New Life As A Lewd Hermaphrodite Succubus

by Yuuji Everyleaf

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

An old man dies, torn by regret. Due to his high karma, he has "near-limitless possibilities for reincarnation". He chooses to reincarnate in a fantasy world as a voluptuous futanari succubus with big tits and an irresistible smile.

Content warning:

Features several LGBT+ characters, mainly hermaphrodite and gender-bent characters (including in explicit sexual situations). If this is not your cup of tea, skip the story. It seems there is no LGBT tag to mark the story, so writing this here.

This story contains explicit sex scenes (although many chapters are heavily censored to fit this site's content guidelines. 

Also contains traumatic content. Be warned. Not for the faint of heart.

Reader discretion is advised.

An unedited version of the story is available on other sites. :) Such as ScribbleHub

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Yuuji Everyleaf

Yuuji Everyleaf

Word Count (11)
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Came for p*rn ended up getting plot

Reviewed at: Chapter 34

The story is good we get alot of background over characters. The writing is good without any mistake that I see. The only problem I have is that I came here for some spicy good stuff but end up blue balled with nothing happening. Many of the scenes are gone because they don't go with the guidelines and ultimately ruin the story. A whole chapter is skipped because it's sexual which honestly suck for me. If the author truly wishes to continue this story he should go to another website ps dm when/if your do. 


A lot of potential wasted for smut

Reviewed at: Chapter 43

So I've been wondering a bit why this has been rated so badly. While there's a certain number of LGBT-phobic readers on RRL they usually just fuck off when they see a gender bender tag or a title like that.

It's clearly porn, but why does that result in probably a lot of people 0.5ing it? Especially when it's obviously advertised as a fetish story?

Well, curious about that, I decided to read it myself:

Now this starts with a standard Isekai/reincarnation. Dude died from old age and got a reincarnation offer. Now the guy happened to be a professor who basically sacrificed his happyness for science and never really lived. Which he came to badly regret on his deathbed. Personally I found that a rather interesting start as someone working in Academia, because there's a lot of people like that.

Now he negotiates with the goddess in charge of his reincarnation to get a new life where he'll have loads of sex and maybe love, but mostly sex as a busty futanari succubus.

Personally I think we have the first big flaw of this story. Because quite frankly the character is actually too good and too interesting for what you want to do in the story. I kind of hoped for perhaps some buyers regret, finding some purpose that actually makes him/her happy and some sex.

Instead we get lots of mindless sex and a character who could just as well be the average japanese harem manga protagonist. If you use an old frustrated professor as an MC, maybe actually make that play a role in the character interactions?!

Now coming to the worldbuilding. First we have the mainplot, which is about some spreading demonic corruption that makes people super horny and drives them mad, so they can be easier killed by monsters/demons. The MC is summoned in a desperate attempt to fight that. You'd think their professor nature might come in here, but nope. So far it's only been used as an excuse for the summoning.

Then there's the fact the universe apparently runs on fantasy-porn tropes. It's just cringe imho. Apparently everyone is in sexytimes lewd guild and ranked accordingly. It doesn't really make sense and I don't know why it's a thing. But I guess it "explains" why some characters are better at sexytimes than others?

That said the porn stuff is okay. Not great, but okay. The MC is mostly dominant, but there are also some sub-scenes. They're also not going around raping involuntary people, so the moral disgust factor is limited. Basically lots of dicking is going on.

Overall the story feels mediocre crack, when it could have been great if played straight. For the author I'd recommend trying to avoid mixing serious worldbuilding and cracky porn-worldbuilding in the future that just tends to annoy readers. Don't use that strong MCs on pure porn content, you raise expectations you don't want to fullfill.

Alternatively you could use a MC like that and actually play the story straight. With character development, regrets, buyers remorse and some sex scenes and romance.

Right now it's an unfortunate mix of "could have been great" and wank-fodder.

For readers, it's okay if you're aware that you shouldn't really expect anything more ambitious than futanari porn.