The Iron Teeth: A Goblin's Tale

by ClearMadness

Original COMPLETED Adventure Comedy Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead Grimdark Magic Male Lead Non-Human lead

A new, darker age is dawning. The greed of kings has ignited a seemingly endless war. As men fight, the monsters of the untamed wilds are devouring the frontier. Villages are abandoned as fields go fallow. Murderous bandits roam the desolation. 

None of that matters to a nameless goblin slave. He just wants to eat as much food as he can shove into his mouth when no one is looking, but fate runs a twisted course, so instead he is whisked away to the far off Iron Teeth Mountains. To stay alive, he will have to evolve into something more than a simple goblin, and carve a bloody path through the forests of the North. 

However, first he has to get over his crippling fear of trees, and survive in a place where everything considers him to be the perfect size for a quick snack...

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: The Shattering of Ways ago
The Road North 1 ago
The Road North 2 ago
The Road North 3 ago
The Road North 4 ago
The Road North 5 ago
The Road North 6 ago
The Road North 7 ago
Interlude: Coins and Whispers ago
Honor Among Thieves 1 ago
Honor Among Thieves 2 ago
Honor Among Thieves 3 ago
Honor Among Thieves 4 ago
Honor Among Thieves 5 ago
Honor Among Thieves 6 ago
Honor Among Thieves 7 ago
Honor Among Thieves 8 ago
Honor Among Thieves 9 ago
Honor Among Thieves 10 ago
Interlude: Ember in Ashes ago
Written in Blood 1 ago
Written in Blood 2 ago
Written in Blood 3 ago
Written in Blood 4 ago
Written in Blood 5 ago
Written in Blood 6 ago
Written in Blood 7 ago
Written in Blood 8 ago
Written in Blood 9 ago
Written in Blood 10 ago
Interlude: The Doom of Couroulis ago
Journal Entry: Goblins & Hobgoblins ago
Playing With Fire 1 ago
Playing With Fire 2 ago
Playing With Fire 3 ago
Playing With Fire 4 ago
Playing With Fire 5 ago
Playing With Fire 6 ago
Playing With Fire 7 ago
Playing With Fire 8 ago
Interlude: Study and Reflection ago
Journal Entry: Harpies ago
Along Twisted Paths 1 ago
Along Twisted Paths 2 ago
Along Twisted Paths 3 ago
Along Twisted Paths 4 ago
Along Twisted Paths 5 ago
Along Twisted Paths 6 ago
Along Twisted Paths 7 ago
Interlude: For Love and Duty ago
Den of Beasts 1 ago
Den of Beasts 2 ago
Den of Beasts 3 ago
Den of Beasts 4 ago
Den of Beasts 5 ago
Den of Beasts 6 ago
Den of Beasts 7 ago
Den of Beasts 8 ago
Den of Beasts 9 ago
Interlude: Depths of Despair ago
Journal Entry: Crystals and Mutations ago
A Tradesman’s Tools 1 ago
A Tradesman’s Tools 2 ago
A Tradesman’s Tools 3 ago
A Tradesman’s Tools 4 ago
A Tradesman’s Tools 5 ago
A Tradesman’s Tools 6 ago
A Tradesman’s Tools 7 ago
A Tradesman’s Tools 8 ago
A Tradesman’s Tools 9 ago
A Tradesman’s Tools 10 ago
Interlude: The Light of Faith 1 ago
Interlude: The Light of Faith 2 ago
Queen of Swords 1 ago
Queen of Swords 2 ago
Queen of Swords 3 ago
Queen of Swords 4 ago
Queen of Swords 5 ago
Queen of Swords 6 ago
Queen of Swords 7 ago
Queen of Swords 8 ago
Queen of Swords 9 ago
Queen of Swords 10 ago
Queen of Swords 11 ago
Queen of Swords 12 ago
Queen of Swords 13 ago
Queen of Swords 14 ago
Queen of Swords 15 ago
Queen of Swords 16 ago
Queen of Swords 17 ago
Epilogue: The Flow of Shadows ago
Prologue: Rooting in Broken Earth ago
Explanation of Current Events ago
Rolling the Dice 1 ago
Rolling the Dice 2 ago
Rolling the Dice 3 ago
Rolling The Dice 4 ago
Rolling the Dice 5 ago
Rolling the Dice 6 ago
Rolling The Dice 7 ago
Rolling The Dice 8 ago
Interlude: The Working of Magics ago
Comes the Wolf 1 ago
Comes the Wolf 2 ago
Comes the Wolf 3 ago
Comes the Wolf 4 ago
Comes the Wolf 5 ago
Comes the Wolf 6 ago
Comes the Wolf 7 ago
Comes the Wolf 8 ago
Comes the Wolf 9 ago
Interlude: A Perfect Victory ago
Into the Green 1 ago
Into the Green 2 ago
Into the Green 3 ago
Into the Green 4 ago
Into the Green 5 ago
Into the Green 6 ago
Into the Green 7 ago
Into the Green 8 ago
Into the Green 9 ago
Into the Green 10 ago
Interlude: Getting What You Want ago
Hearts and Homes 1 ago
Hearts and Homes 2 ago
Hearts and Homes 3 ago
Hearts and Homes 4 ago
Hearts and Homes 5 ago
Hearts and Homes 6 ago
Hearts and Homes 7 ago
Hearts and Homes 8 ago
Hearts and Homes 9 ago
Book One is now out on Amazon! ago
Hearts and Homes 10 ago
Interlude: Stuck in a Rut ago
It Echoes Onward 1 ago
It Echoes Onward 2 ago
It Echoes Onward 3 ago
It Echoes Onward 4 ago
It Echoes Onward 5 ago
It Echoes Onward 6 ago
It Echoes Onward 7 ago
It Echoes Onward 8 ago
It Echoes Onward 9 ago
It Echoes Onward 10 ago
Interlude: No Favorites Among Men ago
Out of Darkness 1 ago
Out of Darkness 2 ago
Out of Darkness 3 ago
Out of Darkness 4 ago
Out of Darkness 5 ago
Out of Darkness 6 ago
Out of Darkness 7 ago
Out of Darkness 8 ago
Out of Darkness 9 ago
Out of Darkness 10 ago
Interlude: The Hoarding of Power ago
A Familiar Fate 1 ago
A Familiar Fate 2 ago
A Familiar Fate 3 ago
A Familiar Fate 4 ago
A Familiar Fate 5 ago
A Familiar Fate 6 ago
A Familiar Fate 7 ago
A Familiar Fate 8 ago
A Familiar Fate 9 ago
Interlude: Biting the Wolf ago
The Noble Thirst 1 ago
The Noble Thirst 2 ago
The Noble Thirst 3 ago
The Noble Thirst 4 ago
The Noble Thirst 5 ago
The Noble Thirst 6 ago
Interlude: A Singular Purpose ago
To Forgotten Places 1 ago
To Forgotten Places 2 ago
To Forgotten Places 3 ago
To Forgotten Places 4 ago
To Forgotten Places 5 ago
To Forgotten Places 6 ago
To Forgotten Places 7 ago
To Forgotten Places 8 ago
To Forgotten Places 9 ago
To Forgotten Places 10 ago
Interlude; Finding the Flames ago
Will of Iron 1 ago
Will of Iron 2 ago
Will of Iron 3 ago
Will of Iron 4 ago
Will of Iron 5 ago
Will of Iron 6 ago
Will of Iron 7 ago
Will of Iron 8 ago
Will of Iron 9 ago
Will of Iron 10 ago
Will of Iron 11 ago
Will of Iron 12 ago
Will of Iron 13 ago
Interlude: Breathe of Life ago
On Winter's Wings 1 ago
On Winter's Wings 2 ago
On Winter's Wings 3 ago
On Winter's Wings 4 ago
On Winter's Wings 5 ago
Book 3 Available Now and Book 1 Sale ago
On Winter’s Wings 6 ago
On Winter’s Wings 7 ago
On Winter’s Wings 8 ago
On Winter's Wings 9 ago
On Winter's Wings 10 ago
On Winter's Wings 11 ago
Interlude: The Quiet Life ago
Under the White 1 ago
Under the White 2 ago
Under the White 3 ago
Under the White 4 ago
Under the White 5 ago
Under the White 6 ago
Under the White 7 ago
Interlude: The Long Wait Ends ago
Twists and Turns 1 ago
Twists and Turns 2 ago
Twists and Turns 3 ago
Twists and Turns 4 ago
Twists and Turns 5 ago
Twists and Turns 6 ago
Twists and Turns 7 ago
Twists and Turns 8 ago
Twists and Turns 9 ago
Twists and Turns 10 ago
Interlude: Where It All Began ago
Bane of Humanity 1 ago
Bane of Humanity 2 ago
Bane of Humanity 3 ago
Bane of Humanity 4 ago
Bane of Humanity 5 ago
Bane of Humanity 6 ago
Bane of Humanity 7 ago
Bane of Humanity 8 ago
Bane of Humanity 9 ago
Bane of Humanity 10 ago
Bane of Humanity 11 ago
Bane of Humanity 12 ago
Worldshift Beta Reading and Discord ago
Bane of Humanity 13 ago
Bane of Humanity 14 ago
Bane of Humanity 15 ago
Bane of Humanity 16 ago
Bane of Humanity 17 ago
Epilogue: A New Age ago
The Good and Bad News ago
New Book Release, Worldshift: Virtual Revolution ago

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Better than 95% of the stories on this site


I'm not really good in being a critical person when it comes to something I enjoy so much. I have read many stories alot worse than this and couldnt stop. This one though, was binding me from the first chapter. The atmosphere is amazing, the level of detail a perfect balance - not too much unnecessary stuff, not too few. Sometimes when the author describes something I wonder if it's important later in the story. So I read every sentence with concentration. First story I read and am afraid of reaching teh end of the released chapters ... :(

Reminds me a little of Re:Monster



Wonderful New Take on Goblins and a Perfect Gem

The story is original, solid with great story and even better character progression. This is well written from the perspective of a goblin trying to survive and find his place in a mans world. Its not a resurrection or skill story, which is overdone in my opinion. The idea of survival, instinct, tribe, and self comes up quite a bit. If you like to consider how a goblin may think this is an amazing tale that is well written. The side characters and change of scenery here and there only adds to a story I continue to enjoy. Cheers to ClearMadness, I look forward to seeing Blackmail and his adventures still to come. Thanks for the writting and entertainment!


I absolutely love this story and how you present Blacknail to your Readers .

His Perspective is also just how I would picture it for myself .

Your overall writing style is great , and gives the reader a proper chance to picture the scene .

The Characters you create are mostly neat too , but I just really can't follow the way everyone besides Blacknail thinks somehow . Or is that intentional ?


Refreshing idea to tell a story from the viewpoint of a goblin. The progress of the MC is slow, but far more satisfying then in other stories. No OPnes gained with to chapters crappy writing. This is how its done!

and lastly:

Me gusta


To many words to describe but none give it justice

Love ur work bro it's refreshing, smart and i always seem to want more. Love the growth of blacknail too can't wait to see him turn epic, maybe branch into more evolutionary paths and take over the clan, the north then the world if that's where the story leads. Just a reminder if u ever have doubts about ur story and don't like where it's going or that you have messed up in anyway just think of some dude sitting on a toilet chucking a shit glued to the phone (only peace u can get sometimes) thoroughly enjoying a great read (TMI but the visual should serve a good purpose haha) 


some dude



Unrivaled, organic and enjoyable.

One of the best works on this site!  The world is well defined and you experience it as the characters explore.  Having a MC that starts with as much knowledge as the audience lends a very organic method of discovery to the narrative. 


Black'nailed' Into Writing This

This is my review of The Iron Teeth and I won’t not be subjective. Since it is how I  feel about this story, I will of course be subjective.


Story: A lucid, simple story told with great care and planning. The simple life of a goblin comes alive in this writing along with his little wishes, aspirations and dreams. The story has a hidden edge, a captivating tale. I am taking half a star off, though. This is because the story…leaves you wanting after a while. You urge for that big thing to happen, which doesn’t and if it does…not as big as you expected.


Style: Flowing, and fitting for a goblin. But unfitting for Third Person. I wish the author would spice up the vocabulary a bit more, or experiment with pace. The story is extremely good, no doubt but at times, it crawls. I am taking a star off for that. Sometimes it feels like the writer is holding out on us, possibly to stretch the story. However, there is something about this style that draws you in and entraps into the wonderful world of the Iron Teeth.


Grammar: Flawless. You can feel the writer is extremely well versed in contemporary writing conventions and styles. Actually, I would recommend this story as study material for any new author. I won’t be taking off any stars off this section. I doff my hat at the author for the amount of work that must go in to make this error free.


Characters: Very well done. The characters seem life-like, and genuine. Almost all of the times, they remain true to their characters. However, sometimes…just sometimes, they feel a little undercooked. At times, I felt some of their behavior was forced, but it could be the reason for their particular hasn’t been revealed yet. Nothing but near perfect score for this.


In closing, I would urge others to read this and if they don’t, lock them in a room so they do. Even if I am not always agreeing with this style, but it is very enjoyable, to say the least.


For People who like Proper Reads

Now here my supportive review ( because I want to read more )


The MC is for once not omnipotent nor does it look like he will become so anytime soon. That said, he isn't even human but a simple Goblin.

That's where the fun starts. The "hero" of our story is a model goblin who presents us with all of his strengths and weaknesses in a colorful, quirky and funny way.

All characters, situations and simply the plot is very well thought-out and believable. So much so that I could hardly name any equal in fitting story line among all stories I read so far. 

It's a very realistic fantasy ;).

So unless you need dragons and fireball-gatlings on every corner this fic will definitely satisfy most readers who like genuine stories!


A story told in a way that is completely unique

This story captured my imagination in the most wonderful way, it’s not your normal reincarnation fiction that you find all over this site. It’s a story of a weak goblin with slightly more smarts then the rest of his kin looking for ways to survive, you watch as he grows stronger and smarter and even forming loyalties to the people he cares for. Truly an amazing story that deserves to be made into a proper book. I’ve only found small grammar errors throughout the story which can be easily fixed by someone going through it once or twice, good sir I applaud you for the story your juicy mind has come up with.