Clean Slate: Go-Getting Adventure

by Ganbara

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

For most of the world's history, it was believed to be impossible to circumnavigate. Somewhere in the deepest ends of the world's oceans, ships would seem to fall into oblivion, never to be seen again. This was what was once believed to be the edge of the world, and was given the title of The Edge. However, it wasn't the edge of the world. It was a new beginning.

Forty years ago, a merchant ship managed to break through The Edge and discover an unexplored continent of adventure on the other side, now known as the Edge Plateau. Since then, through colonization and revolution, a country has been established on that continent. The adventurer's country of Slate. A beacon calling adventurers to explore its expanses and claim glory in its rich, magical lands, many of which remain unexplored.

Ferne Laurel, a young adult woman who delivered newspapers for a press that reports adventurer's stories, finds her way to Slate, dreaming to strike it big as an adventurer whose antics and exploits are reported in newspapers around the world. She isn't particularly adept at anything, but she's full of an unmatched passion and a go-getting spirit that's determined to become a legendary adventurer. So she sets off to adventure in these unknown lands, where both camaraderie and hardship awaits her.

Author Notes:

My writing style is largely inspired from the immense amount of light novels I read, so it may come off as anime-y or  somewhat exaggerative at times. If that isn't your thing, I'd steer clear of this story.

Additionally, I'd like for the story to build-up to intense action and grand adventures, rather than start that way from the start. My goal is to chronicle the journey of Ferne, the main character, as she becomes an adventurer in a country already full of them, all starting from scratch. Because of this, some parts of the story may be slower than others. Once again, if that isn't your thing, steer clear.

Other than that, I hope you enjoy the story. I'm still a very new writer, but I hope I can improve over the course of this story.

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