Alright, I’ve finally gotten this entire novel written, edited, and prepared for beta reading. Writing a book takes a long time. Who knew? Here's the plot summary of Worldshift: Virtual Revolution.


Society has grown rich thanks to automation and technology. As a result, jobs are scarce, but its easy for society to provide its people with all their basic needs. Strict proscriptions on research and development prevent disruption, while the government tightly controls commerce with the help of the mega corporations to prevent economic disharmony.

Ethan is young and unemployed. One of the many who fail to find a job and join the elite. Nonetheless, he lives a secure life thanks to the economic support he gets, and he finds excitement playing virtual reality games where he can take risks and lash out.

However, despite his security and determination to avoid what’s happening around him in the real world, he can’t help but feel that something is wrong with society. That feeling becomes inescapable when he starts playing the latest event in the world’s most popular game, Worldshift. Thousands of players are lured into climbing the Tower of Ascension by an incredible prize, where they team-up and battle amongst themselves, but nothing is as it seems. The tower is far more than a game. Not only are its rewards real, but so are its dangers.

Change is coming to a long stagnant world -a virtual revolution- and everything Ethan knows will be threatened.



Writing Worldshift was an experiment and an exercise to improve my writing craft. It’s a combination of a more traditional sci-fi and litrpg. I wanted a chance to write a contained story with a obvious beginning and end that was a single book in length. I also wanted the chance to really edit it several times before it was released, which you can’t do with a web serial. The end product is very different from The Iron Teeth, but I hope people like it. At over 160000 words it’s not short.

I believe that writing Worldshift made me a better writer though. Among other things, it allowed me to focus on how to craft interesting characters that feel more real and have contained arcs.

The beta draft of the novel is available to VIP tier users at Patreon if you’re interested in taking part in the beta reading. I’ve set up a discord server so that beta readers can discuss the novel.

If you’re not interested in that, then you can still head over to the discord to chat with people about my work. There are several channels where you can discuss different things. After the beta reading is done and I've done another round of editing, I plan on making this novel availible on Amazon.

Thanks for reading!


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Bio: Not actually a goblin.

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Drakannon @Drakannon ago

This is not a chapter. I think I am going to cry in my corner for a bit.

no168_92 @no168_92 ago

so it'll never be released to free readers? ok....

Victor DoUrden @Victor DoUrden ago


Hmmm... this is quite the weird chapter...


disagreement @disagreement ago

I think its interesting. The plot seems like how I imagine the future would be. But I am concerned if this is another doom and gloom story, that blames technology for everything.


Also ignore the cheap fucks that complain you are not releasing this for free. Its your work , you have the right to decided how you want to be paid for it.  I already think you are being generious enough to give us accesss to this story for free. 

The Totalitarian Cheesecake @The Totalitarian Cheesecake ago

I don’t get why everyone gets annoyed when authors announce they’re releasing paid content. Like it’s not as if you have a right to get free content from authors and therefore can get mad when they don’t give you free shit. This is literally his job and he needs to eat somehow.

Pale imitation @Pale imitation ago

Your bio denies it but how can we be sure that you are not actually a goblin? Your understanding of gobos clearly shows inside knowledge of their culture. Maybe you are half gobo and half goat? Now the only question is wether your mom is a goat or a goblin.

I am also worried that if we give you money, your writing will no longer be clear nor mad. A starving artist creates their best work when they are hungry. Just look at the mountains of famous dead writers and compare them to the handfulls of live ones.

Kiriaru @Kiriaru ago

Happy for you man, and congratulations on improving your craft and writing on your own like this.

mafiapl @mafiapl ago

I am confused. How is this related to The Iron Teeth?


Florean Fortescue @Florean Fortescue ago

Blacknail was really shining in this chapter.

SunderGoldMane @SunderGoldMane ago

Wow this is one step away from being to real to read. Automation and AI are slated to take my job in 10years time and the government doesn’t have a solution to this imminent social doom for me and literally half of American workers. Not even sorry for sounding political but your premise was just hitting close to home with the fact that an ideal world would look after its citizens if AI and automation became real but right now it’s not.

(side note Andrew Yang for 2020 President.)

    MADAO is life @MADAO is life ago

    Skynet or the Matrix, which would be worse?

      SunderGoldMane @SunderGoldMane ago

      The matrix would be heaven at the cost of ignorance and the terminator is unfeasible. What we are on track for is something more like the movie Elysium starting matt Damon. We got people with net worth in the billions in charge of companies that pay 0 taxes to the country or state. While also paying people to figure out how to pay their employees less and spend less on benefits.

      MADAO is life @MADAO is life ago

      Andrew Yang's policies are going to strangle the middle class and set a baseline for the lower class, all 1% remain at the top. Where do you suppose he is going to get the money for his Freedom dividend... The middle class. This is the real way the gap between the lower class and upper class is going to be solidified. Over time they will increase the 1000 to 1200 then 1500, but its not going to match skyrocketing prices, interest rates, and cost of living. The amount of money we make has matched inflation fairly well for the past 25 years, but it hasnt been able to match tax and price increases from the past 25 years. Why do you suppose taxes have and prices have increased?

      SunderGoldMane @SunderGoldMane ago

      I realize I started this by posting my piece on current politics but it is something I feel passionate about and personally will have an affect on me, however I’d love to hear further arguments from you in a pm if you have anything to add.

      the last 25 years have one big difference compared to now, and that is the onset of technology, it changes any previous data relating to UBI and “socialist” policies drastically such that we cannot actually draw comparison except in areas of similar technological advances and worker displacement. One recent example is the loss of manufacturing jobs and the closing of mines under the previous presidents administration and how it has affected the societies in question and how effective the government has been at taking our money and converting into worker retraining and assurance programs.

      Forgoing other examples the bottom line is that it is ignorance to think that we do not already pay 3trillion a year on the backend and in red tape. The sticking point is we the citizens never see tangible results. The government gives money to the rich, to the institutions, to its senior citizens, and to its private big businesses. Why are the personally rich and the big businesses entitled to money from the government under the label of subsidizing and the citizens are told to die and carry an artificially created debt. It used to be the American dream to work hard and give your kids a shot at making it farther than you, but now we work hard and watch our kids get saddled with a debt certificate and training for a job that will not last them more than a generation. The last time technology took this kind of leap on and industrial level we had mass violence and riots, it absolutely will happen again

      as a little end note I’m only beginning to finally pay attention to politics and would love to hear your negative points on why you shouldn’t get an extra 12k a year for being an American citizen, please send me a pm!

      MADAO is life @MADAO is life ago

      12k sounds great, but the real price of that 12k is going the devaluing the dollar and drive up prices. The only way that everyone gets 12k is if they print it, tax it, or borrow it, Inflation happens no matter how far technology advances. The ratio for cost of living has far surpassed the value of real wages since the great depression, its only going to get higher. The amount of money they will need will far outweigh the couple % the government manages to wrest away from the obscenely wealthy. Your money will be worth even less and things are going to cost alot more, dont forget that the government already spends way over budget and our country has a massive debt. The government already used the money people have been putting on social security, people forget that the government closed down in 2013 due to budget spending and Obamacare (they furloughed around 40% of government employees). Think about what happens when there is no middle class and almost everyone needs that 12k just to get by, its a good way to build a system if dependency. Why wont he lower taxes instead of giving people money? So he can give you 12k and tax half of it back into the government's pocket, they are the real winners here.