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Eric Grayson was just a welder by day and fantasy junky by night. His free days were spent camping in the woods and reading. When he falls through a crack in the foundation of reality his life is going to get a lot more interesting. Making his way through the sea of chaos, he finds himself, with a little help from a Goddess, in a new universe, on a new planet.


 The exalted mage lords of the Empire have ruled for over two thousand years. Keeping the Empire safe from the tribes of beast kin and the void monsters that break into reality. A world on the edge of the great universal tree, a bastion against the ever-encroaching void. The realm of the dead and souls is far. The touch of the Gods and Goddesses is faint and growing weaker.


    This is a Litrpg  / Gamelit where I am seeking to explore the idea where an Empire like Rome made it to the Edwardian/Victorian period. With all the decadence and kinky/bdsm stuff, Rome was known for, intact and evolved. Think pride and prejudice but the complete opposite of prudish. This story contains explicit scenes. This is not a collect slave women to bang story.

This is not an endless struggle grind. The character is OP. The character is figuring out how to adapt his power to the world.

Last, I will point out, glass is five hundred time sharper than steel and can be sharpened down to just a single atom in thickness.


Please leave a review and rating as it helps me improve my writing.


Feedback is always appreciated; I hope you enjoy.

I am working on my grammar as well and hopefully it will improve, through editing. As It has never been a strong suit of mine.  


 chapters W and Sat 7 pm hopefully... until the series is complete.

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drakan_glasses BE NICE! Fair critique is fair, but be respectful & follow the review rules. There will be no mercy.
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It comes across as straight wish fulfillment. Several fight scene that lasts all of 2 seconds. The MC is so overpowered One Punch Man would be jelous. Everyone automatically loves the MC, everything goes his way, no struggles, no growth, just "I want so I get", while I did talk to the author and they said that later the MC would face issues that cannot he solved with violence we have yet to see this fully integrated. 

I understand how this can be appealing at times. However, with a complete lack of struggle, it just gets boring. The first NSFW scene caught me off guard, and I was fine with it. But it quickly becomes clear its rampant and for no reason other than because the MC/Author can, even with the excuse that this is the cultural norm is just doesn't make sense. The MC is ready to preach about how all the sexism and slavery is wrong but happy to abuse the benefits. While I can see how a very sexualized world can exist, it just isn't interesting without adding more to the rest of the story. 

The Mc has infinite money, essentially infinite power, and can create anything essentially for free. I cannot forsee any potential struggle for this MC that wouldn't feel artificial. The MC can breeze his way through anything with brute force and knowing that he has that capability makes it much harder to make him struggle. No matter the verbal spare, if things go south the MC could just destroy everything while easily protecting what he wants, or at least thats how it feels. 

Shortned advice for author - Limit his powers, still OP but not overly so. How this could be acomplished I could give you a list of ideas but just PM me for that

(Finally adjusted after reviewing)

(I apologize to those who gave my review a like before my editing of it. If you no longer agree feel free to give it a dislike) 


Wish fulfillment at its worst

Reviewed at: Chapter Seven

Hand waving magic, common spelling and grammatical errors, absolutely no effort for anything, can build an entire house in what seems like a few seconds out of stone, decides he needs a fire in the hearth and waves his hand, boom learned the campfire spell. Gets a quest from one of the most powerful goddesses in the multiverse, kisses her when she starts crying, gets away with it. Oh and kills what is basically a bear made of steel with some glass shards. 


This seems like some extremely cringy wish fulfillment. I feel kinda bad for the negative review, but I'm doing my best to be honest here.


If all you want is smut with a few spelling errors, then this one is a fine story for you.

If not, than you will sadly find this story to be lacking in plot and any sort  of tension.

Dear author: the harem Tag exists and would've spared you this review. I recommend using it in addition to the sexual content warning to warn away more SFW inclined readers.


You could probably earn money on KU with this though.


Okay but not for me

Reviewed at: Chapter Nine.

The tags are there so I can't say that it should have been a total surprise but for me the story just pivoted 90 degrees the 1st time he got to a settlement and just went straight to porn. 

If you can get past that even though I dropped it pretty early with the MCs power set I not sure how any obstacle is going be more than a minor speed bump. 


Definitely not for me

Reviewed at: Chapter Eight D.

I tried, I swear. I tried really hard to keep reading but it's definitely not my kind of novel. OP mc is one thing I can work with but an OP mc with unlimited money that is overly apathetic and gets a wild quest randomly is too much for me.

Well let's go at this from the beginning, the mc is 30yo but he doesn't feel 30 yo at all, he has no care if what he's doing will get unwanted attention for by using a boat with a modern design, or for using a onesie when he already had access to fabric he could use to make simple clothes, he goes displaying his magical prowess around as well. To me he feel more like a dumb self-confident teen or a stupid 50yo with middlelife crisis that just goes doing what he wants without thinking anything first. Next we have the quest, well he receives the cost of a goddess in his dream, she says that she intentionally sent him to a way more dangerous world on the border of the void that is the one thing he was warned about before, his only comment on that is that it looked like more than just a simple push. She says how this world he's in is so barbaric and twisted that it has slavery and that her priestess got enslaved and asks him to just go and buy them, when I read this I looked really hard at the screen of my cellphone and said in a pretty loud voice: "WHAT ?". Yeah slavery is bad so go there and buy the slaves I want you to save. If it looked absolutely disconnected and odd to you like it did for me, yeah you got it right.

By what I saw the author is constantly polishing the previous chapters and that's really good, he also answer our comments what is also extremely positive. My advice to the author would be for him to put more of the mc's emotion and opinions besides just pure descriptions of the world he is seeing, he is 30yo he already saw lots of stuff in the world so he at least should have his own opinions about some things. I don't know if he's already doing it the chapters ahead but that and the "slavery is bad but let me fuck this slave here" thing are the main points that really showed that it's not for me.


A good story for the intended audience

Reviewed at: Chapter nineteen H.

TLDR; give it a try if you think you will enjoy a story that the synopsis and its warnings descirbe.

I am not sure exactly what the people who left terrible reviews expected when trying this story. It is stated clearly in the synopsis of the story, unlike some other stories where the summary promises something and the actual story is very different. Perhaps they left the reviews before I found this story, and the author updated the synopsis in response to the reviews.


I have found (with anecdotal, in no way scientific evidence) that stories like this get buried by people who give it a try when they are clearly not the intended audience.

If you enjoy various books written with OP main characters, and the reader is just along for the fun but not super serious ride like the Daniel Black series, this story is probably for you. It is not without issues, but it also is not as bad as some of the reviews make it out to be.

In terms of grammer and technical writing skill, it is passable but not superb. The author edits mistakes that are left, but I have found that new chapters are sometimes riddled with fairly simple spelling errors that would be found by spellcheck. The flow and style of the story was good enough that I was able to get pulled into the story, and didn't have any strange elements that made me take a step back and think about how strange that formatting/style is like some other stories on the site.


Yes it's a harem *Sigh* but it isn't terrible!

Reviewed at: Chapter nineteen E.

Alright, let's start with Yes, it is X rated, Yes, it has slavery, Yes, it is an OP protag with slave harem, and Yes, it is wish fulfillment.  If these aren't for you, this is not the story you are looking for, move along, move along.

Now that that is over with and the warnings have been distributed...

Besides the actual x rating, and yes it is very much x rated, there is an actual story to develop.  And, unlike most authors that just grab rando things there is actual reasoning behind the slavery, IE roman empire which was all about... well everything that is...  So yeah, there is about a half second of reasoning behind it.  This is unlike every other member of the genre that has no reason whatsoever, and it just is.

The Author's style is starting to come through and is mostly coherent and consistent.  However, grammar is something to be desired... That should be in the warning tags as well probably... meh.

Fantasy characters.  Though there is a lot of building for the beastkin races.  The harem girls have had some character building so hopefully more of that.

How is this not 200 words long?  Honestly tell me how?  Really that limit needs to change...


It's for very specific readers

Reviewed at: Chapter nineteen C.

I won't be giving advance rating of this story.

Overall this story has quiet interesting setting. There are some things that are explained so the reader won't just be able to go ahead and flip the table.

The story is in the beginning mostly standard isekai where the world has some explanation for the slavery and the situation MC find himself in. You will get to know why and where slavery had came from and let's me tell you this that the saying "when in Rome do as Romans do" has quiet literal meaning.

Never then less it doesn't change that the author has put way too much debauchery in his novel for my taste and that is why I have given such a title and rating.


I Rate it E: for Ehhhh too much sexy wish fulfilment. There's no struggle or fun overarching plot so far. Mc is always right, with infinite money and no problems that can't be easy to solve. Problem is the story is too long to really solve as much is underlying issues now and would require large rewrites.


If you don't mind pointless gratuitous sex scenes, and OP MC's, give this one a try


The Magic, The Execution

Reviewed at: Chapter eight A.

It is of note that most of the people talk of this or that, lets just say the sex in the story is pretty good. Sure there are a few spelling errors but rather then knock it people who like the story can help correct the errors, moving past that the magic in his design for the story or abilities or skills or what is explained or the way it's free formed. Sure the character is over powered, but consider most stories about some nobody dropped on another world with a system or game powers, many of them get screwed 9 times out of 10. Add to it the fact the mind is a powerful thing, it's not hard to understand for him magic became from what he gained a mind over matter style activity.

Well I reviewed and knocked some of the actions so far, I did give imput and the author did return a response. Understanding and even liking the fact logical steps in action or behavior need taken. So yes it has sex but it's sex with plot, he even commented when questioned but why he did something the way he did in relation to the references to history and how he set the world setting. Considering how many of you mostly could stomach watching Game of Thorns, I could not even get past the episode where the sister of Snow family sold out her sibling and the wolves for the foul actions of the Prince, I had to stop watching because I could not believe how much of a bitch the sister was to her sibilings siding with a stranger when it was the strangers fault.

This story has well reasoned actions for the most part, and that includes the sex. And the Author is mostly even planning to add warnings and spoiler tags to hide it so you don't have to read it outside the start and end of the action so to speak in a R rating like style, so you see a bit of tits and ass, but not the triple X.