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"Close your eyes, so that the next time you see the sun, you WAKE UP DEAD."

'The Suiciders' is a group of murderers specialized to murder various famous figures and set the crime scene in the form of suicide. It closes all the windows for the police to point it out as a murder. As a result, most of the such cases remain unresolved. But, their existence is not a mere folklore anymore. Kartik Khandelwal, a twenty-five year old promising detective at Delhi Police HQ, finds out about the group and starts leading 'The Suiciders Defence Squad' to put an end to the murders and save the day. But, the organization is now on a rogue to complete their sinister decade-long plan. Entangled by fate, read how a group of former college-men have to twist their ways of lives and ideologies upside-down just for the sake of their friends, families, and the country.


Web-novel series written by Zei Zackary, All Rights Reserved. Cover photo taken from Unsplash.

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Dhruv Pabreja

Dhruv Pabreja

1st Anniversary
Word Count (VII)
Group Leader (I)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter-01: The Primary 'Suicide' ago
Chapter-02: The Horrific Sight ago
Chapter-03: Disturbance At The Police Station ago
Chapter-04: Bribe ago
Chapter-05: Indian Terrorist Group ago
Chapter-06: At The Evil Base ago
Chapter-07: Theory ago
Chapter-08: Entertainment ago
Chapter-09: A Broken Deal ago
Chapter-10: Viral Video ago
Chapter-11: The Murderer ago
Chapter-12: Questions ago
Chapter-13: Revelation ago
Chapter-14: Perspective ago
Chapter-15: Shahnawaz' Eye ago
Chapter-16: Interrogation Gone Wrong ago
Chapter-17: Action ago
Chapter-18: Action-II ago
Chapter-19: Pizzeria ago
Chapter-20: Power ago
Chapter-21: Gunshots ago
Chapter-22: The Sound of Silence ago
Chapter-23: Another Pool of Blood ago
Chapter-24: 'The Time' ago
Chapter-25: Disputes ago
Chapter-26: Interrogation ago
Chapter-27: Politics ago
Chapter-28: Daughter ago
Chapter-29: Security Room ago
Chapter-30: Fire ago
Chapter-31: Radhika ago
Chapter-32: Radhika-II ago
Chapter-33: Weak ago
Chapter-34: Freedom ago
Chapter-35: Escape ago
Chapter-36: The Past ago
Chapter-37: Funeral ago
Chapter-38: Seriousness of The Situation ago
Chapter-39: London ago
Chapter-40: Mindset ago
Chapter-41: Politics Played Its Part ago
Chapter-42: Intel ago
Chapter-43: Kahanapur ago
Chapter-44: The Chase ago
Chapter-45: Inner Conflicts ago
Chapter-46: Trip for The Tip ago
Chapter-47: The London Eye upon The Full Moon ago
Chapter-48: Admission ago
Chapter-49: Elder Sisters ago
Chapter-50: Departure to Kahanapur ago
Chapter-51: The Eyes of a Murderer ago
Chapter-52: The Next Prime Minister ago
Chapter-53: Entrance At The Eye ago
Chapter-54: Consequences of The Failure ago
Chapter-55: A New Leader ago
Chapter-56: Discharged ago
Chapter-57: Time of Darkness ago
Chapter-58: Life At The Eye ago
Chapter-59: Friends And Companions ago
Chapter-60: Threads of TES ago

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It could have been good if you did more resarch

Reviewed at: Chapter-15: Shahnawaz' Eye

I have read a total of 15 chapters of the story and still don't know what the hell is happening.

In these 15 chapters, I have not seen any of the tags which are listed, and the characters lack the feel but it could have been better if you had shown their personalities and their problems and their daily life struggles and why they are the way they are or introduced them better.

The conversation between the characters is as emotionless and boring as themselves instead of focusing on the main plot you should focus on the characters and their dialogue. If you could try to add some good jokes which will make the conversation more interesting.

And let the reader connect the dots by themselves. Story writing is an art that uses simple and fewer words and sentences but which fits perfectly in the situation. as you have heard of quality is always better than quantity because a good show is always better than a thousand shit shows.

But at the end my final review is your story is boring and I am not reading anymore.