The Iron Teeth: A Goblin's Tale

by ClearMadness

A new, darker age is dawning. The greed of kings has ignited a seemingly endless war. As men fight, the monsters of the untamed wilds are devouring the frontier. Villages are abandoned as fields go fallow. Murderous bandits roam the desolation. 

None of that matters to a nameless goblin slave. He just wants to eat as much food as he can shove into his mouth when no one is looking, but fate runs a twisted course, so instead he is whisked away to the far off Iron Teeth Mountains. To stay alive, he will have to evolve into something more than a simple goblin, and carve a bloody path through the forests of the North. 

However, first he has to get over his crippling fear of trees, and survive in a place where everything considers him to be the perfect size for a quick snack...

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: The Shattering of Ways ago
The Road North 1 ago
The Road North 2 ago
The Road North 3 ago
The Road North 4 ago
The Road North 5 ago
The Road North 6 ago
The Road North 7 ago
Interlude: Coins and Whispers ago
Honor Among Thieves 1 ago
Honor Among Thieves 2 ago
Honor Among Thieves 3 ago
Honor Among Thieves 4 ago
Honor Among Thieves 5 ago
Honor Among Thieves 6 ago
Honor Among Thieves 7 ago
Honor Among Thieves 8 ago
Honor Among Thieves 9 ago
Honor Among Thieves 10 ago
Interlude: Ember in Ashes ago
Written in Blood 1 ago
Written in Blood 2 ago
Written in Blood 3 ago
Written in Blood 4 ago
Written in Blood 5 ago
Written in Blood 6 ago
Written in Blood 7 ago
Written in Blood 8 ago
Written in Blood 9 ago
Written in Blood 10 ago
Interlude: The Doom of Couroulis ago
Journal Entry: Goblins & Hobgoblins ago
Playing With Fire 1 ago
Playing With Fire 2 ago
Playing With Fire 3 ago
Playing With Fire 4 ago
Playing With Fire 5 ago
Playing With Fire 6 ago
Playing With Fire 7 ago
Playing With Fire 8 ago
Interlude: Study and Reflection ago
Journal Entry: Harpies ago
Along Twisted Paths 1 ago
Along Twisted Paths 2 ago
Along Twisted Paths 3 ago
Along Twisted Paths 4 ago
Along Twisted Paths 5 ago
Along Twisted Paths 6 ago
Along Twisted Paths 7 ago
Interlude: For Love and Duty ago
Den of Beasts 1 ago
Den of Beasts 2 ago
Den of Beasts 3 ago
Den of Beasts 4 ago
Den of Beasts 5 ago
Den of Beasts 6 ago
Den of Beasts 7 ago
Den of Beasts 8 ago
Den of Beasts 9 ago
Interlude: Depths of Despair ago
Journal Entry: Crystals and Mutations ago
A Tradesman’s Tools 1 ago
A Tradesman’s Tools 2 ago
A Tradesman’s Tools 3 ago
A Tradesman’s Tools 4 ago
A Tradesman’s Tools 5 ago
A Tradesman’s Tools 6 ago
A Tradesman’s Tools 7 ago
A Tradesman’s Tools 8 ago
A Tradesman’s Tools 9 ago
A Tradesman’s Tools 10 ago
Interlude: The Light of Faith 1 ago
Interlude: The Light of Faith 2 ago
Queen of Swords 1 ago
Queen of Swords 2 ago
Queen of Swords 3 ago
Queen of Swords 4 ago
Queen of Swords 5 ago
Queen of Swords 6 ago
Queen of Swords 7 ago
Queen of Swords 8 ago
Queen of Swords 9 ago
Queen of Swords 10 ago
Queen of Swords 11 ago
Queen of Swords 12 ago
Queen of Swords 13 ago
Queen of Swords 14 ago
Queen of Swords 15 ago
Queen of Swords 16 ago
Queen of Swords 17 ago
Epilogue: The Flow of Shadows ago
Prologue: Rooting in Broken Earth ago
Explanation of Current Events ago
Rolling the Dice 1 ago
Rolling the Dice 2 ago
Rolling the Dice 3 ago
Rolling The Dice 4 ago
Rolling the Dice 5 ago
Rolling the Dice 6 ago
Rolling The Dice 7 ago
Rolling The Dice 8 ago
Interlude: The Working of Magics ago
Comes the Wolf 1 ago
Comes the Wolf 2 ago
Comes the Wolf 3 ago
Comes the Wolf 4 ago
Comes the Wolf 5 ago
Comes the Wolf 6 ago
Comes the Wolf 7 ago
Comes the Wolf 8 ago
Comes the Wolf 9 ago
Interlude: A Perfect Victory ago
Into the Green 1 ago
Into the Green 2 ago
Into the Green 3 ago
Into the Green 4 ago
Into the Green 5 ago
Into the Green 6 ago
Into the Green 7 ago
Into the Green 8 ago
Into the Green 9 ago
Into the Green 10 ago
Interlude: Getting What You Want ago
Hearts and Homes 1 ago
Hearts and Homes 2 ago
Hearts and Homes 3 ago
Hearts and Homes 4 ago
Hearts and Homes 5 ago
Hearts and Homes 6 ago
Hearts and Homes 7 ago
Hearts and Homes 8 ago
Hearts and Homes 9 ago
Book One is now out on Amazon! ago
Hearts and Homes 10 ago
Interlude: Stuck in a Rut ago
It Echoes Onward 1 ago
It Echoes Onward 2 ago
It Echoes Onward 3 ago
It Echoes Onward 4 ago
It Echoes Onward 5 ago
It Echoes Onward 6 ago
It Echoes Onward 7 ago
It Echoes Onward 8 ago
It Echoes Onward 9 ago
It Echoes Onward 10 ago
Interlude: No Favorites Among Men ago
Out of Darkness 1 ago
Out of Darkness 2 ago
Out of Darkness 3 ago
Out of Darkness 4 ago
Out of Darkness 5 ago
Out of Darkness 6 ago
Out of Darkness 7 ago
Out of Darkness 8 ago
Out of Darkness 9 ago
Out of Darkness 10 ago
Interlude: The Hoarding of Power ago
A Familiar Fate 1 ago
A Familiar Fate 2 ago
A Familiar Fate 3 ago
A Familiar Fate 4 ago
A Familiar Fate 5 ago
A Familiar Fate 6 ago
A Familiar Fate 7 ago
A Familiar Fate 8 ago
A Familiar Fate 9 ago
Interlude: Biting the Wolf ago
The Noble Thirst 1 ago
The Noble Thirst 2 ago
The Noble Thirst 3 ago
The Noble Thirst 4 ago
The Noble Thirst 5 ago
The Noble Thirst 6 ago
Interlude: A Singular Purpose ago
To Forgotten Places 1 ago
To Forgotten Places 2 ago
To Forgotten Places 3 ago
To Forgotten Places 4 ago
To Forgotten Places 5 ago
To Forgotten Places 6 ago
To Forgotten Places 7 ago
To Forgotten Places 8 ago
To Forgotten Places 9 ago
To Forgotten Places 10 ago
Interlude; Finding the Flames ago
Will of Iron 1 ago
Will of Iron 2 ago
Will of Iron 3 ago
Will of Iron 4 ago
Will of Iron 5 ago
Will of Iron 6 ago
Will of Iron 7 ago
Will of Iron 8 ago
Will of Iron 9 ago
Will of Iron 10 ago
Will of Iron 11 ago
Will of Iron 12 ago
Will of Iron 13 ago
Interlude: Breathe of Life ago
On Winter's Wings 1 ago
On Winter's Wings 2 ago
On Winter's Wings 3 ago
On Winter's Wings 4 ago
On Winter's Wings 5 ago
Book 3 Available Now and Book 1 Sale ago
On Winter’s Wings 6 ago
On Winter’s Wings 7 ago
On Winter’s Wings 8 ago
On Winter's Wings 9 ago
On Winter's Wings 10 ago
On Winter's Wings 11 ago
Interlude: The Quiet Life ago
Under the White 1 ago
Under the White 2 ago
Under the White 3 ago
Under the White 4 ago
Under the White 5 ago
Under the White 6 ago
Under the White 7 ago
Interlude: The Long Wait Ends ago
Twists and Turns 1 ago
Twists and Turns 2 ago
Twists and Turns 3 ago
Twists and Turns 4 ago
Twists and Turns 5 ago
Twists and Turns 6 ago
Twists and Turns 7 ago
Twists and Turns 8 ago
Twists and Turns 9 ago
Twists and Turns 10 ago
Interlude: Where It All Began ago
Bane of Humanity 1 ago
Bane of Humanity 2 ago
Bane of Humanity 3 ago
Bane of Humanity 4 ago
Bane of Humanity 5 ago
Bane of Humanity 6 ago
Bane of Humanity 7 ago
Bane of Humanity 8 ago
Bane of Humanity 9 ago
Bane of Humanity 10 ago
Bane of Humanity 11 ago
Bane of Humanity 12 ago
Worldshift Beta Reading and Discord ago
Bane of Humanity 13 ago
Bane of Humanity 14 ago
Bane of Humanity 15 ago
Bane of Humanity 16 ago
Bane of Humanity 17 ago
Epilogue: A New Age ago
The Good and Bad News ago
New Book Release, Worldshift: Virtual Revolution ago

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A true Fantasy work of art

This story is a beautiful work that easily captures the essence of a full blown world.

The story includes fascinating detail of world building revealed to the reader as our Main Character a Goblin named Blacknail develops through the story.

Unlike many other stories where creatures people and events seem like simple plot elements the author has managed to portray The main characters adventure under the bandit Cheif Herald.


Creatures all fit into the world as wild animals in a dnagerous wilderness rather than a plot element of kill this as they are evil.

Bandits are displayed as a result of a long drawn out conflict that is continuously fleshed out through dialogue.

While small details these interactions of characters and slow incremental revelations of the world as our MC discovers the world himself and his tribe.


Any fan of true fantasy seeking a whole and complete world with a unique and true system believable creature and people all seamlessly coming togetehr to form a full story, well this is for you don't miss this series!


really good read, it interesting and we see a lot of the characters thoughts fears and emotions, which I personally enjoy. great writing and grammar, Im always scared if the green goblin will end up doing something bad, like kill the wrong person because of emotions or something. So far so good at least. Im really wondering if he will evolve like RE:monster or if he will stop at a certain point. Both ways I believe can be good but if he doesnt change at all it may and I mean mayyyy feel a bit frozen, but that can obviously be overcome by moving to new areas growing a clan etc etc. anyways really enjoying it thanks for taking the time and I love the non rushed writing style. PEACE.


By far, the best history I have read.

Yes, sometimes it's a bit slow ... but grammar (minor mistakes; an editor to clean some stuff would be perfect), style, plot and characters are really great.

Ans lastly, it's great to read some mature novel. I'm tired of demon lords, overpowered ain characters, harems and all that teen stuff.


The story is fine but with how slow it is, after a certain catastropic event I felt that Blacknail lost a lot of what made him interesting. Perhaps also the loss of too many interesting chacters with not enough replacement had an effect. I read up until the end of hearth and home I think. In the end though the slow pace puts the pressure on the characters to be interesting and for my tastes they weren’t enough.


Fine, but not amazing

I read the entire first book and although it's an interesting concept, I feel like it fell flat for me. The magic system is quite frankly boring, and the main character is kind of an idiot. Obviously a lot of people like it, but it really just isn't for me.


Gritty, Low magic setting

A traditional underdog fantasy novel.     


Its in many ways the opposite of most of the stories on this site, the world is filled with strong monsters and creatures and the MC goblin is small and weak and not overly bright.      

It does manage to make you feel the danger and the struggle just to survive, it uses the low magic setting effectively.


Im left confused on grading this story as it naturally wants to be compared to the normal fantasy books you find in any store rather then most stories on this site.     

Its not for everyone but its a good story



Really enjoying your work.  

To sum it up, your pacing is good albeit a little slow compared to most of the fictions on rrl.  It does work though with the character and story line.

Story is unique, I haven't read anything quite like it.  

Grammar is almost 100%, only a few errors to be found

Character is pretty cool.  Not OP, not underpowered, just adept in his skill set.  I don't like how overconfident he is, and I'm surprised he hasn't been killed yet, but I guess that's just part of the character.

ALL IN ALL a very good read and much better than many recent litRPG reads that I've gone through with. 10/10 would buy it off amazon

Your Hated Boss

Gonna make this short:

First off, I'd like to thank the author for giving use such a work of art for free. 

Now Im currently about 32 chapers from completing the book, and if individual chapters dont get alot bigger then this is going to be rushed. About 3 massive plot points need to be tied up in the remaining chapters most of them haveing a hundered chapters of build up or so.

Honestly Im so worried about the end of the story that Im just gonna sit on it, until Im ready to be possibly dissapointed. The story is so good, and I've read hundereds of great books like this one that fail to satisfy me at the end. 

But even if I were to stop now and never read the story again 32 chapters from the finish, I would be content giving this 5 stars and begging others to read it. The story is a gold mine. While some of the female characters act too much like each other and dont seem to be there own people. All of the male characters are perfectly designed. I think the author is a male and I get it lol girls are confusing.

(Thats not to say they fall flat btw, they just act a bit too similer for my taste.)

So 220 chapters and this is how I feel about the book. 2 problems one of them I dont even know exists. Thats how good this book is. (Im leaving out some plot holes but its not like they were glaring issues and can be explained by saying the characters didnt think of them.) Im happy giving it 5 stars. 

Probably a 96/100 or so for me. Missing the diversity in the females that we see in the males but thats it.


Overall, this was a well written and entertaining story.  At first, I was skeptical of a goblin juvenile as the main character but the little dude really grew on me.  Blacknail as a goblin was a great mix of endearingly earnest and malicious little sh*t.  It was a great hook!

However, I wasn’t keen on Blacknail’s character growth over time.  It took some of the wonder out of the story far too soon.  Also, as the story progressed the other supporting characters seemed far less compelling than in the beginning.  Basically, the book started out strong but didn’t carry the same appeal through to the end.

Note that I read the published version of book one from Amazon Kindle.  I started on RR but wanted to support the author by buying the book.  I did skim the RR version a bit and noticed a few differences, but I doubt it is very different.  Not sure why the author didn’t update the RR version, but it’s great that they still have it up for free!


Well-thought out and extremely captivating. Just to funny to pass up.

The perfect goblin story. This story rewards your efforts for Empathizing with the main characters of this series. A realistic view of a fantasy world focused towards a mature audience. Not too gritty and dark in my opinion. A perfect balance of light-heartedness and reality. 

Style and story:

The world is presented in a natural,pure flow since it is through the experiences of the characters that we come to understand the situation of the fantasy world. It is rare to find this type of writing style as opposed to novels where information about the world is shoved down our throats through dreary dialogue or exposition. The world is built solidly and the monsters are accurately described with impressive details.

Our main protagonist Blacknail is seized by a band of bandits and is made to perform the duties with his master to collect food and data about various monsters that can present a threat to their fellow bandits. Determined to reach the highest ranks of his "tribe", he sets out to prove himself to his master and the bandit leader. 

The progression is slow but the world makes up for it with its detailed descriptions of the world and characters.  Docking some points for being especially slow in the beginning, but I didn't really mind. 


We start out with our little adorable goblin that continues to entertain and grow through the series. The characters in this series are great since they are not only influenced by their ambitions, but also by their current surroundings. This keeps the characters fresh and interesting. You can see how each character is affected (albeit slightly but surely)  by the mc goblin and this can lead to some really interesting exchange in dialogue (Especially against the mc and his master). Not a perfect score because I noticed extremely small inconsistencies with characters and later in the chapters some character's development is put on a halt for future revelations. 



Personally I was never really good noticing grammatical mistake and I never found any that broke the immersion. Full points. 


Overall verdict :

Obviously there are some moral conflictions towards killing and plundering. I wouldn't say there is a huge issue  since the characters openly acknowledge the weight of their actions, but some people may find this really off putting. I personally find it intriguing at how the mc develops his own convictions for killing and responsibilities. This is by far on another level of ingenious compared to other generic monster mc fanfics.  A few problems here and there, but is approaching the level of becoming a really epic fantasy story. The entertainment level is just too great to pass up and there is actual depth in the make-up of this story. Maybe give this story a try and if you like it, support the author for his hard work.