The day I became World Administrator

by joprocorp

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

[HIATUS : I'm taking a break :D]

Isaac is a 21-year-old computer science student whose life was completely turned upside down when a strange window appeared in front of him in the middle of a class:
  [Admin] Haaaa. Well ... Sorry to be so sudden, but I can't wait any longer. Have fun :)
  [System] The System Administrator has granted you Administrator Rights.
  [System] Transfer of Administrator rights in progress ...
  [System] Transfer completed
  [System] End of simulation ...
  [Isaac] ????????
Follow the story of Isaac, a somewhat lazy mage with powers limited only by his imagination in his quest for a quiet and friendly place, alone and at peace.
Have you ever imagined magic from an IT perspective? Come and discover it with us!


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Author's message:
This is my first book that I am trying to write in a serious way. It is therefore possible that mistakes may occur. Do not hesitate to comment on your opinions and let me know if something is wrong (as long as the comment is constructed and justified).

Scheduled publication rate: One chapter a day at 6 pm (Paris time) from Monday to Friday.

Be aware that English is not my original language.

With that, I hope you enjoy reading it.

Cover photo from the character "Aranzeb" ( from the game Archeage (
For any dispute request (or request to remove the image), contact me.

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Word Count (X)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1. Welcome ago
2. From the sky to the ground ago
3. The day I became a puddle ago
4. Worse than death ? ago
5. Mana ago
6. Tutorial ago
7. Exploration and theorization ago
8. Magic ago
9. Explosion ago
10. Defense perimeter established ago
11. Unidentified flying object (UFO) ago
12. Rune of regeneration ago
13. Elemental Magic ago
14. Admin vs Gelom ago
15. Intruder detected ago
16. An elf!? ago
17. Nice to meet you ago
18. Artillery ago
19. Trouble in the village ago
20. Forward ago
21. We can talk ago
22. May the night be in our favour ago
23. Arrival at Cram ago
24. Jealousy ago
25. Assessment ago
26. Golden text ago
27. Apprentice ago
28. Heavenly prayers ago
29. True mage ago
30. Magic fertilizer ago
31. "Nuclear" reactor ago
32. Prototype ago
33. Magic according to an apprentice ago
34. Grimoire ago
35. "Free" time ago
36. Training session ago
37. Assessment (again) ago
38. Unread notifications ago
39. Mysterious compas ago
40. Our guests are here ago
41. A mage ? ago
42. Riggs' scale ago
43. This discussion is getting nowhere ago
44. Infiltration ago
45. The little brother's secret life ago
46. Information gathering ago
47. Security alert ago
48. An elf!? (again) ago
49. Intruders? ago
50. Chase ago
51. Chase back ago
52. Save the apprentices ago
53. An Archmage's anger ago
54. Dispossessed ago
55. Punishment ago
56. System window ago
57. Gotta go fast ago
58. Martial law ago
59. The Magus' secret past ago
60. Leaving for adventure ago
61. A very old Kamikaze ago
62. The beginning of an adventure ago
63. Miasma ago
64. Planning for the future ago
65. Welcome to Agartha ago

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I wanted to like the story but i just cant get past the grammar.

its full of missing words and  extra words that make no sense at all, The syntax is really bad at times. The author managed to use "Nevertheless" instead of "However" or using Discover instead of Explore, or the more annoying one  Old one instead of Elder.

The author also has a tendency to use Advanced words that no one really uses (the type that you need to google to understand)

If these issues were rare i would not have had anny issues but its constant and i had to reread lines to parse what the author was trying to convey

Chr Gor

The story seems interesting, but the grammar needs a lot of work. I reccomend keeping an eye on the story to see if they get an editor. With proper grammar this seems like the kind of story I would enjoy reading.

I dont really have much else to say, but the review needs to be 50 words long so...



Enjoyed it and will continue reading

Reviewed at: 59. The Magus' secret past

My overall score is 5 stars, because of how much I enjoyed this story.

But that does not mean it hasn't got any problems.

 First Grammar: It is understandable, considering that the author is not a born english speaker/writer. But, in the first couple of chapters, it is clear(to me) that the author was slightly inexperienced in using the English language. But as shown in later chapters the author has improved.

Story: It has been good so far, At the current latest chapter 59, it is clear to me that the story from chapter 1 to 50-59 has mostly been focused on developing the Mc with just some progress in the plot. But in my opinion, the things that have happened in the story are probably only a springboard towards what is going to happen in the future. The author has also chosen to go a new(in my experience) way in the world administrator/ruler genre. The author has created a convincing reason for why the Mc should go out, explore, and develop. 

Style: Do not really understand this Kategori. 

Characters: The Mc is good, little disappointed in how the author dealt with the Mc losing all he ever knew when "End of simulation" happened. If you're wondering how the author dealt with it... He didn't. I can barely recall a single mention of what the Mc lost described in the first few chapters. In later chapters, it appears that the author has tried to fix that, but that doesn't really help considering that the Mc basically had already spent weeks in his new reality without it at all bothering him.

(minor spoiler)This is a story I have enjoyed reading. I hope the author continues writing. My only worry is in how the author is going to deal with the Mc being the administrator. The fact that Mc does not have access to his newfound abilities and has to learn on his own is a big plus. But I'm afraid of the possibility that despite what I have seen so far, the story is just going to develop onto the same path as others in the same genre. The path where the Mc just interacts with high officials of kingdoms, totally ignoring that 99%(just a guess) of the world is made up of common non-magical people.

Of course, considering that magic is rare, and most of those high officials are not mages. That might not happen.

I would recommend this novel for anyone to at least try. I would understand that it isn't really the best out there. But at least I enjoyed reading it.

Good luck author.

(I'm not experienced in using the English language either.)


Nice to read and is developing well.

The beginning can be a bit heavy because of the magic theory and how it works but it ends soon. The chapters are posted regularly so you can expect a continued story.

There are few incosistencies and the grammar is quite good.

I recommend it.


Unlimited cosmic power, itty bitty patence

Reviewed at: 16. An elf!?

Isaac is a 21-year-old says the description but acts nothing like it. I'm sick and tired of these so-called 'smart' people doing reckless things that don't mesh with the age they claim.

Another pattern I have seen is they get 'desperate' for contact far too quickly. Anyone who can't spend a year by themselves with no ill effects needs to see a psychologist. To not be able to be alone for such a short period...

Cant suspend my disbelief.

Unlimited cosmic power, itty bitty patience, and common sense.