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Chapter 25: Tea Time.

*Illya’s POV*

Illya: “Oh? What’s with that sour expression on your face Lila? I thought that you would be happy to see me.” I say with a questioning tone with one of my hands on my side.

After leaving Priva, I made it to England to help Lina and Lila with the invasion. Once I entered the command room which, was similar to Priva’s, Lila had a really sour face when she saw me. I don’t remember doing anything that would make her mad so, I am genuinely curious on figuring out why she is mad at me. Though, the sour expression on her face is still cute!

Lina: “Don’t worry about it Illya. She is just mad because we had a talk with our mother yesterday.” Lina said with a sigh.

Illya: “Hm? Why would that make her upset? Did she say something bad?” I said with a head tilt.

Lina: “I don’t really mind what she said but, since Lila is the most aggrieved from it, she should be the one to tell you why.” Lina said with a shrug.

Lila: “…”

Lila: “Fine! Illya, we told our mother that we are lesbians and, you know what she said when we told her that?” Lila said with an annoyed tone.

Illya: “Was she angry that you two are lesbians?” I say in a serious tone after sitting down on the couch in front of them.

Lila: “No not at all.” Lila said with her arms crossed.

Illya: “Then what exactly?” I say with one of my hands on my chin in a confused tone.

Lila: “She said, “I always knew.” With a bright expression on her face.” Lila said with a pout.

Illya: “Isn’t that good? I’m at a loss on why you’re mad about that.” I say with a head tilt.

Lila: “Illya… I swear to God that we weren’t lesbians before we met you! How could our mother think that we always liked women!?” Lila said in a loud tone.

Lina: “Ignoring Lila’s hissy fit, we also said that me and Lila were lovers as well. Rather than be surprised and disgusted, she said that she knew and her smile didn’t leave her face not even for a second…” Lina said with an embarrassed expression on her face.

Illya: “That so? I understand why you two are confused but, you two were definitely lesbians before I met you.” I say with a smile.

The fact that we are having a girl's talk while the entire country is at war is funny and isn’t lost on me but, I obviously think that these two’s mental health is a far higher priority to me. It’s not surprising that sheltered girls like them weren’t aware of their sexuality so, I have to help them understand it. Also, Lila acting childish is extremely cute especially compared to her usual mature attitude.

Lila: “What do you mean? That’s impossible!” Lila said with another pout. Cute!

Illya: “You two accept me and my body far faster than the other girls that day. It’s understandable that you two didn’t know that you like women.” I say in a sisterly tone.

Lina: “What do you mean Illya?” Lina said with a confused tone and expression.

Illya: “It’s simple, you two didn’t have any sexual experience before meeting me but, you two were already attracted to both women and each other. Only that you two weren’t aware of it but those around you were, for example, your mother.” I say while patting them both on their cute heads.

Lila: “How can we be sure that we always liked women though?” Lila said with a thinking pose.

Lina: “…” Lina didn’t say anything because she was lost in thought.

Illya: “Retrace your memories. Have you ever looked at a man and felt attracted to them? Do you remember ever staring at your sister's body from time to time? Are you indifferent to men?” I say in a serious tone.

I let them both think and recall their memories for about 15 minutes. The enemy still hasn’t appeared out of the portal yet so, we’re good on time. The operators around us kept giving us weird looks. Not because they don’t like lesbians but because we are talking about this while the enemy can appear from that portal at any moment.

Rather than a war, this feels more like just an excuse to flirt with my lovers. According to the information that Yei leaked to me, she was the strongest commander. The only one stronger than her is Arath’s mother. Even if we just take it easy, it won’t be a problem since they really can’t do anything to us. Though honestly, I’m really itching to kill something again. Those Goblins and Orcs weren’t satisfying to kill at all…

Lila: “Illya, I’m sorry for throwing a fit. I looked through my memories and I was definitely always a lesbian I just didn’t realize it.” Lila said with a sigh.

Lina: “Same with me. Either that or, you are really good at brainwashing people.” Lina said with a laugh.

Illya: “I don’t brainwash my lovers though, I’m glad that you two figured it out now, how goes the war?” I say before pulling up the battle map that shows the available units.

Lila: “All squads are in place. Everything is quite so far, there is no activity from that portal. As for if we can win this war, if their “invasion” of Russia is anything to go by, we will defeat them even easier than Priva.” Lila said with a proud look on her face.

Illya: “Priva had half a million troops, what about you?” I say in a serious tone.

Lina: “We have almost 2 million soldiers ready at all times.” Lina said with a proud expression that matches Lila’s perfectly.

Lila: “It actually might be overkill.” Lila said with a laugh.

Illya: “Better over prepared than sorry.” I say with a laugh of my own.

Lina: “Honestly, I hope they appear soon. I’m getting bored waiting for them.” Lina said with a sigh.

Illya: “…”

Lila: “…”

Me and Lila didn’t say anything and just looked at Lina with a look that a disappointed mother would give their misbehaving child. The reason why we looked at her like that is because, right after she said that the ground shook and an army of Goblins and Orcs appeared out of the portal. The number was the same as the last invasion, that being 1 million enemy troops. The last one to appear out of the portal was clearly their leader.

Illya: “Don’t worry about it Lina, I’ve jinxed me and my lovers tons of times.” I say while patting her head.

Lina: “…”

Lila: “Lina, don’t jinx us again otherwise, we won’t have sex for a month!” Lila said before bopping her sister on the head.

Lina: “I won’t again I swear!” Lina said in a pleading tone.

Illya: “Lila, give her some slack. Also, I just pat her head but you just had to go and bop it. Oh, I know, Lina come here, let me give you a hug.” I say before giving Lina a big hug while rubbing her head that her sister playfully bopped.

Operator A: “Can you three please take this seriously? The enemy has invaded!” She said in a serious tone.

Lila: “We are taking this seriously.” Lila said in an annoyed tone.

Operator A: “But…” She said trying to refute us before Lila cut her off.

Lila: “Question us again and your job might not be the only thing that you will lose today.” Lila said with an angry tone and a mad expression on her face.

While Lila was chewing out one of the operators, I decided to look at the enemy commander. He was a young looking man with short black hair and was wearing a suit. I carefully inspected him and made sure that he wasn’t a woman in disguise. Just thinking about how I could have killed Yei by thinking she was a man is enough to make me shiver in fear and I won’t make that mistake ever. After I looked at him a bit, I was 100% sure he is a male so, I can kill him with no regrets. I’ll let these two cute twins have fun playing an IRL RTS game first though.

Illya: “Lina, Lila, you two take command of 5 squads each. You have one hour to destroy the enemy.” I say in a serious tone.

Lila: “Why in only an hour?” Lila said with a head tilt. Cute!

Illya: “Otherwise, I’ll have to destroy them myself.” I say with a smile.

Lina: “What do we get if we destroy them?” Lina said with a thinking pose.

Illya: “I’ll give you two a reward. Actually, you only have to destroy half of the enemy in under an hour.” I say with a laugh.

Lila: “The reward is something sexual right?” Lila said with a knowing look on her face.

Illya: “Who knows?” I say while answering a question with another question.

Lina: “I need more motivation than that. Could you please tell us the reward?”

Illya: “Of course, you two know how you can slightly feel each other's pleasure?” I say with a smile and after clapping my hands.

Lila: “We have noticed that…” Lila said with a slight blush on her face.

Illya: “If you two win, then I’ll make it so you can feel 100% of what the other feels. I’m sure it would be quite an amazing feeling. Just imagine that if you pleasure yourself, you’re also pleasuring your sister.” I say while seductively whispering into both of their ears.

They both went silent and also had their faces crimson even down to their necks. I just kept looking at each other as if to see if the other one also wanted to do such a rare and dangerous sex play. They whispered into each other's ears to have a private conversation. I didn’t listen in on it even though I could easily hear them with my amazing hearing. The privacy of my lovers is very important to me.

Illya: “Oh? Did you two come to a conclusion?” I say with a smile.

Lina: “We…” Lina said while still red in the face and wasn’t able to finish her words or look me in the eyes at all.

Lila: “We want the reward. We won’t let you down Illya. Right Lina?” Lila said after holding her sister's hand.

Lina: “R-Right!” Lina said with a slight stutter.

Illya: “Good. Your time starts now.” I say with a laugh before snapping my fingers.

I made a digital looking timer appear above me that had an hour counting down on it using magic. This way they don’t have to keep track of time and concentrate. And that is what they exactly did. After 25 minutes, the enemy commander was looking scared since almost half of his army was gone. After 48 minutes nearly 80% of that ugly army of Goblins and Orcs were defeated. Not a single injury on our side whilst they were almost defeated. His face was showing an ugly look. It got even uglier after he tried to contact his comrades only to find out that he couldn’t since this is my dimension after all. The look on the operator that Lila yelled at was funny to see since she didn’t expect us to win so easily.

Illya: “Congrats you two! You’ve gone above and beyond and damn near completely finished them off!” I say with a cheerful tone while patting Lila and Lina on their heads.

Lila: “Illya, you have to give us the reward once this is over!” Lila said with a serious tone.

Lina: “What she said!” Lina said in an excited tone.

Illya: “Of course! Anything for my lovers! Now, I have to go finish off the enemy.” I say with a smile before getting up from my seat.

Lila: “Okay Illya, just go show off like always.” Lila said with a laugh.

Lina: “Yeah Illya! Please just hurry up and finish them off so that we can enjoy our reward!” Lina said while pleading with me to hurry up.

Since these two perverted sisters couldn’t wait for me to come back so that they could enjoy connected pleasure play, I immediately left and appeared in front of the remaining enemy with my scythe already out. Unlike last time, I just started killing without even talking to the commander first. I wasn’t even trying at all but, 5 minutes was all it took for me to kill the rest of those ugly Goblins and Orcs. Before I finished them off, their commander had knelt on the ground with his head down in defeat and waited for me to take his head from him. Since he had offered it so nicely, I of course gave him a quick death so that he didn’t feel pain at all.

Illya: “Mommies back!” I say after appearing right in front of Lina and Lila.

Lina: “…”

Lila: “Illya… Remind me to never piss you off. I didn’t realize how powerful you are…” Lila said with a conflicted expression on her face.

Illya: “Oh come on! I’m used to that reaction. At least react to my mommy joke!” I jokingly say with a pout.

Lila: “…”

Looking around the command room, the operators were completely shocked by how easily I destroyed their enemies. Which is understandable since I used a medieval type weapon while they had used the advanced ones that I gave them.

Lila: “Illya… Let’s just go to my and Lina’s room.” Lila said with a sigh.

Illya: “Oh? You two twin sisters sleep together? How lewd!” I say with a laugh.

Lina: “Illya! Please let’s just go already!” Lina said while beating on my chest after she jumped up from her seat.

Illya: “Okay, Okay! Lead the way you two. Your room has really good soundproofing right?” I say in a seductive tone.

Lila held my left hand and Lina held my right hand. They silently lead me to their room in the base with their faces flushed. It seems that even though they have each other, they still longed for my touch, and just remembering the times that I had sex with them made them embarrassed and excited. Just in case that people could hear us in their room, I used magic to completely soundproof it.

After checking and making sure that no one could hear us, I asked them to pull up their skirts and show me their panties. Unsurprisingly, their panties were quite wet. Since I confirmed that they were already aroused, I held both of their hands again and connected their senses. I only connected their pleasure sense and sense of touch since, connecting all of their senses together would be too much and they might go crazy from it.

Lina: “This… This feels weird…” Lina said while slightly shaking.

Lila: “Illya why is this happening? We haven’t even done anything sexual and yet it already feels like we did!” Lila said while trying to keep her legs steady.

Illya: “Both of you twos arousal are being combined. Seeing you two like this makes me just wonder how being touched would make you feel.” I say with a seductive smile.

Lina: “…”

Lila: “…”

Thus began the game of me touching them in various places. From my first experiment, I can conclude that not only do they feel each other's pleasure, but their sensitivity is also doubled. Since this was a really extreme play I had told them that if at any point that they want to stop just to say the safe word that we came up with. After they agreed, I took Lila’s lips and gave her a deep kiss.

Due to their heightened sensitivity, 2 minutes of my deep kiss was all it took to make Lila’s legs shake violently in orgasm. Lina her twin sister wasn’t much better. She also had the same thing happen to her. The only difference was that I wasn’t holding onto her so she fell to the ground and her back arched in orgasm. I didn’t want either of them to get hurt so, I picked them both up one after the other and put them on the bed.

After I took all of their clothes off, it was now Lina’s turn. I gave her the same kind of kiss that I gave her sister. Maybe because they already had one orgasm, she only lasted 50 seconds before having not one but two, one after the other. Honestly, I felt a little bad about how much extreme pleasure they were feeling. Even so, with their consent, I pressed on and switch between the two twins kissing and licking every part of their beautiful and tasty bodies.

Lina: “P…” Lina said while barely being able to catch her breath.

Lila: “P- Pineapple!” Lila said while panting.

At the 25 minute mark, they both waved the white flag so, I snapped my fingers to release their shared senses. I spent the next 15 minutes pampering the two twins until their bodies returned to normal and they were able to talk again without breathing heavily.

Lila: “Illya… We want to do that again but… I think 100% of our sense being connected is far too much.” Lila said with a blush on her face not being able to look me or her sister in our eyes.

Lina: “Maybe… Maybe only like 5% would be okay?” Lina said while acting the same as her sister.

Illya: “I’m sorry you two. I should have started with 1% first just to be careful.” I say in a nervous tone while giving them both hugs.

Lila: “We aren’t mad Illya. We are the ones who wanted to go for so long with 100% of our senses shared. It was an amazing experience but, with 100% we couldn’t last long at all.” Lila said with a smile.

After they both consoled me from being sad since I was irresponsible, we continued our night with them first being connected by 1% for a start. We experimented and found out that any more than 15% is too mind shattering to be connected by. We had settled on connecting them by only 8% and continued to enjoy each other's bodies all night.

Although a portal hasn’t shown up in Japan yet, I figured that I should head back over there anyway. I enjoyed my time with Lina and Lila for 5 days before I left. I might have really messed up and greatly corrupted these two twins since, they wanted me to keep them connected by 1% at all times. Their reasoning was that they always wanted to be connected. I really couldn’t resist the two cutely begging me to connect them like that forever so, eventually, I gave in and gave them what they wanted.

My extreme corruption of these two twins will surely award me with a big scolding by Yuna one of these days. Either that or she is getting off from it, who knows. I only stayed with them for 5 days but each day I could easily tell that the twins became closer and closer to each other. On the third day, they have become completely unable to be separated from each other at all. They did everything together and I mean everything! Eating, sleeping, going to the restroom, playing games, reading, sex, etc.

The main reason why I only stayed for 5 days was because I wanted them to progress their relationship more. With me gone, they wouldn’t have the beautiful distraction that was me and they could have more alone time together. Before I left, I gave them both very affectionate kisses and loving hugs.

Did I prepare for this war too much? So far I haven’t had a single problem and I doubt that I will at all. I only have one more commander to take out and then the last remaining pillar of the CUA was Arath’s mother. I don’t know her name since, I wanted to hear it from the woman herself so, I asked all who knew not to tell me. Assuming Japan’s invasion will play out the same as Russia and England’s, I won’t have to wait long to finally get a milf in my harem. I mean, I basically have every type of woman in my harem already. I’m only missing a milf in my harem…

If push comes to shove and if she won't join my harem then I can always beg one of my lovers to let me get them pregnant and make them into a milf myself. Would that even work though? Just because a woman is a mother doesn’t make them a milf… Especially if it was one of my lovers since their youthful appearance will never disappear… Well, that’s a problem for future me!


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