The Cat of Roam (OS)

The Cat of Roam (OS)

by Mega Draegon

This is a writing challenge where I had to write a story within three hours with the prompt: your character(s) wake up in a random location with numbers on their forehead.

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Mega Draegon

Mega Draegon

Word Wielder (I)
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This review is brought to you by Ludo305's iniative to ensure every 'completed' story gets at least one rating.

For a story that claims to have been written in three hours, this is pretty good. The spelling is alright, the grammar is decent, and although there's some stylistic weirdness, for being written fast, it's not too bad.

Sure, it's also full of randomness and plot-holes, such as why did an angry mob show up in the barn, was that one guy really after his organs, and who was the girl at the end, but....

It's fast-paced and fun, and short enough to not overstay it's welcome.