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Youth is something to be treasured, for it is the foundation upon which all experiences are built. It is also a time when some may Awaken as Ardents or Stoics; individuals who can draw great power from the Resonance of emotions. Rowan’efrii is one such youth, but at what cost?

This is the story of her journey; of love and loss, friendship and isolation, fortune and tragedy. What can a girl do when she is faced with all the wonders and horrors that the world has to offer?


In the Kingdom of Særis, a group of renegade lords are seeking to enslave young adolescents to forge them into Ardents and Stoics. Those that fall will be used in a war against the Azure King. Will they break Rowan, or will they turn her into the very thing that will destroy them.

Ardent Tears focuses heavily on all kinds of relationships including: romantic, familial, platonic and sexual. The MC is a clear example of this, especially as she is poly. Because of this, I gave the story my own Poly Tag. This won't be anything like a Harem story and it is being written by someone who is polyamorous (me). There is also going to be several LGBT themes throughout which can't be represented through Tags.

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Massive thanks to KrazeKode for the amazing cover art.

And special thanks to MelasD and Selkie for the shout-outs.

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Good but not my thing

Reviewed at: Chapter 10

This story is very well written and the characters are well realised, but that was part of the problem for me, the characters suffer and suffer  and whilst there are glimmers of hope, its still a sad story and I probably shouldn't have read as far as I did in my depressed state, a testament to how well it was written.


It isn't for me, but if a sad and beautifully written story with interesting systems in place sounds like you're thing, I'd highly recommend it.

Red Rhea

Emotions have rarely felt so real.

Reviewed at: Interlude: A Silent Voice

Ardent tears is a phenomenal story for exploring emotions, relationships and trauma all in a single, well thought out package.The author has done a tremendous job in realising the world that she has created. I am personally looking forward to see how everything evolves.

The story istelf primarly explores a young girl called Rowan as she lives a relatively quiet life in her hometown with her family. There are ups and downs just like with any childhood and unlike a lot of fiction, Rowan and her friends actually act like children. We also watch as Rowan goes through the tulmultuous time of early puberty, which causes its own challenges and opportunities.

Unfortunately, a quiet life can't last forever. Evetually is must come to an end and with that ending, comes a new beginning. The arc that follows won't be for everyone as the grimdark tag comes into full effect. However, I can see how essential it is to the story and is executed extremely well. It will be interesting to see how Rowan tackles the challenge before her.

As previously mentioned, Ardent Tears explores relationships in a really satisfying way. It does this, in part, through an interesting and well put together cast of characters. The author shows a thorough understanding of how people interact and portrays their relationships in a believable manner.

All of this still pales somewhat in the light of my favourite aspect of the story. I still love everything that I have mentiones so far, but the real potential lies in the magic system and how the author is exploring mental health through and in spite of the magic.I can see the potential for a satisfying hard magic system using an inherently soft base. It is also built on a wider system that is deeply intwined with the world building. I love how Gifts and Resonance are tied with intrinsically with religion and the esoteric side of things.

My final point lies on the matter of grammar and spelling. There is the occasional error, however, the author does her best to correct any errors when she is made aware of them. Furthermore, the few mistakes that there are don't get in the way of enjoying the story or understanding it.

In conclusion, I highly recommend Ardent Tears. It is fully deserving of 5 stars across the board. It is my belief that Ardent Tears is amongst the best that Royal Road has to offer.


Great story.

Reviewed at: Chapter 7

If you like a medieval fantasy story which explores a little of the dark side of fantasy than this is the story for you.  

This story begins with a girl who is growing up in a medieval fantasy town. It has different gods it has different races and it's own kind of magic. It has it's hardfelt moments which would make this book stand out from others on royalroad.  

the author of the story does not shy away from writing hardfelt moments and he does a more than decent job to explain us about this fantasy world.  

I have found no grammar errors which would make this story hard to read I didn't even had to reread a sentence because it stood in a weird way.  

sometimes people give a 5 star review so the stories rating doesn't fall but this story truly deserves to be amongst the top of royalroad if the quality stays the same.  

Our protagonist is a little girl from a medieval village, she is a halfbreed and is being bullied because of it. She later finds out what ardents and stoics are. Just like in most stories the girl has parents but the difference is that it looks like these parents also have backstories. By which I mean that they are not background characters but actually well thought out.




a story about relationships and emotion

Reviewed at: Chapter 13

let me just say this is probally the biggest emotionla rollercoaster ive read with such hateable villaians i wouldnt be suprised if you threw your device in attemp to kill some words on a screen. but thats beside the point this book definently deseves the grim dark tag with its content. the story so far is an emotional jorney of a girl matureing through tragity after tragity and surviveing even becomeing stonger.


Style: it is very i guess you could say accented? i cant really explain it though it suits the story so fat to a T and i wouldn't have it any other way. the only negitive aspect is some words have a peculair pronouncination that can be a bit confusing but suits the story and setting well.(ill just say quickly they represent mental disorders extreamly well and accuretly)


story: while it is definently isnt for the feint of heart with its gim setting it's an amazing story of relationships and emotion that build apon its self elevating the whole but most definently not for some


Grammer: i havent noticed any big grammer mistakes though there are some small ones but dont take away from the immursian


character: there isnt much i can say with out spoiling so i will just say she's a mutureing girl who lived through things most cant dream of imagining but still comes out unbroken and stronger


(my first advanced review)


When Lightning Strike out of a Blue Sky

Reviewed at: Interlude: Lordly Discoveries

Since the first chapter we readers can see how much time and thought was spend in the lore of the world and that makes us curious in how it works and makes us read more. Since the mc know most of the basics and would not go into monologues about how people grow stronger or similar putting such explanations could end up being forced, learning with mc makes things much more smooth. 

The grammar have only some minor typos here and there, nothing to the point it makes it unreadable and what may seem as a typo because of being weird like mc name is just what it seems to be a language theme that Author made to fit her story.

The characters are so good, you can see that they have depth, for example Mc's family have so much lore from it, but we readers have almost no clue of what
are the ins and outs of her family merely because she is a child and aren't in the know of the lore of her family and the deeds it may have done in the past.

And then we come into the story, as the warnings say, there is traumatic events that happens in the story so it may not be for everyone even though I recommend for everyone. But before that lets talk about the start, mc acts like a child because well, she is a child and as a child she is pretty direct in things she avoid because she don't understand and may scare her or children things happens such as bullying because children imitate their parents or other things you expect from kids.

And for the trauma, TW beyond here(no spoiler from the story):

After reading most of these chapters, and wandering in these themes and thoughts of trauma. I reached the conclusion that traumatic events, calamity, etc. are quite similar to a strike by lightning when we have a clear blue sky. No one expect it, no one see it coming but it isn't rare and it may happen.

Minor spoilers for more in depth what happens in the story but not entering details of how it happen:

Right before the chapter where trauma happens and lightning strikes while the sky is clear our mc was having nightmares and did not have a happy time with her loved ones, she was suffering and blaming herself for a thing that happened.

She didn't have time to spend with who she loved without remembering and thinking about the bad thing she have "done". And then the calamity, for her and her loved ones, struck. She didn't have time to come into terms with her
self blame and she did not have one more chapter where she was having fun with her loved ones ending with a "Life is good" phrase.
I am not saying ending chapters with "Life is good" is a bad thing, but as readers that read stories with traumatic events we may have seem some patterns in how calamity strikes and that phrase is a big flag and the phrase not happening just show how much no one can truly expect when calamity will strikes. 

Moving on because Mc was already feeling like shit and that everything was her fault, she just added the calamity that happened to the pile of "What I have done wrong" and that show how human she is. She isn't a machine that straight up think that another hand was working behind the scenes. She blamed herself because that was her first thought about it. And that humanity she shows makes this story so much better.

Those reasons are what makes me want to see what lies beyond the dark times in the story, to see the sun being bright in the road that the mc is going to travel.


Even though this is the authors first published work, it is a joy to read. I'm drawn in by the characters and the story. I love the world that has been built and I'm looking forward to seeing more of what they can put out. I Don't really do reviews other than to give star ratings but i had to for this. 

Brightest void

Very well written, the author manages to balance the darker tones with moments of friendship and determination without which the story would be much bleaker in tone, it is similar to vigor mortis except that there are no jarring shifts between darker and lighter chapters and events.

As far as the story is written it is well paced and manages the flow between chapters smoothly there are no abrupt shifts that breaks the reading experience. The five stars are rated based on the factor that so far it forms a solid base for further progress

The characters are fleshed out and alive in the pages we can see and understand the reasoning behind their actions and the author is really good at exploring the emotional side of the characters without being overly descriptive. The writing style is best described as flowing, it takes a beautiful path neither meandering too much nor too turbulent, it forms an atmosphere perfectly suited for a story focusing on emotions

The story has elements of violence both sexual and otherwise, in this I would compare it to Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel's Legacy series, it is a great story not despite of it but because it manages to create a gentle balance


tl;dr: The story is so good I think it deserves better than the webnovel format. 

It's very rare that I give a story full points across all categories, but I do think that this writing is exceptional, to the point that I'm not sure it belongs in the webnovel format. I'll talk more about that later though. 

Style: 5/5

Save for the one obligatory POV change so far, the story has been entirely third-person and centered on Rowan. The story follows Rowan's youth and employs timeskips, but each timeskip feels appropriate. We are given snapshots of who she is and what she goes through, and the timeskips, a device often poorly used, enhance this experience. Props to the author for that.

Story: 5/5*

This gets an asterisk only because 10 chapters were out when I wrote this review. So far it has the makings of a fantastic tale.

My only qualm is that there is a very slow build to the first major hook. There's nothing inherently wrong with that, and a lot of brilliant works take their sweet time as well. That being said, it feels stilted BY the webnovel format, where chapters come out every so often instead of as a complete story. I found myself struggling to maintain my emotional connection to the story while waiting for new chapters - reareading the previous release was necesary on every drop because otherwise I felt that it didn't connect as well. I will most likely put this story on hold for mysefl and come back when it's ocmpleted, so I can read it in one go.

Grammar: 5/5

Haven't come across anything noticeable, and I"m usually picky about maintaining my immersion. Quality writing.

Character: 5/5

Fantastic cast. Every character feels real. The only character that felt a bit tropey was the bully, but the depth of the hatred was remarkable and far beyond what I expected. I also appreciate just how in-depth the author delves into the psyche of child Rowan, and how well the author understands how easily children feel. The attention to detail regarding the sister's manic-depressive bipolar disorder was powerful, and I was very glad that the author showed that people suffereing like her need support, not just space. 


Great book, really enjoyable and in-depth characters that you can really get lost with and relate to. I cannot wait to see how the story continues and progresses onwards down the track.

The style I find really appeals to me due to the fact that we can easily see all of the different twists and changes within the characters and the motivations behind their different actions. Displaying through its portrayal such powerful concepts that are universal and the reader has no choice but to be swept up for the ride on this tsunami of passions and adventure.

The grammar usage by the author allows the ebb and flow of the book to roll nicely. Delivering more impact when needful to certain scenes regardless of the evocative emotion(s) that is being portrayed. Then again, I was never too big on, or fussed about grammar as long as the “basics” were followed and the story wasn’t ever hampered by the incorrect usage of it then it’s all fine with me.

A few minor tweaks that I would put into the story would be to eliminate only negligible issues I found along the way but in no way hampered the story or its delivery in any way, shape or form; just personal preferences.

Douglas Fotheringham

Up front: I was one of her alpha readers. So I know a little more than has been pubished yet. It's an awesome read, with a well developed world and main characters.

I am deeply looking forward t oseeing how it grows, and know she will be putting out new chapters much better than I do!

This is one t owatch.