The Promise of Yuuko Asahino: Volume 3

The Promise of Yuuko Asahino: Volume 3

by OceansInTheSky

Original COMPLETED Contemporary Drama Psychological

Even though it's their first day of high school, Yuuko and Yuya are already late, but things begin to change when Yuya encounters a blonde boy being pummeled to the ground.

"Are you okay Luka?"

Can the thoughts of two strangers have any affect on a boy who has none for himself--

You see New Kid, a community is made of like-minded people. Like-minded people work well together, they support each other.....when someone acts out from the group, they destroy the balance."

--especially in a case where someone may not want to move at all?

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Luminous Sword

Great Characters/Development, Okay Pacing

Reviewed at: Epilogue

Hey Oceans, this is my first review so sorry if I might be a little unclear!

Speaking overall, I enjoyed the story, and it was a pretty solid volume (I know you mentioned it wasn't your best, but I enjoyed it!) I'll give my thoughts over each part specifically though.

Style: I think the bad and good news over style would be that it's probably the area that's not the strongest, but it wasn't bad by any means. I know you mentioned you were going for a light novel style, and it definitely feels like the setup of one! The part that I would say feels a little strange though would be the pacing. Most of the novel is paced pretty consistently, but some parts moved along a little quick (mainly at the end of the novel though.) It's a little hard to do the light novel style, but it's not bad.

Story: The story is good for a slice of life/drama novel, one of my favorite parts (that I'll mention more in the character section) is that different parts of different novels are constantly referred to. The consistency and callbacks are great which is what makes me rate it at 4 stars!

Grammar: There are a handful of mistakes here and there, but nothing that seriously distracts from the story. I would say just reading over it once or twice before/after posting would do it.

Characters: This is actually the section that made me want to write a review! I'm a really big fan of the characters for a specific reason, something I noticed when reading (and I could be wrong) is that there are subtle hints about the characters in nearly every conversation. There are "obvious" signs of them like what's said, but behind the obvious are like little additions backed up by actions.

For example, Yui manages to go untouched when she was walking through a crowd which backs up her distaste for being touched, and it's shown again when she got her headpat (I found that wholesome). Yuuko is still stubborn, and wants to help people, but I don't think I ever saw him play the "hero" like he did before. There are a lot of actions that seem like a part of the scene, but that show a lot about the character. My only recommendation would be having them speak a bit more "normal", but at the same time having them be abnormal is a big point of the story.

Either way, that would probably be my favorite part, is looking for actions (the discreet) about the characters outside of what's said (the obvious). Overall it's a good story, I just think with a little better pacing/rereading it would be great.

I hope this helps, sorry if anything wasn't clear (this was my first review). Hope to see more!