A Dream of Wings and Flame

A Dream of Wings and Flame

by Cocop (Cale Plamann)

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Kobolds cower at the bottom of the foodchain, forced to eke out a meager existence in the most wretched of caves.

Most have made peace with their lot in life; one of eating scraps and carrion. They hide and run from predators, delaying the inevitable day when they aren't fast or sneaky enough to make their escape.

But not Samazzar.  Sam is different from other Kobold pups.  Traps and caves might keep him and his people alive, but sometimes, just living isn't enough.  The blood of dragons pumps through his veins, and Sam isn't willing to settle for mere survival.  Whether by claw, magic, or cunning, one day he will soar above the plains, predator rather than prey. And nothing, be it the mockery of his tribe, the hazards of the deep caves, or even the almost insurmountable difficulty of successfully evolving his bloodline, nothing is going to stop him.

Join Samazzar and his boundless optimism on his quest to throw off the shackles placed on his tiny scaled body by fate so that he can claim his birthright once and for all.

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Cocop (Cale Plamann)

Cocop (Cale Plamann)

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Vitaly S Alexius

First adv review is mine! I'll eat your heart if..

Reviewed at: Prologue - A Campfire Tale

Coco's new delightful, wholesome tale is that of adventure and kobolds! Yes, you heard me right review reader, Kobolds. I'm a huge fan of kobolds myself as I've written much about them personally. Much like this review. Get it? har har. But, enough about me, we are here to discuss this lovely tale of adventure & magic.

Please have a seat.

What, review observer, you think I haven't read enough chapters to rate this masterpiece? Silence! You know nothing! Coco sent me a document personally with FIVE chapters in it. That's how wise and readery I am. Yes, I'm sure that readery is a word!

Okki! I'll begin with the boring ass bit - the grammar in this book is top notch, I can't find a single mistake or horrible sentence. As always Coco's work is flawless as he's a lawyer and an incredibly skilled writer and it shows.

Style - amazing. Don't expect any less from the writer of Tower of Somnus. What you don't know about Somnus? Stop reading this review and go read Somnus, it has like a gazillion chapters.

Characters - adorable, sweet and lovable. They're cute, tiny kobolds that can do no wrong. They live in a cave and collect firemoss to stay warm. Would pet. Especially Samazzar or Sam. He is the best of the batch because he wants to learn more, improve and will probably become a dragon or something by the time this book ends, through powers of cleverness, deduction, rationality and MAGIC. Sam is all about using magic for gaining power.

Story - very solid. One of Coco's best. Would give more than five stars if I could hack RR. Pls don't ban me Kana. This was an imaginary scenario.

A made up category that I just made up. Wait, that's called Overall. This book is a masterpiece and will likely end up at the top. Called it first. Read my review and despair how I have written exactly three hundred and thirty three words without spoiling a thing!


Interesting Ambitious Kobold Story

Reviewed at: Chapter 5 - Fumbling in the Dark

Quite interesting story about a young kobold that wants to achieve two impossible dreams.

Learn all the magic that he can and become a dragon.

Not sure if he will achieve either, but he has the work ethic and drive to make a good attempt. As well as being a kind character. At least to those close to him. So far the story mostly focuses on Sam (the main character) and his mentor; but it is starting to introduce more characters who show promise in being more than just stereotypes.

It is still relatively new and has very few chapters, but I enjoy what has been shared so far, so I will update this review as more chapters come in. 

Initially written after reading Chapter 3 (at the time, the latest released chapter). Updated when Chapter 5 was the latest chapter.


Overall not bad, decent start, but there's two major things I don't like about this story so far - the slow pace and characters.

Slow pace: all the different prerequisites to learn different kinds of magic and describing the different ways the characters are trying to learn magic is really time consuming. With only 15 chapters and infrequent updates, it's the kind of pacing that will REALLY drag. I like the attention to detail, but it won't be worth it by the time the story heats up.


The main character reminds me of a dog. Always happy, excitable, shallow reactions, etc. Very similar to a shounen anime main character, but with less depth. It doesn't feel realistic, so the main character draws me out of immersion from the story.

I'm also not a fan of the two kobolds that the author is trying to set up as travel companions. There's nothing likable about Takkla (which makes their...friendship? feel unnatural), and Dussok is basically just an improved, stoic version of the main character. They're very under-developed and the audience does not have enough time to feel any attachment or likability towards the characters, which brings us back to the story's slow pacing.


A little dragon with a big heart

Reviewed at: Chapter 4 - A Meritorious Return

"Kobolds are the much-diminished descendants of dragons. They may have inherited a certain cunning from their ancestors, but they are as weak and pitiable as any Goblin. Nonetheless, they still have a trace of draconic blood, and a kobold that gains sufficient power could regain their ancestors' strength..."


Every RoyalRoad reader probably knows this story. If you didn't hear it playing DnD, you picked it up from one of the many dungeon core stories that spawns a Kobold in the hope of one day evolving into a proper dragon, or perhaps just from some adventurer's [Analyze] during a low-level mission. 

But how do the Kobolds feel about their lost power and distant potential? And what would a quest for one of them to achieve that potential look like? CoCop (noted author of Tower of Somnus, Blessed Time, and several other fantastic works) is here to explore those questions with an incredible new work. 

Having read a few chapters ahead, I can promise that this story is as interesting as it is adorable. CoCop's strong character work once again shines through, creating a cast that is relatable and endearing while still being recognizable as proper Kobolds. And although we've yet to see much of the world outside the Kobolds' cave,  the world inside is as well-built and intriguing as all of Cocop's work. 

The grammar and style are naturally excellent, and the story is fantastically promising. I firmly believe that this story will rocket up to the top of RR's charts in short order. 

deus vult

little kobold dreams to become a dragon

Reviewed at: Chapter 5 - Fumbling in the Dark

I was a bit hesitant at first. when thinking about novels that have dragons as mcs, these novels tend to make the mc stupidly overpowered (well, he's a dragon), and are no different than trash isekai out there. well, I've read one recently, and although nothing was done differently, the writing and humor made it different. so I liked it, and decided to give this one a shot too. oh boy am I glad. the plot is decent. the story follows the character as he learns magic and tries to survive in a world fitted against him, and the writing is top notch! the feels! hope our little friend goes to become the mightiest of dragons and conquers the world! rawr!


An interesting premise that to me falters in execu

Reviewed at: Chapter 10 - Awakening

First of, the good. The writing flows nicely and with few mistakes to interupt the flow for the reader. The premise is good and there is a lot of potential in the world building, especially the magic system.

Then the less good. There is a lot of exposition in the start.

The kobold society is fairly anime-y and feckless, and I struggle to take it serious. The conflicts then become fairly obvious and less interesting. I think their life as a scavenging and foraging species could be much more interesting than as portrayed in the first 100 pages, and it feels like Cocop missed an opportunity here. The same is with the main character and his friends. They are thin, borderline cliché and not very interesting. Only the elderly magic teacher comes off as somewhat believable.

The main character does the annoying repeatedly externalized “I WILL be a dragon some day” rather than an internalized drive. This leads to repetitive dialogue over him being the “little dragon”, as well as a rather predictable end to chapter 10.

In the end it is the jarring kobold society and the thin, anime-y characterization that does this story in for me. It is probably very enjoyable for those who do not mind the anime-ishness.


Less than a dozen chapters so far yet I am loving it already. I hadn't read any other of the author's works, but this novel really got me interested. 

 The characters, as little as we had gotten to known them, are easily identifiable with well defined characteristics and personality, the grammar is excellent, spotless by Royalroad standards, and the world seems interesting and promising. The main character in particular is very charming, always trying to reach for the skies, both metaphorically and literally. 

One of the things I like the most, though, was the magic. It borrows from cultivation and Xianxia to take its own personality, more compatible with Western fantasy. 


Conventional magic system, unconventional POV

Reviewed at: Chapter 3 - Scavenger

Kobolds are one of the most vile, detestable creatures in traditional RPGs, and a prime example of inbreeding in monster races. A story from their perspective would certainly be intriguing. And gasp! They're descended from dragons too? I can't say that the concept of fundamentals/elements being inherent in bloodlines hasn't cropped up before, but the way that this story handles it is fairly interesting. Grammar mistakes, while not too much of a turn-off, are noticeable. CoCop is a master at weaving complex strands of lore, diving deep into worldbuilding with finesse and aplomb, and this work shows signs of this. That's it for style. Characters such as the scrappy protagonist and the cancer-stick caretaker are not entirely original, but not one-note either. It's still a bit too early to judge. This story has vast wells of unexplored potential, and if the author can grapple with larger-than-life controversies such as speciesism, I believe that this can be a opus exhibiting and demonstrating CoCop's greatest strengths and literary prowess. But hey, if it turns into another LitRPG where the only solution to not punching hard enough is to punch harder, that's fine too. 

Advanced Reviews must be at least 200 words long


FANTASTIC monster protagonist story!

Reviewed at: Chapter 6 - Legs

Tired of reading stories where the non-human monster lead is basically Human-Reskinned™? Well, I've got the story for you.

A Dream of Wings and Flame by the wonderful CoCop follows the story of a young, starry-eyed Kobold who wishes to reclaim the glory of his ancestors: the legendary Dragons. In this story, Kobolds are at the very bottom of the food chain. Below even Goblins. Their magic is weak, but that does not stop Samazzar. You will follow the young pup as he pursues his dream, learning magic and discovering more about his bloodline as he progresses towards his goal.

The style is fantastic, as expected. It focuses a lot on the magic-system, while seamlessly weaving the worldbuilding into the story, with each bit of lore serving a purpose rather than just exposition for the sake of exposition.

Grammar is great. The diction is not unnecessarily complex, but not too simple or straightforward.

Story is well paced. A bit on the slower side, but very much fititng for the kind of story it is.

Characters are wonderful. Currently still a small cast, but each of them with their own unique quirks and distinguishable personalities. I'm particularly fond of the Crone, personally.

It's a 5/5 for me. A fantastic monster protagonist. I swear. Don't sue me pls, CoCo ;-;



New take on classic tale, is done rather well

Reviewed at: Chapter 7 - The Measure of a Kobold

Story is well put together and flows very concisely.

Characterization is well done without walls of text making the Ole eyeballs bleed. Most of it is done via indirect characterization and done via dialog, which I enjoy.

Plot is decent and holds together well so far and shows promise of an enjoyable story.

Main character shows that they use mind/cleverness to overcome obstacles. Though the utilization is rather blatantly set up (i.e. bad air lesson directly ties to using bad air to suffocate an opponent).

However tension is still handled well and used appropriately. Even though I was expecting a confrontation I was surprised and interested at the enemy presented and the enemy was presented in such a manner as to both present a clear threat, a clear reason why that threat was there and was able to drive home how the MC is starting off at quite literally the lowest position in the food chain.

The story has a consistent goal and setting that is established. The small view of the society we have shows plenty of opportunities for an interesting and well rounded character base.

In final chapters (11? I believe, the one where the adults prove to be less than helpful) we see a good example of manipulation and the societal machine in play.

Characters that we think of as honest and upright are given a shadow of being something else and show they all have their own goals as characters all seem to have their own goals and intents.

Death is handled well and professionally. It exists. It's used to further show character development, and it isn't lamented to much over. Well done so far but no major characters have died or suffered yet, so I have yet to see how the author handles an important person to the MC die yet, even though there are plenty of hints as who's going to die first. I fully expect it to not be the current (as of Chapter 11? 10may2021) expected character, but hey that could be me just expecting a twist that isn't necessary because everyone seems to think you need to throw a Shyamalan twist into everything for no reason.

I like this fiction and have great expectations from it.