Mana Anxiety

by Tatletot

James had always had issues with people, that's what happens when you have severe social anxiety. And then she gets a notification about some "System Integration".

Fine. At least if she's going crazy it's just with code, she can deal with it. And it seems everyone is seeing things together. So maybe she's actually sane? But her social anxiety is enough to get her in trouble even here. She'll get through it. She'll just get stronger. Strong enough that she won't need to deal with anyone. Strong enough that she won't need to avoid people; they'll avoid her.

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Well written, but I can't read it.

Reviewed at: 16 (Body)Guards

The degree of negative self-talk is too much for me. The story is well written, the grammar is fine, the world seems interesting, but I can't handle listening to the protagonist continually put herself down. I am really glad that there truly is social anxiety, as opposed to it converting entirely to a benefit once the system kicks in.

Endless Paving

I've read this in a single setting up to the latest chaoter 12.

A litRPG System apocalypse story with a twist. Unlike most others of it's kind the protagonist of Mana Anxiety isn't the loner wolf solo player type. In fact the story so far has driven her towards other people and the need to depend on others within a survival context, though who knows later on.

Playin up James' social anxiety is the big unique thing this story has going for it and its done in a compelling way. You have your normal litRPG apocalypse where you get isekai'd at random with the local surroundings into some LitRPG survival "tutorial" world with the usual lack of actual significant aid for the newbie earthlings and the disdain from aliens already part of the System.

The plot is slow going so far with virtually no progress in terms of the usual leveling and grinding you might expect, which has allowed a slightly better focus in the actual story going in rather than the worldbuilding so far.

As for what kind of protagonist we get this time in keeping with her personality she seems like the aboidant type so we probably won't be betting a big brawler or any kind of crafter or builder who's all productive and diligint like you get in other such stories so far. Might end up being the sneaky tyoe based on what's happened so far but we'll have to see when System Abilities start actually getting developed.

If I'm honest I mostly started reading this out of bemusement from the main character being James the girl with the interesting psychological twist, but it's been a good find thus far and it seems like more is coming fast with the update schedule as it is now. I'm eager to see where it will go from here!


The writing is incredible and although there is a slower start, the more you read the more intriguing it gets. 

I am genuinely excited to see where the author decides to go with this character. It is not often when a character is actually unique and not just another copy of the smart but never studies, pretty but doesn't realize she's pretty, kind of girl. So many characters seem like copies but this main character has added depth which is apparent from the very beginning.


Call this a encouraging review. 4.5 might be overly generous considering how little I actually know about the story as of chapter 20. What there is, is excellent! The MC is delightfully wacky with a clear advantageous area that should lead to great character building and situations.  I ussualy find that all around awesome MC's get boring quickly.  Having one area that you excel in and a few you suck at makes for a good story.

That was the good, now to a bit of good and bad. The story is twenty chapters in and we still don't really have a clue on whats going on or who the MC will develope into. The good part is that I read all twenty chapters in one sitting without looking up. I very much enjoyed the flow of the story.

The bad is that those twenty chapters are only 80 odd pages.  VERY short chapters.  700 words every two to three days might take a very long time to get anywhere.  

Despite that I hope the story continues, I would like to see where its going.

Good luck author, I just might come back in a couple months so I have a large amount to binge!


I really liked the character development and the writing style. This is an absolutely, with no doubt, a 5 star piece of fiction! Hope you continue writing more chapters as I'm eager to see how the plot develops, though it does seem from the author's notes that there is already a lot planned:)


A story and main character with potential

Reviewed at: 20 They’re Blind

The jury's still out on whether I like or dislike the main character. Which I suppose means the author has done a decent job of writing a flawed main character. I love that her name is James (and it plays well with her personality).

Her anxiety is both interesting and annoying. It gives her some hurdles, but it also seems like she uses it as an excuse for a lot of things. I am hoping this means she will have a lot of character development, but it's still a bit early to tell.

There are a few places that are a tad Mary Sue, but that's not necessarily bad in a protagonist:

She wishes she could be a doctor, but because of her anxiety she'll just have to "settle" for being a computer scientist AND and vetranarian.

In the survival tutorial she is in, somehow she's the only one who think to look in the surrounding apartments for first aid kits for medical supplies. That's like zombie apocalypse 101, so I doubt the others (who have been in the tutorial longer than her and have a military background) wouldn't think of it.

It's not written badly or anything, I just don't think it's really needed. She's already plenty unique/special without these types of things, and I think the story would actually be a bit stronger if she started off more useless and then developed more strengths.

The tutorial (system integration) is in its early stages, but it has been interesting so far. I think this is a story with good potential.

Edge Valmond

A Promising LitRpg I Will Say

Reviewed at: 5 Tutorial Area

I believe this is the fairest I can make it. Now then, I went in blind as usual. So, I did not see this was LitRpg, which is a good thing, since it allows me to get a better view. Anyway, we will start with my favorite, and that is exposition. This story has quite a bit, actually, it has enough for me to have a sense of the story itself. How that mind set revolves around getting a job the world is going in. For instance, computer science, a job in programming at least. 

This way to raise enough money to do something else, I found this a nice touch. Now, the story also gave good insights into James I think they were. How she is within that mindset as well. Now, if I have to critique on something, it is that. Even five chapters in, I am not quite sure what the conflict is supposed to be. I assume it is revolving around the expectations of life. Which is nice. I also did not feel the LitRpg element of it was intrusive. One of my largest displeasure in this genre, is how a lot takes no time for exposition. They slap the screen with stats, and I am left barely knowing what is going on.

I commend the author for giving this a solid balance. Now, there is one suggestion I do have. Nothing about the story, so don't worry about that.

I recommend separating dialogues from the body text. This way it is easier to identify. Other than this issue, I think I am good. Keep up the great work. ^^