“Hey, don’t you think that you should rest a bit more? Make sure you’re all fine?” asked Sonia to Tia as the latter is leaving the house.

“No, but don’t worry about it. I’ll be just fine and besides, there’s something I need to do outside. You go and have fun, okay? I’ll be back tonight.”

Sonia didn’t respond and only looks at him as he left, but before she has gone out of her sight completely, he waved at her. She couldn’t help but to wave back and with a dazzling smile no less. Though, when he left her sight, she can’t help but worry.

Tia traveled far. Following the direction on the map on his phone, he arrived at the front gate of a large magnanimous building. A mansion of a much fortunate person.

“May I ask what’s your business here, young miss?”

A security guard.

“Yes, I was looking for the residence of Mr. Hwang Bi Jushun?”

“Well, you’re in the right place, but what exactly are you here for?”

“Ahh, the newspaper said that his condition is not looking good recently, and thus, I’m here to see if there is anything I can do to help him.”

“Huh?” it took a moment, “Bwahahaha, wait, are you serious?”

“Er, yes, sir.”

“Bwahahaha, girl, how old are you? No, better yet, have you even finished school?”

Narrowing one of his eyes down, “Can I meet him?”

“Bwahahaha, ‘meet him’ she said,” with a smug posture, “Do you know how many doctors have passed through this gate? And do you know how many of them are top dogs? Even one from the Sky Sect can’t even do a lick to his wound, so how can you – a brat who hasn’t even finished school – compare with the likes of them, huh?”

‘Sky Sect? Hm, it must be a place where many great people live, huh.’

‘Hm, it obvious that I will not be getting through to him, maybe I should just go back and look for another way to earn money.’

“What seems to be the problem here?” an elegantly postured elderly man wearing a unique patterned white traditional Chinese outfit appeared from the other side of the gate.

The guard quickly bowed with his hands combined, “Master Bi, this impudent girl was asking to see sir Hwang’s condition. Thinking that she would be able to cure it.”

His eyes widened, “What?” shifting his attention to Tia, “You, do you have any idea what you’re saying?” the master radiates very unnatural energy as if he is summoning wind and blowing it lightly towards her, trying to pressure his weak body.

While it is not affecting him at all, he can't help but notice it. Also, the guard slightly shivered by it but he did not feel it as much since his expression and ego are filled with smugness.

‘This old man seems to be not your ordinary civilians. Judging by that aura, is he one of those cultivators? No, maybe just an ordinary martial artist, but his choice of wardrobe is quite questionable. So, maybe it’s a martial artist who dabbles on the art of cultivation?’

'Hmm... as far as I remember, a few top cultivators are as strong as one of the gods I've fought. Some even claimed that they themselves are god although, that quickly evaporated since their tongue was cut off by the very person they hold dear.'

'It's ridiculous how weak they are, but they'd make a good meatshield to fight the gods since many of them are eager to give up their lives fighting on the front line without any thoughtful strategy.'

'Heheh, the latter part is just like me.'

Calmly, he clears his throat, “Well,” slightly bowing, “Master… Bi, I did not say that I will be able to, but I did say that I would take a look.”


After stroking his white long beard, “Very well, but I’m warning you. If something were to happen to my son… you know the consequences, right?”

Nodded at him.

“Hmph, all right, follow me then.”

The guard flustered, “But Master Bi, she’s not even—”

“Shut it.”

At the sight of his ominous aura, the guard clamped, and when Tia walked past him, he formed an irritating smirk at him. Mocking the guard.

He can only grind his teeth as the two disappear from his sight.

Onward to the second floor, passing the large and extravagant corridor. The old man Bi glanced at Tia from top to bottom, asking him, “I want to know who exactly is going to examine my son’s illness. So girl, think you can tell me who you are?”

Without hesitation, “Goëtia O’ Niels, master Bi.”

“Hmm, quite a common name in this part of the sect, but Goëtia… I’ll keep that in mind – that is if you did manage to heal my son’s illness.’

Not long after, they arrived.

A doctor can be seen leaving when he walked out of the white double door, his face is full of beatings and scratches.

She caught a glance of the old man Bi and bowed at him, but he only scoffs at her after saying, “Get out.”

The doctor can only tremble and left with an unsightly face, she didn’t even notice the person beside the old man.

Upon entering.

“Great, so you brought another useless—” when the person behind the feminine voice caught a glance at the person next to the old man, Tia in her casual clothing, her eyes narrowed down to a slit, “Grandpa, please tell me you’re joking.”

A woman in her twenties wearing the same traditional Japanese outfit. Pretty as candy, with a black ponytail.

“Laira, my dear. This girl said that she wants to take a look at your father.”

“Hmph, like I would entrust him to a brat like her?! The last thing I want is some careless hands going anywhere near his body.”

“Heheh, why don’t we just see what she has in her sleeve, hmm?”

After glaring at Tia for a bit, she contained her rage and step out of the way.

The old man gestures to him to go ahead.

But before Tia even getting close to him, the woman – Liara – said, “I swear I’m gonna throw you out of that window if anything were to happen to him.”

Tia only gave her a glance before continuing to ignore her completely. It made her enraged, but her grandfather prevented her to let it out.

‘Hmm, now this… is curious, and ridiculous. Me – an ill patient examining another man’s illness.’

‘Doesn’t seems to be anywhere near mine though.’

The man that is lying on the bed is without a doubt suffering, as he is not truly unconscious, ‘There are many things that can cause this to happen.’

‘But what exactly is the problem here?’

Reaching out his hand made Liara jumped but once again, her grandfather stopped her from doing anything.

He unbuttoned the man’s shirt, revealing the tight muscles he has. No comment was given to it however, ‘Definitely getting worse recently with these spots flowing so weirdly, but it’s been here for a while.’

Putting both of his palms on him. One on the center of his abs and the other on his forehead. When his ring lights up, a cold fire lit up from Tia’s eyes.

‘I see.’

‘A spiritual injury. Hallucination – someone messed with his head.’

‘I can cure and dispel it for him using the power of the Abyss that I have recently obtained by using this ring as the catalyst, but it would raise a number of suspicions.’

Taking his hands off him.

‘Maybe I can brew a potion for him but the ingredients. Hmm, I’ve looked for mine and there was nothing in this world that resembles the potion I need that might be able to cure this woman’s illness but for him however…’

“How is it?” asked the old man.

“Oh please, bet she’s just going to say that he got cold or something.”

Ignoring the latter, Tia whips out his phone and began typing something, “Definitely not something incurable, but if left alone, it can get worse over time to the point that nothing will be able to help him.”

“Yeah? What is it then? Tell us, what is he suffering from?”

Tia only glances at her before continuing to ignore her again.

*Tap *Tap *Tap *Tap *Tap

Veins popped out of her forehead, “You,,,”

After finishing whatever he’s doing with his smartphone, he then tilted his head as he looked at the man, “I might be able to make something to snap him back to reality, but I’m sure Master Bi has expected that this does not come for free?"

“Hah!” laughed Liara, “See that, grandpa? All of her intentions are bare in the open. Coming here, just to scam us!”

“It’s up to you,” for once in the first time, he responded to her, “Nothing I can do if you don’t want it.”

“Hmph, do you know how many pills we made for him? How many medicines injected into his body? None of them ever do anything!!”

*Pant *Pant

The rage slowly died down as a few breaths were let out. The old man narrowed both of his eyes down as he heard the confidence within Tia’s words and seeing the domineering display that he has shown, the old man asked him, “How much?”

"Eh?" with a widened eye, Liara shifted her attention to her grandfather who is looking at the young woman he brought with a face she has never seen before coming from the grandfather she admired so much, and it was nervousness.


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