Prism - Seekers of Solace (A LitRPG Saga)

Prism - Seekers of Solace (A LitRPG Saga)

by Requizition

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content
The Virtual Revolution is in full swing and empty streets dot the landscape, vestiges of a foregone era. Seeking to escape the harshness of the outside world, humanity has turned to VR. And the unlucky few unable to enter this virtual realm must make do however they can.

But Prism, the most advanced VRMMORPG, promises to change all that: countless possibilities, no restrictions, and cutting edge tech that allows even those afflicted by VR Sickness to full-dive into its world.

Join Ryan and those around him as they try to find a place to call their own within a game that turns out to be so much more. A game that seems to recoil at the players' mere arrival.

Author's Note: The story starts out slower, but the pace does pick up eventually. This is a rewrite of my first and only story & I hope to do it justice. The story follows the journey of a group of young men and women as they begin playing Prism. Fair warning, once we move past the initial arc, there will be POV changes as I move from one party member to another or, occasionally, to the viewpoint of some minor characters.

Any feedback or suggestions that you might have are more than welcome!

Release Schedule: New chapter every Sunday.

Prism's Discord Server.

Cover - courtesy of TNLEgraphics (also known as Sunwalker). Check out his other works on DeviantArt.
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Realistic VR adventure with solid world-building

Reviewed at: Chapter 3 - Confrontation

This is a more realistic take on VR-based literature.

What makes it more interesting is the attention to detail, not only towards the VR world, but also to the real world of the characters. 


Narration is clear and to the point, using a lot of verbs and movement/illustrative wording when it makes sense, although on the rare occasion may seem too elevated for a beginner English reader. In dialogues you usually find informal and slang language, with a preference for sarcastic replies.

Fighting scenes are dynamic and tense. Magic and other systems are explained in detail, enough to explain the overall ideas, but without being overbearing.

Social interactions and dialogue make sense in VR and are well fleshed out. The NPCs show doubt, emotion, afterthoughts, have a history and have interests, making them as believable as a real-life person. 

The writer gives a lot of thought to the real world of the characters too, creating interesting scenarios for humanity's near future.


Pretty solid grammar, nothing more to add.


It's too early to say anything relevant on the main story. There is a lot of world-building going on until the point this review was made (Chapter 3), so the main story is only hinted on and kept secret so far.

The initial quests make a great world building tool and give us a better understanding of the increasing complexity of everything and everyone in the story.


The main character may seem a down-to-earth average guy by today's standards, but when seen from the lens of the world in 2070 (as imagined by the author), he is in fact an individual that stands out a lot, which is a pretty interesting idea.

The character progresses constantly and we get good insight on his thoughts throughout the whole process.


Prism is a VR LitRPG story, and I must admit, I do not read VR stories often but this one has left me thoroughly impressed and looking forward to more. It's the story of Prism. The game itself, where we follow Ryan and other protagonists on an epic adventure as secrets and mysteries of this new world are revealed.

Grammar: No complaints, near perfect. I did not spot any strange sentences and the sentences flowed well. 

Story: The story itself is highly amusing. Currently, we are following Ryan and his friend Dan as they explore this new world and game, meeting highly realistic characters inside the world with their own lives. One of my favorite aspects is the world-building of the impact of VR, the various consequences it can have and the Virtual Reality filled world. It provides a very interesting background for the story itself. The system as well is something I am really enjoying, along with other details like having an assistant in the game. The plot itself, while slow, is also quite engaging.

Character: So far, Ryan seems like quite a wonderful character. There are still only around four chapters so we haven't seen much, but watching him make his way through the game is highly amusing and he does not feel like a cardboard cutout character. More surprisingly, the side characters felt very fleshed out. Their interactions felt real and grounded. 

Style: The style is slightly verbose in some areas, but this borders on being a nitpick. The text flows well and the passages transition into one another smoothly. I am enjoying how the author depicts and creates very engaging visual images, although the other senses can be engaged a tad bit more as well. 

TL;DR: A very well-written and high-quality VR adventure story that seems like it will turn into a wonderful adventurous saga.


Reviewed at chapter 8 / page 137

In a world where few people live their lives outside of virtual reality, one young man had no choice but to do so.  Ryan Drake suffers from a malady known as virtual reality sickness.  

So when his only real friend, Dan, invites him to play a new Virtual Reality game, one that promises emersion that even folks with Ryan's condition can play, how can he say no?

Only, both Drake and Dan find the world to be more than they expected.  Much more.  

Follow their journey into the world of Prism to see what they find.


Style Score:  At chapter 8, which is early in the story, I found nothing wrong with the pacing.  There were some generic LITRPG infodumps, mostly the required things like definitions for race choices or explanation of magic that someone who hasn't read LITRPG would need to know, but nothing that was a hindrance to reading, in my opinion.  

Story Score: The story follows Ryan Drake initially and then shifts POV to his friend Dan, with a few world-building short interlude scenes.  Drake's part of the story feels like a story following one character while Dan's seems more party-oriented.  The pacing and scene-setting seem fine.  Although, the story does feel almost like a standard LITRPG with little difference at this point plotwise than many other LITRPGs which is why I couldn't give the full five stars.  I will be reading along and adjust this if that feeling changes.

Grammar Score:  In a hundred and thirty-seven pages, I found exactly three errors/typos.  Far less than the Royal Road average, and less than my own story.  These errors were pointed out in the comments to the author, and I didn't lose immersion even when I came across them.  So no glaring grammatical issues that I could see.

Character Score: All the characters seem to be well-defined and I didn't detect any voice issues.  When the POV shifted from Drake to Dan, it ticked me off - but that's a good thing.  It means that I had become invested in Drake's character enough that I didn't like the change.  However, when it came to my reading of Dan's character I just didn't have the same investment.  It's likely related to how his chapters are more party-driven chapters with less opportunity to get inside Dan's head to see how he thinks & feels.  Or it could be that Dan's character isn't fleshed out enough to overcome the speedbump that changing POVs presents.  As I mentioned before, I'll be reading and update this if it changes.


All in all, I felt this story was worth reading for any LITRPG fans.  While it may not offer anything immediately new to the genre, it easily presents the potential to do so in later chapters.  

Experiment Zero

Would I recommend you read this story? Absolutely! It's great!

I've only read a few chapters, but I will continue to follow the story. I love the setting and intrigue. 

Character Score
The characters (not just the mc) are well presented individuals, with their own dreams and desires.

They are relatable and have histories I want to know more about.

Whilst I wasn't immediately invested in anyone, I am starting to grow attached to some individuals and am looking forward to following them through the story and getting to know them better! 

Story Score
The story is off to a great start. Both the real world and the virtual world are very well thought out, and the way the author presents them pulls you right in. 

I want to know more about the people, the game itself and most importantly, I want to know what happens next. 

The author is skilful in the way he slowly reels you in, with clever foreshadowing and solid world building. 

Grammar Score
Pretty solid. A few sentences that are maybe a little bit too long, but nothing that spoils the flow. The author is receptive to feedback, which is also always a plus!

Style Score
I enjoy the author's writing style. He uses a couple of tropes, but they are well written and serve a purpose. Why change something that works? 

The pace is steady, not too fast, not too slow. Great effort!

Vitaly S Alexius

What do we want? Blue screen charts! When do we want them? Now! Where do we get them? Right here! Line up and recieve your blue screen charts and be merry!

Prism is a lovely litrpg, set in a VR style world which the MC experiences. It's written in 3rd person observation style.

The grammar in this tale of interest is pretty good. Is shaping up to be pretty interesting so far, will advance when there are more chapters, I reckon.


Cool worldbuilding & characters

Reviewed at: Chapter 9 - Stills Manor

In a world dominated by VR, it is interesting to see a fictional world exploring the ways in which such a technology would change our society. On top of this, if you could be anyone in a fantasy world, who would you be? 

I am not an avid gamer so the mechanics of RPGs are mostly unfamiliar to me. The author however makes them clear enough and not overwhelming. The story itself hints at many aspects from the real world, leaving room for the reader's curiosity and imagination to shine through.


I enjoy the world building and the issues that it tries to tackle, both for the real world and for the game itself. They are distinct but at the same time influence one another (skills you have in real life affect your in-game character as well). There is a lot of potential in discovering how the world evolved to this stage, what the specific background for the characters is and if this game will shape society / individuals in any way. The mechanics of the game also seem balanced, great power coming with disadvantages as well. This is something that many fantasy stories usually lack, since the protagonist can do no wrong and is all powerful (sort of makes you wonder why the villain was even trying).  


We follow several people inside the game and as the perspectives change it allows us to see situations from different angles. Both male and female characters seem real and well defined, one can relate to their struggles and sympathize. I love that they have both qualities and flaws and that the stakes seem real, even if it is "only a game". 


Very good English, reading it is a delight. 


Even if the perspectives sometimes change (real world, game, different characters), they are well delimited and easy to follow. If anything, they add a very welcome challenge to see the character's "truth" and they flow smoothly. The world and the fight scenes are created to be very visual and experienced together with the character. 

All in all, I would recommend this story. It does not have a lot of chapters out yet but the potential is there to be explored further. Curious to see what the endgame is. 


As I started reading Prism - Seekers of Solace, I almost felt like I was transported back to 2016, when I used to binge all the new litrpg stuff on kindle. The VRMMO trope has kind of fallen out of favor in more recent years, but this story proves that you can still do it very well. 

The best parts of this story IMO are the character interactions and world building. Dialogue and expressions are really well done and the characters are surprisingly vivid, even during their first scenes. 

The world definitely feels like there's been a lot of thought put into it, like the stage keeps existing even when the characters step out of it, if that makes sense.

The prose is also very descriptive and flowy, though at a higher level than most of what you'd find on RR. When done right, this immerses you in the scene and smoothly leads you from one detail to the next, though at times it can be a little too much.

I also didn't catch any grammatical errors, so gremmer, is gud, two. 

Overall, if you're looking for a blast to the past or just want to try out a VRMMO style story, I highly recommend you give this a try. 


A promising novel in it’s infancy

Reviewed at: Chapter 16 - Collision Course

I'm not good at this kind of thing so I'll blunt, there are only a few chapters but we have already gotten some worldbuilding, an interesting potential long term enemy, and of course there's that glorious perfect grammar. It's literally 6 chapters long as of now, so just give it a shot, it'll only take around half an hour to catch up and form an opinion

Edit: As of the latest chapter, still good. Also the combat scenes appear to be very well written and I could vividly picture what was going on.


Actual spoiler:

Huge plus: we appear to be in for a rare treat, an elemental/spirit focused main character who isn't just going to just have 1 spirit that becomes the waifu or use them as a side grade to physical combat.

Not quite 200 words so:

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I don't like doing reviews since it's lengthy, time consuming and the end product comes out basic for I. Though, it felt like I owed it when I finished the latest chapter.


Simple, not over complicated in the litprg explanation. The main character learns more on how to navigate the system gradually, which doesn't end up as an massive info dump to us readers thankfully.

World-building feels very realistic instead of it giving the impression of overly-done characters being semi-realistic in one field of emotion. The only con though would be knowing the main characters personality. However, the story did say and has been said throughout the story that the character is one of the few individuals that has been isolated from society due to the massive use of virtual technology+ severely decreased social encounters due to the incredibly huge use of normalized virtual technology being used.

Overall, enjoyable as of now and can see this as an immensely popular novel as long as it gets more viewers.


Overall I have enjoyed the story so far a lot. I'm totally in love with all the character work so far and how well thought out the world building has been so far. The game system is very straightforward and lends its self to creative possibilities for the future. I can't wait to see how the characters carry themselves through this world. It's almost like SAO in someways except done much better.