Hello again readers! If you saw my last post then you're probably aware that book 3 of The Iron Teeth is now available at Amazon! The paperback will became available sometime later today.

Also, I'm planning on putting my first book, A Goblin's Tale on sale for 99c for a week or two, so look out for that. I've been told this is the thing to do now that I have three books out, and it will help new people find the series.

If you're interested in the ebooks, don't worry if you've already read the web serial. Buying the e-book will not only give you access to a revised and professionally edited version of the story that is worth rereading, but the book version also comes with several new chapters that form a new arc, The Suffering Souls. This new adventure takes place at the end of the book and is worth a read. It rounds out the story of Blacknail and several other characters, giving them some depth.

Purchasing and leaving a review is a also just a great way of supporting the author. Every purchase and review works makes my books more visible on Amazon, and helps other potential readers find my writing. If you haven't bought and reviewed the first and second books then please do that as well. Why not reread the revised and edited story right from the start?

So, please head over to Amazon and check out my books! Every purchase and review helps a lot. Thank you all. I look forward to putting out a lot more content for you.


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Bio: Not actually a goblin.

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