“Wh-What do you mean, grandpa? Are you going to trust her like that? That... impostor?!”


When the old man glared at her, she clamped up.

Looking back to the woman in front of him who is standing still in confidence, “What exactly is your method to cure him?”

“Trade secret.”

“Hmph, but what if it doesn’t work then?” the old man leaked out an immense bloodlust directed at him, “Are you sure you can handle the responsibility?”

When Tia noticed the bloodlust, he didn’t even react to it, “Of course.”

The old man’s eyes widened, ‘What?’

‘H-How did she not affected by it? Have I gone old that I can’t even edge someone so young? Or is it…’

“What I can tell you though, master Bi, is that I will be making something out of these ingredients over here. I have no access to them, but if it’s you…” showing him his smartphone which contained the list of herbal plants and other types of plants.

He quickly snatched it away from him, and after a few glances at the list, ‘Most of these are the same ones that have been requested by those alchemists before.’

Handing the phone to Liara, “Tell the servants to prepare them.”

“B-But grandpa…”

“Just do it.”

Without him looking at her and instead still focusing on the woman in front of him, Liara’s rage meter is filling up once again, “Tsk.”

Once she left and finished prepping the ingredients, Tia went to the kitchen with them and crafted the one thing he familiar with.

A liquid within a bottle.

‘Hmm, I can’t seem to get the color right,’ too brown, ‘It needs to be lighter. Too strong of an effect wouldn’t help him at all, and in fact, it might even result in the opposite.’

Both the old man and his granddaughter are watching him closely, very intently, “What exactly are you making there, miss O’ Niels?”

Noticing that he finally said his name, ‘It was that easy, huh.’

“Something that would be able to help him, master Bi.”

Curiosity is over the roof for the old man as he cannot make sense of him, but he knows than anyone that his son’s health is much important right now.

After multiple attempts.


The brown liquid is no more, and now, its color is closer to orange juice instead of mud, and bubbles kept floating inside it.

‘Helping someone that was heavily damaged by a spiritual attack is much easier than trying to cure an incurable disease. This potion is one of the many ways where it can be done.’

“What are you going to do with the rest of the bottles?” asked Liara.

“Oh, I’ll bring them with me. Those are extremely… acidic, so it’s really dangerous if even a single drop of them were to fall on a human’s skin. Might even melt it.”

“Oh…” Liara refrained from touching them and amidst the confusion, the old man sneakily hid one of the bottles under his robe inside his arm.

They went back to his son's room and Tia is slowly feeding the sick, the potion. The man was about to cough, but Tia quickly loosened his throat until all of it went inside.

When it’s done, the old man was wondering, ‘Was that it?’

Tia put his palm on the man’s navel, and after a moment of silence, he rotates it forcefully and the man suddenly burst out all the potion he chugged, “GOOOOHK!”

Regaining motor function, he quickly gets out of his bed and barfed the rest of the potion to the window.

“Dad!” Liara was overjoyed.

“Miss O’ Niels… what did you do?” with a widened eye, he shifted them to the woman standing beside him.

Raising his brows, “Helping him.”

An obvious and cheeky answer, it’s the reason he smiles, Tia that is.


A notification, $10.000.000 has been sent to his bank account.


That was a lot more than what he negotiated with the old man Bi, “This amount…”

“Heheh, take them. You deserved it that much, miss O’ Niels.”

“But he hasn’t fully recovered yet.”

“You said that there was no need to take another intake, no?”

“Well yes, but… don’t you want to make sure that I stay true to my words?”

He chuckles, “There’s no need for that. What matters is that my son can get out of his deathbed and live well once again.”


‘Oh well…’ drinking the tea he was served, ‘Hmm, I see. So this is how the nobles live. To have such fragrant tea, its taste is smooth and fluid.’

“Come to think of it, I haven’t introduced myself properly to you yet.”

“Former President of the Black Phoenix Group, Hwang Bi Jinshan. Miss O’ Niels, it’s a pleasure to have met you.”

“Likewise, master Bi.”

“Heheh. Miss O’ Niels, you may address me as Jinshan. I owe you the favor of saving my son’s life, if there’s any problem knocking on your doors, don’t hesitate to ask.”

Nodding gratefully, “You owe me nothing, and thank you, master Jin.”

The two gazes at each other warmly, and when the sky started to rotate, revealing a scorching heat, “I have to take my leave now, master Jin. It’s been a pleasure.”

The old man Jin nodded at him as he shook his delicate hand.

Once Tia left with a car driven by the old man’s driver, the latter went back into his son’s room and found both him and his granddaughter are extremely confused.

“Grandpa, where's the girl?”

“Have long gone now, my dear.”


Shifting his attention to his son.

“… just who exactly is she?”

“Heheh, that kid just suddenly walked up to our door, saying that she wants to take a look at you and then I bring her here, and then she left, so I don’t know.”

“Then, Liara. Find everything there is to know about that girl, don’t let even a single info slipped, you understand?”

“Yes, dad.”

Taking a sip of water, he hugs Liara even tighter, “When my lovely girl told me that a young mysterious witch cured me with a magical potion, I almost laughed had I not been the one who was suffering not too long ago. Just what exactly did she do, father?”

“Heheh, you think I’d know?” sitting on the chair as he took out the potion, “This is the elixir that she made. Not the one that has healed you, but similar.”

“This color… without a doubt that its properties are immensely condensed. Hmm, but this aura coming off of it… father, it’s dangerous.”

“Yes, I figured that we should study this thing to find out what exactly it's doing to be able to repel such a high-level technique that was cast on you. She didn’t say anything much other than it being acidic. Can even melt a human skin she said.”

“Really? Then, I’ll be sure to hand it over to our Chief Alchemist so that she can examine it.”


“Think that girl might be an expert alchemist from another group?”

“The outfit she wore, how she talks – it’s impossible, but…” when the two began listening more intently, “She can resist my pressure and even... my bloodlust.”


“No, it’s more like, she was not affected by my killing intent… at all.”

“If it’s from some random criminals, I’d understand, but from you, father? The last time I woke up, there is not a single person I know that can ignore one like yours.”

“Yeah, but now you woke up, and she’s the first time that did manage to do that,” sighing, “I wasn’t able to feel anything from her. She might just be an ordinary kid who is oblivious to such things, but the feeling I got from her… it’s different.”

“What does that mean, grandpa?”

“Liara, my dear. There’s something unnerving about that kid. When you’re investigating her, tell your men to be careful.”

“What? Are you saying if they got into a fight, they won’t be able to defeat her?”

“If this old man’s intuition is right, there is a possibility that even you would not make it out unscathed, my dear. I've seen death in her eyes, and not many Martials ever have eyes like hers, including me.”

“That’s… That’s just ridiculous, grandpa. There’s no way that I would lose to someone like her,” leaving the room, “Just watch, I’ll prove it to you. Better yet, I'll bring her here so you can witness it for yourself!”


The two men in the room let out a heavy and long sigh.

“Heheh, your child… energetic as always.”

With a proud smile after a chuckle, “Just like her dad.”

The old man formed a smile, “All right, I have to go to seclusion. Be sure to tell your men not to get anywhere near the garden.”

“Have you reached the Core Formation yet, father?”

“While you are out cold, Jushun, I have indeed managed to break through and have reached the second stage thanks to our friends' pills from the Sky Sect.”

His eyes widened, “A-As expected of you.”

As he’s leaving through the door, “You better work harder from now on. Who knows, those wretched martials from the Dark Woods group might return again, and we’ll have to get ready by then.”

“Yes, father.”


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