“We’re here,” said the driver.

Arriving at a superbly tall building, a mall.

The young woman, Hannah, and the young man, Glen, went in while Tia is still dropping her jaw to the staircase.

“What are you doing just standing there?! Come in or we’re gonna leave you alone!” yelled the woman from inside.


He hurriedly went inside without his and Hannah’s bag as they were not needed – said the latter herself – and was left in the car.

‘Wooh, why is it so cold in here?’

Tia followed them as they're both linking arms together, flirting in the public, but his eyes are not onto them but the area around him.

‘Fascinating. They have all sorts of things in a single building. If this kind of market is introduced to the people in my world, it's going make all the commoners and nobles themselves instantly populated the building.’

The first place they visit or the first thing they shop is, ‘Clothes?’

‘Figured. We’re talking about a woman here, so of course, this is the first place they’d– no wait, I’m a woman too.’

Sparkling environment, sweet aroma, and glittering outfits being hanged around.

‘Comparing to what the first and second outfits I wore, these ones are on a whole other level indeed. Just the materials alone made it more than worth it to pay such prices.’

“Hmph, beggars,” sounded a woman at the side of the door.

‘Even the servants are mocking me.’

'But why though? Aren't I and them have the same clothing?'

He waited long, and when Hannah and Glen returns, the former handed him the bags she was carrying. Obviously, she wanted him to carry them.

But it doesn’t end there, she went on a mass shopping spree, going to multiple different stores, and ended up buying so many fancy clothes along with several famously well-known beauty products.

‘And what are these supposed to be?’

‘Heh, maybe I should try them out myself. I bet even the royal family would kill the entire town just to obtain these just by looking at the price tag - not that it has any though.’

But Hannah bought so many of them, too many in fact, to the point that Tia is even struggling to hold them all.

‘Hnngh, why is it that women kept buying too many unnecessary things… you can still survive with just 10 clothes for the entire week.’

Luckily though, both of his hands have enough space to hold them.

‘G-Goodness, I might need to prioritize training this body before restoring the rest of my powers. What’s the point of a cup if it can’t contain the water that it supposed to hold?’

“You holding up all right there, sweetie?”

“Ah, yes. Yes.”

“Heheh, of course you are,” returning to face forward and glued herself to her man. Before Tia has the chance to roll her eyes out, he can’t help but notice that the young man is often catching a few glances at her.

‘All right, when the opportunity arises, I’ll poke those eyes out.’

They then arrive in a new store that is different from the one they’ve been in, and this one is… a jewelry store.

“Hohoho, look at all these diamonds, babe. Are you really going to buy me one?”

Glancing at Tia who is curious about the things in front of him, he ignored her and smugly said, “Of course. Hey, you over there.”

The clerk that is attending another came at him and bowed to his new customer, “How may I help you, sir?”

“Give me the best necklace you have. I don’t care what the price is.”

His eyes widened, “Yes sir, right away.’

As he is much excited to hear that, the other customer was slightly put in a discomforting and awkward situation as they seem to need some guidance, but he chose to serve the new arriving one instead, not prioritizing the one that has been here before them.

"Hey! We're here first!"

Glen gives his first glare at them, "What was that?"

"I said, we're–" his eyes widened at the moment of realization, "I-I'm sorry, young master Odessa, I didn't know it was you. Please, pardon my rudeness," bowing with both of his hand gesturing in a traditional Chinese way.


The woman beside the man was furious, "Honey, why are you–"

"Be quiet!" whispering as he dragged her out, "Let's go and find another place."


As soon as they left, the shopkeeper returns with an ornated box containing a masterclass of a necklace.

“This, my good sir, is the finest and most precious jewelry that we have. Made of several high-quality diamonds that you will never see in any other stores.”

Hannah’s eyes blinking in awe.

As they continue to converse, Tia has rested his butt on the chair while laying both of his hands on top of the glass surface, ‘The gems inside these rings… no, even ones that are without it, many of them have nothing, and only a few of them holds a tiny amount of energy.’

‘But it’s there.’

‘If I can get my hands on one…’

“It’s $350.000, sir.”

Tia rolled his eyes once again, ‘Yeah, impossible.’

‘At least, for now.’

Glanced at them, ‘What exactly are they buying,’ gasping at the sight of it, ‘No way, it cost that much for a necklace like that? Impossible. With that kind of money, one would be able to buy out their life and live comfortably without worrying about spare money left over after spending some on food.’

‘And you’re spending it on a useless trash that can barely even be used for anything but decoration?’

Noticed the gasped he made, “What, you want one too?” asked Hannah.

“Ah no, I was—”

“Oh please, just admit it. If you want to buy one, just be honest and ask. What do you think, babe? Wanna buy one for her?”

“I don’t know. Maybe, as long as it’s not too expensive. Since my gift is always be… for you and you only, remember?”

Chuckled, “Of course,” ignoring the fact that they are flirting in public, “Go and choose one, Tia, but don’t get too full of yourself.”

‘Is this… hm, are they trying to show off their wealth? Though, buying your enemy a weapon with your own money is a very questionable decision.’

‘Well, it’s not really her money to begin with so maybe it’s all right.’

He then chose the thickest and most potent energy contained in one of the rings.

“That one, please.”

“Yes, ‘please’~” mocked Hannah, “Heheh, a ring, eh. You’re really shameless, did you know that?”

That was not a question so he brushes it aside, not that he really knew what it means.

Once packaged and given, Glen pulled out his black card and made the payment. Both ladies wore it right away but only Hannah got the special treatment as Glen put the luxurious jewel on her neck himself, and as for Tia, he wore the one thousand dollar ring himself.

Hannah grinned at his miserable state.

But Tia did not care about it at all as he is still focusing on the new item in his delicate finger, ‘Marvelous.’

‘Without a gem, it's light, both in power and weight, but since it's the most potent one here and I can only choose one. It's not bad. This alone might not be enough to fill any part of the stars, so I will be using it to restore one of the abilities that I once have instead.’

‘But which one?’

The trio went to a diner within the mall and ordered one of the most expensive meals on the menu, except for Tia. Not only that she's seating far away from them, she was also only been given a fried chicken pack at a discounted price – which was already a cheap meal to begin with, and now it became an even more “lower tier” food in Hannah’s eyes but in Tia’s eyes, it's different.

‘So, while they have spoon, knife, and fork, I got a meal that is normally being eaten using my hands and fingers, huh.’

‘Well, I don’t mind it in the slightest. Many kingdoms in my world even made something like this as a tradition, both the meal and the way they eat it.’

His expression lessened, ‘Back when I was traveling as a mortal, there wasn’t even water to wash my hand when I eat the meat I hunted.’


*Crunch *Crunch

His eyes burst out so wide, ‘This is!’ the flavor that is hitting every part of his mouth is exhilarating. It was immense as it dances around his tongue.


*Crunch *Crunch

*Munch *Munch *Munch

“Disgusting,” said Hannah on the far table in the front, “Can’t believe she actually eats something like that.”

“Don’t worry about her. Let’s just focus on what we have on our own table.”

“Yeah, you’re right.”

They elegantly eat the fancy food they have which is significantly much classier than the one Tia has, and when she finishes hers, she went to the bathroom.

“I heard your father is opening up a new business.”

“Hm?” Hannah tilted her brows, “Yeah, why do you ask?”

“Was wondering what it was. Maybe I can be of any assistance?”

Chuckling, “While I do appreciate it, he’s doing just fine as it is. You should worry more about yourself… and that girl.”

“Why, you still suspect I have a relationship with her?”

“Oh please, that suspicion is long gone now. I know you don’t like her at least, but you see, my father used to say that the more people of a different gender fight, the more they see each other as a compatible partner.”

“You mean the more they fight the more they love each other?”

“I guess, but you two have not reached that level yet,” narrowing her eyes down, she started smiling as she finishes her sentence, “… right?”

Glen took a sip of his fruity drink as he smiles, “You know how it is.”

Those were the last words of their conversation and the two then share smiles with each other as they continue dining their extravagant meals.


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