The Iron Teeth: A Goblin's Tale

by ClearMadness

A new, darker age is dawning. The greed of kings has ignited a seemingly endless war. As men fight, the monsters of the untamed wilds are devouring the frontier. Villages are abandoned as fields go fallow. Murderous bandits roam the desolation. 

None of that matters to a nameless goblin slave. He just wants to eat as much food as he can shove into his mouth when no one is looking, but fate runs a twisted course, so instead he is whisked away to the far off Iron Teeth Mountains. To stay alive, he will have to evolve into something more than a simple goblin, and carve a bloody path through the forests of the North. 

However, first he has to get over his crippling fear of trees, and survive in a place where everything considers him to be the perfect size for a quick snack...

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Archduke Goblin

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: The Shattering of Ways ago
The Road North 1 ago
The Road North 2 ago
The Road North 3 ago
The Road North 4 ago
The Road North 5 ago
The Road North 6 ago
The Road North 7 ago
Interlude: Coins and Whispers ago
Honor Among Thieves 1 ago
Honor Among Thieves 2 ago
Honor Among Thieves 3 ago
Honor Among Thieves 4 ago
Honor Among Thieves 5 ago
Honor Among Thieves 6 ago
Honor Among Thieves 7 ago
Honor Among Thieves 8 ago
Honor Among Thieves 9 ago
Honor Among Thieves 10 ago
Interlude: Ember in Ashes ago
Written in Blood 1 ago
Written in Blood 2 ago
Written in Blood 3 ago
Written in Blood 4 ago
Written in Blood 5 ago
Written in Blood 6 ago
Written in Blood 7 ago
Written in Blood 8 ago
Written in Blood 9 ago
Written in Blood 10 ago
Interlude: The Doom of Couroulis ago
Journal Entry: Goblins & Hobgoblins ago
Playing With Fire 1 ago
Playing With Fire 2 ago
Playing With Fire 3 ago
Playing With Fire 4 ago
Playing With Fire 5 ago
Playing With Fire 6 ago
Playing With Fire 7 ago
Playing With Fire 8 ago
Interlude: Study and Reflection ago
Journal Entry: Harpies ago
Along Twisted Paths 1 ago
Along Twisted Paths 2 ago
Along Twisted Paths 3 ago
Along Twisted Paths 4 ago
Along Twisted Paths 5 ago
Along Twisted Paths 6 ago
Along Twisted Paths 7 ago
Interlude: For Love and Duty ago
Den of Beasts 1 ago
Den of Beasts 2 ago
Den of Beasts 3 ago
Den of Beasts 4 ago
Den of Beasts 5 ago
Den of Beasts 6 ago
Den of Beasts 7 ago
Den of Beasts 8 ago
Den of Beasts 9 ago
Interlude: Depths of Despair ago
Journal Entry: Crystals and Mutations ago
A Tradesman’s Tools 1 ago
A Tradesman’s Tools 2 ago
A Tradesman’s Tools 3 ago
A Tradesman’s Tools 4 ago
A Tradesman’s Tools 5 ago
A Tradesman’s Tools 6 ago
A Tradesman’s Tools 7 ago
A Tradesman’s Tools 8 ago
A Tradesman’s Tools 9 ago
A Tradesman’s Tools 10 ago
Interlude: The Light of Faith 1 ago
Interlude: The Light of Faith 2 ago
Queen of Swords 1 ago
Queen of Swords 2 ago
Queen of Swords 3 ago
Queen of Swords 4 ago
Queen of Swords 5 ago
Queen of Swords 6 ago
Queen of Swords 7 ago
Queen of Swords 8 ago
Queen of Swords 9 ago
Queen of Swords 10 ago
Queen of Swords 11 ago
Queen of Swords 12 ago
Queen of Swords 13 ago
Queen of Swords 14 ago
Queen of Swords 15 ago
Queen of Swords 16 ago
Queen of Swords 17 ago
Epilogue: The Flow of Shadows ago
Prologue: Rooting in Broken Earth ago
Explanation of Current Events ago
Rolling the Dice 1 ago
Rolling the Dice 2 ago
Rolling the Dice 3 ago
Rolling The Dice 4 ago
Rolling the Dice 5 ago
Rolling the Dice 6 ago
Rolling The Dice 7 ago
Rolling The Dice 8 ago
Interlude: The Working of Magics ago
Comes the Wolf 1 ago
Comes the Wolf 2 ago
Comes the Wolf 3 ago
Comes the Wolf 4 ago
Comes the Wolf 5 ago
Comes the Wolf 6 ago
Comes the Wolf 7 ago
Comes the Wolf 8 ago
Comes the Wolf 9 ago
Interlude: A Perfect Victory ago
Into the Green 1 ago
Into the Green 2 ago
Into the Green 3 ago
Into the Green 4 ago
Into the Green 5 ago
Into the Green 6 ago
Into the Green 7 ago
Into the Green 8 ago
Into the Green 9 ago
Into the Green 10 ago
Interlude: Getting What You Want ago
Hearts and Homes 1 ago
Hearts and Homes 2 ago
Hearts and Homes 3 ago
Hearts and Homes 4 ago
Hearts and Homes 5 ago
Hearts and Homes 6 ago
Hearts and Homes 7 ago
Hearts and Homes 8 ago
Hearts and Homes 9 ago
Book One is now out on Amazon! ago
Hearts and Homes 10 ago
Interlude: Stuck in a Rut ago
It Echoes Onward 1 ago
It Echoes Onward 2 ago
It Echoes Onward 3 ago
It Echoes Onward 4 ago
It Echoes Onward 5 ago
It Echoes Onward 6 ago
It Echoes Onward 7 ago
It Echoes Onward 8 ago
It Echoes Onward 9 ago
It Echoes Onward 10 ago
Interlude: No Favorites Among Men ago
Out of Darkness 1 ago
Out of Darkness 2 ago
Out of Darkness 3 ago
Out of Darkness 4 ago
Out of Darkness 5 ago
Out of Darkness 6 ago
Out of Darkness 7 ago
Out of Darkness 8 ago
Out of Darkness 9 ago
Out of Darkness 10 ago
Interlude: The Hoarding of Power ago
A Familiar Fate 1 ago
A Familiar Fate 2 ago
A Familiar Fate 3 ago
A Familiar Fate 4 ago
A Familiar Fate 5 ago
A Familiar Fate 6 ago
A Familiar Fate 7 ago
A Familiar Fate 8 ago
A Familiar Fate 9 ago
Interlude: Biting the Wolf ago
The Noble Thirst 1 ago
The Noble Thirst 2 ago
The Noble Thirst 3 ago
The Noble Thirst 4 ago
The Noble Thirst 5 ago
The Noble Thirst 6 ago
Interlude: A Singular Purpose ago
To Forgotten Places 1 ago
To Forgotten Places 2 ago
To Forgotten Places 3 ago
To Forgotten Places 4 ago
To Forgotten Places 5 ago
To Forgotten Places 6 ago
To Forgotten Places 7 ago
To Forgotten Places 8 ago
To Forgotten Places 9 ago
To Forgotten Places 10 ago
Interlude; Finding the Flames ago
Will of Iron 1 ago
Will of Iron 2 ago
Will of Iron 3 ago
Will of Iron 4 ago
Will of Iron 5 ago
Will of Iron 6 ago
Will of Iron 7 ago
Will of Iron 8 ago
Will of Iron 9 ago
Will of Iron 10 ago
Will of Iron 11 ago
Will of Iron 12 ago
Will of Iron 13 ago
Interlude: Breathe of Life ago
On Winter's Wings 1 ago
On Winter's Wings 2 ago
On Winter's Wings 3 ago
On Winter's Wings 4 ago
On Winter's Wings 5 ago
Book 3 Available Now and Book 1 Sale ago
On Winter’s Wings 6 ago
On Winter’s Wings 7 ago
On Winter’s Wings 8 ago
On Winter's Wings 9 ago
On Winter's Wings 10 ago
On Winter's Wings 11 ago
Interlude: The Quiet Life ago
Under the White 1 ago
Under the White 2 ago
Under the White 3 ago
Under the White 4 ago
Under the White 5 ago
Under the White 6 ago
Under the White 7 ago
Interlude: The Long Wait Ends ago
Twists and Turns 1 ago
Twists and Turns 2 ago
Twists and Turns 3 ago
Twists and Turns 4 ago
Twists and Turns 5 ago
Twists and Turns 6 ago
Twists and Turns 7 ago
Twists and Turns 8 ago
Twists and Turns 9 ago
Twists and Turns 10 ago
Interlude: Where It All Began ago
Bane of Humanity 1 ago
Bane of Humanity 2 ago
Bane of Humanity 3 ago
Bane of Humanity 4 ago
Bane of Humanity 5 ago
Bane of Humanity 6 ago
Bane of Humanity 7 ago
Bane of Humanity 8 ago
Bane of Humanity 9 ago
Bane of Humanity 10 ago
Bane of Humanity 11 ago
Bane of Humanity 12 ago
Worldshift Beta Reading and Discord ago
Bane of Humanity 13 ago
Bane of Humanity 14 ago
Bane of Humanity 15 ago
Bane of Humanity 16 ago
Bane of Humanity 17 ago
Epilogue: A New Age ago
The Good and Bad News ago
New Book Release, Worldshift: Virtual Revolution ago

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Finally an actual story and not some generic self fulfulment power fantasy

This is one of the few stories on this website that is actually unique— no generic power up arc to make the protagonist insta-OP after the first few chapters so he can go build a harem just because. I can tell you put in a lot of effort building the world and magic system, especially the lore surrounding mutants.

The way you describe the world from a Blacknail's point of view is also very refreshing, and really helps to give the readers a sense of how a goblin perceives the world. The way you make use of Blacknail's point of view to give reasoning behind his actions or create comical misunderstandings really makes the world feel organic and real.


Keep up the good work!


This story represents all that stories in royalroad has been missing.  An actual plot. The author makes an actual world that entraps readers. If your looking for a satisfying story and not just an overpowered MC's tales of nothing, look here


Different than the usual

No system notice, no op main character, no handsome bi-shounen leader that can get his way thru everything...

This my friends is a story that you would read when you open a book. NOW NOW don't be scared! 

I am not gonna share what the story is about. But i will say that it will be a story where you can live thru the eyes of goblin in realistic world of magic..  and what are goblins? dum ? yes! Weak? yes! etc etc in short the main character will not suddenly become death incarnate.

Update: i kinda dropped it a year ago because the author was fucking with the time line... and redconning and didn't give clear instruction on which chapters i should have reread ... the site also didn't have a ToC, short story i was confused as hell.... 


One of the top three novels on this site

TL DR: While often slow-moving compared to some of the pulp on RRL, this is a very well written story with complex characters, a thorough cosmology and enough grimdark to make it serious. Absolutely must read.


I've been reading this for a long time now. It's one of my favorites on the site, and that will bias my review to a degree, so I want that to be understood up front.

Five stars? Really? Is this really a five star story?

Fuck yes it is. Compared to the rest of the shit on this site, it's probably a seven or eight, but even compared to professionally published fantasy from some of the genre's mainstays, this is a work the author should be immensely proud of. The story is winding, but navigable, with epicycles of side-plot that bring out different characters with different motivations and new situations for our antihero to survive.

Yeah, antihero. Not like Deadpool or Jaime Lannister - a dude who's actual bad news and happens to work toward the greater good most of the time as a result of his actions rather than as an end-goal of his actions.

Blacknail is supremely selfish, and would be unlikable in most stories if it weren't for how well-crafted his persona turns out to be at every new juncture. He's terrified of things and also courageous; strong as hell but desperately weak; a peerless murderer but constantly in mortal danger.

Is the author going to kill him off? No. Do you always feel the safety of that narrative armor? No. The author is able to make him vulnerable within the understanding that it's Blacknail's story and he's not going to nope on out of it any time in the near future.

But man, just...there are so many things that the author is doing right here compared to most.

The scope of this journey is immense, but it comes across as meticulously planned-for. The narrative doesn't drag because of its length, but rather slithers all the faster with the added bulk. Six hojillion pages in and we're still, as readers, wary of the Green and desperate to know more about its dangerous and elusive denizens. The way the writer has crafted his world is top-notch, especially in this regard, allowing us to feel an omnipresent tension even as we tread familiar paths.

Monsters are monstrous. Magic is mysterious. There's a fragility to individual lives that is put on display again and again as people and goblins are hacked to bits. Characters never hit the escape velocity of being overpowered, as it's made painfully clear that there are creatures and beings in this world that will turn you into paste regardless of how big you think you are.

If you like Savage Divinity for its humor and tight writing, you'll like this. If you like The Wandering Inn for its rounded characters and ability to carry an incredibly intricate plot along a nigh-infinite path without degrading the content, you'll like this. If you enjoy well-written, traditional fantasy a la Greenwood, Salvatore, or Weiss, you will enjoy The Iron Teeth.

Read it. It's good. It's long. It's active.

Blacknail best boy.


One of my all time favorites. I love the setting and the characters. I do hope Herad gets more sides to her personality. I don't know if this is just a coincidence but the story reminds me of Dragon's Dogma(DD Dark Arisen). Just a question, but will he evolve into an ogre or another variant later?


This. This story. Read it.

Now this, ladies and gents, is a story. And what a story it is. It may be a slowish start. But that slow start gives you a strong sense of the characters in this grand tale. You'll be doing yourself a disservice by not reading this. It feels realistic, and the grammar is a step above most other novels. 


good writing , interesting story and lovable character ? YES SIR !

the title says it , but I'm gonna try expending here a little. The story is a non typical RRL story , meaning it doesn't include ( for now ? ) any reincarnation or VR setting. I have to admit it goes a little slow ( comparing the length and the story covered , what takes 7 chapters here would usually take 1 or 2 chapters on most other RRL fictions ) but the quality of the story and writing ( this near perfect writing is so enjoyable to read when you're used to RRL *_* ) makes up for it by a large margin. The Main character is atypical but you will still find yourself swept in his rythme. 

I'm holding myself away from a real " advanced review " for now because I really feel that the story has much more to give than it has right now , and I don't feel comfortable reviewing something that's obviously still in the starting blocks. 

Until then , get my follow and I hope the story gets the hype it should


fresh and realistic!

keep up the good work! finally some realistic plot with less luck involved gt some logic for every action and a backstory to explain things that happened without needing the author to describe them in words.. honestly im tired of all the stories in RR claiming to be realistic and logical when after. 10 or so chapter start getting way too many luck and well... i just cant stand lucky idiots who think they owned the world or is the strongest thing around. blacknail think he is the strongest but with the goblin background and all the backstory its believeble. good job dude honestly take your time, i personally will enjoy more of a chapter that has content and well not rushly made. no need for schedule, writer's block is normal. good job anyhow and gluck


Something fresh and very satisfying

This is an awesome story. The MC is easy to understand and relate, as well as the rest of the characters.
The story is slow paced but thanks to that we get more character development. There are no
RPG elements, no (chosen one) crap. Just a good story with a good protagonist. I am really hooked up
and can't wait for more chapters, its just gets better and better :)
It's a must read and I recommend it to everyone.


Just finished all chapters so far and I keep finding the story very original and interesting. The characters and specially Blacknail are very well carved, they have personality, their own thoughts and wishes making it fun to learn more about them and how they develop around the story as a whole and with the other characters.


I highly recommend reading it, mainly because it doesnt have the typical structure as mostly all stories. There are unique classes, even the commonly used mage has his own unique touch to it regarding magic, and the vessels, are like supersoldiers that depend on a magical drink to boost themselves; Heck, even the mosnters are quite unique and different from the standard (besides the goblin so far).


Lastly, I tip my hat to you "Clear Madness" for an amazing time reading the story.