Inside the women's bathroom.


Hitting the wall with the backside of his hand made the wall cracked while only causing minor bruises to his delicate skin.

As it heals slowly, his eyes light up in cold fire. Heavy breath of light smoke hissed out of his mouth, “Yes…”

“Rather than passively and permanently unlocking every single ability one by one, why don’t I actively and temporarily use the ones I need when the time comes that I need them?”

‘All I need to do is just be careful to not overextending its use.’

‘Another limitation is the usage over the capacity limit. Wouldn’t want to break something that I have just obtained. Though it was for free, a tool will always be a tool no matter how much it cost - and such, a tool is always useful.’

Pointing his finger upward and directed it to the large mirror, he concentrated his focus on it, and then all of a sudden.


Without a second passed by, the mirror shattered to pieces.

He then waved his hand upward, grasping the air. A flow of ominous wind being pulled by him and soon, the shattered glasses of the mirror return to their formal self.

‘Perfectly restored.’

“Hmm…” he notices the energy within the ring has gone dimmer, ‘It’s going to take a while for this gem to recover, but at least now, I’ve confirmed that I can in fact, use magic – albeit with the help of a catalyst.’

‘A mild problem.’

‘But the fact that it already exhausted itself after using 4 basic-level arcane… I expected more from a thousand-dollar ring.’

'Hmph, it's odd though. How come a ring made with a simple materlia like this can cost that amount, but then again, the textures and the pattern it has - it all screams attention to its details.'

Returning to his seat, he notices that his companions are still dining their extravagant meals. Thus, he decided to whip out the smartphone that he brought with him from home - it's the belonging of the previous owner of his body.

‘Hoo, this device is truly an artifact. Not only that it has a function that is like that of a message skill – no, it does being called 'message' here – it also has many other functions that I have never thought possible before, and that is to access all knowledge with the use of the Internet.’

‘That young woman, Sonia, told me that she has no money to keep the access for that function until the end of the month. I have to earn myself some before then and help her out a little bit. Make myself useful.’

‘She is this woman’s friend, and that alone proves her importance. Who knows, maybe she’s one of the factors that can help this woman obtain the happiness she desires.’

Without the knowledge of the previous owner of his body, he wouldn’t be able to know any of the function that the smartphone has – which added more superficial debt to his mind that he must return it somehow.

“Excuse me,” a wrinkled hand appeared with fingers full of antique rings, “May I have your time for a moment?”

An old man with a patterned black suit and a fedora.

Tia put his phone away and gesture to the old man to sit. He bowed slightly as he did and slid a card on the clear white table onto him, “My name is Christopher Han, I own several companies that are specializing in both collecting and trading Antiquated Jewelries.”

Taking the card that was handed to him, he glanced at it after giving a short look to the man in front of him, “Goëtia O’ Niels, Mr. Han. To what I owe the pleasure?”

“Hm, I caught sight of you in that jewelry store and it seems that you have quite the interest in the content, I assume? Not to mention, the ring you’ve chosen… quite a good catch. I wonder if it’s just a mere coincidence that happened purely on luck or... is it some kind of skill?”

Pondering on the one word he spouts, ‘Luck, huh. I never believed in such things. Not until recently when I got transferred into this body, but I too wonder if it really was an event that happened by pure luck.’

“I wouldn’t necessarily call it an interest, but Mr. Han,” glancing at the table where the two is progressing on their meals, “I should apologize in advance as I may not have much time to discuss hobbies with you, may I know why you approached me?”

“Right, let me be frank then,” taking something out of his pocket, “Would you like to work for me?” he revealed the item in his hand, a small black box containing a red sparkling gem.

Tia glanced at it and when the man, Han, let it go, he grabbed and take a look at the gem himself. Rotating it, seeing the gem from all sides.

“Do you know what this gem is?”

Narrowing his eyes down, he answered, “No.”

Han widened his eyes at the quick response he received. Tilting his fedora, he then asked him, “How much do you think this worth?”

Pondering a little bit, ‘From what I know this thing is similar to the gems that are commonly found in the mines full of magical spiders, but the power this one has is only a tiny bit thicker than the ring I’m wearing.’

‘Converting the gem to it however, hmm, since the materials that my ring was made of was only - primarily - from a solid gold which is significantly more common than this, he then responded with, “About twice as this ring.”

“And why is that?”


The old man shuddered, and when he witnesses the woman in front of her just split the valuable gems into pieces, his sweat dripped as the edge of his mouth tilted.

“It seems that I have an eye for people.”

Tia put the pieces back in the black box, 'Not that it was fake, but... it's clearly a man-made - and not a very good one at that.'


“What kind of work do you have for me, Mr. Han?”

“A very simple one for the likes of you, miss O’ Niels. Paid in a good amount of sum in a short period of time, as an Appraiser.”

“School won’t allow me to have something like a job though.”

“I mean of course, but if it’s only a matter of permission. You do not have to worry about such things as I will take care of them if problems do occur.”

Pondering on it again, ‘Not a bad deal, but an Appraiser, huh. Oh well, I guess, by helping someone to get even richer, I will surely be… handsomely, benefited from it.’


“How much are we talking about?”

The old man smiles, “We can pay you in salary, miss O’ Niels, but I’m sure that someone like you would prefer to be paid per job instead? And quite coincidentally, I have one for you right now.”

“You read me well, Mr. Han.”

Chuckles, “Of course, when it comes to recruiting talented individuals, it is necessary to be well prepared beforehand and read their intentions well.”

“Stroking my ego might be a bad idea though,” sipping a drink, “What’s the job?”

“As this is our first request of you, it will be a light one, and I want you to learn more about this line of work before doing anything of importance. So, if you do manage to complete this one simple task of mine, then we can talk more about expanding our partnership. How does that sound?”

He nodded slightly.


Reaching out to his pocket and wrote down a check, “Here, use this money however you want, just be sure make full use of them.”

A $10.000 bill

He pulled something out of his briefcase. Another box, but ornated in a fancy way that is much different than before, “And this is the task that I need you to do. Figure out everything there is to know about this item, and once you do… contact me.”

“Are you not afraid that I’m going to run away with this thing?”

He chuckles, “Someone like you would do that?”

“We barely know each other.”

“Hhmhm, I’m willing to take the gamble.”

Tia finally cracked a smile with his delicate face for once. Han extended his arm and offer him a handshake with a smile on his face, and of course, Tia shook it.

Han then stood and gesture with his fedora, bidding him farewell, “I hope we’ll see each other again – and soon, miss O’ Niels. It was a pleasure to meet you.”

“Likewise, Mr. Han.”

Assuming that he left the shattered gem here purposely, Tia pocketed that and the item that Han has tasked him to do.

Hannah then walked towards him and asked, “Who were you talking to?”

Glanced, “No one important.”

“Uhuh, is that so?” narrowing her eyes down, suspicion was raised as quick as Hand phasing in and out.

“What’s wrong, Hannah?” Glen appeared, and it seems that both of them have finished their extravagant meals.

Glancing back to Tia, “…” she continue to stare for a bit longer before ignoring her, “Nothing. Let’s just go home. I can’t wait to show mother this necklace you’ve bought for me.”

Smiling in response, the two lovebirds radiate their colorful atmosphere among themselves again, but Tia’s attention only fixated on the bill sliding in his pocket.


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