Elania, Arachne in a different world

by Faragi

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Does have GL subplot later on.

Warning: Since some people do not seem to get the slice of life idea, this story is SLOW. There is action and I intend to write more of it but don't come here expecting it to be the focus 24/7.

A young woman from Earth wakes up in a cave, disoriented, confused, amnesic and with her lower body replaced by that of a giant spider. She has no idea what she stumbled into and all the extra sensations were definitely not helping. "Did I get reincarnated into a fantasy world?" She's not quite sure. But, the goblin, the troll and (soon enough) the hot elf all suggest "yes."

As much as it creeps her out, her new body is powerful and flexible in some very interesting 'spidery' ways as she slowly learns to live with it. Combined with what modern knowledge she can still remember, the newly christened Elania soon finds herself building a new life as an adventurer among the elves.

Who knows what awaits her?

Maybe, just maybe, she might even find happiness along the way.

There will be a fair amount of errors in writing up until chapter 43 (where I got a proper proofreader/editor to help me out.) Chapters 1-20 or so will at some point receive partial rewriting because I don't quite like the flow and feel there are some parts that don't make as much sense as they should. 

Please don't suggest edits for chapters up until 43, anything after that, feel free to in case we missed anything.

Find me on discord at : https://discord.gg/TqFjdv8uaE

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Spiders, why did it have to be spiders? ago
How do I walk? ago
Tricks of the trade ago
A buckload ago
Trolling around ago
of Elves and Wolves ago
A deal ago
Goodnight Saibon ago
of archers and ''healers'' ago
Daddy issues ago
A spider walks into a bar ago
Mandatory bath chapter ago
Hyper goats = Dark gold ago
A ''powerful'' drink ago
First ''Real'' Quest ago
Spider Queen VS Spider ''Queen'' ago
Nightmare Rumble ago
Spice and Spider ago
Armor... ago
And ''Weapons'' ago
Bears and Boars and Spiders, oh my! ago
Itching for Ranks ago
Breaking out ago
The Cavalry has arrived ago
A Cry to the Heavens ago
Raging Bull ago
Great Beams of Iron ago
A Start? ago
1.29 ''Stocking'' Up ago
1.30 Cloudgazing ago
Sun, Soup And Sleepover ago
1.32 Running and Bowling ago
1.33 Scorpions, Flyers and Traders. ago
1.34 Ashes & Embers ago
1.35 Compensation ago
1.36 Running Errands ago
1.37 Letting Go of the Past ago
1.38 Training ago
Synopsis contest ago
1.39 Rolling the Dice ago
1.40 Drunken Luck ago
1.41 Troll Battle Part 1 ago
1.42 Troll Battle Part 2: Troll Warlord ago
1.43 Back to the Start ago
1.44 Mysteries in the Forest ago
1.45 Witches & Healers ago
1.46 Arms and Legs ago
1.47 A Commission ago
1.48 How the Tables Have Turned ago
1.49 Don't Eat the Yellow Mushrooms! ago
1.50 First Dungeon ago
1.51 Arch ago
1.52 Change ago
1.53 Spools of Gold ago
1.54 Armor, uh, More Armor... ago
1.55 Wrapping Things Up ago
1.56 More Bag Space ago
1.57 Goblin Cave ago
1.58 "Tripwire" ago
1.59 Howling in the Night ago
1.60 Death and Life ago
1.61 A Name ago
1.62 New Plans ago
1.63 Money "Milking" ago
1.64 Loving Stories ago
1.65 Crouching Elf…Hidden Caffeine ago
1.66 Spider, Spider on the Wall ago

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Overall this story is really good, but personally I think a few things keep it from being great.

First off style.  There is a lot of interesting world building, and a lot of good stuff that feels original.  The world so far seems well put together.  The cons are the cliches, elves are racist, universally threatening to kill the mc, the healers a sadist, it goes on, but pretty much everything I've read so far is decently cliche.

The story itself seems solid.  Everything seems to be connected well, and the author keeps a good pace of progression. I think this is probably the author's strongest area.  It seems to me like they probably put a decent amount of time figuring out what they want to do with this story already, so it flows pretty well.

Grammer is top notch, I can't really think of anything to put for this because it seems as though the author's ability to grammerate is beyond my own.

To me, the characters are why this story isn't great.  I'll mention three people and why there interactions hurt this story. The MC, the first elf and her dad.  Firstly, the MC discovers she's half spider, and refuses to explore what her body can do because she hates spiders.  Being a spider is a large part of why this story is interesting, she should explore this.  Later she discovers magic exists and hopes she doesn't have it, and I think the explanation behind why she's not interested kind of flat.  This kind of trends in a way that makes everything the MC experiences less interesting.  Lastly, and this is just my opinion, she's painfully naive.  This is shown by the first elf she meets and her dad.  Who I would argue are some of the worst kind of people.  The MC saves the life of an elf, who soon after threatens to kill her.  Who won't try an get anyone to help her with a broken arm without something to trade after just getting her life saved.  And when she gets her home with her dad they take her money, they isolate her by "allowing" her to stay in their home, they tell her she'll be kept under guard, and they get her to agree to making them an incredibly valuable resource for a future indeterminate amount of time for the trade of being an adventurer, which I understand she could go do without them at all.  These are pretty much the behaviors that legal business slavers use. And the MC is just so happy about it, that it honestly makes it a little hard for me to read.


An Odd Duck with Problems, But Enjoyable

Reviewed at: 1.40 Drunken Luck

Edit 14 May 2021: First issue resolved.

Disclosure 18 May 2021: I wrote most of the current synopsis.


This is an odd duck. 

At it's base, it's a slice of life monster reincarnation tale, with a rather good treatment of the psychological problems of being spliced with a creature that you freak the hell out on.  I do like it, and I do recommend it, but I want to point out some concerns I have.

First, [issue subsequently resolved]

Second, the first chapter is a struggle.  As mentioned, most of it consists of this weird altered state of consciousness that doesn't make any damn sense.  I almost put the story down because it was just that bad, but once you get to the end of the chapter and get to chapter 2, the story is readable. 

Third, the protagonist is weirdly genre-savvy at the oddest times.  It's not a great character trait to begin with and it seems to fluctuate in and out of existence at the whim of the plot. 

Fourth, it is definitely slice of life.  I think we get something like 3-5 chapters per day in-universe, and I doubt we've hit 10 days up to the present chapter count.  So it is slow. 

Fifth, it is also very fast. Someone called it "castaway"; but by chapter 9, which is only like day 3 or 4 I think, she's already made it back to civilization.  Someone said she's not an overpowered protagonist, but she has a power up within a week and she's already acknowledged as rather powerful.  She gave a half-hearted effort at avoiding giving away too much knowledge from her world, but within days in-universe, she's already given up coffee, cheese omelettes, and railroads, each of which she conveyed to the natives almost immediately and, with respect to the first two, figured out within hours. 

So between those two, some weird pacing issues. 



A good slice of life with lots of action.

Reviewed at: A Start?

Basically, what the title of this review says.

If you're expecting another "Kumo no desu ga" clone, this is not what you're looking for. If you want a good slice-of-life or slow-paced action/adventure story with lovable fleshed-out characters, this is the place to be.

While the beginning feeling a bit forced to my tastes (is it possible to get eaten by spiders? asking for a friend.) and not really necessary in my opinion (you could skip right to her awakening to a new world, and it would be perfectly fine.), I definitely recommend this read. (Seriously, I binged the 400 or so pages in one go ^^")

The story takes things rather realistically without the typical heroic fantasy/isekai tropes. In terms of characters, I find them well written and quickly learned to love them. There is a bit of a plot going on in the latest chapters, but, for the most part, the story focuses more on the characters and how Elania adapts to this new world/body.

Despite it being slow-paced, there are still many developments happening. I find myself looking forward to new chapters without the author using the frustratingly obvious foreshadowing and/or annoying cliffhangers between chapters I tend to hate.

I'd give it four stars because nothing is perfect, and as much as I like your characters, I think there is still room for improvement. While they are well written, I feel like it lacks some of the more "quirky/atypical" characters. Some have their quirks, sure, but they feel a bit shy and could definitely stand out more.

I really appreciate how her race actually affects her behaviour and is not just a plot device quickly forgotten (which is something many other stories like this tend to do).

I put a five star because you got a weird review that gave a bad note based on shallow/subjective reasons, and I feel that you don't deserve this.

Note to the author: I feel like your story deserves a good cover. I could draw something if you want (my profile picture is one of my drawings). Feel free to dm me if you're interested :3

L'odeur de Wumpus

A fantastic monster transmigration novel

Reviewed at: 1.29 ''Stocking'' Up

This is an excellent monster-transmigration story, in its early stages.  To sum up, our MC is a normal human person (that hates spiders) who transmigrates mysteriously into an arachne.  There's mild trauma involved, but far less than I'd expect.

There's been many complaints on here about the first chapter, but I find it pretty coherent and relatively mild compared to other comparable novels.

After the first chapter, what we have is a pretty adorable survival/slice-of-life novel about a cute, early-adult (late-teens, early-twenties) mentality person adapting to life as a half spider.

There's some self-aware thought about "why doesn't this bother me as much as it should" when it comes to a few things, from the MC's body to certain acts the MC performs.  This is good, so far, as it'll hopefully be resolved in the future!  The MC is aware, so it's not just being handwaved.

The... tentative love-interest... is slowly being developed.  I personally feel like it should be clarified whether or not that character is basically a teenager, but that's also a question that the MC has.  Said question is one of the more frustrating aspects of the story so far - the MC, despite revealing that she is an otherworlder, doesn't ask questions much.

Any time the MC asks a question, it is followed by a tiny bit of exposition, and then the MC gives up because thinking is too hard.  That's a bit misleading, though, because usually the MC just thinks of asking a question, and then decides not to for no good reason.

The "bringing modern knowledge to the middle ages" thing is handled pretty well so far - the MC is self-aware about that, and doesn't want to create a genocide.  I choose to believe that the elves in this story are just legitimately good people who aren't willing to do terrible things to someone to gain a military advantage (crossbows, combustion engines, trains, etc.).  The MC has about as much knowledge about train tracks as I do.  Why are there gaps in between track sections?  Because metal expands and contracts.  How big are those gaps?  Who knows!  It's nice to see a transmigrator with normal knowledge.

See also:  coffee!  MC knows that to make coffee, you take the beans, and roast them, grind them, and pour boiling water through a filter.  That's common knowledge, and that's all she knows.  That's a great new invention.  So much better than soy sauce or mayonnaise.

There are kind of 2.5 characters so far - the MC, the elf, and the elf's father.  Elf's father is slowly being fleshed out.  There's a lizard boi who's kind of adorable, but he's still just background so far.  Stoic, silent misunderstood meatshield.  He'll get there, I hope!

Most of the complaints I can think of about the story and characters so far can be lumped in with "stay tuned for more updates!"  Nobody is deliberately flat and boring, other than obvious throwaway characters.

Great story and adorable MC, super interested to see where things go.

Melting Sky

Cast Away Meets Monster Reincarnation Fantasy Tale

Reviewed at: 1.58 "Tripwire"

I normally shy away from leaving reviews so early in an ongoing story, but the single review this series has at the moment is a travesty that needed rectifying even if it means I have less material to work with.

This high fantasy reincarnation story marches to the beat of a slightly different drum from the very start. The MC is not just reincarnated as a monster, but actually suffers the sort of shock and revulsion would expect to waking up as an abomination in an alien world. 

Rather than instantly adjusting to their new existence and then immediately beginning to psychopathically murder their way to fortune and power like they were some sort of brainwashed super-soldier in their former life, this story's MC takes a much more measured and human approach to her situation. At the start it reads more like Cast Away than some sort of hack and slash grind in a badly designed RPG video game. 

Although there is serious danger and quite a bit of combat involved, the story is more focused on the shock and immediate survival needs of the protagonist's new existence. The pacing is a bit on the slower side and there is a bit of a slice of life vibe to it at times but things pick up quickly once she makes first contact with the locals. For fans of hardcore action-focused level-grinding, this story might not be a good fit.

The MC is intelligent and pragmatic but carries many of the preconceptions and naivete one would expect of a modern human. Unlike most of these types of stories, she does not foolishly try to kill every new being she comes in contact with which is a breath of fresh air. The results from her more diplomatic attempts to deal with other sentient beings is a realistically mixed bag rather than a mary sue type of affair where a smile and a hug solves everything.

This story is off to a solid start and I look forward to where its going now that it's started to progress beyond the initial survival arc  I don't think I can quite give it a full perfect 5 star review but it certainly has earned a 4.5 from what I've read so far, and I look forward to seeing where it goes. The story is perfectly legible, but I have noted a few minor typos and grammatical issues here and there that could use another once over. 

Edit: Since my original review was made very early in the story, I've decided to append it slightly now that the story has found its footing. The slice of life pacing remains, although the plot has since moved on beyond the initial survival scenario. The story's new focus has broadened to include a bit of adventure, exploration, low key mystery, relationship and character building and moderate amounts of romance. There is even a little bit of village building going on in the form of introducing new agricultural techniques and crops. My original score still stands and I still enjoy reading the new chapter updates which are VERY frequent.


What happens if you Isekai as a drider...

Reviewed at: A Start?

... and decide you don't want to be a murderous monster, but rather appreciate the comforts of civilisation?

That's basically what's going on here. A reluctant Isekai as a spider monstergirl, who's trying to find her way in civilisation and maybe romance, while trying to figure out what the hell happened to her.

This seems to have a magic/leveling system somewhat reminding of (lit)RPGs, but Stats and levels aren't easily seen, so it's relatively unique in that regard.

Overall a pretty fun slice of lifey story, but it does have its moments of action. Though if you're here for monstrous slaughter action, I recommend you go and look elsewhere since this isn't for you.


It has




Half spider lady


Lizard with a great axe

Axe shields





Boar with a tree on its back

Poisonous deer

Crazy forest witch with an ear fetish and a staff twice her size

Talking dungeon but only one person can hear it

Tree hardfruit


Whats more to love


I thought I left an advanced review already. Guess not! Anyway I have to admit I'm a big fan of this story. The romance is actually cute (with realistic flaws and doubts the characters deal with it seems), the world building is slow but interesting, and the main character feels so real. Secondary characters don't fall flat. And there's a lot to wonder about in the world and going forward.

My only major complaint is that there's not more. If you like fantasy worlds, cute romance, spider girls and mysteries I highly suggest it!

As to Inheritys... My favorite part is that people can choose to pursue it or not. I'm so glad the author didn't fall into the trope that your natural talent dictates what you do in life. As well as Elanias.

Still eagerly awaiting her inheritys though and wish the author would get to it. I do appreciate the fact though that it's not easy to find them out; seems more relatable then a magic system box floating midair. 

Ok. I'm done. But need more words for an advanced review. Mmm cons! Ah right cons!

Actual Cons; While I love Elania bringing some real world knowledge to the story some of its a bit overdone. Thankfully she's not pulling out anything too advanced or extreme, just a step above a world that never needed to learn more because magic.

A great example is knowing about the soil around Volcanos being amazing for nutrients or how to roast coffee beans. Even the vague knowledge of crossbows is good. 

Im a bit more leery on her knowing exactly how to make black powder and railroads; as well as the risks to prepare for with railroads. I like more the crossbow aspect, knowing vague and theoretical but would need a specialist to figure out specifics. 



A well written slice of life adventure novel. 

Characters are unique from each other, no status or massive stat sheet, just a spidergirl who hates spiders doing spidergirl things. 

Grammar is good, things have a nice flow, storyline is intuitive.

Also, I don't know what they put in the coffee, but it's turning the spiders gay!



Fun and enjoyable arachne reincarnation story.

Reviewed at: 1.38 Training

The story overall is very enjoyable and is quite well written. The story also isn't too generic and has it's uniqueness even in this extremely saturated genre.

The main premise of the story right now is that out MC has reincarnated as an arachne like creature without any specific memories of her past life on Earth. She then makes some new friends, and girlfriend, and goes about her days doing some basic slice of life isekai stuff while also adventuring.

This story has a good mix of calm and fun content as well as good action and figthing. I'm a fan of having a good mix of these two.

The story defintely has a relatively slow pace which is a bit too slow for me but isn't too bad at all. I also enjoy the style of the author's writing and the first person perspective is written quite well.

The characters all have fun and intersting personalities which makes the reader enjoy learning more about them.

The grammar is quite good except for some small mispellings usually which can be overlocked quite easily and will probably fixed with how many people are suggesting edits in the comments.

All in all, a fun story to read that I'm defintely looking forward to reading. The author seems to be speedrunning a quality story so that's an extra bonus as well.