I just released my first ebook on Amazon. I have been talking about it forever without actually doing it, but now it is done. No take backs. I'm very nervous.

I've put a lot of effort into making this ebook worth buying. I hired and worked with a professional editor, and I went through a rather long process where I tried to commission the perfect cover. Even discounting the countless hours spent writing and editing, getting all this done was very expensive, especially since I had no idea what I was doing. None of it would have been possible without my lovable patrons. I am super in debt to all of you. Thank you so much.

If you enjoy my writing then please purchase this book. It helps me out way more than just putting a few bucks in my pocket. The more people buy the book on Amazon the more it will be advertised there. That means it will be easier for new people to find, and thus I will get more sales. A big boost from you guys will really help to get the sales ball rolling. Every purchase helps, like a lot.

The other important thing to do is to review the book on Amazon. Every single good review helps promote my ebook there. Reviews by verified purchasers are especially important, so if you buy the book please take a minute to review it. I will be ever so grateful to you. It really means a lot.

The Goblin's Tale chronicles the first book of the web serial. The story goes from the beginning of the serial to just before the characters set out for Daggerpoint. Some changes have been made to focus the plot and I have added some new scenes as well. Compared to the web serial the book is much more professional and streamlined. I think it is worth getting even if you have already read the web serial. It might just be time to reread the beginning of the story and remember all the things you missed. That sounds like fun to me. Wink

I chose the current price based on other novels. The Goblin's Tale is actually much longer than a lot of other books. It's over 120,000 words and its price reflects that.

You can also review the book on Goodreads. I plan on releasing a physical book eventually, but I'm very busy right now, so I don't have a time frame. I'm super busy getting all the stuff for this book launch done, and to top it off I will be moving soon. Its a good thing I own next to nothing.

Buy the book. Tongue


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Bio: Not actually a goblin.

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Raphael @Raphael ago

Gratz on getting it done madness =D

Kiriaru @Kiriaru ago

Lol, the one time it is a good thing to own next to nothing! Awesome job dude, if I can find the time and money. I will purchase your 1st e-book and review it. Thank you for all your hard work!

BradKingLida @BradKingLida ago

Amazon requires that works published with them are not posted elsewhere.
It's in the terms of service.


Skoonting @Skoonting ago

I hate being a dirtpoor student. Well, if I ever get the money to splurge on "unnecessary" things I'll buy it.

ThatOneGuy @ThatOneGuy ago

Congradulations great book, thanks for all your hard work!

Valin @Valin ago

Just bought the book and left a 5 star review keep up the good work 👍

johnlewisy @johnlewisy ago

Congratulations ClearMadness! Look forward to seeing more books in the future!

Majst0r @Majst0r ago

Congratulations! Purchased Amazon copy (half way through the book now) will post a review there and on Goodreads. Posted about the book being out on Facebook, as well. :)

Good luck!

Aunu @Aunu ago

Right now I just made a donation and I say a donation because to buy a book in kindle is not to buy a book, since it is protected by DRM and a book should last for a lifetime, not until amazon gets bored. I look forward to the paper version Wink.


And congratulations, is a great book worthy of bestsellers

Victor DoUrden @Victor DoUrden ago

Great cover but I was not aware goblins could turn their heads that far...