The Iron Teeth: A Goblin's Tale

by ClearMadness

Original ONGOING Adventure Comedy Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead Grimdark Magic Male Lead Non-Human lead

A new, darker age is dawning. The greed of kings has ignited a seemingly endless war. As men fight, the monsters of the untamed wilds are devouring the frontier. Villages are abandoned as fields go fallow. Murderous bandits roam the desolation. 

None of that matters to a nameless goblin slave. He just wants to eat as much food as he can shove into his mouth when no one is looking, but fate runs a twisted course, so instead he is whisked away to the far off Iron Teeth Mountains. To stay alive, he will have to evolve into something more than a simple goblin, and carve a bloody path through the forests of the North. 

However, first he has to get over his crippling fear of trees, and survive in a place where everything considers him to be the perfect size for a quick snack...

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: The Shattering of Ways ago
The Road North 1 ago
The Road North 2 ago
The Road North 3 ago
The Road North 4 ago
The Road North 5 ago
The Road North 6 ago
The Road North 7 ago
Interlude: Coins and Whispers ago
Honor Among Thieves 1 ago
Honor Among Thieves 2 ago
Honor Among Thieves 3 ago
Honor Among Thieves 4 ago
Honor Among Thieves 5 ago
Honor Among Thieves 6 ago
Honor Among Thieves 7 ago
Honor Among Thieves 8 ago
Honor Among Thieves 9 ago
Honor Among Thieves 10 ago
Interlude: Ember in Ashes ago
Written in Blood 1 ago
Written in Blood 2 ago
Written in Blood 3 ago
Written in Blood 4 ago
Written in Blood 5 ago
Written in Blood 6 ago
Written in Blood 7 ago
Written in Blood 8 ago
Written in Blood 9 ago
Written in Blood 10 ago
Interlude: The Doom of Couroulis ago
Journal Entry: Goblins & Hobgoblins ago
Playing With Fire 1 ago
Playing With Fire 2 ago
Playing With Fire 3 ago
Playing With Fire 4 ago
Playing With Fire 5 ago
Playing With Fire 6 ago
Playing With Fire 7 ago
Playing With Fire 8 ago
Interlude: Study and Reflection ago
Journal Entry: Harpies ago
Along Twisted Paths 1 ago
Along Twisted Paths 2 ago
Along Twisted Paths 3 ago
Along Twisted Paths 4 ago
Along Twisted Paths 5 ago
Along Twisted Paths 6 ago
Along Twisted Paths 7 ago
Interlude: For Love and Duty ago
Den of Beasts 1 ago
Den of Beasts 2 ago
Den of Beasts 3 ago
Den of Beasts 4 ago
Den of Beasts 5 ago
Den of Beasts 6 ago
Den of Beasts 7 ago
Den of Beasts 8 ago
Den of Beasts 9 ago
Interlude: Depths of Despair ago
Journal Entry: Crystals and Mutations ago
A Tradesman’s Tools 1 ago
A Tradesman’s Tools 2 ago
A Tradesman’s Tools 3 ago
A Tradesman’s Tools 4 ago
A Tradesman’s Tools 5 ago
A Tradesman’s Tools 6 ago
A Tradesman’s Tools 7 ago
A Tradesman’s Tools 8 ago
A Tradesman’s Tools 9 ago
A Tradesman’s Tools 10 ago
Interlude: The Light of Faith 1 ago
Interlude: The Light of Faith 2 ago
Queen of Swords 1 ago
Queen of Swords 2 ago
Queen of Swords 3 ago
Queen of Swords 4 ago
Queen of Swords 5 ago
Queen of Swords 6 ago
Queen of Swords 7 ago
Queen of Swords 8 ago
Queen of Swords 9 ago
Queen of Swords 10 ago
Queen of Swords 11 ago
Queen of Swords 12 ago
Queen of Swords 13 ago
Queen of Swords 14 ago
Queen of Swords 15 ago
Queen of Swords 16 ago
Queen of Swords 17 ago
Epilogue: The Flow of Shadows ago
Prologue: Rooting in Broken Earth ago
Explanation of Current Events ago
Rolling the Dice 1 ago
Rolling the Dice 2 ago
Rolling the Dice 3 ago
Rolling The Dice 4 ago
Rolling the Dice 5 ago
Rolling the Dice 6 ago
Rolling The Dice 7 ago
Rolling The Dice 8 ago
Interlude: The Working of Magics ago
Comes the Wolf 1 ago
Comes the Wolf 2 ago
Comes the Wolf 3 ago
Comes the Wolf 4 ago
Comes the Wolf 5 ago
Comes the Wolf 6 ago
Comes the Wolf 7 ago
Comes the Wolf 8 ago
Comes the Wolf 9 ago
Interlude: A Perfect Victory ago
Into the Green 1 ago
Into the Green 2 ago
Into the Green 3 ago
Into the Green 4 ago
Into the Green 5 ago
Into the Green 6 ago
Into the Green 7 ago
Into the Green 8 ago
Into the Green 9 ago
Into the Green 10 ago
Interlude: Getting What You Want ago
Hearts and Homes 1 ago
Hearts and Homes 2 ago
Hearts and Homes 3 ago
Hearts and Homes 4 ago
Hearts and Homes 5 ago
Hearts and Homes 6 ago
Hearts and Homes 7 ago
Hearts and Homes 8 ago
Hearts and Homes 9 ago
Book One is now out on Amazon! ago
Hearts and Homes 10 ago
Interlude: Stuck in a Rut ago
It Echoes Onward 1 ago
It Echoes Onward 2 ago
It Echoes Onward 3 ago
It Echoes Onward 4 ago
It Echoes Onward 5 ago
It Echoes Onward 6 ago
It Echoes Onward 7 ago
It Echoes Onward 8 ago
It Echoes Onward 9 ago
It Echoes Onward 10 ago
Interlude: No Favorites Among Men ago
Out of Darkness 1 ago
Out of Darkness 2 ago
Out of Darkness 3 ago
Out of Darkness 4 ago
Out of Darkness 5 ago
Out of Darkness 6 ago
Out of Darkness 7 ago
Out of Darkness 8 ago
Out of Darkness 9 ago
Out of Darkness 10 ago
Interlude: The Hoarding of Power ago
A Familiar Fate 1 ago
A Familiar Fate 2 ago
A Familiar Fate 3 ago
A Familiar Fate 4 ago
A Familiar Fate 5 ago
A Familiar Fate 6 ago
A Familiar Fate 7 ago
A Familiar Fate 8 ago
A Familiar Fate 9 ago
Interlude: Biting the Wolf ago
The Noble Thirst 1 ago
The Noble Thirst 2 ago
The Noble Thirst 3 ago
The Noble Thirst 4 ago
The Noble Thirst 5 ago
The Noble Thirst 6 ago
Interlude: A Singular Purpose ago
To Forgotten Places 1 ago
To Forgotten Places 2 ago
To Forgotten Places 3 ago
To Forgotten Places 4 ago
To Forgotten Places 5 ago
To Forgotten Places 6 ago
To Forgotten Places 7 ago
To Forgotten Places 8 ago
To Forgotten Places 9 ago
To Forgotten Places 10 ago
Interlude; Finding the Flames ago
Will of Iron 1 ago
Will of Iron 2 ago
Will of Iron 3 ago
Will of Iron 4 ago
Will of Iron 5 ago
Will of Iron 6 ago
Will of Iron 7 ago
Will of Iron 8 ago
Will of Iron 9 ago
Will of Iron 10 ago
Will of Iron 11 ago
Will of Iron 12 ago
Will of Iron 13 ago
Interlude: Breathe of Life ago
On Winter's Wings 1 ago
On Winter's Wings 2 ago
On Winter's Wings 3 ago
On Winter's Wings 4 ago
On Winter's Wings 5 ago
Book 3 Available Now and Book 1 Sale ago
On Winter’s Wings 6 ago
On Winter’s Wings 7 ago
On Winter’s Wings 8 ago
On Winter's Wings 9 ago
On Winter's Wings 10 ago
On Winter's Wings 11 ago
Interlude: The Quiet Life ago
Under the White 1 ago
Under the White 2 ago
Under the White 3 ago
Under the White 4 ago
Under the White 5 ago
Under the White 6 ago
Under the White 7 ago
Interlude: The Long Wait Ends ago
Twists and Turns 1 ago
Twists and Turns 2 ago
Twists and Turns 3 ago
Twists and Turns 4 ago
Twists and Turns 5 ago
Twists and Turns 6 ago
Twists and Turns 7 ago
Twists and Turns 8 ago
Twists and Turns 9 ago
Twists and Turns 10 ago
Interlude: Where It All Began ago
Bane of Humanity 1 ago
Bane of Humanity 2 ago
Bane of Humanity 3 ago
Bane of Humanity 4 ago
Bane of Humanity 5 ago
Bane of Humanity 6 ago
Bane of Humanity 7 ago
Bane of Humanity 8 ago
Bane of Humanity 9 ago
Bane of Humanity 10 ago
Bane of Humanity 11 ago
Bane of Humanity 12 ago
Worldshift Beta Reading and Discord ago
Bane of Humanity 13 ago
Bane of Humanity 14 ago

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  • Overall Score

I never so much author intent before.. Yes I sound comical but the prologue was written with so much imagination that I got goose bumps the moment I start reading it. I never felt so much desperation of the writers as much as this novel. I have nothing more to say. Carry On!

  • Overall Score

love this story, hope to see more soon :) wish i could throw some money at you but im having enough trouble with money at the moment. 

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Best story ever. Besides everybody loves large chests.

Both feature non-human main characters and an different view on humanity, which is nice. 

It's an hard decision but in the end Mr Morningwood wins.

I like the randomness more

  • Overall Score

This is probably one of the most well written and told stories on the site. It is descriptive and believable. However, the one thing that I love the most in this story, is the confidence. The Author believes in their creation here and you can feel it when you read it. There isn't a need for a crap ton of fanservice, the Author is a strong writer and the work is immersive. 

I must say, the Author handles the relationships and progression of the characters extremely well, no one named character lacks a persona. I am glad I found this story.

  • Overall Score

One of the better books on this site

 Pretty decent book but I feel the characters are too two-dimensional. Also I feel the plot itself is not really sure at times where it is going. Nevertheless one of the better books I've seen on this site.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Amazing Story! The main character is developed really well and is very likable. There is a few grammatical errors in the beginning, but this improves in later chapters. Definitely very different from your usual fantasy story. 

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Very good story, minor grammatical errors

I enjoy the story so far, I think I'm probably about half way through the current number of chapters. Only thing I'd like to see is a bit more moral development in Blacknail's character, I don't mind a darker character that will happily kill their enemies, but I prefer the characters have some morallity when it comes to their interactions with other people/creatures.

  • Overall Score

One of the best I've ever read

This novel will keep you up at night wanting to read more, sure it has parts with slow development but it will all click together like gears that will make the story more interesting.

Since I've catched up with the release it keeps me wanting more every chapter.

I will keep this review short so overall it is very interesting and fun to read.

Luke Skywalke
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score


I tend to measure the quality of a writer's style by how often I stop in the middle of reading to do something else, like drinking or grabbing something to eat. Honestly, I've almost never done it in the middle of a chapter of Iron Teeth. The writing is smooth and it gets you absorped in the story before you notice it. There is rarely a peculiar sentence or a weird statement that pulls you out of the story. These are the reasons this story deserves a 5 star for Style.



The quality of grammar is top notch. I don't remember the last mistake I read in the novel. I think that I've only found one or two in the whole story. The editing seems professional which helps the writing style shine even further. Five stars because nobody is perfect. A couple of mistakes are nothing compared to some garbage writing out there.



The story is slow at the beginning, but it rises to the expectations the deeper you go in. This is the kind of story where the journey matters more than the destination. Although it might seem aimless if you glance over it, the story is actually entertaining and there is always progress.

The only downside might be the lack of purpose which, only sometimes, affects the reading experience. For example, lately the mc has been aiming for revenge. That's all... He's been ignoring what he's built, which isn't normal even if he's part-foolish. Every species likes power to a certain extent. And Blacksnail is more human than any other one of his species. So it was to be expected for him to aim at expanding his power instead of whining about the expanding number of subordinates.

The vendetta part of the story isn't enough drive for a main character to entertain us, I think. At least for me, the town building part was more important than seeking vengeance. Perhaps it's because I enjoy Kingdom Building, but I just believe that the vengeance part was leading us around for no good reason, specially that it ends up achieving nothing after all of his plans.




If I had to choose the least likeable thing about the story, it would be the character building of some side characters.

The Wolf - This man is supposed to be a profound antagonist who is charismatic and clever...etc. Everyone of his subordinates believes in him, but we never see why. It's just shown to us through the dialogue. Considering that the author doesn't mind shifting the POV to non-mc characters, I think he should have shown us The Wolf's actions or demeanor in more detail, otherwise his charisma is just makebelieve for me. Of course, if the story had been more of an only mc POV, I would have had the patience to wait for him to interact with the antagonist more. It would have been acceptable that we don't know much about The Wolf.

Herad - Bully-slash-chief-slash-idiot. Honestly, one of the dumbest characters I've read. I don't know if the author meant for her to be that way? But if she was that dumb, she would have never succeeded in her initial plans or building a successful bandit group. She never listens to logic, and she arrogant beyond belief. She lost because of it, yes. I don't know if the author has been building it up for her to die because of her stupidity. But one thing is for sure, if she was always that stupid, then she would have probably died much earlier. She's a vessel(superhuman of sorts), but she isn't unkillable. A simple mutiny in her ranks could have killed her. Or perhaps she would have been wiped out by a merchant's forces because she was stupid and arrogant enough to think they were weak. Actually there is an occasion that proves this. The time they captured the mc from a convoy of a Mage's Guild, that could have killed her. Especially if there had been more enemies, or more mages. I don't know how she avoided all that, or why someone like Saeter would follow such a moron.



The story is decent and worth reading. You ask me "do I read this?". I say "YES. Don't miss it."

4.5 stars, not 5 because of character issues and 'some' purposelessness.


World building decent so far for those who care about it. I do, btw.

  • Overall Score

Suddenly had an urge to rate the story.

Its good if you keep reading.



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