“Wh-why are you looking at me like that?” Ember asked. Like Olivia, she had no idea what the succubus was planning, nor could possibly know the true purpose of the two small objects Beatrice had summoned.

“Are you really going to pretend that you have no idea?” Beatrice asked her bodyguard, that by now should know quite well for what purpose most of the perverted succubus’s Skills are used. And Beatrice had a feeling her bodyguard did already know what was coming.

But Beatrice wanted to nudge Olivia a little into the desired direction. So she turned to the ninja girl and asked, “Olivia, how did Ember’s comments make you feel?”

“T-they… They hurt, obviously!” Olivia said.

“Then, she should be punished!” Beatrice instantly delivered her predetermined judgment.

“I…” Olivia hesitated, obviously worried about what Ember would do to her later if she acted against her now.

“Why are you hesitating again?” Beatrice asked. “I thought we already had gotten through this.”

Olivia clenched her fist. Was she really scared of Ember? But what would have happened had Tabitha not betrayed her? Could she have won? Or would she end up burned alive like Bob and Garry? Olivia would have liked to tell herself that she stood a chance, but deep down she knew that Ember had toyed with Olivia’s entire group.

“So, Ember shouldn’t be punished?” Beatrice asked. “You’re fine with being shamed and humiliated just for giving in to your urges for once in your life?”

“Of course not!” Olivia snapped back.

“Oh? And what will you do about it?” Beatrice asked.

“Humiliate her!”

“… Good,” Beatrice smiled, satisfied that she got through to Olivia.

“But I don’t want to hurt her,” Olivia said as she looked closer at the pink egg-shaped object and turned it in her fingers, trying to figure out what kind of magic made it vibrate before.

“Don’t worry—it won’t hurt her,” Beatrice said. “Quite the opposite in fact.”

“What do I do with this?” Olivia asked.

“It’s quite simple. Take the vibrator, go to Ember, and put it between her legs.”

“What!?” Ember and Beatrice both asked in tandem.

“Absolutely not!” Ember protested and started rising from the ground. “I will not have this little—”

“Sit down!” Beatrice ordered.

Ember fell back on her bum, flabbergasted by Beatrice’s commanding demeanor.

“Good,” Beatrice said. “You said it yourself, remember? Besides your duties as my guard, you are also here to help me test out my growing abilities and skills. You’re the one who encouraged me not to hold back.”

Ember swallowed.

“And I have no intention of holding back ever again. Olivia?” Beatrice called the ninja’s name, reminding her that she was given a task. “I’d say whenever you’re ready, but that little toy is on a timer, so… Don’t keep us waiting too much longer.”

“R-right,” Olivia stuttered and walked toward Ember.

The redhead shifted back a little and kept her legs closed.

“I’ve made a promise to you, lady Beatrice,” Ember said. “'Help the Savior in any and every way that is required.' That is the task given to me by the High Priest Lucarad. But he said nothing about letting some no-name gutter trash lay hands on me!”

Beatrice sighed.

“G-gutter trash!?” Olivia repeated through grit teeth. “Beatrice, I have a better idea! How about I take this egg and shove it deep up her arrogant little ass!”

“Oh?” Ember jumped up. “Try it! I’ll send you to Samuel well done and ready to serve. On a damn kabob!”

“Enough!” Beatrice shouted before it got any worse.

Beatrice rubbed her forehead in frustration. She took a deep breath through the nose and exhaled. Another inhale, repeating a breathing exercise she used on many occasions in her past life to deal with stressful situations.

What am I going to do with these two? Beatrice wondered. Her plan for some light teasing culminating in a fun ending for all almost turned into a bloody fight to the death.

“Just… Just forget it!” Beatrice said and put an end to this. Needless to say, the moment for any fun play was not only gone—it had packed its things, got on a ship, and was already halfway across the ocean to Argentina. Only this fantasy world probably had no Argentina.

“Let’s go back,” Beatrice said. “And you two will be sleeping in separate rooms tonight.”

“Considering that we’re staying at my brother’s house, I could just have her thrown outside like a d—”

“No!” Beatrice said flatly and put her hand on Olivia’s forearm before the ninja drew one of her kunai.

“Fine,” Ember sighed. She then got her robes in order, rekindled the dying flame in her hand, and with a smile said, “After you.”

Beatrice made sure to stay between the two girls while they walked back through the woods to Samuel’s house.


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