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“You sure about this?” Beatrice asked Olivia who was sitting on a chair in front of her. “You really have no idea what you’re signing up for.”

“On the contrary—I saw your earlier fight. You gained the element of surprise on a couple of horny idiots who thought with their lower heads first. That won’t work on me.”

Arrogant, Beatrice concluded. Good.

“Alright, don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

“You misunderstand,” Olivia said. “I sincerely hope that you have what it takes to help me save Emily. But I need more than just words. And this is the simplest way to see what you’re truly made of.”

“No, I understand quite well. But for your test to work, you have to be willing to go all out against me, like any of Belmot’s men would do. And in that case, I obviously can’t hold back either. Not when my life is on the line.”

Still sitting on the chair, Olivia stared the succubus dead in the eye and reached for her dagger.

“Woah, not here obviously!” Beatrice gestured to the ninja to calm down. “We’re guests here after all. We shouldn’t stain our host’s house with blood.”

Beatrice walked over to the window from which she saw the same forest they came from and said, “We'll go there. Tabitha, stay here and make sure that supper is waiting for us when we get back. Oh, and don’t let that little girl near the windows.”

“M-me?” Tabitha pointed her finger at herself and sunk in disappointment. “B-but I wanted to see—”

“That’s an order,” Beatrice said calmly. “If you can’t handle that much, I’ll find someone else, who can.”

“N-no! I-I mean… Yes, sir!” Tabitha gave a trembling salute to the Succubus.

Beatrice barely held back a grin. A pleasant chill ran down her whole body. Giving out orders… Loyal servants… I could get used to this.

“This won’t take long,” Beatrice said to her loyal mage and went to the door.

Ember, who was already sitting next to the door, stood up and opened it for Beatrice, letting the Savior pass first. Olivia followed a couple steps behind. Ember followed the ninja’s back with a look that a snake would give to a clueless mouse. She then followed the two girls into the night, closing the door behind her.

As the trio walked the very narrow distance between the house and the first trees of the forest, Beatrice looked up behind her at the flickering yellow lights far above them on the city walls. She thought she had some thoughts about those guards above them, but now she only wondered if the guards would be able to hear them from so high above.

“Let’s go a little deeper not to attract unnecessary attention,” Beatrice suggested, though she had no intention of allowing objections.

“Good idea,” Ember said. “Wouldn’t want to give away any of our secrets… I wonder how many men and women were guided into the Shadow Woods just like this? Never to return.”

Again, she does this, Beatrice noted. Is she trying to ruin the mood?

“Nobody is going to be killed,” the Succubus said and glanced at Oliva. The ninja remained composed and focused.

“This is enough, isn’t it?” Olivia said when she looked back and could barely see the light from Samuel’s house anymore.

“Yes, this will do just fine,” Beatrice said and stood next to Olivia. “Oh, and just in case… If something did happen to me. You asked how I planned to deal with Belmot’s forces…”

“Yes?” Olivia looked up at Beatrice. The ninja’s curiosity broke through her stern facade.

“Can you keep a secret?” Beatrice asked.

“Of course!” Olivia exclaimed without hesitation.

“Very well,” Beatrice smiled mischievously and leaned to Olivia’s ear. The succubus put her hand to her mouth to make sure Ember couldn’t hear the “vital” information and whispered into Olivia’s ear, “I will kill them if there is no other choice, but I would much rather make them my slaves.”


“Like this,” Beatrice said softly and put the palm of her open hand over Olivia’s mouth for maximum skin contact, and cast [thing Growing].

“MMMF!!” Olivia’s eyes grew wide in horror when she felt something grow between her legs. It pressed against her skin-tight ninja outfit, aching to burst free.

Beatrice couldn’t help but smile when she saw the growing bulge where there should not have been one. The succubus activated her [Sharp Claws] and carefully cut through Olivia’s dark-blue fabric. A big, fat thing sprung out through the hole, ready for action.

“Hard already?” the succubus exclaimed, overjoyed at the sight. “I haven’t even done anything yet! Don’t tell me you were horny all this time? You should’ve said something sooner—I would’ve gladly helped!”

Olivia’s muffled moans only enticed the succubus further. She was surprised how little Olivia ended up resisting.

“I thought you were stronger than this,” Beatrice said. “Don’t worry, I’ll make it all better.”

Beatrice deactivated her [Sharp Claws] so that she didn’t hurt the girl by accident. She then put her hand around the shaft of Olivia’s new-grown thing and cast [Arousing Touch].

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