/* Conflict of Interest */

/* Conflict of Interest */


Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Two men stood in the early-morning shadow of the building behind them.

"Parlor tricks. I'm tired of the parlor tricks, Peck. I want a thinking thing here, not the lobotomized slabs of metal that sing out trivia answers."

"No you don't," said Peck. "Because then it'll stop telling you what you want to hear."

"Why are you still here, then?" The long-haired man crossed his arms. His breath billowed out into the air. "You know that's what I'm making." His arms shaky, he dropped the last of his cigarette on the ground.

Peck crushed it under his shoe. "Because someone needs to help you destroy it when you realize it was a mistake."

A taxi came around the roundabout and pulled up to the curb. Someone got out, their face pointed up in awe of the building.

"Nevermind, he's here." The long-haired man left his partner behind to greet the new arrival, shivering in his unkempt dress shirt as a light layer of snow crunched under his shoes.

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Great style

Reviewed at: 2

Granted, with a review at chapter two, there's not a ton to go on in terms of story, but I have to say that I really like the writing style that this has been done in so far. It's interesting and eye-catching without being overwrought, and has a snappiness to it that I appreciate.

Premise is very interesting. I am a sucker for AI-learns-to-be-human stories of any variety haha. My only complaint is that I wish we were given a little bit more backstory-- a chapter or two-- before being dumped directly into "the main character causes the apocalypse, or something like it."

I look forward to seeing this story continue :)