“Ah!” Olivia moaned when warm tingling spread through her abdomen. She looked down where Beatrice gently pressed the palm of her hand and saw a gentle light seep between the corners of Beatrice’s hand and Olivia’s skin. The pleasant warmth kept coming, with Beatrice’s hand acting as the source. At first, tt spread on the surface of Olivia’s tummy, like a gentle tide of a warm summer ocean. It then seeped deeper under Olivia's skin, spreading forth in all directions within her body. Her belly, her thighs, between her legs.

“Hn,” Another lewd sound escaped Olivia’s mouth when the pleasure reached her lower organ.

The succubus slowly moved her hand down and with it—the warm fuzzy feeling that Olivia couldn’t help but enjoy. As the warmth moved lower the pleasure increased, and Olivia’s hidden wish was only that it would move lower faster.

“Hah,” Olivia gasped when Beatrice’s lower palm touched the ninja girl’s labia. Close! Beatrice’s hand was so close to the point where Olivia needed the Succubus’s touch the most!

“Let go,” Beatrice whispered in Olivia’s ear.

Olivia reached down, placed her hand on Beatrice’s, and guided it toward the desired spot.

“That’s it,” Beatrice smiled.

Olivia was immediately rewarded with the sweet pleasure she coveted. The warm tingling engulfed her clit and sent a wave of pleasure through her body.

“Ahn!” Olivia moaned and arched her back. The sudden surge of pleasure was greater than she anticipated. And it did not cease!

What started as a pleasant, gentle massage, quickly escalated. Olivia felt something grow at the epicenter of the pleasure that spread from the succubus’s hand. And as it did, the pleasure grew. Rapidly.

“Mmm! W-what’s—Ah!” Olivia could not form words. Though she had a feeling what was happening. And she gave herself to the transformation.

“How interesting!” Beatrice giggled. “Is this reaction because it’s your second time with the spell? Or simply because you’ve willingly accepted what is coming? Both?”

Olivia felt something grow at the epicenter of the warmth. Her swollen clit, caressed by unseen magic to orgasmic levels, grew beyond common norms or reason. And with it, the pleasure grew to orgasmic levels. Olivia did not resist. She embraced the change. Embraced the pleasure.

“That’s it!” Beatrice encouraged her. “Let it all go! Forget it all and give yourself to the pleasure! Enjoy the fleeting moment of bliss! Here, in the dark, you are safe from the everyday troubles of the world. No one knows. No one cares. Nothing else exists. Only your pleasure. You know you want it! Embrace your own desires!”

“Yes! Ah!” Olivia moaned as her clit grew in Beatrice’s hand. Olivia knew these were all temptations. But was it so wrong to give in to them? Olivia knew the succubus was right—no matter what she did tonight, nothing would change. So what does it matter? Why hold back? At least she’ll have something sweet to hold on to before she throws herself on a suicidal mission! And no one would know either way. And even if the entire world knew, what would it matter? Who would judge her? This whole city was rotten to the core!

“Shh!” Beatrice saw wrinkles form on Olivia’s forehead and massaged them away with her free thumb. The twenty-one-year-old was still troubled. She shouldn’t be. Not tonight. Not now. Beatrice leaned closer for a kiss. Olivia’s lips parted instantly, and the girls’ tongues entwined.

Fuck it all! Olivia cursed the world and erased it from her concern. Who knew if either of them would even survive the week? Fuck it all! She embraced her temptress, her source of blissful oblivion.

Make me forget! Olivia prayed and grabbed Beatrice’s massive tit. It couldn’t possibly fit in the petite girl’s hand! Olivia squeezed it hard, in frustration and bit Beatrice’s lower lip.

“Give me it all and make me forget!” Olivia whispered her command. “I want all of it! Every—Ahn!”

Olivia tensed up and sunk her nails into Beatrice’s malleable tit. She did even realize when it happened, but her clit was already long and hard enough to be stroked in length by the Succubus. And that was what she did! Olivia looked at Beatrice and saw a devilish smile.

“You’re mine!” Beatrice declared as she expertly massaged Olivia’s girl-cock and sent waves of shuddering pleasure through the ninja’s body. And that was what Olivia wanted.

“Yes!” Olivia moaned and threw her head back. She wanted more! More!

As Beatrice stroked Olivia’s clit-dick toward a familiar, throbbing satisfaction, Olivia craved additional stimulation. She let go of the succubus’s breast and plunged two fingers into her aching pussy. They effortlessly slid into her tight, wet tunnel, further feeding the inhibition-freeing drug that was pleasure.

Olivia barely registered how loud she must’ve been. She did not care. The stimulation of both her pussy and cock made her remember the euphoric bliss she experienced when she filled the succubus full of semen. And she vividly recalled how Beatrice lost herself, cumming from over-stimulation of both her sex organs, spraying cum all over her sex-craving body. Olivia wanted that. She needed that.

Lost in pleasure, Olivia didn’t even notice Beatrice shift down, closer to the organ she so enthusiastically serviced. Then, she felt something familiar, but not where she ever felt it before. Soft. Plump. spreading around the tip of her girl-cock.

Olivia opened her eyes, looked down, and saw Beatrice—spreading her lips around the cock she was still stroking. Then Beatrice stopped stroking and lowered her lips down on Olivia’s cock. Lower and lower. The succubus’s hot, wet mouth-hole reminded Olivia of the succubus’s pussy. She stopped caressing herself and watched Beatrice lower her head, inch by inch take more of Olivia inside her mouth.

Olivia tensed up. Her butt twitched as something built rapidly at the base of her cock. She felt it once before—the pleasant tingling before the storm. Olivia felt her cock hit resistance in the back of Beatrice’s mouth. For a split second, Olivia was disappointed that her pleasure would not continue rising further. But then she felt Beatrice push further down still. The tip of Olivia’s swollen cock pressed hard against the resisting walls in the succubus’s mouth. But then Olivia heard the succubus swallow, and—with a pop—her cock slid deeper into the tight, wet depths of the succubus’s upper hole. Olivia’s mind went blank.

With her cock buried deep down Beatrice’s throat, Olivia’s pleasure skyrocketed to the inevitable crescendo. The succubus had succeeded in achieving what Olivia desired. Nothing else existed—only Olivia’s throbbing girl-cock, massaged by the highly enthusiastic tongue and throat muscles of a Sex Demon.

“Ohhhhh—” Olivia gasped, unable to control herself and at the mercy of Beatrice’s eager mouth. A tingle ran from her shaft to her asshole. She knew that she was close. Somewhere far in the back of her mind Olivia did not want it to end so quickly, and yet she could not wait for her climax, eagerly anticipating the blissful surge that came the last time cum rushed through her magical organ. In fact, the thought of cumming deep down the succubus’s mouth enticed Olivia further.

Just how much did Olivia have to endure in the last couple of hours? Nearly killed. Bound. Belittled. Ridiculed. Humiliated. And all because of this Demon! Fiend! Nympho! Shameless slut! No better than the free-use whores in the S.E.C.R.E.T. District! Yes! If she enjoys it that much, why not give her what she wants?

Olivia moaned. She was close! So close just from a couple of seconds of the succubus’s demonic service. Perhaps she underestimated this Demon from the start. The tingling spread through Olivia’s lower body. Her muscles spasmed. Olivia closed her eyes and embraced the inevitable wave that—

“Hn—What!?” Olivia nearly screamed in frustration. Mere moments away from her orgasm, her bliss was abruptly and unceremoniously interrupted. Olivia looked toward the source of her disappointment and shouted, “Why!?”

Beatrice had wrapped her thumb and index finger around the base of Oliva’s cock and tightly squeezed, which cut off Olivia’s orgasm like a knife cutting a sausage in half. Beatrice then slowly moved her head up, sliding her lips up the length of Olivia’s shaft while her tongue slithered from side to side at the bottom of Olivia’s cock. Finally, with a slurping sound, and while releasing bubbles of spit along with it, Beatrice let Olivia’s cock out of her mouth. Thick, hanging saliva strands still connected Beatrice’s full lips to the tip of Olivia’s saliva-smeared cock even as the distance between them slowly grew.

“Aaahh,” Beatrice gasped and smiled with a self-congratulatory satisfaction while looking right into Olivia’s jade-colored eye. The other eye was—as always—still obstructed by her bleached bang, which somehow managed to remain in perfect condition throughout the day, despite the tumbling, the fighting, and the making out in the middle of the forest. Beatrice made a mental note to find out what kind of magic Olivia's hairstylist used.

“It looks like you enjoyed my little service a little too much,” Beatrice noted.

“Why did you do that?” Olivia asked, frustrated.

“Because I’ve recently discovered that taking a cock into my mouth from time to time actually turns me on a whole lot!”

“No! I mean, why did you stop me from cumming!?”

“You wanted to cum into my mouth that badly, huh?” Beatrice giggled.

“Of course!” Olivia no longer saw a reason to pretend otherwise.

“But you don’t get to cum so easily,” Beatrice said. “The spell lasts for three minutes, and I intend to use every last second of it!”

That’s when Olivia noticed the succubus’s tail rise into the air and watched it steadily, purposefully approach her mouth. Olivia tightly pressed her lips together and slightly recoiled back from the tip of the tail as if a snake approached. The phallically-shaped tip of Beatrice’s tail stopped just a few inches away from Olivia’s sealed lips.

“Really?” Beatrice frowned. “You want me to worship your snake, but you refuse to even land a kiss on mine?”

“Ah... I-I...” Olivia mumbled. She realized Beatrice had a point. Yet Olivia was still reluctant. She did not look back fondly on her last few experiences with “snakes”, and would rather forget those whole experiences altogether.

“How about a deal?” Beatrice asked. “Service for service? You might just rediscover yourself... Just like I did!”

And without a moment wasted, without even closing her mouth after her last word, Beatrice went down on Olivia’s cock again.

“Ahn!” Olivia gasped from the sudden stimulation and the horny succubus did not miss the opportunity to sneak her tail into an open hole.

"Mfmm~!" Olivia found her own mouth stuffed just like Beatrice's, though with a little extra encouragement, but with no less satisfaction.

“Mmm,” Beatrice moaned with a mouthful of cock. And although the mental satisfaction from pleasuring another girl was great, her true source of pleasure came from Olivia’s mouth.

Beatrice already knew how dangerously sensitive her tail was, as well as how deviously pleasureful its stimulation can be. The psychotic Princess Mary demonstrated that perfectly well when she made the succubus cum in seconds by stuffing her pussy with her own tail. But that was just a memory. This was real. Her tail slithering deeper into Olivia’s unprepared mouth, reaching all the way to the back of her mouth before recoiling back. And then further in again.

As strange as this blowjob was, it felt no less good than any other time she had her futa-cock serviced. No, it was better. Her tail was much more sensitive. The pleasure from fucking Olivia’s mouth with her tail was incredible. And although Beatrice made sure to continue squeezing Olivia’s cock hard at the base to prevent the ninja girl from climaxing prematurely, Beatrice herself had no qualms about cumming as much and as fast as she desired. And desire she did.

Beatrice used her free hand to stroke her aching primary cock that was long overdue for some much-needed stimulation. With her mouth she continued going down on Olivia’s girl-dick, pushing down and letting it back into her tight throat, while her tail thrust back and forth inside Olivia’s mouth, never fully leaving her heavenly upper hole.

Olivia did not resist any of this. Why would she? A deepthroat service from a stunning girl while being kept on the brink of orgasm from her overstimulated cock? Yes, please! Thought Olivia as she pinched her hard nipples and gave her mouth to succubus’s use.

Beatrice could not last long like this. She did not want to. She sprinted toward the finish line. A pleasant tingling that started at her groin, spread to her thighs and both phallic ends. Beatrice continued jerking her cock faster and faster while using the same speed to satisfy her tail with Olivia’s mouth. The warm, saliva-filled mouth was all that was needed for the overly sensitive tip. The forceful massage of her throat-muscles that—despite making her gag—provided a completely different kind of carnal, degrading pleasure was just what was needed to blow past the point of no return and reward the stimulation of both her phallic ends with a much-needed release.

Beatrice moaned into Olivia’s cock and unleashed a torrent of cum from both of her fat cock-heads.

“Ghh!” Olivia gagged when the succubus suddenly stormed her mouth with thick ropes of cum that quickly filled her tiny mouth to overflowing.

The euphoric succubus was busy milking her cock for all it was worth, but she showed mercy and withdrew from Olivia’s mouth, only to splatter more cum all over her face and tits.


-19 AP


“Gaaah,” Olivia breathed heavily and let Beatrice’s cum drool out of her mouth. The semi-white liquid splashed on Olivia’s pale skin, just between her small breasts, and flowed down to her belly in thick strands, completely marking Olivia’s body.

But the Succubus wasn’t nearly done. Despite covering the ninja girl's body in spunk, as well as leaving an equally impressive puddle on the moss underneath both girls, Beatrice was as hard as a rock. Even her tail was squirming for more as if having a life of its own. But there was one more organ that the succubus left unsatisfied.

Beatrice held on to Olivia’s cock for dear life, afraid that as soon as she loosened her grip, Olivia would cum and thus lose her temporary toy. I really need to improve that spell ASAP, Beatrice cursed as she raised her hips and moved directly over Olivia’s cock, ready to straddle her to satisfy her pussy.

“Ah,” Olivia moaned weakly—excited, yet disappointed at the same time. The ninja girl had her pussy ignored this entire time and had secretly hoped that the succubus would fuck her, just like she did before.

“Oh, don’t worry,” A devilish grin formed once again across Beatrice's face. “You will not be left empty any longer.”

Beatrice’s tail that had just explored Olivia’s upper hole was now moving to satisfy her lower one. The tip of Beatrice’s tail just lightly touched Olivia’s pussy lips, yet it was enough to make both girls moan in ecstasy, salivating at the pleasure that was about to follow.

“Yesssss,” Olivia purred when Beatrice slowly pushed the tip of her tail and parted Olivia’s labia. The poor, deprived girl was so wet, that the tail slid in effortlessly.

The pleasure was equally intense for Beatrice. She bit her lower lip as she aligned her own pussy with Olivia’s swollen shaft, aching for release. And while Beatrice slid deeper inside Olivia’s cave of wonders, she lowered her hips and filled her own tight, wonderful cave.

“Aahhh!” Beatrice moaned as the air was pushed out of her lungs in tandem with having her pussy jammed full of thick girl-cock.

“Ooohh, yesssss~~!” Olivia screamed in pleasure unapologetically when the pleasure from both her sex organs reached her brain. She did not even have to do anything. The girl simply leaned back against her arms, threw her head back, and let the pleasure take over her mind and body.

Meanwhile, the horny succubus held nothing back and fucked herself silly, using Olivia’s temporary cock as her own personal toy.

“Yes! Yes! yes!” Beatrice screamed in ecstasy while she jumped up and down Olivia’s fat, hard rod. Her giant tits bounced in the opposite direction. The sight was magical, and the body of a succubus took care of itself well—Beatrice was free to enjoy herself without the fear of her tits ever sagging despite her impressive proportions.

As Beatrice jammed Olivia’s cock deep inside her gushing twat, her own cock swayed up and down, trembling as it prepared to shoot yet another magical load of cum into the air. That alone would have been enough to make the horny succubus cum in minutes. But the addition of another layer of pleasure coming her tail, which Beatrice used to thrust in and out of Olivia’s tight little hole, was enough to make Beatrice cum right then and there.

Cum flew from Beatrice’s swaying cock, covering both girls with thick loads. It was the third time Beatrice had cum in the past half-hour, yet the amounts of cum were as large as ever. Olivia was in her own blissful little world and didn’t even notice how she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out to catch stray ropes of cum that flew in all directions.


-19 AP


At the same time, Beatrice kept pumping so much semen into Olivia’s pussy that any girl would get pregnant. But Beatrice did not choose to do so just yet. Her Skill [Futanari Succubus's Semen] was kept toggled off the entire time. She made sure to do that while she was sane so that she did not impregnate every girl in the city during the highs of her horniness.

Instead, Beatrice continued slamming hard down against Olivia’s cock, shoving it as deep as she could into her hungry cunt. Neither did she stop fucking Olivia’s pussy. Even as she continued spasming and moaning in throes of orgasm, she just kept fucking herself to ever greater heights of pleasure. Beatrice’s cock was hard, her tail ached for tight, wet pussy, and she swore to never ever deprive herself of her desires again.

Beatrice finally let go of Olivia’s cock, unleashing all the built-up tension all at once.

“OOOOOOHHHH~” Olivia screamed and fell back. She could not take it anymore. She had never experienced anything like this. What girl did?

Both girls lost themselves. As Beatrice fucked herself silly she pinched her own nipples—taking a page from Olivia’s book—and discovered to the surprise of no one that she quite liked the tinge of pain to spice up her mind-blowing orgasms.

An ordinary human would have simply passed out from so much continuous stimulation, but Beatrice just kept going. Going and smiling. She was finally free. Free of inhibition. Free of reservations or pent-up frustrations. With each thrust, she accepted herself more. Not ashamed, but proud. Proud of everything she liked. Everything she enjoyed. Everything she experienced and would experience.

Maybe that’s why Beatrice was so hard on Olivia? She did not want the twenty-one-year-old to make the same mistakes Beatrice did, when she had a life full of potential ahead of her. Some of it will be good. Some will be painful. Olivia has to experience it all! And so will Beatrice!

And as both girls experienced the pleasure they provided for each other, Olivia’s swollen, hurting cock could not take it anymore. Mere seconds after Beatrice let it loose, it throbbed and twitched and trembled under the succubus’s relentless assault, until finally, Olivia erupted and unleashed her own cum deep inside Beatrice. The succubus clamped down on Olivia’s cock, and as the sperm hit her womb, Beatrice let out a guttural moan and climaxed for one more time.

-19 AP


Level up!


Additional Skill Point available!

“Incredible,” Olivia uttered weakly as she wiped away sweat and cum off her forehead. She laid on the fresh, summer moss, next to Beatrice, both of the girls were covered in each other’s semen.

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