Livius felt the cut so sharply that it pulled him right from his sweet dreams of home and into the nightmare that they had been living for the last couple of hours, since the attack on the camp. His bound body arched up and this time a scream did erupt from his throat. When he slumped back into the bed he had the taste of blood in his mouth and the dripping cold, red liquid found its way into his mouth, down his throat before he could stop the swallowing of it. When realization dawned that it was in fact blood he twisted his head away from it only to see a blade being brought down into his brother’s open mouth.

“No! Don’t!” He screamed but it was too late. The blade sliced right through his brother’s tongue and made those blue eyes of Cyprianus flash open in pain but there was no scream from him. There was only a useless attempt at fighting these overly powerful creatures. Livius wished he could do something to help his sibling but there were two people to hold Cyprianus down and not just one like the more calmer, gentle Livius who fought with reason rather than actions. Livius wasn’t able to stare in his horror-filled state for too long because a hand clamped down firmly on his jawline and twisted his head back toward the slender faced, nymph-like man who had held onto Cyprianus before when they were taken from their tents. His eyes were filled with anger as his fingers pressed into the sides of Livius’s face forcing his mouth open so that more blood could enter him. This was sick. This was ungodly.It was futile to struggle.

All he could do was flash his eyes to his brother craving the comfort that always resided in Cyprianus’ eyes but there was none of that this time. His brother’s were empty as he was pinned down by the curly-haired man that had held Livius in his arms so tenderly before. Livius swallowed the blood down, gagging on it as he watched the flame-haired woman feed his brother her own blood. They were all very beautiful creatures but this was a very sick ritual they had. It was not until the blood was actually on his tongue, and he could truly taste it, that he realized, it didn’t taste that bad. Almost like spiced honey... so sweet, rich, thick. What was this nightmare? Had Pluto risen from the underworld to come and take them? Was it Proserpina he saw there or some darker creature then the Goddess of the underworld if that was even possible? It ended abruptly, the release of his face and a hand came to caress at his cheek making him swallow another mouth full of blood. Was there any point fighting anymore? His hands were bound to the post of the bed, his feet were similarly bound together with ropes that he knew would burn his skin if he moved his legs too much in protest and he had a mere sheet as covering for his nude body. The creatures were faster, stronger and they seemed to have wealth behind them as well. This was probably because of their abduction of the priestess, Titiana, whom their father wanted to marry. They had probably gotten all this from the temple. Yes, it sounded practical.

Since few things right now made sense to him, he’d cling to whatever he could that did make sense. His eyes flashed back to the face above him. The sleek outline of the cheekbones and the beauty in those sapphire eyes that met his made him feel a twinge in his heartstring. He’d never really liked the male as a lover. It wasn’t for the lack of opportunity. The princes could have what they wished and there were many offers but he was still merely a frightened, uncertain young virgin. He’d barely had his first kiss. But these people... who could not love such beauty before them? That didn’t make Livius any less furious with the abduction that had taken place, mind you. “Is it ransom you are after? Do you serve Pluto? What are you?” Crazy... that’s what they were. Crazy and it scared Livius to have his brother so helpless. It just didn’t fit. It was strange and he didn’t want to feel this strange. It was that uncomfortable situation where you knew you were stuck and no amount of saying No would get your free. Cyprianus was never helpless and now... now, he was more helpless than Livius had ever seen him before. Not even on the battlefield, when all hope seemed lost had he been this helpless. There was always a fire in Cyprianus’s eyes. It was all a mere distant memory now, from what Livius could see. The thrashing beside Livius stilled and he let his eyes fall on his elder sibling who was now gagging too on the thick cold liquid that was being poured down his throat.“Cyprianus?” Livius whispered gently in an effort to get his sibling to glance at him at least.

“Livius, we were after you too.” The Elder looking man’s voice was like fire, crackling just in the right places. Fires can be dangerous things. At first, they were warm and lovely to slip into but the wrong move and the feeling could become a blazing rage, unyielding and cruel. “There is no requirement for a ransom, no revenge to your father or empire and there are no Gods or Goddesses involved with the exception of ourselves. We are the Gods and the Goddesses come to earth to play and you are our new toys.” There was a pure to that last statement that made Livius wince. The smile curved around the speaker’s perfect lips could cause anyone to shiver uncomfortably. He even looked at Livius like one would look at a butterfly whose wings you were about to rip off.

Livius flashed his eyes to the elder long-haired male. Tears immediately sprung to his eyes burning at his throat as fear set in. A tremble started from deep inside of him. He had endured far too much already and this taunting from their captors was not helping at all. He just wanted this to end. This was a horrible, cruel nightmare.


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