Star Trek: Horizon

Star Trek: Horizon

by Darrin Drader

Fan Fiction HIATUS Adventure Sci-fi Space Opera

The Dominioon War has been over for three years, but the after-effects are still being felt. Starfleet lost a number of ships and personnel, and many of the member worlds of the Federation are becoming dissatisfied with the state of affairs. Some are even considering secession. In addition to this, the enemies of the Federation are seeking to exploit these signs of weakness.

The Horizon is a newly launched Sovereign class starship led by Captain Sean Sheppard, their mission is to rise to the challenges presented in this post-war era and help the United Federation of Planets re-establish themselves as a force of stability, compassion, and freedom. In addition to this, the Horizon still maintains Starfleet’s standard mission of exploration and boldly going where no one has gone before.

Dramatis personae

Captain Sean Sheppard (Human)

First Officer Kevia Turner (Human)

Chief Medical Officer Julian Bashir (Human, genetically enhanced, canon character)

Science Officer Ch’Qahrok (Andorian)

Security Chief Ipesh Nod (Bajoran)

Tactical Officer Tavika (Romulan)

Chief Engineer Adriana Cunha (Human).

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Darrin Drader

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