Nameless Sovereign

Nameless Sovereign

by Nameless Author

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Red awakens with no memory of his past inside a dangerous mine. Previously resigned to his fate, he discovers the power necessary to escape these caves and finally grasp destiny with his own two hands.

Accompany Red as he grows from a mere slave into a man who will forever change the world around him. Gods, devils, and much worse things await to face him as he struggles to reach the pinnacle of this world.

What to expect from this story:

- Intelligent, determined, and independent MC.

- Detailed worldbuilding involving western and eastern influences.

- Broad but deep, strategy-oriented power system.

- Cultivation mechanics.

- A steadfast focus on the MC's quest; a story enriched by mystery and memorable side characters.

New chapter every day.
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I also want to thank my friend for helping me edit my story!
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Nameless Author

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Table of Contents
416 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Wake Up ago
Chapter 2 - Spiritual Veins ago
Chapter 3 - Mentor ago
Chapter 4 - Hunting ago
Chapter 5 - Centipede Attacks ago
Chapter 6 - Finishing Blow ago
Chapter 7 - The Truth ago
Chapter 8 - Training Begins ago
Chapter 9 - Acupoints ago
Chapter 10 - Talent ago
Chapter 11 - True Nature ago
Chapter 12 - Hollow ago
Chapter 13 - Unrest ago
Chapter 14 - Insect Battle ago
Chapter 15 - Scythes ago
Chapter 16 - New Weapon ago
Chapter 17 - The Enemy Revealed ago
Chapter 18 - Insectoid ago
Chapter 19 - Life or Death ago
Chapter 20 - Power Explosion ago
Chapter 21 - Closing Moments ago
Chapter 22 - Departure ago
Chapter 23 - Gamble ago
Chapter 24 - Forceful Breakthrough ago
Chapter 25 - Offer ago
Chapter 26 - Into the Depths ago
Chapter 27 - Discovered ago
Chapter 28 - Collision ago
Chapter 29 - Centipede Nest ago
Chapter 30 - Distraction ago
Chapter 31 - Reprieve ago
Chapter 32 - Spider Territory ago
Chapter 33 - Scouting ago
Chapter 34 - Bait ago
Chapter 35 - Approaching Doom ago
Chapter 36 - Impassable ago
Chapter 37 - Valley of Death ago
Chapter 38 - Last Stand ago
Chapter 39 - Crimson ago
Chapter 40 - Kingdom ago
Chapter 41 - Azure ago
Chapter 42 - Final Stretch ago
Chapter 43 - Tired ago
Chapter 44 - Infection ago
Chapter 45 - Freedom ago
Chapter 46 - Encounter ago
Chapter 47 - People ago
Chapter 48 - Forest ago
Chapter 49 - Skinning ago
Chapter 50 - Age Limit ago
Chapter 51 - Illusionary Barrier ago
Chapter 52 - Wounds ago
Chapter 53 - Arrival ago
Chapter 54 - News at the Gate ago
Chapter 55 - The Town ago
Chapter 56 - The Guild ago
Chapter 57 - Meeting ago
Chapter 58 - Elder's Council ago
Chapter 59 - Joining the Sect ago
Chapter 60 - Fiend ago
Chapter 61 - Disciple ago
Chapter 62 - Blacksmith ago
Chapter 63 - Spirit Key ago
Chapter 64 - Demonification ago
Chapter 65 - Obstacles ago
Chapter 66 - Forging ago
Chapter 67 - Arcane Script ago
Chapter 68 - Preacher ago
Chapter 69 - Uniform ago
Chapter 70 - Breaking and Entering ago
Chapter 71 - Town Guard ago
Chapter 72 - Loot ago
Chapter 73 - Imitation ago
Chapter 74 - Debt ago
Chapter 75 - Promotion ago
Chapter 76 - Writing ago
Chapter 77 - Cultivation Realms ago
Chapter 78 - Consuming the Pill ago
Chapter 79 - Bow and Arrow ago
Chapter 80 - Boar ago
Chapter 81 - Ambush ago
Chapter 82 - Skill ago
Chapter 83 - Research ago
Chapter 84 - Map ago
Chapter 85 - The Moon ago
Chapter 86 - Aftermath ago
Chapter 87 - Moonlight ago
Chapter 88 - Reincarnation ago
Chapter 89 - Favor ago
Chapter 90 - Preparations ago
Chapter 91 - Setting Off ago
Chapter 92 - Walk ago
Chapter 93 - Investigating ago
Chapter 94 - Zombie ago
Chapter 95 - Trail ago
Chapter 96 - Dead Plants ago
Chapter 97 - The Undead Revealed ago
Chapter 98 - Crimson World ago
Chapter 99 - Merging ago
Chapter 100 - Coalition ago
Chapter 101 - Reuniting ago
Chapter 102 - Encircled ago
Chapter 103 - The Forest Problem ago
Chapter 104 - Necromancer ago
Chapter 105 - Reforging ago
Chapter 106 - Examination ago
Chapter 107 - Return to the Desolate ago
Chapter 108 - Weapon ago
Chapter 109 - Full Moon ago
Chapter 110 - Sparring Session ago
Chapter 111 - Back in Town ago
Chapter 112 - The Man Named Bernard ago
Chapter 113 - Continued Progress ago
Chapter 114 - Deep Sea Sword ago
Chapter 115 - Mountain ago
Chapter 116 - Spying ago
Chapter 117 - Breaking and Entering Again ago
Chapter 118 - The Box ago
Chapter 119 - Emergency Meeting ago
Chapter 120 - New Moon Reappears ago
Chapter 121 - Wanted ago
Chapter 122 - Plans for Departure ago
Chapter 123 - The Grand Escape ago
Chapter 124 - Encounter With an Old Enemy ago
Chapter 125 - Old Friend ago
Chapter 126 - Threats ago
Chapter 127 - Clean Up ago
Chapter 128 - Sweep Up ago
Chapter 129 - Fire Ball ago
Chapter 130 - Discovered ago
Chapter 131 - The Rogue Appears ago
Chapter 132 - The Secrets of the Forest ago
Chapter 133 - Hidden Tunnels ago
Chapter 134 - A Talk With the Dead ago
Chapter 135 - Encroaching Darkness ago
Chapter 136 - Reuniting ago
Chapter 137 - Into the Darkness ago
Chapter 138 - Endless Tunnel ago
Chapter 139 - Inner Conflict ago
Chapter 140 - Back to Reality ago
Chapter 141 - Into the Labyrinth ago
Chapter 142 - Closing Paths ago
Chapter 143 - Lost ago
Chapter 144 - Dancing with Wolves ago
Chapter 145 - First Rewards ago
Chapter 146 - The Right Path ago
Chapter 147 - Bear Attack ago
Chapter 148 - Temporary Alliance ago
Chapter 149 - Deer Monsters ago
Chapter 150 - Large Scuffle ago
Chapter 151 - Interrogation ago
Chapter 152 - The Trial Behind the Door ago
Chapter 153 - Flaming Stag ago
Chapter 154 - The Ice Talisman ago
Chapter 155 - A Hopeless Struggle ago
Chapter 156 - Burning Conclusion ago
Chapter 157 - Hawk Spirit ago
Chapter 158 - Exchanging for Rewards ago
Chapter 159 - The Lightning Trenches ago
Chapter 160 - A Deadly Path ago
Chapter 161 - Lizard Den ago
Chapter 162 - Spiritual Tree ago
Chapter 163 - Opening a Hidden Acupoint ago
Chapter 164 - Valley of Snakes ago
Chapter 165 - A Brief Slaughter ago
Chapter 166 - The Imperials Appear ago
Chapter 167 - Reuniting in Battle ago
Chapter 168 - Pill Empowerment ago
Chapter 169 - Lightning Strikes ago
Chapter 170 - A New Alliance ago
Chapter 171 - On the Enemy's Footsteps ago
Chapter 172 - Devourer of Lightning ago
Chapter 173 - To Prove Oneself ago
Chapter 174 - Towards Death ago
Chapter 175 - Radiant Current ago
Chapter 176 - Speaking with the Mist ago
Chapter 177 - Challenging Death ago
Chapter 178 - Tornado Land ago
Chapter 179 - Vultures ago
Chapter 180 - Mausoleum ago
Chapter 181 - Disembodied Soul ago
Chapter 182 - A Troubling Revelation ago
Chapter 183 - Desert Enigma ago
Chapter 184 - Storm Chasers ago
Chapter 185 - Reptile Minefield ago
Chapter 186 - Disguised ago
Chapter 187 - Parasite ago
Chapter 188 - Pest Control ago
Chapter 189 - Battered ago
Chapter 190 - Parting Sea Pill ago
Chapter 191 - Betrayal ago
Chapter 192 - Guilt ago
Chapter 193 - Sandstorm ago
Chapter 194 - Monstrous Fog ago
Chapter 195 - Blood Ritual ago
Chapter 196 - Bloated ago
Chapter 197 - Meeting the Leader ago
Chapter 198 - Face to Face ago
Chapter 199 - To the Last ago
Chapter 200 - Void ago
Chapter 201 - The Last Obstacle ago
Chapter 202 - The Truth of the Trial ago
Chapter 203 - Enemy of the World ago
Chapter 204 - Winner's Prize ago
Chapter 205 - A True Cultivator ago
Chapter 206 - Outside Again ago
Chapter 207 - Cursebreakers ago
Chapter 208 - Back in Town ago
Chapter 209 - Disciplinary Action ago
Chapter 210 - A Secret Revealed ago
Chapter 211 - A True Sect ago
Chapter 212 - Rain Dance ago
Chapter 213 - Taking Stock ago
Chapter 214 - The Dark Star ago
Chapter 215 - The Art of Assassination ago
Chapter 216 - Tranquil Beak Weapon Art ago
Chapter 217 - Dark Iron Ore ago
Chapter 218 - Weight ago
Chapter 219 - Advancing ago
Chapter 220 - Making Plans ago
Chapter 221 - Stealing Again ago
Chapter 222 - Seeing Red ago
Chapter 223 - Town on Alert ago
Chapter 224 - Debt ago
Chapter 225 - A Head ago
Chapter 226 - Demonic Influence ago
Chapter 227 - Naming Evil ago
Chapter 228 - Towards the Castle ago
Chapter 229 - The Meeting ago
Chapter 230 - The Invisible Man ago
Chapter 231 - Contract ago
Chapter 232 - Preparing for the Worst ago
Chapter 233 - Arcane Progress ago
Chapter 234 - An Impossible Challenge ago
Chapter 235 - Bitter Truth ago
Chapter 236 - Off to War ago
Chapter 237 - On the Road Again ago
Chapter 238 - Floating Thoughts ago
Chapter 239 - Unexpected Savior ago
Chapter 240 - Chasing Ghosts ago
Chapter 241 - Fighting the Possessed ago
Chapter 242 - Exorcism ago
Chapter 243 - Ghost Hunting ago
Chapter 244 - Tense Encounter ago
Chapter 245 - Unrecognizable ago
Chapter 246 - Insidious Presence ago
Chapter 247 - A True Expert ago
Chapter 248 - Outclassed ago
Chapter 249 - Seize and Retrieve ago
Chapter 250 - Hiding Evidence ago
Chapter 251 - Unexpected Developments ago
Chapter 252 - Hunting for a Thief ago
Chapter 253 - Treasure Hunter ago
Chapter 254 - Roars of War ago
Chapter 255 - Entering Combat ago
Chapter 256 - Displaying Progress ago
Chapter 257 - At the Gates ago
Chapter 258 - Stealthy Bird ago
Chapter 259 - Enemy Retreats ago
Chapter 260 - War Council ago
Chapter 261 - Important Decision ago
Chapter 262 - Secret Burden ago
Chapter 263 - Scheming ago
Chapter 264 - The Pack Arrives ago
Chapter 265 - First Clash ago
Chapter 266 - Soaring Over the Enemy ago
Chapter 267 - The Beast Master ago
Chapter 268 - The Elder Returns ago
Chapter 269 - Betrayal of Trust ago
Chapter 270 - Declaration of War ago
Chapter 271 - Escape Plan ago
Chapter 272 - All Changes ago
Chapter 273 - Time Passes ago
Chapter 274 - Drunken Tirade ago
Chapter 275 - Street Fight ago
Chapter 276 - Attitude Issues ago
Chapter 277 - A Plan to Kill ago
Chapter 278 - A Single Strike ago
Chapter 279 - Assessing Progress ago
Chapter 280 - Infernal Scripture ago
Chapter 281 - Dangerous Experiments ago
Chapter 282 - Blood Magic ago
Chapter 283 - Blood Experiments ago
Chapter 284 - Chicken Test ago
Chapter 285 - The Elusive Acupoint ago
Chapter 286 - Finding a Hideout ago
Chapter 287 - Forest Pursuit ago
Chapter 288 - Canyon's Borders ago
Chapter 289 - Strange Nest ago
Chapter 290 - The Final Acupoint ago
Chapter 291 - Ghostly Visitor ago
Chapter 292 - An Offer ago
Chapter 293 - Alliance Discussion ago
Chapter 294 - Hidden Snake ago
Chapter 295 - Taming the Serpent ago
Chapter 296 - Strange Organ ago
Chapter 297 - Undead Resurgence ago
Chapter 298 - Ghoulish Matters ago
Chapter 299 - Chilling Glimpse ago
Chapter 300 - Lich Identity ago
Chapter 301 - Graveyard Chase ago
Chapter 302 - Fighting Against the Ghouls ago
Chapter 303 - Wail ago
Chapter 304 - Battered Return ago
Chapter 305 - Acceptance ago
Chapter 306 - Insiders ago
Chapter 307 - Recharging ago
Chapter 308 - The Rogue Returns ago
Chapter 309 - The Dagger's Location ago
Chapter 310 - Domeron's Decision ago
Chapter 311 - Protecting the Future ago
Chapter 312 - Icy Departure ago
Chapter 313 - Slave Contract ago
Chapter 314 - Loyal Companion ago
Chapter 315 - Arrival at the Village ago
Chapter 316 - Rotting Village ago
Chapter 317 - Investigating the Village ago
Chapter 318 - Premonition ago
Chapter 319 - Ashen Aura ago
Chapter 320 - Return to the Dead Forest ago
Chapter 321 - Impaled ago
Chapter 322 - Bone Sea ago
Chapter 323 - Skeletal Formation ago
Chapter 324 - Spirit of Slaughter ago
Chapter 325 - Bloody Origins ago
Chapter 326 - Face of Death ago
Chapter 327 - Dead Dream ago
Chapter 328 - The Bone Dagger ago
Chapter 329 - Radiant Sea ago
Chapter 330 - Reality Anchor ago
Chapter 331 - Fighting the Necromancer ago
Chapter 332 - Dagger In Hand ago
Chapter 333 - Establishing Communication ago
Chapter 334 - Lifting the Veil ago
Chapter 335 - Twist of Fate ago
Chapter 336 - Terror ago
Chapter 337 - Hidden Threat ago
Chapter 338 - Matters of the Soul ago
Chapter 339 - Preparing for the Curse ago
Chapter 340 - Curse Flares ago
Chapter 341 - Blood Moon ago
Chapter 342 - Potential Apocalypse ago
Chapter 343 - Unlucky Tides ago
Chapter 344 - Murder in Town ago
Chapter 345 - Crime Scene ago
Chapter 346 - Potential Culprit ago
Chapter 347 - Aftermath ago
Chapter 348 - The Future ago
Chapter 349 - Siphon ago
Chapter 350 - A Master's Legacy ago
Chapter 351 - The Hunter's Promise ago
Chapter 352 - The Hidden Deal ago
Chapter 353 - To Take a Risk ago
Chapter 354 - Meeting with the Agent ago
Chapter 355 - Old Lovers ago
Chapter 356 - Words of Wisdom ago
Chapter 357 - Concealed Trip ago
Chapter 358 - Crystal Sky Cultivator ago
Chapter 359 - No Escape ago
Chapter 360 - Death in Tow ago
Chapter 361 - Battle in the Sect ago
Chapter 362 - Slaughter Unleashed ago
Chapter 363 - Ghostly Clash ago
Chapter 364 - Sacrifice ago
Chapter 365 - Taking Control ago
Chapter 366 - Wielding the Flames ago
Chapters 367 - Burn ago
Chapter 368 - Golden Host ago
Chapter 369 - The Silver Knight ago
Chapter 370 - A Challenge ago
Chapter 371 - Water Dragon ago
Chapter 372 - A Dream ago
Chapter 373 - Master Grey ago
Chapter 374 - A Lunatic's Plan ago
Chapter 375 - Setting the Formation ago
Chapter 376 - Powering the Formation ago
Chapter 377 - Opening the Sea ago
Chapter 378 - Insight ago
Chapter 379 - Mastery ago
Chapter 380 - Guide ago
Chapter 381 - Knowledge ago
Chapter 382 - Circulation ago
Chapter 383 - Gale Breath ago
Chapter 384 - Morality ago
Chapter 385 - Disguise ago
Chapter 386 - Road Encounter ago
Chapter 387 - Escort ago
Chapter 388 - Arrival at the Capital ago
Chapter 389 - Interrogated ago
Chapter 390 - Oddities ago
Chapter 391 - Streets of the Capital ago
Chapter 392 - Stand Off ago
Chapter 393 - Lacerate ago
Chapter 394 - The Cult ago
Chapter 395 - Blood Oath ago
Chapter 396 - Conspiracy ago
Chapter 397 - Archdemons ago
Chapter 398 - Visitor ago
Chapter 399 - Negotiation ago
Chapter 400 - Imp ago
Chapter 401 - Disposing ago
Chapter 402 - Entrepreneur ago
Chapter 403 - Golden Hand ago
Chapter 404 - Negotiation ago
Chapter 405 - Great Success ago
Chapter 406 - Store ago
Chapter 407 - Mob ago
Chapter 408 - Center of Attention ago
Chapter 409 - Buying Materials ago
Chapter 410 - A New Deal ago
Chapter 411 - Arduous Drawing ago
Chapter 412 - Grand Opening ago
Chapter 413 - A Single Sale ago
Chapter 414 - Targeted ago
Chapter 415 - Questioned ago
Chapter 416 - Droplet ago

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Good story, but stretched too thin

Reviewed at: Chapter 128 - Sweep Up

The story is good and mostly interesting. I recommend you give it a try and find out if the issue I have with it are something you can or want to deal with or not.

I'll illustrate the one big problem I have with it with an example: If this author had written The Lord of The Rings trilogy it would have been 10 books. With the exact same events, but every single one taking up waaayyyyyy more space. This story adds a lot of unnecessary detail and exposition and "what if" thoughts and considerations. It's like those business meetings that could be over in ten minutes but actually take over an hour.

He goes off on tangents that the story itself never touches, he lists all options ("He now had three options. First, he could..." - in great detail all three options are explained, a page each), he uses every trick in the book (of writers paid by the word - which includes those who want to write neverending webnovels but don't have enough story) to stretch the actually good underlying story so much that it's way too thin.


**EDIT:** Style- Storytelling is done mostly through dialog. That means it's very slow, and it means - a lot, and I mean A LOT of dialog. Which I find boring, but if you like soap operas which also are mostly just dialog then you might find it's okay. Personally, I prefer "actual" storytelling and dialog used sparingly.


Decent Story But Too Much Filler

Reviewed at: Chapter 89 - Favor

Chapter 26-38 (~26k words) is pure filler, entirely skippable.

The rest of the story is decent. I enjoyed Red's intro and training with Viran before the manhunter bug and the stuff with the guild once he's reached the surface has been nice, but the sheer slog to get between point A (Red setting off on his journey) and point B (making appreciable progress towards actually escaping and/or advancing the plot) knocks the story down hard.

Even beyond the filler things still move very slowly (you can skim most chapters without losing out on anything), but it's nowhere as bad as that intial wall.


Exactly what it says on the tin

Reviewed at: Chapter 45 - Freedom

Just as the synopsis states, Nameless Sovereign traces the story of the protagonist, Red, as he navigates the lethal and mysterious environment of a magic ore mine and attempts to win at least some degree of freedom for himself. This review will cover the first arc, although I hope to continue updating it in the future as the story progresses - the author is a good friend of mine, so I have been excitedly looking forward to the release of this story for quite some time now. The attachment that I have built for the world and characters over the past couple dozen chapters has me coming back for more. 


Overall: Nameless Sovereign opens with a promising start, gently introducing the reader to the story, background, environment and character cast as necessary to ensure a good reading experience. There are no exposition errors and the balanced writing style offers a smooth and easy, but captivating read. While the thematic feeling behind the work will be familiar to xianxia readers, the story does not fall into cliches and does a great job in utilising the main character's unique personality in order to inject a sense of freshness into the genre, all the while without being needlessly flashy and extravagant, remaining unintrusive and allowing the reader to immerse himself into the setting freely and seamlessly. It should be noted that the story is a slow burn and takes its time in regards to pacing, but this is not to say that the plot is lacking in eventfulness - there will be plenty to occupy your attention as you go through the chapters. The daily chapter releases are also worth the consideration of those who are impatient or hesitant - personally, I love fast paced stories, but thanks to the continual flow of content I have not had any problems with the progression of the narrative at all. Speaking of the narrative, although I would not describe this story as a "grimdark" story, the stakes for the MC are still very high. This works well and keeps things interesting and entertaining. I only have minor complaints about a single segment of the story where I felt the plot became too challenging, but I understand why the author wrote the story that way and what he was going for. In either case, that segment did not bother me or detract from my enjoyment. I feel that the author has a reliable, natural sense of balance and I trust that this will remain so in the future. I feel the same way about the other qualities of this web novel and I am confident that so long as it stays its present course and continues to avoid developing notable flaws, it will be worth its high rating in perpetuity.


Style: The author mixes a generally minimalist style, shorter paragraphs and direct description on the one hand with the occasional use of advanced vocabulary, personalised prose and delicate prose on the other hand. The end result of this is to give the text a sense of lightness and speed, while at the same time delivering enough creative punch to paint a clear and evocative image of the themes and events of the story. This writing style also melds well with the way the author approaches the narrative. More specifically, when combined with the structure of the chapters, two things are conveyed to the reader - a feeling of isolation and a sense of vivid clarity in regard to imagery. Consequently, the reader simultaneously develops both a sense of familiarity with the setting and a sense of tense distance in regard to the plot and the development of the characters' stories. It is hard to overrate the effects of good style. My hope is that as the story continues, even if the themes change, the quality will be maintained.


Story: Nameless Sovereign is a well-balanced, slower paced story. The reader is gradually and steadily introduced to the world, its threats and dangers. At the same time, the scene-by-scene progression does not feel slow at all. Progress is steady and constant, with each separate scene feeling eventful. This eventfulness, combined with the daily updates, offset the generally slower pace of the story. To put it another way, although the lower, more personal scale of the narrative may require slower pacing, the story reads very smoothly, so it does not feel slow. The composition of the story and the arrangement of its chapters and scenes flow seamlessly into each other, leaving little to be desired. The general narrative offers a polished and entertaining example of the xianxia genre, given a mysterious touch. As with other stories of this type, the MC's perspective and his personal journey also receive a lot of emphasis. Thus far, the story has strictly revolved around the various problems and challenges that the MC has to grapple with. A lot of those are difficult, although thankfully the MC's character is well-suited to tackling difficult challenges.


Grammar: The technical aspect of the writing is solid. I have seen no spelling errors at all. Occasionally, there are uses of grammar that I dislike or punctuation that does not perfectly conform to standard form, but the former are too rare and too insignificant to make an impact on the reading experience and the latter are, I think, deliberate, for the sake of creative flair, designed to improve the flow or feeling of the text. I have no complaints about any of the technical elements of the writing in this story and do not think that they have a negative influence on the reading experience, so I am giving my score with this in mind.


Characters: Alongside the personality of the environment, the characters - which to a large extent contribute to the former, as well - are my favourite element of the story. The main character, in particular, is an interesting case. Red combines many of the traditional qualities of a xianxia hero with shockingly direct pragmatism that would be unexpected in most stories. His independent and autonomous streak ensures that he's never entirely out of problems to solve, even in situations where other characters would be completely placid and content, but his high intelligence turns this easy to mishandle trait into an endless source of curious developments that are a pleasure to read. The first arc also demonstrates the incredible determination and fortitude of the main character in a very compelling way, free of the usual baggage of special-ness and the various power-ups that usually tend to come packaged with these traits in other stories. The author has done very well with his MC. The side characters, too, have a lot of personality. Although not much is seen of most of them, every named character - and even a certain unnamed, perpetually hungry companion - feel like real people, although perhaps not necessarily the nicest of people. Over the first arc, the cast maintains a good level of tension and there is no character bloat. I am looking forward to the author's efforts at writing a balanced cast over the second arc, too. The character interactions are fun to read, but the most crucial element remains the main character, who - at least for me - is the most interesting element of the story and also the element that imbues the story with its personality and appeal. This is notable, as according to the author himself, the story will be strongly focussed on Red's personal quest.


Nameless Sovereign is a solid, well-polished, promising story with no real flaws to speak of. Especially for habitual xianxia readers, it will prove to be an engaging and substantial read, although the specific design of the story and its themes and influences also makes it a good pick for a general audience, too.


The main character, Red, has a lot of problems. He has nightmares, is starving, and realizes that, in order to advance his cultivation faster than average, he has to pay a cost.

If you are reading this story for the first time, I recommend either starting at chapter 46, with the start of the second arc, or keeping in mind that the second arc will arrive. 

This is a very slow progression story.


I've really enjoyed the story.  The escape from the cave dragged out and I had skip past some of the insect battles which seemed to get a little monotonous but I've come to like the mc and was cheering on his escape.  The action scenes are well written and had a good amount of detail. Definitely interested in more details on the world and how cultivation works.  I haven't understood the dream sequences but assume they will play a part later in the story.   I also hope they are minimized.  The mc is young so I'll be interested to see how the story progresses and if there are large time skips to get him to a more mature age.  The time skip is a good tool and used in small chunks of a few months at a time advances the plot without feeling like you missed too much of his life. It also provides and opportunity to see the mc cultivate and train without having to read about the same training over and over as the mc increases his skill..  Thanks for writing an interesting story!


This is a passion project cultivation story, with far-reaching mysteries, a forty chapter prologue, and a nearly emotionless main character. Having exited the story after completing the first arc, I can't comment on how the eventual story shapes up, but I can say that the first arc relies heavily on deus ex machina, plot armor, and zero forethought by the protagonist.

Style: Overall decent enough. Told largely in third-person, the perspective struggles to describe Red's actions at times, and cycles somewhat unnaturally through "the youth, the boy, the child" instead of just using he/his name or altering sentences to avoid the repetition. They also periodically stretch filler sections where nothing is really happening and cause the pacing to drag heavily. Rather than producing the sense of a frantic scramble that seems intended, Red's journey comes off as more of an inevitable slog.

Grammar: Very good. Minimal corrections in the comments, no errors that I noticed while reading. Fantastic to see. 

Story: Interesting hook, interesting worldbuilding, disconnected progression. The story begins focused on cultivation and a plan. A suspicious orphan in a place they shouldn't be, a disgraced soldier, and an unclear motive. The issue I have is that once things start rolling down the rails, everything gets left behind. The cultivation is abandoned, the plan is rushed ahead despite having no reason to, and the motive only makes sense if you squint. From there on its a comedy of "impossible things" that only grow more extreme as Red only grows more injured, and yet conveniently always shakes out with him escaping inches from death. Never stopping to eat, or rest, just passing out from wounds before waking up functioning just fine. Worse it mainly repeats the cycle of "impossible fight - stealth - almost - Discovered! - running fight - escape." I can't dig into specific inconsistencies without spoiling much of the first arc, but it becomes frustrating when the ten year old main character just wanders into ever more extreme danger and everything just kind of works out fine. No food, no water, no shelter: no problem.

Characters: There's only three named characters in the first 40 chapters. Red, Viran, and Gruff. Gruff is a side-side-character, meaning that Viran and Red are all that really matter. Viran is okay, though his actions don't always make sense. He's consistently callous, but beyond mentorship, we don't really see much of who he is. Red is (so far) largely an emotionless ball of determination. Repeated sections describe his "emotionless face" and while some indicate he's covering up a spot of panic, most of the time his internal world is just as empty as his expression. Outside of grit, his sole emotional overflow in forty chapters is a suicidal declaration that should have gotten him killed, but (of course) just happened to be his ticket to survival. With few emotions, no memories, and nothing to have an opinion on other than "cave", he just doesn't have much character work to do in the first arc.

Overall, if I had a single recommendation it would be to either go at the first arc with a carving knife or to lean into the slow pace and let Red breath as he descends. Everything he needs for survival is already there and there's no time limit. For readers, if you itching for a cultivation story and don't mind heavy plot convenience, then you'll probably enjoy the read just fine.


Engaging, well textured cultivation story

Reviewed at: Chapter 62 - Blacksmith

I like that this is not about yet another talented young master who seems to find canapes under ever rock he turns over, and who can't stop relishing how their new robes make them look like the bestest prince ever, and proves that they are better than everybody still wearing the clothes they themselves wore only a few weeks ago. Urgh! Talk about lame! No. Here's a little cultivator with his work cut out for him, who doesn't give a rat's ass about that. Both thumbs up. (fingers crossed that it lasts)

It is easy to sympathise with young Red, and the story of his tribulations thus far has been engaging. Yet... It seems at this point ( chapter 62 ) that the worst might be behind him. For now. At least I hope so. Some gritty realism adds to a story. Yet I don't enjoy it when that is all that a story is about. I have read too many stories where the authors seem to think that having their MCs tortured without end is somehow a good idea. I would be the last to agree with that. 

So. I'm cautiously optimistic that this will be a tale with a healthier balance. That the MC will know both sadness and joy. 

And, the Author really has an awesome imagination. Casually dropping some really fantastic concepts left and right. It's a bit like good pixel art. Just a little bit of detail with wonders between the dots for the mind to fill in. No exposition. Short, sweet care packages. Delicious. It feels like panning for gold. 

Right... The technicalities:

Style: The author has a habit of switching perspective on a dime. All the time. Which can be a bit jarring. I believe the author is maybe not English first language. Which would most certainly not be a sin. We do what we can :) That said - The author brings his rather wondrous imagination to the table, and dishes it out quite craftily. In my humble opinion. As mentioned I get the sense that the author is not stuck on just making this tale one long grimdark fest. Balance is always welcome. If everything is awesome, then nothing is awesome. But the same for the inverse.

Story: The story is captivating to me. I most certainly find it more than good enough. And what's more. I actively found myself savouring it. There is enough substance to chew on a little bit here and there. This is unusual for me. I tend to devour stories I enjoy from start to end. I felt satisfied to give it a break quite regularly in my read-through to this point. The tempo is excellent.

Grammar: Eh... What can we say? It's not a literary master piece; But it gets the job done. Happy.

Character: I find that the MC acts realistically. For a person who experienced some rather real shit that is. Which is already half the battle. Most of the other characters run the gamut of well worn tropes. But at least they all fit. It even adds somewhat comfortably familiar charm to the story. No complaints. I prefer this type of tale to be highly subjective from the point of view of the MC in any case. Every man is an island. And I don't generally need to become intimately familiar with the life story of every character. So good. The MC's morality is pretty decent for what he's been through. A good head on his little shoulders. A little dude I can cheer for.

I'm looking forward to seeing where this story goes.




The idea behind this book is interesting however the execution is not. People like to read about success through struggle but the mc in this book only ever suffers and gets minimal rewards. There are dozens of times the mc could have died already and was saved through nothing more than plot armour. Not training, strength, or cleverness. There isn't a period of time reading I felt glee after a hard fought victory, only anxiety about the next near death incident that would happen in a few paragraphs. This story has potential but it's flawed with extreme difficulty.


Reviewing this story has weighed on my mind for a long time. It was recommended on a subreddit and, on a whim, I started reading the story. At first I thought it was flawed, with writing that was generally good but with those peculiarities typical of a non-native English writer. Heck, I could be completely wrong about that one; I doubt it, but it's possible. And there's this absolutely annoying 'the youth' and similar references that split the point of view of the story between third person limited and third person omniscient -- yet we spend nearly zero time viewing from any other's perspective. 

I should also mention that it is a common complaint that the story is too slow, but I never felt that way. True, I have binged the story to date and that helps a lot when it comes to how I feel about the pace. If I had to read this at the slug's pace of one chapter a day I'd probably go insane. 

For all that this story has become one of my favorites. It's held my attention completely which is rare for this ADHD sufferer. Typically I switch between stories, reading a little here and a little here. I should perhaps mention that one of the stories I've got on hold for this one is highly reminiscent of Nameless Sovereign: Reverend Insanity. Red is by no means as virulently evil as Fang Yuan but he is a deeply rational, highly intelligent protagonist with limited empathy, deep selfishness, and he is capable of ruthlessness. Not all of this is immediately obvious outside of his flat emotionality when you read the early chapters of Red as a child of ten existing in a desolate mine, but I feel like I'm spoiling nothing by leaving it clear Red is closer to an anti-hero than anything else. 

Looking ahead I see the author dropping the consistent update schedule he's maintained through where I'm reviewing and this saddens me. The story is too good for it to have received as limited attention as it seems to have gained. Perhaps the author will clean up a few areas of concern for this story and give it new life on KU and Audible. That would be a fitting fate for such an excellent story. 


Not a Progression Based Story

Reviewed at: Chapter 40 - Kingdom

I gave this four stars because it's well done for what it is, but I just marked it as Not Interested.

For me, the joy in LitRPG and Cultivation stories lies in the progression. The protagonist faces a challenge, wins, gets loot, and grows stronger. In this story, the protagonist does get stronger over time, but each victory is simply followed by a new challenge and hints of a bleak future.

Again, it's fairly well done, but it's just not what I want in a story.