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Dr Uru'Nav Xant, Department Head of Research, has been detailing his interviews with the newly discovered 'Creator level' intelligent species 'Human'. The Subject of his study, Jasmine, displays many unique and interesting quirks, the most intriguing of which is the incredibly strong 'frequency' she is able to produce with the help of an implanted alien translator. Together the pair navigate their way through cultural misunderstandings, corporate politics, animal companionship and uncover the mysterious circumstances of the human's abduction.

Combining memorable characters, exquisite world-building and an exhilarating pace, Transcripts is an emotional read that will have you ready to take on the universe!

Transcripts was previously posted on Reddit and Patreon!

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Research Transcripts of Dr. Xant. ago
Transcripts Chapter 2: Biology II ago
Transcripts Chapter 3: Department Head Meeting. ago
Transcripts Chapter 4: Personal Log ago
Transcripts Chapter 5: Dominant Frequency ago
Transcripts Chapter 6: Organic Chemistry ago
Transcripts Chapter 7: Unscheduled Meetings ago
Transcripts Chapter 8: User Level Specimen Sieglinde ago
Transcripts Chapter 9: Comms Log of Bio-engineering Dept ago
Transcripts Chapter 10: Schedule Negations ago
Transcripts Chapter 11: Error -File Corrupted ago
Transcripts Chapter 12: Waking Up ago
Transcripts Chapter 13: Research Notes ago
Transcripts Chapter 14: Subject Discussions ago
Transcripts Chapter 15: Meditation Session ago
Transcripts Chapter 16: Food and Reflection ago
Transcripts Chapter 17: First Perception Test ago
Transcripts Chapter 18: Good Girl ago
Transcripts Chapter 19: Enclosure ago
Transcripts Chapter 20: A Show of Force ago
Transcripts Chapter 21: Emergency ago
Transcripts Chapter 22: Incident Report ago
Transcripts Chapter 23: Client Meeting ago
Transcripts Chapter 24: Perceptions and Medications ago
Transcripts Chapter 25: Formal Etiquette ago
Transcripts Chapter 26: Painful ago
Transcripts Chapter 27 : Forward ago
Transcripts Chapter 28: The Best of Us. ago
Transcripts Zero- Chapter 1: A Contract is Made. ago
Zero Chapter 2: Out of the Ordinary ago
Zero Chapter 3 : Knights and Command. ago
Zero Chapter 4: Awakening ago
Zero Chapter 5: Auction ago
Zero Chapter 6: Unexpected ago
Zero Chapter 7: Quarterly Meeting ago
Zero Chapter 8: Unusual Trinkets ago
Zero Chapter 9: Finale ago
Dreams Chapter 1 Once upon a ***** ago
Dreams Chapter 2 Incident Report ago
Dreams Chapter 3 Induction Day ago
Dreams Chapter 4: Reality Bites ago
Dreams Chapter 5: First Contact Interview ago
Dreams Chapter 6: Breathing Room and The Worker Prince ago
Dreams Chapter 7: The Lieutenants Arrival ago
Dreams Chapter 8: Aboard the REFINED and the Pink Tablet ago
Dreams Chapter 9: Alien Organ ago
Dreams Chapter 10: My Happy Place ago
Dreams chapter 11: Physical Examination ago
Dreams Chapter 12: Uleesia Ttation Guided Tour ago
Dreams Chapter 13: Uncertain Paths ago
Dreams Chapter 14: The Frequency Test ago
Transcripts delay! - this will be deleted. ago

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goddamn i love this story 2 electric boogaloo

Reviewed at: Chapter 1: Research Transcripts of Dr. Xant.

this review may seem slightly unnecesary given the single chapter posted so far, but having the benefit of the entire HFY reddit backlog to draw upon i cannot recommend this story strongly enough.

Style: the initial format and more personal sections later on are both well done, and despite some heavy subject matter, it's handled well and i rate it officially "not cringe" unlike 99% of the content dealing with emotions on this site. the inclusion of some four legged members in the supporting cast does wonders for the overall tone of the story, and if you have to be trapped in alien space for the rest of your life, it's hard to think of a better companion than man's best friend.

Grammar: the story is well written and unrepetitive, with few errors.

CharactersJasmine and Xant are a fantastic base to build a story upon, and the author does a fantastic job of fleshing out and actually examining the stark differences between humanity and multiple alien factions using their interactions, and the exposition sections about how the alien society funtions are well written and not just.... a bland dump of statistics. some of the generally "antagonistic" aliens come off as rather one note, but the focus and skill is heavily invested in Jasmine and the Supporting Cast, and it pays off in spades. Rynard is a treat.

Story: excellent, and if the author can upload new chapters faster, even better :P


Few stories have a "Spark" and this is one of them

Reviewed at: Transcripts Zero- Chapter 1: A Contract is Made.

Sometimes you run into something truly special and this story is one of them. Most novels I have read might be well written but they never could bring me such highs & lows as this story has. It is creative, engaging and emotional. I can't recommend it enough.

Style (5/5): The story originally takes place in the form of reading scientific reports/interviews but although that stays present throughout the story it also becomes more direct conversations as characters relationships get closer.

Story (5/5): Most unique take on First Contact between Humans and Aliens I've seen, especially in that the Aliens aren't inherently hostile. The world the author has built has huge potential in scale and I can't wait to see it.

Grammar (5/5): My errors in this review are likely 100 times more obvious then any in this book. No issues as far as I have seen.

Characters (5/5): There is no such thing as a filler side character, every character involved has interesting facts/growth to them. They become more then characters, they make me think of them as real people. 


Overall (5/5): This story has made me cry 3 times within thirty chapters and I got a feeling I would cry again if I re-read them. It has been a long long time since a book has made me have such a strong emotional reaction. Beyond that I am simply enthralled by how their writing pulls me in.


Interesting, warm, and heartbreaking at times

Reviewed at: Chapter 5: Auction

Ooookay, where to begin?

First of all I started this on reddit, where I encountered squiggles Transcripts. It was only a few chapters long and it was, odd, different weird, and for something under the "Humanity F&^% Yeah!" title (don't wanna break the review rules), it didn't have any human brawn effortlessly smashing aside puny aliens. But it fit, and it was addictive, and so very good. On o the actual review.

Starting with the style, its great! I didn't like the slightly political shift and sometimes found myself a liitle impatient with the POV shift but that says more about me as a reader than the quality of writing.

Grammar, A+ can't really fault it, and in no way did it hinder with any reading of the story, which is all you can ask for really.

Characters, there's a lot to go into here, the characters can feel a little onesided at first, as they're seen through Jasmine's lens. She's an outsider looking in at a caste based society and seeing the roles to begin with, not the people. This changes as she gets to know them slowly, and most of the characters have rhyme and reason for what they do. Plus dogs, I do love dogs, and there are some good uns in this story (They're all good dogs).

Story, so here's where I got hooked, and also where the Humanity F&% Yeah! application comes in. I really liked the idea behind broadcasting of emotion as a means of enhancing communication, and in strong instances as a weapon. It's cute and a relatively unique story thing, (technologically implanted empathy? neat). Far more than this however is squiggles ability to convey the feeling to the reader, the feeling of paralysis clasping at your lungs during abject despair, the shock as hope is suddenly whisked away. the joy in new creations and experiences, the feeling of love from family, all of theses things are put beautifully and a fashion that is understood. Also if you check those you'll probably guess there is some absolutely breathtaking low blows right in the feels in the story.

TLDR, Read this, its worth it, and has some unique stuff that is well written.


If you haven't started reading this....

Reviewed at: Dreams Chapter 1 Once upon a *****

As the title says ....If you haven't started reading this, you are doing a diservice to yourself. The Story is so good. You will find yourself crying and laughing along as the Author expertly expands on the world and its characters. A must read.

Transcripts is a story about a human being force to come to terms with her new alien environment. At first overcoming her difficulties in communicating then understanding a bit of politics and her standing in all that is going own around her. Very interesting take on emotions and their part in social interactions. 


Reviewing at end of first arc.
I dunno how but the author managed to get me so emotionally invested into this story. Ahh, I was choking up. Very well done.
The world is cool too, I didn't get overwhelmed by a bunch of unncessasry exposition and explaining but I didn't feel lost with what was going on, but it still felt fresh and interesting.


The MC seems to be an emotional bomb factory, she constantly gets emotionally triggered for insufficient cause. This is fine in the initial chapters, where Jasmine is dealing with having been abducted into space, however, this never ends, and finally gets unbelievable and tiring.

In the finale of Book 1, Jasmine is told about the ancient history of the space empire - and she explodes with emotion. Think about it for a moment. If you were told about the collapse of an empire in History class, would you have an emotional moment?

Another annoyance, to be faced, is the too similar naming of characters. Jasmine gets shortened to Jasi and Jess the Doctor are 2 characters with far too similar names, the reader constantly needs to differentiate.

I'm reading this to the latest chapter, not because I enjoy it, but in the faint hope, the magic of the early chapters returns.