Sebastian gurgled his last gasps, lying in the pool of his own blood while the green-haired mage, Tabitha, jumped on bound Olivia’s back, and pressed the ninja girl’s face against the ground. She then leaned to Olivia’s ear and said with a smile, “[Golden Rings] take a while to channel, but they are very effective. Unlucky for you, you never once saw me use this spell.”

Ember came up to Beatrice and whistled.

“A friend of yours?” Beatrice asked.

Ember shook her head.

“I’ve heard stories, but I never believed them,” Tabitha said gleefully and looked at Beatrice and her bodyguard while holding down Olivia. “That one day a savior would come to our world with special potency greater than any demon from Beyond!”

“You traitorous woman for sale!” Olivia barked. “You betrayed us to join Lucarad’s lunatic cult? Do you seriously believe that scam artist?

Scam artist? Beatrice noted.

“Since when did you start giving a damn about this rotten world?” Olivia continued berating Tabitha.

“I don’t!” Tabitha smiled cheerfully. “Don’t tell me you haven’t heard of the bliss that demons from beyond can grant human females? I have fantasized for years about that! The only reason I’ve stuck around with that useless brute was that he had the biggest thing that was willing to do me and was mercilessly rough during bedtime. There wasn’t a day I didn’t have to waste most of my mana to heal the bruises Sebastian left all over my body.”

“N-no way,” Olivia grew paler. “That’s why you were always so useless in fights?”

“Oh, but it was worth it!” Tabitha moaned, closed her eyes, and bit her lip. “Every time he pounded my special place while choking the life out of me I was imagining that I was in a demon’s deadly grasp. Fighting for my life while my body and mind betrayed me-bringing me to ever greater heights of ecstasy!”

“You’re insane!” Oliva shouted and struggled to break free, but Tabitha’s binding spell remained strong, leaving the ninja girl squirming like a worm.

“Everyone in this city is the ones who are insane!” Tabitha shouted. “Why are we locked away here like prisoners!? Why can’t we each pursue our dreams freely!? Do you really think some second-rate intercourse with selfish, unskilled humans is enough when I know that there’s true bliss out there? Ah, but now I do not need that.”

Tabitha pulled Olivia’s head up by her hair, looked directly into Beatrice’s eyes, and said, “Oh, great Savior, please forgive me for getting in your path and not putting a stop to this charade sooner! Please, accept this humble gift from me. Do with her as you please. Do her, abuse her, kill her—”

“What!? Get off you psycho!!” The ninja girl screamed and struggled fruitlessly.

“I’m not going to kill or abuse a bound hostage,” Beatrice tried to calm the situation.

“What? But she tried to kill your friend!” Tabitha was perplexed. “Oh, you have something worse planned? Will you feed Olivia to that redhead? She looks like the cannibal type.”

“Haa?” Ember’s jaw dropped open. Even your usually reserved bodyguard was absolutely flabbergasted at what she heard.

“Whatever it is, please, I beg of you,” Tabitha continued pleading, ignoring Olivia’s screams and struggles. “Drown me in the pleasure that mere mortals cannot hope to achieve! Even if it is just once! Even if it means my death! As long as I’m able to experience ultimate bliss at least once in my life, I’ll be happy.”

Is she for real? Beatrice thought. Maybe the ninja girl is right, and this mage is simply not well. She just confessed that she was beaten daily. I really shouldn’t indulge her. No matter how much she wants to be roughed up and have her holes filled with hard things. Ah, and I have my tail. I bet she hasn’t experienced- No! No! Think!

Beatrice lightly slapped her cheeks to get a hold of herself and cleared her throat. Then the futanari succubus finally spoke, trying to maintain the high attitude that served her so well, “Y-you’re making a lot of assumptions. Why are you even so convinced that I’ll be able to give you what you want? And do you think I’d want that?”

“Ah!” Tabitha whimpered. “A-am I not good enough?”

“N-no, that’s not it,” Beatrice stammered. Did I just hurt her feelings?

“B-but I stopped the fight!”

“After it was already obvious that your side lost,” Ember said with cautious suspicion.

“No! It’s not my fault!” Tabitha cried out as tears built up in her eyes. “I was low on mana, and this spell was the only one I knew would work on Olivia. It took time to charge. Everything happened so quickly! I tried to stall! Please believe me!”

Beatrice and Ember looked at each other, gauging whether the other one took Tabitha’s words seriously.

“My feelings are true! I swear! And this girl that tried to harm your friend” —Tabitha pulled on Olivia’s hair even harder, arching the ninja girl’s neck backward—"Here take her! If you don’t want her, maybe your cannibal friend can use her? She clearly gets off on burning people alive. Use her! Use me! I’ll gladly let you burn me alive while you ravage my body!”

“I’m not a cannibal!” Ember protested.

Oh boy! Beatrice was convinced that she was dealing with a total nutcase.

“Have you come to this world to save it?” Olivia continued her monologue. “Or to do away with the last remnants of humanity into blissful ignorance while everything crumbles around us? Whatever it is, please make me a part of that! I have much to learn but I will do whatever it takes to improve as a mage! Are you searching for women to do into submission? Men? I will gladly assist you and lure them to you! Just abuse me alongside them just as mercilessly! No! Even more mercilessly! Ravage my body as a demon would!

Will you go into combat against the demons? Use me as a cheap meatshield against their attacks and do as you wish with my dying body as a demon would! Use your bodily fluids to keep me just on the edge of life! The thrill of life and death… Not knowing when I will breathe my last as you choke me, with a giant thing inside my special place and tail deep in my back entrance… Oh, I’m wet just from the thought!”

Tabitha leaned against Olivia with sultry moans. Her hand was already between her legs and she breathed warm air into the struggling ninja girl’s ear.

“Stop it! Get off me, you freak!” Olivia screamed.

Beatrice was left speechless. She had no idea how to respond or what to do with this sudden proclamation by the horny mage.


The mage was not right in the head. Beatrice knew that. Only a truly sick person would get aroused by the things that Tabitha got aroused by.

Beatrice did not find the thought of raping an unwilling victim exciting in the slightest. She was hard for a different reason. In all her life, this or the previous one, she never slept with a partner who truly got off on rough, hardcore fun. Not any of the light butt-slapping. The really depraved stuff.

Eventually, Beatrice had settled for the thought that women who claimed to be into that sort of stuff on the internet was either lying or were actually men posing as women for laughs. Sure, Beatrice saw all kinds of degrading stuff in pornos, but that was just that—videos for cheap entertainment. One sicker and more extreme than the other, fighting for attention in the oversaturated market. Or it was something desperate women would let men do to themselves for one sad reason or another.

Sure, it might have been a shallow and narrow-minded perspective. But it was a way for Beatrice to cope with the fact that she never encountered a true masochist that would get horny from a strong hand around her neck and a hard slap across the face.

But to see a young, twenty-something-year-old, laying on another girl right there in front of Beatrice, doing perverted things while fantasizing about the most humiliating and degrading things imaginable, genuinely begging for the ultimate taboo, with no strings or conditions attached, nothing for her to be gained… For Beatrice, it was a surreal sight.

If she finds pleasure in being used in the most extreme ways imaginable, would I be in the wrong to give it to her? Beatrice wondered. If it is her dream. Her ultimate desire. If I was truly the only one that could give this girl what she desperately craved for, begged for, why would it wrong for me to fulfill her fantasy?

But I can’t, Beatrice argued with herself. Not yet. The person she imagines me to be. The savior that is greater than any demon from beyond. I’m not that person yet. But what if I confess that to her? How disappointed will she be? She just betrayed her team for this. Will she hate me? What the hell am I thinking!?

“Please!” Tabitha begged. “Do you want me to crawl to you on all fours?”

Tabitha got up on her hands and knees and slowly approached Beatrice and Ember. The ninja girl tried to use this opportunity to get out of her restraints but only managed to roll around on the ground as the yellow rings binding her remained strong.

Olivia screamed when walls of flame appeared on both sides around her.

“Don’t move!” Ember ordered in a soul-chilling tone. Both Olivia and Beatrice understood that Ember could end the ninja’s life with the snap of her fingers without a second thought or hesitation.

Doesn’t that mean I would be lying to her? Beatrice desperately fought against her rising urge to do perverted things. Using her? But that’s what she wants!! Does she even realize what she’s asking for? Would she moan? Would she scream? Would she cry?

The realization flashed through Beatrice’s mind that her Arousal Points must have been close to full again. But she did not bother to look if that was the case or how full they were. No. She did not look on purpose. Beatrice knew she wanted to take this true masochist. This gift from heaven was too good to pass up! No Arousal Points would change that.

The succubus gathered what little remained of her willpower and moral values and said to Tabitha, “If your only wish is to be ravaged and consumed by a demon, I will not grant you that wish now.”

“No?” Tabitha cried out in disappointment and looked up at Beatrice.

“One day, I will grant you the pleasure that no mortal being has ever experienced in this world,” Beatrice said and reached down to Tabitha. Beatrice noticed her hand tremble for a moment. She was about to experience a different side of herself. A darker side. One she had fantasized about in her past life, but never got a chance to explore. Never hoped to explore. “But only if you prove to be a fun and useful toy!”

“Gh,” Tabitha smiled.

“Is that what you want?” Beatrice asked. “To be a fun toy?”

Tabitha nodded.


“I can’t hear you!” Beatrice said strongly.

“Gh-hyeesh,” Tabitha struggled. “Yesh!”

“’Yes’ what?”

“I... whanth... tho bhe... hah... thoy!”

Beatrice spat in Tabitha’s eye and asked, “What kind of a toy?”

“Whath...hevher... hyou whanth!”

“Prove it!” Beatrice ordered.


Beatrice was going out of her comfort zone. She was not a harsh or cruel person in her past life and had no intention to become one in this life. The succubus had never acted out a role this fierce. And while it was something she had fantasized about, it was only under the condition that the enjoyment was mutual. Beatrice had no tolerance for cruelty.

The succubus did have the [Arousing Touch] skill, but according to the skill’s description, it only worked to increase the arousal. And Beatrice was not willing to use that skill to make someone do something they would not otherwise.

“Well? What are you waiting for?” Beatrice asked harshly while Tabitha recovered.

“I-I’m sorry!” startled, Tabitha jumped to her knees.

“Is that all you’re capable of?” Beatrice asked the mage, shaming her for her poor performance.

“No! I’m sorry!” Tabitha cried. “I’m sorry—cough—It’s just that you’re so… Compared to Sebastian…”

“What? Did he have a straw for his tool?” Beatrice asked.

Ember chuckled. She stood some twenty feet from Beatrice, keeping an eye on the bound ninja girl.

“He doesn’t compare!” Tabitha gasped.

Meanwhile, Ember walked closer to the both of them and said, “I’ve seen this from time to time in the S.E.C.R.E.T. guild—girls getting used to one partner, thinking themselves to be far more skilled than they actually are. She just needs to be properly broken in.”

Both Beatrice and Tabitha looked at the redhead and found a devilish smile on her face.

“If only I had my toys with me,” Ember lamented as she looked down on Tabitha. “I’d have you pay for those remarks about me.”

Toys, huh? Beatrice thought as she recalled seeing something about this in the Skill Tree. I do have one more Skill Point left…

Letting Tabitha service her, Beatrice mentally retreated into her Skill System and opened up the Skill Tree in her mind’s eye. The succubus glanced over all the locked or acquired Skills and found the one she remembered.

Skill Name: Summon Toys

Rank: F

Type: Eros Craft / Active

Cost: 5 Stamina

Cooldown: 5 Minutes

Description: Allows a Succubus to summon toys that are unavailable to the inhabitants of this world. Summons a flexible silicone dildo, that lasts for up to thirty minutes. Limited adjustments of size and shape are available before summoning.

Minimum Requirements:

Character level: 2


At the time Beatrice thought it to be an utter waste to use a Skill Point on something like this. But now the choice was obvious to the horny Succubus who was too intrigued by her bodyguard's suggestive comments. Without a second thought, the overly excited futanari traded her last Skill Point for a dildo on demand.


With the cost of just 5 Stamina, Beatrice did not hesitate to use her new Skill to summon the biggest dildo she could and ended up with a flexible, silicone, pink dildo in her slender, delicate hands. In length, the dildo was just below seven inches, not including the decorative testicles which the Succubus herself did not possess. The succubus frowned for a moment when she realized that her summoned toy was longer than her own real live thing, but cheered herself up with the fact that she was the clear winner in the girth department. The dildo also had a suction cup base, but Beatrice could not foresee it coming into play with the uneven surfaces of the tunnels they were in.

“Will this work?” Beatrice asked as she tossed the dildo to her bodyguard.

“Oh?” Ember was surprised to see the new item appear seemingly out of nowhere, but despite that effortlessly caught the toy into her left hand.

“What is this material?” Ember asked, not even bothering to hide her amazement as she closely examined the dildo in her hands, sliding two fingers across the smooth surface of the artificial phallic object.

“Something from my realm,” Beatrice spoke in half-truths. “So?”

“It’s a little on the small side, but it will serve its purpose,” Ember said with a mischievous smile. The redhead then walked up to Tabitha while Beatrice took a couple of steps to the side, to have a clear view of everything. For a second Tabitha reached to Beatrice’s cock, which moved away from the mage, but recoiled her hand when Ember’s shadow fell upon her.

Even though Ember herself was of a smaller frame, Beatrice couldn’t help but feel that the redhead towered over Tabitha. It was more than just a matter of size. Beatrice could almost feel a subjugating aura emanating from her bodyguard. Judging by Tabitha’s timid expression, she felt it too. She pulled her hands closer to her naked chest, looking at Ember with curiosity and worry. Holding the pink dildo in her hand firmly by the balls, Ember looked down at her prey with a smile of a jock that was about to deflower a clueless, naïve college girl. And her intent proved far more dastardly.

Without warning, Ember jammed four fingers into Tabitha’s mouth, pulled down the girl’s jaw, forcing her mouth wide open, and thrust the pink dildo into the girl’s mouth and down her throat, all the way to the base, pressing the silicone balls into Tabitha’s chin. Beatrice saw Tabitha’s throat bulge as her back arched and her entire body jerked.

Beatrice saw Tabitha convulse through her stomach once. Twice. On the third time, Ember roughly pulled the dildo out. The girl's entire body rose half a foot into the air, following the dildo with her contorted, wide-open mouth. Thick saliva escaped her, attached to the dildo and Tabitha collapsed to the ground coughing, covering her mouth, afraid that her stomach contents would follow the dildo.

But Ember gave the girl no rest—she grabbed Tabitha by the neck and with a single hand pulled her up—back on her knees where Tabitha belonged—displaying feats of strength that should not be possible for a girl her size.

“Open your mouth!” Ember commanded in a strong and merciless tone. Not even a hint of kindness remained in Ember’s red eyes, which—usually warm and passionate—now appeared impossibly cold.

Tabitha did not dare to disobey her new master, whose voice bounced from wall to wall, echoing through the tunnels. With teary eyes, she opened her mouth and Ember jammed the dildo back down her throat. This time though she did not hold it down. She pulled the dildo nearly completely out, Beatrice even saw the edge of the fake head on the dildo appear on the inner edges of Tabitha’s trembling lips before Ember again forcefully thrust the dildo into the gagging girl's mouth. She thrust the dildo in and out of Tabitha’s throat with a relentless speed, as if trying to test just how much she can get away with.

“Glhu-glhu-glhu-glh-glh—” depraved squelching escaped Tabitha’s throat as her neck bulged and contracted, her lips and neck were covered in throat slop that Ember pulled out along with the dildo and drooled down to her tits in long, sticky strands.

“Glhu-GLHUHAAAA!“ Tabitha finally escaped Ember’s assault and coughed out a small while puddle of slop that landed on her thighs and smeared across them.

“Kha! Kha!” With tears in her eyes, Tabitha coughed and gasped for air as more liquid hanged from her mouth in thick strands, slowly drooping down. She tried to wipe her mouth with the back of her hand, but Ember grabbed her hand and smacked her across the face with the dildo.

“Who told you to touch your mouth!?” Ember asked the girl in a loud voice. She then let go of Tabitha’s hand and with her own hand smeared the thick saliva from Tabitha’s mouth all across the assaulted girl’s reddish, wet face.

“That’s a good slut!” Ember said with a smile as she grabbed tightly Tabitha’s both cheeks, squeezing the degraded girl’s face. “Who’s a good slut?”

“Ghi am,” Tabitha gasped.

“Then open that fucking mouth wider!” Ember demanded, but instead of waiting for the girl to act, forced her mouth open with her hand before thrusting the dildo back in.

Beatrice jerked her cock with both hands. The sight of a beautiful naked woman in the prime of her years on her knees, gagging and gurgling on a long dildo in her throat was too much to bear. She’s not resisting at all, Beatrice thought to herself. It took immense willpower for the futanari not to cum then and there, as she wanted to cum inside the dominated girl, yet didn’t want to interrupt her own private show.

But when Beatrice saw Tabitha reach down to her pussy and start violently rubbing herself off, that took the succubus over the edge. She knew she was beyond the point of no return. She rushed to Tabitha and Ember—

“Ah!” Ember noticed the succubus approach and stepped aside while pulling the dildo out of Tabitha’s mouth just in time for Beatrice to grab Tabitha’s face with both hands and thrust deep into her mouth.

“Mff!” only for a brief moment muffled moans escaped Tabitha’s mouth, before Beatrice’s cock penetrated her throat.

“Ghuuu!” Beatrice grunted as she finally unloaded her cum down Tabitha’s throat. At the same time, Beatrice felt cum rush through her tail. Recalling the additional effects of her Upgraded [Succubus's Tail (+1)] Skill, Beatrice had only enough time to move her twitching tail and aim the head at Tabitha’s naked back before a fountain of sperm erupted and splattered all the throat-fucked girl. Beatrice held Tabitha’s head down tightly, pushing her down on her trembling cock as much as she could, and slightly jerked her hips forward with each rope of cum that she sent into Tabitha’s stomach while more sperm flowed down her spine, toward her ass.


-10.6 Arousal Points


“My, you’re an impatient one,” Ember said with a sly smile as she watched Beatrice grunt like an animal while holding Tabitha’s head firmly with both her hands and cumming down the submissive girl’s throat with the entire length of her cock fully stimulated by Tabitha’s mouth and throat.

Only when the very last drop was squeezing out of her cock, did Beatrice let go of Tabitha’s head and let the girl finally gasp for a breath of fresh air. Beatrice still breathed heavily, her chest rising and falling with each deep breath through her mouth. She looked down at her cock which was still firm and covered in bubbly, translucent, thick saliva. She then looked down at the violated Tabitha who struggled to come to her senses after the prolonged assault on her throat first by Ember, then by Beatrice.

Beatrice looked at her own two hands, still slightly trembling from the excitement. The succubus understood that although she had passed the buck to her bodyguard, in the end, she used the girl for her own pleasure all the same. Was that who she really was? Could she really pass all the blame on the Arousal System? Beatrice kept reminding herself that Tabitha was really into being violated. She even masturbated during it after all!

But in the end, Beatrice’s experience in these kinds of plays was severely lacking. Even though this was a completely different life from her previous one. Even though she was a completely different person now. Even though she had resolved to devote her life to precisely these types of perversions that she missed out on in her previous life, Beatrice could not disregard the fact that it was a real human being she just abused. It’s fine, she kept telling herself. Just another type of sexual act that we both enjoyed in our own way. Stop being such a soft, pathetic weakling! You’re a different person now! This girl is literally all you could hope for! A gift from the heavens! Get a grip!

Beatrice’s thoughts were suddenly interrupted when Ember took a swift step toward her and grabbed the succubus by the throat. The freckled redhead’s momentary toyful demeanor swiftly changed back to a rough, dominating one. She did not let go of Beatrice’s by the throat, instead, she tightened her grip, squeezing hard on the gentle neck of the succubus, and said, “You’ll have to be punished for interrupting my play!”

“Wh-what—gkh—are you doing?” Beatrice asked weakly, struggling not only to speak but also for breath from the sudden cut-off of the oxygen by her own bodyguard.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Ember asked ominously and then grabbed Beatrice’s sleek, overly sensitive tail about ten inches from the tip and jammed it into the Succubus’s wet pussy without warning.

“GHGHHUAAKHHHAAA!!” Beatrice screamed as her entire body jolted from the overstimulation. Her back arched, sending her big breasts flopping into the air as the Succubus’s eye’s bulged from the sudden wave of mind-crushing pleasure.

Overly excited, the Succubus let her guard go completely and let her major weakness—her sensitive tail exposed for abuse. Just a simple touch of her tail would be already pleasurable all on its own but combined when thrust into her pussy that already was dripping wet from the degenerate show before her and thrust deeply by her own tail that was even more sensitive than her own cock...

To be thrust into and in some sick, perverted, arousing way be also the one that ends up doing the thrust... Penetrating herself... Feeling the foreign object hit something deep within her while also feeling hitting something with her tail WHILE the airflow of to her brain has been suddenly obstructed... Was there any wonder that she couldn’t stop leaking cum from her cock, disregarding the fact that she came not even a minute ago?


-10.6 Arousal Points


Level up!


Additional Skill Points available!


But it took the cum-addled mind of the Succubus some time to realize that her twitching cock was already shooting her second load of cum. And even as she realized this, she could do little more than whimper weakly while looking down at the dark-red, gigantic head of her cock that continued oozing cum that fell to the floor, increasing the puddle under her feet.

Beatrice bit her lip, unable to come to terms with her mixed feelings of intense pleasure and deep shame. She still felt both her tail deep inside her and Ember’s strong hold on her neck. Realizing that both of those contributed to her mind-shattering orgasm, Beatrice wrestled with the reality that she might have discovered masochistic tendencies she never knew she had.

Was it wrong? Shameful? Degrading? If anyone knew... But the pleasure what undeniable! What did that make of her? Was she just another pervert? No better than the mage that proclaimed her wish to be used, abused, and ultimately fucked to death?

All those questions disappeared from Beatrice’s mind she felt Ember’s soft lips upon her own. Ember’s warm, gentle hands, sliding across her shoulders. Ember’s soft tongue entering her mouth. Every touch was kind, soft, and reassuring. Beatrice embraced her bodyguard and the two girls exchanged a long, deep, passionate kiss.


“I think that slut is ready for some proper treatment,” Ember said with a smile while lovingly looking into Beatrice’s eyes.

“Y-yes,” Beatrice answered with a single word. At that moment the succubus felt she would’ve agreed to anything Ember proposed, but she couldn’t deny how her heart jumped at the thought of continuing this new experience with Ember’s guide. And it turned out that her heart wasn’t the only thing that jumped as Ember's downward look and coy smile pointed to the reawakening of the futanari’s cock.

Just as Ember turned to Tabitha who was on her knees beside them, Beatrice grabbed the redhead’s hand and said, “Wait!”

Ember turned around with a curious smile and warmly asked, “What is it?”

Beatrice swallowed, inhaled, and said, “I want us to both to fuck her at the same time! From the front and behind!”

Ember slightly opened her mouth, but before she could reply Beatrice activated her [Dick Growing] Skill, casting it on Ember, using her hand for the direct skin contact requirement.

“Ah!” Emer gasped when she felt a familiar growth and throbbing between her legs.

“We don’t have much time,” Beatrice reminded Ember.

Her bodyguard replied with a wink and turned around to Tabitha, pulled her by the hair, and said in a loud, cold voice, “You hear that slut? On your hands and knees.”

Ember roughly shoved the girl into position and undid her own robes.

Beatrice walked around Tabitha, who got into a doggy-style position as commanded. Tabitha looked disoriented and confused but gasped when she saw a huge hard cock unveiled from under Ember’s robes.

Ember did not miss the opportunity to fill the opening so graciously provided.

“Oh, yes, I remember now!” the redhead moaned as for the second time in her life she enjoyed the warmth of a girl’s mouth around her cock. “But don’t think I’ll be nearly as gentle as I was with her.”

“Mmf?” Tabitha obviously didn’t have a clue what Ember was talking about.

However, the redhead’s words left a big impact on Beatrice who’s cock filled with blood and swelled further at the thought that Ember obviously would treat her differently. Thinking about the pleasure they gave each other before and would give again, Beatrice now wanted to fuck this submissive girl together with her caring bodyguard. The futanari got on her knees behind Tabitha, put the swollen head of her cock against the girl’s pussy lips, and thrust inside, all her length, all at once.

Each of the succubus’s thrusts fucked Tabitha further into Ember’s cock, forcing Tabitha to gag as the cock kept pushing through, forcing open her jaw and squeezing down her throat.

“Ah, let’s turn this slut around!” Ember told Beatrice.

Beatrice saw no reason to object and the two girls withdrew out of Tabitha, before flipping her on her back. Beatrice wasted no time. She lifted up the girl’s legs, putting them on her own shoulders, and proceeded to thrust into her pussy, watching the breasts flop back and forth. With Tabitha on her back, it opened a straight path for Ember to reach even deeper down Tabitha’s throat.

“Open wide!” Ember ordered Tabitha.

Tabitha eagerly opened her mouth, but instead of a cock she had the silicone dildo thrust into her mouth instead.

“Ghlu-ghlu-ghlu—” Tabitha let out the same sounds from her throat as before under Ember’s relentless assault. The girl coughed and whimpered when Ember finally let her catch her breath only to reward Tabitha with hard slaps on both her cheeks with the slop-covered dildo.

“Why are you crying!?” Ember shouted. “You don’t want your throat roughed up!?”

“I—KEHE—I want—OOH! … Your cock… I want your cock!” Tabitha begged as she moaned with tears in her eyes and bit her lower lip from the similarly brutal assault of her pussy by Beatrice.

“Who cares what you want!?” Ember disregarded Tabitha’s pleas with a devilish grin. “If you want it that badly, beg for it!”

“Plea-ghu—” Tabitha’s plea was interrupted by the same dildo thrust down her throat.

“I can’t hear you,” Ember said as she thrust the dildo in and out of the gagging girl.

“Pl-glhu-please—ghaaa—give me—ghuaa—your cock, I—ghu-ghu-ghu-ghu-ghaaaa… I want it so bad,” Tabitha whimpered.

Ember laughed and said, “Open your mouth wide and stick out your tongue!”

“Ah~” Tabitha gladly obeyed. Saliva dripped from her stuck-out tongue, down her turned-over face, and even got into her left eye, which she closed, but kept her mouth as wide open as she could. Tabitha even pushed her breasts close together and forward, trying to entice her new mistress in any way she could.

Ember aligned her hard cock with Tabitha’s open mouth and finally rewarded Tabitha with the thing she desired so badly.


Tabitha cried from joy when she felt Ember’s cock in her mouth, but her face soon contorted in the struggle as Ember pushed deeper than ever before due to a favorable position. While Beatrice fucked Tabitha’s pussy, she saw her neck bulge further and further down, clearly noting the depth of Ember’s cock.

Ember was not satisfied with just that, however. She put both her hands on Tabitha’s neck, squeezing tightly, and proceeded to thrust her own hips back and forth, using the girl’s throat like a cheap sex toy.

“Haah, this whore is first class!” Ember grunted as she choked Tabitha, squeezing her neck around her cock, stimulating her cock beyond reason.

Beatrice was astonished that Ember still hadn’t cum. The succubus had no doubt she would’ve cum by now, and the only reason she hadn’t already was her two previous climaxes mere minutes ago. But even despite that Beatrice had to slow down her own pace inside Tabitha because the way Ember used Tabitha was too stimulating for Beatrice’s senses.

The succubus knew first-hand that submitting to yourself to rough handling could bring immense pleasure. And this was doubly confirmed by the way Tabitha’s pussy muscles contracted around Beatrice’s cock in rhythm with Ember’s thrusts.

Beatrice could barely withstand the unusual stimulation around her cock and couldn’t help but wonder what heights of pleasure was Tabitha reaching from such brutal choking and throat-fucking and if she too would drown in ecstasy should she find the courage to give herself to such degrading treatment.

Finally, the stimulation proved too much for Ember. The redhead thrust harder and faster. Her moans grew loud enough to rival Tabitha’s gurgling and squelching. Beatrice could clearly see Tabitha’s face turn red and got legitimately worried for the girl’s wellbeing. But before she could decide whether to do something, Ember thrust hard, arched her back, and climaxed into Tabitha’s throat while squeezing the girl’s neck tightly.

The second her orgasm subsided, Ember let go of Tabitha’s neck and withdrew her softening cock. With the orgasm reached, her temporary cock quickly shriveled and disappeared.

Beatrice breathed a sigh of relief when she heard Tabitha cough and desperately gasp for fresh air to fill her deprived lungs. But just as Beatrice's mind was put at ease about Tabitha’s wellbeing, her thoughts were swiftly overtaken by a singular purpose—she was not yet done with the girl. She too wanted to experience the orgasm brought on by fucking a totally submissive girl senseless.

Beatrice pulled out of Tabitha’s trembling pussy, got up, and walked over to Ember. The succubus then kissed the redhead passionately on the lips, recalling how great it felt when Ember did that to her. Satisfied with the kiss, but still desiring a greater satisfaction, Beatrice retraced her bodyguard’s actions and pulled Tabitha up by her hair, into the proper position on her knees.

But before Beatrice gave Tabitha the same treatment Ember did, she picked up the slippery pink dildo that Ember left on the ground.

“Ah,” Tabitha gasped, frowning in disappointment as she looked at the toy that—as she thought—was once again about to replace the real thing.

But Beatrice—hard at the thought of what she was about to do—placed her left hand on the back of Tabitha’s head, guiding her mouth onto her veiny cock while leaning forward, over Tabitha.

“Ooh,” Beatrice moaned in pleasure as her cock slid inside the warm, lubricated, thoroughly stretched mouth of Tabitha. And while she slowly pulled Tabitha down on her cock, with the dildo in her right hand she reached for Tabitha’s asshole. Beatrice placed the tip of the dildo against Tabitha’s tight muscular ring and slid it around in a small circle, smearing it with the girl’s own, thick throat juices, preparing her back entrance.

“Mmm!” Tabitha moaned, realizing what the succubus’s plan was, but that was all she had time to do as Beatrice pushed the lubricated dildo into Tabitha’s ass with a singular purpose.

“Mhmmm!” Tabitha moaned into Beatrice’s cock, but the succubus only pushed Tabitha’s head further onto her engorged cock, pushing through the entrance to her throat. It was no difficult task, as Ember had properly prepared the girl for her Savior.

After the first inch of Beatrice’s cock entered Tabitha’s throat it was a matter of seconds before Beatrice was fully inside Tabitha’s mouth once again. And this time she had no intention of letting Tabitha go. Instead, the futanari gripped the pink dildo tightly and pushed it deep into Tabitha’s asshole, all the way to the balls of the silicone penis.

Tabitha moaned and her throat muscles contracted around Beatrice’s cock. Beatrice’s already great pleasure from the extremely tight fit inside Tabitha’s throat was now magnified by the irregular massage of the girl’s throat muscles.

Beatrice lost herself more and more by the second from the pleasure. Her right eye twitched, her hands trembled. Eager to increase the pleasure even more she started thrusting the dildo in and out of Tabitha’s asshole. Just like Ember did to Tabitha’s throat previously, which gave Beatrice the current perverted idea.

Tabitha gagged, moaned, and cried, choking on the succubus’s cock, yet at the same time cumming through her asshole. To increase her own demented pleasure, she once again started rubbing her clit wildly.

This time, Beatrice didn’t even notice the arousing act. She was lost in her own little world of heavenly ecstasy. She moaned and screamed, letting her own tears of joy flow from her eyes, further obstructing her already blurry vision, impaired by her dopamine-overloaded brain.

Feeling her orgasm approaching fast and cum build-up at the base of her cock, Beatrice kept vigorously abusing Tabitha’s twitching asshole and pushed Tabitha’s head down on her cock with what little strength she had left, wishing to penetrate as deep as she could, wishing for an even longer cock to thoroughly ravage the girl’s throat. And when Beatrice felt the familiar warmth and taste of Ember’s lips upon her own, she moaned into Ember’s mouth, letting go of the dildo to pull the redhead closer to her, and—finally—exploded down Tabitha’s throat while savoring the taste of Ember’s lips, tongue, and their mixed saliva.

-10.6 Arousal Points


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