The ruins stretched on as far as the eye could see. A once mighty city that had been brought low some time ago. Broken buildings lay alongside shattered streets and fallen towers. Plants and bushes grew wild and thick among the ruins. Bits of snow still also clung to ground in the shadows, although most it had long since melted in the sunlight. The air here was heavy and cold though, eerily so.

It was also silent. There was no twittering birdsong or other animal sounds. There was no hint of human activity either. Although some buildings looked intact, there was no laughter or clatter of industry. All was unnaturally silent.

Then, a sound like a mighty wind echoing through a canyon reverberated through the ruins, blowing swirls of dust and rustling the leaves of the scraggly trees growing through the stone, as it bellowed out from the remains of a fort-like building near the center of the city. There, a huge gaping hole had been torn though one of its thick stone walls that was large enough for an ogre to walk through.

Only a little light from the dim sun up in the sky managed to find its way inside the building, so it was dark and shadowy within. However, as another rasping breath echoed out, there was movement from inside as something massive stirred.

A single eye flickered open in the darkness. The size of a human head, it glowed as it reflected the remnants of light from outside. Lethargically, the slited pupil at the center of the eye swerved to take in its surroundings as if the creature it belonged to had just woken from a long sleep.

Rubble began to shift and clatter as the beast rose to its feet, and there was a flash of grey scales as they caught the light. The massive drake growled loudly enough for the air to tremble as it stepped outside into the ruins of the once grand city. Rows of jagged crystals ran down its back, marking it as a child of magic and something far more than most of its lesser kin. As the humongous beast surveyed its devastated domain, its belly rumbled like a storm that was about to break. Feeling the pain of hunger, it hissed in annoyance and unleashed a small burst of magic. Immediately, the crystals on its back glowed faintly and a wave of cold washed forth. The air crackled as all the moisture in it froze and white frost crept across all the nearby weathered stone. Its frustration vented, the great beast began to walk down the street in search of the sustenance it craved.

The world watched in terrified silence. For the greatest enemy of man, the true tyrant of the North, the Doom of Coroulis had awoken and it was time for him to hunt.


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ClearMadness @ClearMadness ago

A short interlude this week. Its the scene I wanted to write and didn't feel that making it longer would add anything.

Flammenwerfer @Flammenwerfer ago

Damn, humans just can't catch a break in this story....

    Dj @Dj ago

    Right there up against a army of bugs (can't thing of how there spelled so I'll call them bugs) an fucken zombie apocalypse and now a giant magical Drake but not every things bad for the humans I mean the have and army of hobgoblins and the greatest most handsomeist leader there ever was

Ajax_flameborn @Ajax_flameborn ago

man, I hope blacknail partners up with that thing, would be great. all he needs to do is keep it fed with his enemies and treat it very nice. plus he could use his magic to disuade it from attacking him long enough to potentially start negotiations.

Drakannon @Drakannon ago

Will there ever be dragons?

Dragrath @Dragrath ago

The drake begins to move again huh... is it really worse than Ghouls to humanity I mean Ghouls will pursue humans incessently this guy just needs to be kept well fed and can't be everywhere at once. Still it has been more than hinted that its the strongest thing we have seen so far. Luckily it seems likely that a strategy of make sure it sees your enemy first and has its fill should be effective for the most part.

The one forseeable problem is the terretorial nature of beastial Mutants. Depending on how strong the Drakes instincts are and how and when blacknail and his allies encounter it will be important in determining how this all plays out. Best case senarios are it rampages in the Wolf's turf or better yet is drawn underground into Boggart land munching on a trail of tastey boggart bites.

Thanks for the chapter

mafiapl @mafiapl ago

At long last! A mount worthy of the great Blacknail. The treacherous horses will feel it's white breath.