time at all. I call it my dorm when nowadays it’s more of a love nest. Even if I’m not here, the scent of lilies is strong. My dorm had become the best date of the sexual kind spot so even the girls not in my harem go here for a "meetup" with their lovers. Me not being one to miss out on making money and since there are still many empty rooms in the dorm, I let the students attending this school rent out a room at a really good price. For just one payment and a low price of $15 bucks, you can stay for as long as you like. I even controlled my lust and didn’t secretly put recording things in the room.

My dorm became a lily girls safe heaven. Even the teachers would rent out a room. Either alone or with someone, whether that someone was a student or not was something that would stay between them and I wouldn’t leak any information at all. Even if you went alone, there were many different types of entertainment in each room so, you would have a relaxing and enjoyable stay regardless of it you went with someone or not.

I felt that I had wronged myself by making all of the rooms completely soundproof since while I walked the halls of my dorm I couldn’t listen in on the moans of various girls… Putting that silly thought aside, I made my way to the commander of my military in Japan. That being the oh so cute Rias. Since it’s just me and here commanding the military here, we just set up the command center in her room. I knocked on her door a few times but didn’t get an answer.

After waiting for a few minutes, I opened the door and went into her room. Rias is one of my lovers so her room is more like an expensive VIP hotel room. I didn’t see her in the living room, kitchen, or bath so I walked up the stairs to her room just to hear some very interesting sounds through the door.

I waited for 5 minutes hoping that she would eventually be done but she didn’t stop pleasuring herself and, going by her moans she isn’t stopping anytime soon. I opened the door to her room but, she didn’t notice me come in at all for two reasons. Her bed has curtains that block her sight and she is wearing extremely expensive high end headphones which I assume she has set to max volume.

I followed the headphone cord with my eyes and saw that it was connected to her smart phone. Rias didn’t set a password so after I picked up her phone I just had to swipe up to unlock it. Looking at what she is listening to put a smile on my face and made me giggle louder than I wanted to which alerted Rias to my being in her room.

Rias: “I-Illya?” Rias said with a stutter and I assume a flushed face since she is still behind her bed curtains.

Illya: “The one and only!” I say with a bow.

Rias: “Illya… I was… I was just…” Rias said with a continued stutter.

Illya: “Getting yourself off with an ASMR? Rias, I didn’t know that you’d miss me so much!” I say with a laugh.

Rias: “This isn’t cheating Illya! It’s just an aid!” Rias said in denial.

Illya: “Oh, are you sure? It seems pretty targeted if you ask me. What was the title again?” I say in a cheeky tone.

Rias: “W-white…” Rias stopped not being able to say the title of her masturbation material.

Illya: “White haired girl in a white dress destroys your mind with pleasure! Was the title if I remember correctly.”

Rias: “…”

She didn’t respond so I opened the bed curtain to see her disheveled naked state. She was covered in sweat, her legs were also wet but not with sweat. The bed sheets under her weren’t in any better condition either. I took her headphones off and kissed her sweet lips before giving her a nice hug.

Rias: “Illya… I’m sorry…” Rias said while snuggling her head into my breasts.

Illya: “Sorry? There is nothing to be sorry for.” I say in a caring tone while rubbing her head.

Rias: “But…” Rias said with a sad tone.

Illya: “No buts! There is nothing wrong with pleasuring yourself. Besides, that ASMR was made by me. Which is why I was happy that you were using my voice to get off.” I say with another laugh.

Rias: “You made it? No wonder it was so addicting…” Rias said with a blush on her face.

Illya: “How long were you doing that to get into this state?” I say in a questioning tone while looking at her body and the bed.

Rias: “O-only 6 hours…” Rias said with a stutter not being able to look me in the eyes.

Illya: “That recording is only 45 minutes though… Ah, I can’t believe that I’ve corrupted you to a point where you would rather touch yourself to my voice than be responsible with the military I gave you to command.” I jokingly say.

Rias: “…”

Illya: “So Rias… What do you want to do? Continue to shirk our responsibilities and indulge in each other's bodies or, should we just go command our military?” I say while whispering seductively into her ear.

Rias: “I… I set up alerts on my phone so that if they invaded I would know so, it’s not like I wasn’t being responsible…” Rias said with an uncharacteristic pout.

Illya: “That so? That’s good to know but, you didn’t answer my question.” I say before holding her chin up with one of my hands and staring directly into her eyes with a passionate gaze that would seduce even the most straight of girls.

Rias: “Illya… I’m ashamed to say that I’ve missed you quite a lot so… Could we please shirk the war and enjoy ourselves for now?” Rias said with a serious tone but with a flushed face.

Illya: “Sure! You don’t have to ask me twice, my dear cute Rias!” I say after taking my dress, bra, and panties off before jumping on top of her.

Rias wanted to take a bath and change the bed sheets first since she was pretty “dirty” and so was the bed. As for the bed, I just used cleaning magic. Rias assumed that I was going to do the same to her but, much to her own pleasure, I used cleaning magic on my tongue constantly and then I licked every inch of her pretty and tasty body. I took pride in my tongue cleaning effort and within 15 minutes I had licked her body clean entirely. And it only cost me a slightly sore neck.

As for Rias, it cost her two orgasms. Although I just cleaned her, I had my fun making her “dirty” once again. A total of 5 hours was what we were able to go at it for before we were interrupted by those assholes invading us. Rias was in no condition to command an army after our little reunion sex session, so I froze time and cleaned her via my tongue once again before tucking her into bed. After which I asked Diana to take over command from her.

Diana: “You just got back and you’ve already “did” one of your lovers to the point where they can’t even get up?” Diana said with a smirk on her face.

Illya: “Yes that’s right. Is there something wrong with that?” I say with a smirk of my own.

Diana: “Nothing wrong with that, just giving you some praise.” Diana said while exercising her height advantage to pat my head.

Illya: “Praise huh? E-enough headpats already!” I say after pushing her hand off my head.

Diana: “Sorry, sorry, it’s just too addicting to pamper cute girls, you understand.” Diana said with a laugh.

Illya: “Yes… I understand. Anyway, are you sure that you can command my military in Japan?” I say with a serious tone.

Diana: “I can easily lead an army but, do I really have to?” Diana said with a head tilt. Cute!

Illya: “That is the job that I gave you.” I say with a head tilt of my own.

Diana: “Yeah but, from what I’ve seen from Europe and Russia, you’re just going to steam roll them without much effort.” Diana said with a serious tone.

Illya: “Only after a show of force though?” I say with another head tilt.

Diana: “Why not save the tax payers money and do it all yourself?” Diana said with a nonchalant tone.

Illya: “Tax payers? I’m the one bankrolling this entire war you know!” I say with a pout.

Diana: “Really? No wonder they were so prepared… Why not save yourself the money then?” Diana said with a thinking pose.

Illya: “We have 1 million soldiers here. If they have more fighters then I will, otherwise you’ll have to deal with most of them.” I say in a serious tone.

Diana: “Bingo!” Diana said with a laugh.

Illya: “What do you mean by that?” I say with a confused expression on my face.

Diana: “You’ve just jinxed us yet again. I’ve heard about you doing that from your other lovers so, I figured that I could get you to jinx us!” Diana said with a smug look on her face.

Illya: “Just so that you could not have to work?” I say with a look of disapproval.

Diana: “No time to scold me, look! A portal opened up and an army is pooling out of it! Oh, the irony!” Diana jokingly said.

Although I said that she said that as a joke, a portal really did appear in Japan. This time their army was made up of Orcs, Goblins, and Kobolds. Much to my annoyance, their numbers were 15 million. Why the hell they pushed the entire military force into this one unit is beyond me. Due to this oversight, I was able to easily crush their earlier invasions. I once again am questioning their intelligence for executing such a failure of a plan.

Diana: “Huh? That really worked…” Diana said with a conflicted expression on her face.

Illya: “…Fine you win. I’ll deal with it myself, just protect my lovers.” I say with a sigh.

Diana: “Roger!” Diana said before disappearing from my sight.

Illya: “Cheeky lazy demon… Well, at least she is cute.” I say while rubbing my head in annoyance.

There are far too many enemies for me to deal with them here. If I did, there would be a lot of damage and possible causalities that I want to avoid. That said, I transported them all to a separate closed off dimension so that I could deal with them there safely. The dimension that I sent them to was a never ending open grass field. I thought that transporting so many beings at once would be really hard and take a lot of mana but, it barely took anything out of my mana pool. It used up like 0.0000000001% of my mana…

Unknown man: “Where is this?” He said in shock.

Unknown woman: “This… This appears to be a different dimension…” She said with a confused expression on her face.

The man was unimportant so let's just not bother to describe him. If you’re worried, I already killed him right after the woman finished speaking. As for the woman, she looked like a mature version of Arath. She was wearing a suit of deep black armor that matched her long black hair and deep black eyes. Her breasts were pretty big as well. Although I said that she was wearing armor, it was more like an armored skirt and the rest of her outfit was an elegant black dress. I was able to examine her because she was still in shock looking at the red stain on the grass that was previously a commander in her army. Her troops were at a standstill as well.

For once my luck panned out correctly! Arath’s mother is a total milf! The major ara ara kind as well. She even has a really cute mole under her left eye. I’ve decided! I must make her one of my lovers. I will do it no matter the cost. No one can stop me from doing this! The question is, how do I make her my lover? I doubt she would be easy to make my lover. It’s not like she is looking at her fallen comrade with a sad look on her face. It’s more like she is just thinking about why he exploded into a red mist so, she definitely has a pretty stern personality.

Illya: “No matter how long you stare at that spot, he won’t come back you know.” I say with a cheeky tone.

Arath’s mother: “I know. Who might you be?” She said in a stern tone befitting her appearance.

Illya: “I am the beautiful Illya, daughter of Yuna and Mia.” I say with a bright smile and a curtsy.

Arath’s mother: “So, you’re their daughter huh? Deciding to kill you all those years ago was the right choice. Too bad that we failed to do so.” She said with her arms crossed.

Illya: “It was truly a good choice seeing how all of the other commanders of your army are already dead.” I say with a shrug.

Arath's mother: “You killed them already? I didn’t sense those two when I invaded your dimension so, you are not lying it seems.” She said with a thinking pose.

Illya: “I make it a point to not lie to beautiful women after all. Speaking of which, might I know your name?” I say in a cheerful tone.

Arath's mother: “Very well, you’ve earned at least that much. My name is Aerri.” She said with a curtsy.

I couldn’t help but stare at her breasts jiggle as she did that curtsy. She didn’t have breasts as big as Diana’s but, good lord they were pretty big. Just the right size for a milf. If I didn’t already want her as my lover, I would after seeing that wonderful display. Aerri seemed to have noticed my lewd gaze but looked rather confused.

Aerri: “You’ve killed all of my commanders and yet, you stand there ogling my breasts and not killing me? I fail to understand your logic.” Aerri said with a confused expression on her perfect face.

Illya: “I don’t kill beautiful women. As for your commanders, only one of them was a woman in disguise. She was the only survivor.” I say with a shrug.

Aerri: “B-beautiful? Even still, I killed one of your mothers and I plan to kill your other mother, and yet you don’t kill me?” Aerri said while still having a confused expression on her face with the only difference being that it was slightly red.

Illya: “You are so beautiful that I honestly don’t really care. I plan to make you one of my lovers. I have a harem you see, funny thing is that your daughter is a part of it.” I say with a laugh.

Aerri: “She became one of your lovers? That would explain why she wouldn’t answer my calls but… Why?” Aerri said before doing a thinking pose.

Illya: “Because I can give her everything she wanted. Power, entertainment, pleasure, etc.” I explained calmly.

Aerri: “Arath has really high standards so your words are most likely true…” Aerri while continuing to do a thinking pose.

Illya: “As I’ve said, I do not lie to beautiful women. Slightly mislead them maybe but, that’s it. Ah, right. I remember that you wanted immortality right? I can give you that as well.” I say with a smile.

Aerri: “That all sounds too good to be true… Prove it to me.” Aerri said while pointing her finger at me.

Illya: “How? And what would I gain from doing so?” I say with one of my hands on my waist.

Aerri: “Destroy my army. If you can kill them all there will be nothing left of the CUA and nothing left to stop me from becoming your lover as you put it.” Aerri said in a serious tone.

Illya: “Is that all that I would gain?” I say with a smirk.

Aerri: “How greedy, just like your mothers. Speaking of your mothers, I won’t kill the last remaining one if you succeed. And I’ll also become your lover. Sounds fair right?” Aerri said with a smile.

Illya: “Sounds good to me, just sit back and watch as I destroy your army.” I say with a smug expression on my face.

Before heading towards the army of 15 million monsters, I gave Aerri a very soft couch to sit down on. I also gave her some tea to drink and some sweets to eat while she watches. She had a conflicted expression on her face probably from how her enemy is currently pampering her before they go out and destroy their army which, is perfectly fine because it’s a really cute reaction in my opinion.

I decided to display a lot of my power so that Aerri would “fall” for me or at least, make her not want to fight me ever again. For the first 1 million monsters that I killed, I only used my scythe to literally reap their lives. For the second 1 million of them, I only used ice magic. The following millions were killed with fire, wind, earth, gravity, and water magic. Since I was done with the magic section of the display, I went back to Aerri while still being covered in blood and refreshed her tea and sweets. Not like she actually ate or drank anything since she was in shock.

Before going back to the fight I whispered “If you think my fighting is impressive, I’m even better in bed.” Seductively in her ear to which she went beet red. Even though, unlike the other girls I’ve seduced, Aerri is the most mature I can still make her embarrassed. There were still 5 million monsters left so, I decided to just kill them all with only my hands. Ahh, it feels good to be covered in the blood of my enemies once again…

Illya: “So? Was that proof enough?” I say while playing with Aerri’s hair.

Aerri: “Um… Would me saying that I am so impressed that I am highly aroused answer your question?” Aerri said with a beet red face.

Illya: “That would suffice as an answer.” I say while whispering seductively into Aerri’s ear and also rubbing her back.

Aerri: “And? Would you accept me as your lover? At this point, fighting you would be impossible.” Aerri said with a small sigh.

Illya: “Of course! Let’s seal the deal with a kiss!” I say in a bright tone while holding up her chin with one of my hands.

Aerri: “F-fine! Kiss away, though I’ll have you know that I am quite experienced. If you think that you can make me fall completely you’d be wrong.” Aerri said with a pout.

Illya: “Let’s put that to a test, shall well?” I say before taking her tasty looking lips and invading her mouth with my tongue.

She said that she was experienced but, she gave the white flag after only 8 minutes of my well trained and patented deep kiss. Aerri took a 5 minute break before I took her lips again since she refused to admit defeat. I could easily completely break her by just continuing to kiss her without pause but, if I want her to be my lover I have to respect her and stop when she wants me to stop. Before I did though I sat on her and straddled her lap.

Aerri was only able to last 15 minutes this time but wasn’t able to not admit defeat since I had made her orgasm twice during the kiss. After I released my lips from hers, I kept rubbing her back and head while she finished the afterglow of said orgasms. It was a very cute sight seeing such a mature looking woman being sexually defeated by a little girl like me. Although I am 18 I still look very youthful. Most people would probably think that I am 15.

Aerri: “No wonder my daughter didn’t bother to answer me when she could be doing this with you…” Aerri said with a red face after looking away from me to the left.

Illya: “Oh? Did you like that? Answer me honestly and I’ll do something even better.” I once again whisper seductively into her ear. She is really weak to me doing that it seems.

Aerri: “E-even better?… Okay, I enjoyed it!” Aerri admitted through her embarrassment.

Illya: “Good girl!” I say before rubbing her head.

I then made an entire house appear and lead her into it. First, we took a bath. I thoroughly cleaned every inch of her body. I didn’t do anything sexual though. Then I made her some food of her choosing which was steak. After we were done eating I lead her into the bedroom. I sensually took her clothes off and then did the same with mine. I then picked her up in a princess carry and put her on the bed and then closed the bed curtain behind me.

Time was very slow in this dimension so after a sex session that lasted for 8 hours in which Aerri absolutely loved every second of it. We stayed in said dimension for a few days just enjoying each other. She said that she hadn’t relaxed and taken a break like this in many years so she really enjoyed it. Once we were satisfied, we left that grassy dimension and I took her back to my dorm where everyone was waiting. In real time, I was only gone for a few minutes.

Illya: “Hello everyone, I’m back!” I say in a happy tone.

Everyone: “Welcome back Illya!”

Aerri saw her daughter Arath and went beet red not being able to look in her daughter in the eyes from thinking about how she had sex with the same person as her own daughter. Which I found quite funny. After introducing Aerri to my other lovers, my mother Yuna showed up. She gave an ugly look to Aerri before it left her face when she looked at me. Asami was right next to me and looked at Yuna with a bright smile. Yuna had long light pink hair and looked milfy like Aerri. I would like to bed Yuna now but, I decided to let Asami and her spend some time together first. Besides, I have someone else I would like to spend time with right now and it’s not who you think.

Yuna: “I feel ashamed that I left my fight to my child but regardless, I am very thankful Illya!” Yuna said with a bow.

Illya: “Don’t mention it, I had fun!” I say with a laugh.

Yuna: “Even if you say that I still didn’t hold up my end of the deal.” Yuna said with a sigh.

Illya: “Huh? What do you mean?” I say with a head tilt.

Yuna: “I still have no idea where Akane is.” Yuna said in a remorseful tone.

Illya: “No idea where she is? That’s really funny since, she is actually right here with us.” I say with a smile.

Yuna: “Huh?” Yuna said with a confused expression.

Before Yuna could ask me what I meant, Akane appeared out of nowhere right next to me. She looked exactly like she did before we left each other those many years ago. No! I’d say that she is actually even more beautiful now than she was before! Ahhh, do I have rose tinted glasses because I’ve missed her for so long or something like that?

Akane: “So that cats out of the bag huh? Not that I mind but, I do wonder, Illya when did you figure me out?” Akane said with a laugh.

Yuna: “Wait! I’m so confused…” Yuna said with spiral eyes.

Illya: “Oh, it’s simple dear mother of mine. Akane is a pervert who has been watching me in secret this entire time. Very similar to you Yuna.” I say in a cheeky tone.

Akane: “Wait a minute! Don’t ruin my reputation with your lovers! Unlike Yuna, I didn’t watch you have sex with your lovers!” Akane said with a pout.

Yuna: “…”

Illya: “Oh is that so? I am quite sorry then.” I say in a playful tone.

Akane: “All the time…” Akane said with a slight blush.

Illya: “Huh? Come again?” I say with a head tilt.

Akane: “I didn’t watch all of the time! Only sometimes…” Akane said while not being able to look me in the eyes.

After Akane was done being embarrassed at her own pervertedness which is totally not my fault, I introduced my wife to my lovers. I had a lot and now it was payback from the last time when she gained a lot of lovers while I was gone. I had well over a hundred lovers so it took 3 hours to introduce her to them all. When we were done, I took Akane on a long overdue date.

It lasted for 5 months. During those 5 months, we traveled the entire world. When we got back to Japan, I surprised Akane with a wedding where I officially married her. She was absolutely striking in her wedding dress and I will treasure the memory of this wedding for all of eternity. After I slipped her ring on, I gave her a deep kiss that lasted for an entire hour. I made my lovers suffer alone at the sight of me kissing my wife. Lina and Lila took advantage of their relationship and also kissed for the whole hour. Much to the chagrin of my other lovers.

After the wedding, I graduated from high school with obviously flying colors. I left the dorm in the care of my juniors and moved most of my lovers to a big estate. A lot of them were left wanting after the wedding so, I tended to each and every one of them with great care making sure that I gave them all the same amount of pampering. I of course didn’t leave out my mother Yuna who was very fun in bed.

As if they were jealous of my wedding, Lina and Lila also got married. Their wedding dresses were both the same exact ones, of course, custom made by me. All of my lovers also attended their wedding. Keep in mind that their senses are still connected so both of their happiness was transmitted to each other further amplifying it. Although they got married to each other, they still live with me and my other lovers.

Though this is the end of my story, it’s not truly the end. As I will continue to cherish and enjoy my time with my lovers for many years to come. Rather it be 10 years or million years. Time will never dull my love for them. I lament on this after going on a date with Rias. We traveled to different dimensions for a few days and had a lot of fun. We ended this promised date in a Japanese park where the cherry blossoms were in full bloom. I was giving her a lap pillow and she was sleeping soundly. A cherry blossom had landed on her forehead.

I pulled it off from her forehead and quickly replaced the cherry blossom with a kiss. This caused her to wake up but instead of staying awake, she just nuzzled into my lap like a kitten and fell back to sleep. I might need to break my promise to Akane since… I really want to marry Rias!

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