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Aria is trapped in the sight of the jeweled-eyed man, but this won't be the last time their paths will cross. 

"What are you doing Ariella? We have to make our exit" Kala says pulling me away.

I broke eye contact with the stranger, so I could follow Kala to the back of the tent. She spun to face me when we were hidden "What is going on with you?". I tried to explain, but she continues "you are never like this over a man".

I frowned at her, why was I letting a guy make me act so weird? I need to go home. I exited the tent and saw an old woman, so I asked "are you alright ma'am?". She looked at me with youthful eyes, she looked as though she has seen years before me. "you be warned child for your father might be your undoing, don't follow after him".

"I don't support what he does, so don't you worry milady" I bow to her as if she is a royal. Then as I straighten up the woman changes before my eyes into an unusual sight to be seen. she became a young beautiful woman and it made me so confused. Then she disappeared as if she was never there, to begin with, and I fly with wings of white for my open window at my tower.

The sun is starting to rise above the trees and I make myself into my real self. Quickly I sent my outfit to Fae's for safekeeping by teleportation potion. Then I went to take a bath with my usual flower scents and clean all my sweat off my body. Then dried off to go back to my bed chambers, then start getting ready for my day no time for sleep. I have princes to test with my wit, so I put my best blue dress on with blue roses embroidered on the skirt and where my breast would be.

My maids helped me into my evening corset, it was just in case we do any activities. It's more breathable than the others, so I will not faint because of it. So I allowed them to put my makeup on me, I'm more pretty with red lips. It seems to make me attractive to most men. I might not be marrying any man today, but I might as well look good doing it.

"Milady, how do you love your look for this day?" one of them holds a hand mirror to show me my whole look.

The mirror of my vanity showed the front and the hand mirror shows the back of my head. my hair is up in a bun with pearls in it and I smiled at their work. I look like a beautiful woman worthy of a prince with brains, so smile more at the unique makeup. It makes me feel different than other unwed princesses, so I thanked my maids and held the skirt of my dress to descend the stairs to my where the men may be standing waiting for my arrival. I went slow to make no noise and no one saw me, so I hid to overhear them talking.

Prince one "I hope she is worth the wait, it took a long while to get here".

Prince two "Well I hope to have some fun when we marry"

Then the last one I didn't see but a gleams "I believe that isn't important, it's better to have an equal in a marriage".

Okay, I like him better than the others and he seems to be at least willing to understand me. I came out from behind one of the perched Harpy statues on the top of the last landing before the bottom of the stairs. Harpies are on our family crest and all the men looked up at me. I looked at one more than the others and recognition hit me, I almost missed a step. Then regained my composer and smiled like I wasn't freaking out inside.

What if he tells my father about my night activities? I don't do it when the Circus isn't around the outskirts of my kingdom's Village. So I'm going to hope he won't tell my father because I can't trust him and trust is earned. I walked down the rest of the steps and each man looked different towards me. The first prince boosted himself with high confidence and I acted kind but I didn't fall for his boisterous hunting stories. Then the next man acted like he was the sexiest man in the room and oh no he wasn't.

I found the first two are prince James and Kalin, Mystery man was referred to as Draken. That is a strange name, but who am I to judge my mother named me. Well as our Goddess of Harpies and our families goddess of the hunt. My mother was the best hunter in the Village, so I admire her and want to be like her. I looked at Draken and actually spoke to only him since he didn't treat me like an object.

"Hello Draken, why should I choose you?" I say with a smile.

"Because I'm looking for someone who is my equal and not just a tool for power," Draken said with a straight face.

Then James and Kalin laugh at his answer, I look up at Draken. "Good answer, thank goodness someone thought passed I'm a woman," I say happily.

"well Milady, you far more than a crowned Princess and probably have the wit to match those of hunter's strategy," He says with a wink.

I felt a weird connection since we first laid eyes on each other, Maybe it's nothing more than imagination. Laughing could be heard from father and he started "well I see my son-in-law, what joyous timing".

"Hey what about us?" says the other two princes and I looked at them with daggers.

"I was only an object to both of you and sadly I would win at hunting," I say angrily.

That put a scowl on my father's face and says "how would you win? you are only a female, stop talking craziness".

I frowned at dad and went up the stairs, going to go to my bed chambers. Then I heard Draken defend me "wasn't your wife a hunter before you married her and she was a villager".

"I will marry your daughter and prove you wrong of her," says Draken further.

Suddenly I felt pain in my body and I collapsed.


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Navira Hart

Bio: I'm 25, I loved writing for a long time and not many seem to read my stuff in real life. I'm happy to get feedback, so I can learn to get better at creating.

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