It's time for plot armour to kick in...! Although the scholarly freak was unaware of this, he actually WAS a main character. That being said: How could he die just because someone else was stronger?!

Things don't work like that…!

Hey, Samuel, Alex has already died, so are you going to come here and save him or not?!

Use your time powers already!!

If you don't come, he's seriously going to die!!!

Don't blame me if your only hope is lost...

"WHAT?!!!" The helmeted spearman immediately heard my narration and teleported to his side.

The man's eyes constricted, and time seemed to stop the exact moment Alex was clearly beheaded with a single slash... The Devilish Physique of Samuel's worked to its highest capacity. He used a Body Spell he hadn't used in a really long time.

"You're not dying tonight!"

[Body Whitening- Lightspeed Movement!]

[Time Veins- Rewritable Past!]

His body flashed towards the location where the scholarly freak's lifeless corpse was falling to the ground. Jasmine was clearly surprised, already swiftly retreated back the moment she realised a newcomer had arrived to interfere with her.

She believed the newcomer was definitely here to take revenge for a fallen comrade, so the moment she retreated back, multiple weapons manifested out of her body, and she was ready for a big fight!

However, Samuel just ignored her. His body flashed towards the location Alex's head was dropping at the speed of light. In his own eyes, the world itself rippled as his Time Attributed Body Spell activated.

One could see almost transparent figures in the reflection of his eyes. The world was spun back.

The clock turned back for the scene reflected in them. The transparent figure of the scholarly freak had its head reattached, then the sword belonging to the Weapon Mistress's figure reversed back.

It almost looked like the woman's sword was 'reattaching' a head back onto the transparent figure... all past was rewritten. The world was spinning the wrong way, and rivers were reversed.

Once that transparent figure looked alive in the reflection in his eyes, he punched towards the location where Jasmine once stood. The spearman rushed forward with all his might at that moment.

There wasn't enough time left before the window of opportunity to save 'Alex Stuman' disappeared.

After that, his death would be permanent!

His fist struck air, but the moment he hit the location where the Weapon Mistress once stood was when a paradox distorted the laws of casualty and effect. It wasn't that time reversed, but that a new future was created from where he changed it.

A paradox was fixed by Lady Consistency…

His fist, which was punching air, smashed into the gut of the one that 'attempted to behead Alex'...

Jasmine from the past felt the heavy strike, and she retreated with a groan after feeling that pain...

Time had been rewound, and Samuel's body had also returned to where he was when it happened.

The events had changed. In the perspective of the Weapon Mistress, she was just about to finish off the person who was interfering with her attempt to kidnap her fiancé, but just as she was about to behead him, something impacted into her chest.

There was nobody there, nor did she sense any signs of someone doing long-range magic.

To her, it was as if she had been interrupted by an unknown force. Where did the strike come from?

She couldn't have guessed it to be: 'The future'.

A ripple in time had an impact hit her body before she could react. It was just before she killed him.

Jasmine thought of an answer. She looked towards the struggling Arcanist on the floor before her:

'He used a Time Spell?'

Of course, her assumption wasn't exactly wrong…

…though it wasn't entirely correct, either.

Though it was impossible for her to know that someone in the future had sent a punch back in time... This was the 'story-breaking' Spell that was only capable of usage under stringent conditions.

Past or future was irrelevant for Samuel's fist!

The moment the helmeted spearman returned back in time by a few moment before Alex was beheaded, he once again teleported back to the museum. However, this time he wasn't late.

The scholarly freak still had his head attached to his body, and Jasmine was putting her hand on her ribs in confusion. She didn't quite understand what kind of magic had been used against her just now.

But it wasn't like Samuel was going to go into a monologue for the sake of formality. The moment the man appeared was when he pointed his fingers towards her and used one of his favourite abilities.

The spearman's body was different from a Gaia Human.

There was a good reason he re-chose his Class to be Dragoon, rather than only for the sake of a pun.

Though his Devilish Physique gave him many advantages, his most prized combat-related quality came from the naturally formed 'Divine Physique' that layered over it thanks to his Class.

In the many years he had been alive while ignoring the laws of ageing in this world, his Dragoon Class had manifested a 'Mana Compressing Divine Physique' thanks to his efforts.

Compared to other people, Samuel's Magic Pathways compressed purified Light Mana.

It did it so densely that he didn't even need to use magical formulas to condense impactful Skills.

[Mana Burst- Homing Missiles!]

All he did was use his Mana Burst he had learnt from Brandon and shot out compressed bullets of energy from his fingers. The five 'missiles' didn't conform to conventional Light Magic... They all instantly shot towards the Weapon Mistress!

She slashed her swords and met the Homing Missiles with Light Waves forming flying slashes.

By doing it the moment she realised they were too close to dodge the attack, her heart readied itself for an energy distortion... but was stunned by the explosion that occurred after hitting them...!!!

The shockwave pushed her back. Jasmine's face paled at the sheer strength of Samuel's casual magic attack. It was to the point she didn't have the guts to attack the strange figure anymore.

Samuel grabbed Alex's bloodied figure and laid him down onto the floor right next to him.

The only thing the Mirror Priest was thinking of related to countless tactics to kill the youth swiftly.

"You uselessly put yourself in danger again." The helmeted spearman spoke to Alex annoyedly.

"A-again?" The scholarly freak asked.

He coughed a few times as blood ran down his chin from his lips. Samuel turned his head from him.

It felt dumb to explain himself TO himself...

He wanted to have a good talk with him, but he first wanted to dispose of the pest that was in his way.

Since he was unable to leave the injured youth's side, he couldn't quite utilise his fighting style to its fullest capacity. The only thing he could rely on was his magical abilities to hit Jasmine from afar.

"What the hell are you...?!?!" The woman who now understood that it was him who got in her way asked with a distressed expression, but she was able to hold back her disbelief to take a stance.

The sheer density of Samuel's Mana shouldn't be humanely possible. Even if he was a Lord Rank, it should be impossible for anyone to attain that level of Mana Density. No one on Gaia had ever been able to train themselves to such an absurd degree!

Cold sweat ran down her back...

She stared at the newcomer, but felt some relief when she saw he wasn't going to move away from the Arcanist laying beside him. His feeble and weak body gave her hope of using him as a weakness.

A Bow Type Spirit Essence manifested into her hand after discarding one sword emotionlessly.

She came up with a strategy: All she needed to do was to force the spearman into long-ranged battle.

Judging from his spear alone, she believed him to be of a melee-type profession who excelled in close combat. As long as she kept her distance and played to her advantages, she shouldn't lose to him at all. That was the great confidence she had.

Perhaps ignoring the fact he shot compressed long-ranged bullets was better for her psyche…

She'd lose all hope without some ignorance.

The sword left in her right hand moved towards her bow and used a Half Spell to turn the blade into an arrow. She didn't care if he was a Lord Rank, as even THEY were restricted by their professions.

It wasn't that Lord Rank individuals were infallible to those below them. Their Rank only meant that they could utilise an unlimited amount of Spells at their disposal. Considering he was a melee type, his Spells shouldn't be suitable for ranged combat.

Compared to her opponent, she wasn't restricted by a Class and could even blend them together to create unique Half Spells. They were explosive powers that weren't any less than Complete Spells.

Her sword-arrow and bow combo was among the many double-stacked Half Spells at her disposal...

Her confidence was boosted, causing a stoic look appeared on her face. She believed she could win!

But oh, how wrong she was...

In response to her question, the now even older freak, who had lived an abnormally long life while changing the past willy-nilly without thinking of the consequences of his actions, smiled slyly.

He spoke to her in a light, and even friendly tone:

"I'm your worst nightmare~" An air of danger arose around him. He stretched out his hand again.

Just like with Alex, the darkness of night was also his domain. However, this wasn't just because he had an advantage in stealth. Samuel was much more scarier since he also had a 'Beast Flame'.

As the moonlight shone down from the window on onto his body, a strange occurrence suddenly arose. The darkness trembled once his eyes glowed the purest Dark Mana Alex had ever seen.

His 'Wolfgang Eyes' Spirit Enhancement showed itself. Jasmine's body flashed in different directions. Using Lightspeed Movement to her advantage, she tried messing up his aim.

Normally, even Lord Ranks wouldn't use this Half Spell so many times in succession, as there was a risk of losing their accuracy from having to adjust themselves every time they changed location.

But that didn't stop the Weapon Mistress, one who had already reached full mastery in multiple Spirit Essences. She was a 'Master of all Trades' when it came to combat, and fully utilised her advantages.

Little did she know that even without turning his head, Samuel was tracking her with his eyes easily.

[Space Trait- Dimensional Sight!]

With this first Magic Trait as someone with the power of a Beast, he was able to see everything within a certain distance of himself regardless of where he was looking. It was extremely useful to him for hunting down his prey without losing them.

[Time Trait- Clockwork Sight!]

Compared to the first Magic Trait, this second one only his cognitive abilities rather than his vision itself. Although those with high Light Mana purity could think faster than the average person, this ability did something different than just that.

He didn't need Time Mana to react and see things slower than they actually were. The best part of this Time Trait was that it perfected his internal clock to an abnormal degree, allowing him to accurately time movements of his opponents.

He was essentially doing maths to figure out where she'd be and how long it'd take to move there.

It was kind of redundant when paired with his Space Trait, but having his opponents moves perfectly timed allowed him to calculate and create many plans of action. All without worrying about having to see the opponents he was fighting.

It was to the point that Samuel could've easily struck Jasmine mid-movement even if her body was travelling at the speed of light, but didn't do so since he was concentrating on his hidden power.

The Moon Wolves weren't feared solely because of their eyes. Instead, what made them most scary was the 'Magic Quality' of their Species, and the signature ability of their race, that could ONLY be utilised when under the luminance of the moon.

Jasmine was ready to attack, but the spearman felt was no different while activating his hidden power.

[Magic Quality- Moonlight Eminence!]

Dark Mana surged around his body and was devoured by the second Divine Physique of Ether Absorption. It paired with his Mana Compressing body, then concentrated together to form 'Moon Mana' that was as dense as his body's 'Sun Mana'.

[Weapon Combination- Sword Shot!]

[Mana Burst- Annihilation Orb!]

As soon as she let go of her sword and allow her bow to send it flying with the empowerment of a Half Spell, the helmeted spearman threw a solid orb of shadowy Mana straight into its trajectory.

An explosion occurred as that orb of darkness continued to fly towards Jasmine after deflecting her sword to the side with a violent impact. She was shocked and dodged in a flash, yet found her heart freeze over the moment she looked back.

Then she saw the pillar she'd made her attack from... 'melted' after being hit by the power of this particular Magic Burst. His strong absorption of magical energy allowed him to mould it densely.

The corrosive quality of darkness manifested...

Her face became pale white. She understood exactly what happened to the museum's pillar.

If the Light Attribute contained similarities to the Holy Attribute, then the Dark Attribute also mimicked the Evil Attribute when it came to its toxicity... This was especially true when the Dark Mana used was so pure that it made 'Moon Mana'.

She was at a loss of breath. The fear from strength of the moon was greater than that of darkness.

After seeing that Mana Burst, Jasmine steeled herself time fight for her life in this situation.

She thought of keeping her dearest love for her fiancé, Spencer, visualised in her head to suppress her fear, but that one moment of distraction was all her opponent needed. He stepped forth agilely...!

[Time Spell- Clock Acceleration!]

Using the Spell Slot of his Skysquare Spear, the world became much slower. Then he turned around and dashed in her direction. The Weapon Mistress didn't notice his sprint until it was too late...!

He appeared in front of her. All she saw was a blur and didn't have the time to react when he attacked.

Samual struck only once, and that was all he needed to end this l battle with a clear winner...!

The spearman didn't stab her with his weapon or claw at her with his fingers. Instead, only reached out his hand and flicked towards the defence she instantly put up the moment he appeared.

How pitiful... She truly believed in there being ways to extend the fight longer than a few seconds.

It was hard to watch her confusion...

Weapon Master couldn't understand his action, but only realised after taking it that she should have dodged. She really, REALLY should have dodged instead of blocking that attack with her thin arms.

The weak flick practically destroyed her once the helmeted spearman activated another Spell Slot.

[Space Spell- Impact Booster!]

Truly, the physical power behind his flick wasn't really that abnormal. Sure, it was coming from Samuel's superhuman body, but was still just a mere flick. One finger normally shouldn't be strong.

However, the moment he activated his Spell, the power of that one flick was magnified to the extent that a *boom* resounded. Jasmine was thrown through the air as if she had been hit by a plane!

Even though she unconsciously used a Half Spell to defend herself, while also manifesting a glowing spear to anchor herself mid-flight after being smashed away, she still couldn't stop herself from being uncontrollably thrown out of the museum.

Her body smashed through a window. Crashing and ripping her skin. Red splattered in the air...

It also gushed out from her broken arm...

Her body was moving fast in the air. It was like she used Lightspeed Movement for greater speed...

Then her body disappeared into the distance, only being saved a good distance away by a Mirror Priest who was passing by. If he hadn't done so, it was no mystery what would've happened to her.

Samuel ignored that middle-aged man in the distance, who was fearfully flapping his 'wings'.

He then turned to grab Alex and Spencer before leaving the museum. There was nothing left to do.

He didn't even bother to look back.

The spearman headed straight for the scholarly freak's mansion with one person being grabbed by the collar in each hand.

He didn't care if Alex's wounds worsened or not from this really rough treatment.

Was he treating them like stray cats...?

The fearful Beast Master, who flying through the air using his energy wings, didn't stop the man.

He looked at the bloodied figure laying motionlessly in his arms.

It was truly unfortunate, but he put his priorities in order and decided to get Jasmine healed first

He took her to Elemental Master. Only that guy had the power to heal someone with her injuries.

The man only growled at Samuel's direction before leaving. A promise that their Cult would retaliate...!

Not that the spearman cared. He wouldn't be scared even if Alan came personally to fight him.

And so, Alex was saved without a hitch...


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