*Pant *Pant

Laying his forearm on the wall, “Weak…”

‘This body… is too weak.’

‘Forget returning, if I die here because of this woman’s sickness, then everything would be in vain.’

‘My power,’ looking at his smooth hand, ‘They’re not here…’

‘But I can feel them… their remnants within my soul. The Origin... and the Abyss, the power that he generously... has bestowed upon me.’

‘I wonder if it’s possible… to regain them all back.’

Already nearing the location within his… within her memories, he chose to postpone the idea of restoring his power and found out for himself why he decided to go there.

Walking through the block, he searched past the many buildings in the area and ended at one of them. An ordinary two-story house behind a simple metal gate. There are lights inside that house and a shadow of a person is being cast.

“Why have I decided to come here?”

‘No, I know the answer,’ grabbing the center of his chest, ‘This body still has lingering… feelings, desire. As if it knows that there is someone else is occupying it.’

Narrowing one of his eyes down, “You want me to do things for you?”

“Hmph. Whether it’s a will or request, not a single soul would’ve dared to even ask – but just this once… I shall allow it. For you to have given me this body of yours.”

The lingering emotion in his heart is a leftover from the previous owner of his body, and it has many wishes that he must fulfill. Though a “must” is a little too strong of a word for it as it is not necessary for him to do, it really has no time limit either… other than the time his body has before returning to the earth.

One thing that is on top of the others, the woman desire happiness, and once he acquired it, that happiness will be shared with the previous owner of his body, as it should.


Quickly as he enters the house, “Waaaaaah!” snuggled onto his knees, a young woman with a different casual outfit.

“Tiaaaaaaaaaaaa, where did you go~ I was looking everywhere for you – huhuhu… Thank god, you're back.”

Taken aback, ‘An acquaintance?’ Narrowing one of his eyes down, “What’s wrong?”

“Wuaaaaaaa~” lifting her head up, “My boyfriend cheated on me!”

Revealing a beauty with a slightly teary eye. A face with natural makeup, big eyes over black contact lenses, and a brown ponytail for the hair.

‘Boyfriend… I wonder what that is,’ glancing down, ‘Nonetheless, she seems to be troubled by this ‘Boyfriend’ of hers, I should comfort her for now. At least, until I found a better solution to help her further.’

Laying his hand down at her head, he strokes it.

“Hm?” she stopped crying for a moment as she looked up at him, and then, “Wuaaaaaaaaaaa, Tiaaaaaaaaaaa~” continue to snuggle on him.

The scene proceeds until he got shoved into the bathroom by the young woman, “Come on, go, go, go. You stink of sweat… and dirt, so be sure to wash properly, okay? I’m gonna get your clothes for you.”

“Thank you.”



“Ah nothing, you’re kinda softer today. Have you been eating properly? Hope you’re not sick or something, you know what they’d do to you in a hospital?”


“They…” whispering, “Stung you with a needle!”

Raising his brows, ‘Regardless…’

‘Does she not know about the illness this woman has? Hm, if so, I should approach this even more carefully now.’

The woman suddenly twitched, “Oh shoot, the coffee. Okay, off you go now, and don’t forget to wash your back.”


She then left shortly after.

“All right, now what?”

Turning around, he stares at the new environment he is in. All white without a speck of dirt on sight. The fact that everything is so unfamiliar to him made him confused - though, not uncomfortable.

“Clean myself, huh,” loosening his clothes, “I wonder how long has it been since the last time I have not relied on magic to wash myself.”

After catching a glance of his impactful chest, his head quickly tilted up. Narrowing one of his eyes down, ‘Right. This is my new body.’

“And how does this work? I don’t see any water.”

‘Is there a mechanism to make it appear?’

He looked around and finally found something, ‘This might be it.’


Rain coming out of the device above him, “Hoo,” wowed by it, “Amazing. Just how far the people in this world have grown.”

Glanced at a liquid beside him, “Is this… a soap?”

“No, this one is the soap, but this might be – just maybe…” dripping it to his hand, he brushes it to his hair, “Ohoho, yes… so I was right. This is one of those shampoo used by the nobles, but how come that woman possessed such a thing?”

‘Has this become common enough to be given and sold to commoners? Huh, interesting. I wonder how the high-class people live in this world.’

Then it hits him, “Hm?”

‘Maybe, at the state of this woman now, maybe if I were to reach the high society, I can make her happy. That should be a nice startup goal, and then we’ll go from there.’

‘But first, I need to regain both the Origin and the Abyss powers. Once that has been accomplished, I might be able to cure this illness.’

“Tiaaaa!” the voice came from behind the door, “Gonna be putting your clothes on the table here! Join me on the couch later, okay?”

“O-Okay!” stuttered, ‘Goodness.’

When he’s done, he went to the table under a mirror and found a clear view of his new appearance. Stunned at the beauty of his new face, “So, this is me.”

Dark brown eyes with long eyelashes, 'Why is the right side of my lips tilted in such an unnatural way?'

He then wiped his hair with the towel, and it suddenly turns into a bird's nest. A mess yet artistic dark brown wavy hair.

“And what is this?” after opening the box, he found many bottles inside, “I see.”

‘Some kind of medicine. I wonder just how far the alchemists and doctors have advanced in this world, have they grown enough to be able to cure a plague? Then maybe they can cure this woman’s illness.’


"Doesn't look to be a potion though."

"Oh, I wasn't mean to drink it but... applied it like this..."

After using the said medicine for no apparent reason, he clothed himself up with the new wardrobe and joined the woman on the couch inside the living room. She’s surrounded by many bags of potato chips while enjoying one herself.

A flash of memories appeared at the sight of it.

Him, sighing at the slightly younger version of the woman, “Haa… what are you doing with all these snacks, Sonia… Keep eating them like this and you’re gonna get—”

“Hellooo~ Tia, are you there?” the woman appeared right in front of him.

He snapped back to reality, “Uhh, yeah?”

“You sure you’re okay? You look kinda rough, and what is this mark on your neck?”

Shuddered, ‘No, calm down,’ shrugging it off, “Nothing really. Come on, let’s sit and tell me more about that Boyfriend problem of yours.”

“Ooookaaaay…” snuggling as she sits beside him, “So, as I was saying. This rich bastard only did whatever he wants with me and just…”

As the minute passes, her voice becomes dimmer and dimmer.

He then closes his eyes, and flashes of many memories surged into his head all throughout the night, revealing a more distasteful past of the former Tia - one that he sympathizes with.

Morning comes and he found himself without clothing whatsoever, panting in sweat, “Haa… Haa… What is this...” uncomfortable feeling in his heart. Narrowing one of his eyes down, “Where am I?”

Shifting his eyes left and right, it’s a familiar place.

“My room, huh. What happened last night?”

Somehow, he couldn't remember.

Resting himself on the side of the bed while pressing his chest, "Ngh, this is... unpleasant."

His heart beating much faster than the last time he was awake. Looking at his new delicate hand, he mutters, “Goëtia O’ Niels. Age 16, and only 6 months left to live.”

“Such a short time.”


The door opened violently with Sonia appearing in a uniform, “Oh… wow– no I mean, why haven’t you put on anything yet? We’re about to be late.”

“Late? To where?”

“Come on~ School, of course.”



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