Retribution Engine [Martial Arts Progression Fantasy]

Retribution Engine [Martial Arts Progression Fantasy]

by Akaso

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Arcane machinery built to birth an army instead gives form to a singular paragon of violence - a creature of pure instinct is born and steps foot into a world at war.

Egotistical. Violent. Righteous to a fault.

Bringer of change, destroyer of tyrants.

Awaken, Conquering One, the Wanderer Unchained.


NOTE: Retribution Engine is the title for the first four books, which cover the Blue Moon War Saga. Afterwards the volumes are titled Sturmblitz Kunst, but I'm not including that in the title to help avoid confusion.

Disclaimer: Retribution Engine and its sequel, Sturmblitz Kunst, are original works and are in no way associated with, to, or sourced from existing copyrighted material. The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious.

Copyright: This fiction and all derived works, artwork, fanfiction, derivative fiction, world building, assets, and anything that could conceivably be considered sourced from or created as a result of this fiction are the sole intellectual property of the author, herein known as Akaso. This work and all above terms are © Akaso 2022.


Illustrations by Bradley Burke, David Haire, Nikolai Gorishnii, Albani Rianto, Kuromoro, Seraziel, ValnikR

Further credit to Dream Troll for inspiration and numerous references to their music. Go listen to their stuff.

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Table of Contents
517 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
0.01 - The New Man, Born of Glass ago
0.02 - Dogs of War ago
0.03 - Beast Slays Beast ago
0.04 - New Identities, Old Prejudices ago
0.05 - Codex ago
0.06 - Necrobeast Interdiction ago
0.07 - Escape From the Zone ago
0.08 - The Tavern, The Truth, The Arrogant Young Master ago
0.09 - Beast-slayer Wanted, Beast-slayer Desired ago
0.10 - The Womaneater, The Maneater ago
0.11 - To Put Down a Vengeance Demon ago
0.12 - To Dress Both One's Wounds and Oneself ago
0.13 - The Governor, The Gunsmith, The Pentacle ago
0.14 - The Brass-Eyed Singer, The Tests, The Locust Highwaymen ago
0.15 - Code-speak, Breathing Method Training, The Memory of the Victory Demon ago
0.16 - Promenade Date, Rebound Pulse, Unforeseen Consequences ago
0.17 - The Extermination Job and The Old Battlefield ago
0.18 - The Man of Stone, The Living Storm, and Stormtrance ago
0.19 - The Power of the Storm, The Wrath of the Red Mantis ago
0.20 - The Hundred-Locust Slayer ago
0.21 - She Who Stands In Defiance of Death Itself ago
0.22 - The Extermination Begins ago
0.23 - Mind for Alchemy, Soul for the Sword ago
0.24 - More Than a Soldier ago
0.25 - Slayer's Instinct ago
0.26 - The Uncompressed Thunderous Fury of a Raging Lightning-Splitter ago
0.27 - Spiteful Revelator, Sonic Exterminator ago
0.28 - To Be More Than a Soldier ago
0.29 - The Subcore, The Swordsman ago
0.30 - An Existence Worse Than Death, Rendezvous Between Floors ago
0.31 - The Philter And The Serum ago
0.32 - A Soldier's Demand, An Alchemist's Labors, A Sleazebag's Gambit ago
0.33 - Engine of Retribution ago
0.34 - Subcore Delta, The Philosopher's Eye, And The Storm Engine ago
0.35 - The Third King's Oracle And The Meaning of Cultivation ago
0.36 - Into the Mouth of Hell ago
0.37 - Antepenultimate Extermination: First Strike at the Heart of Infestation ago
0.38 - Penultimate Extermination: The Hellborne Fury of an Unleashed Victory Demon ago
0.39 - Ultimate Extermination: Dance of the Fireflies, the Burial Rite by Ball Lightning ago
0.40 - Post-Extermination: Those Who Stand in Defiance of a Living God ago
ARC 1 FINALE - It Has to Be This Way ago
ARC 2 PROLOGUE - An Ikesian Folk Myth ago
1 - Victory Lap ago
2 - Out of Desolation ago
3 - Violence of the Skies ago
4 - Cogs in Motion ago
5 - Arnys Krishorn ago
6 - Dossier ago
7 - Panzermensch ago
8 - Re:Willowdale ago
9 - Re:Poppies ago
10 - Pierogi ago
11 - Kanbu ago
12 - Introspect ago
13 - A Loyal Customer ago
14 - True Return ago
15 - Caution ago
16 - Voltage ago
17 - Electroinduction ago
18 - Short Circuit ago
19 - Sensory Overload ago
20 - Drawn Conclusion ago
21 - March to Opus ago
22 - Traits ago
23 - Understatement ago
24 - Citronade ago
25 - Strolvath's Caution ago
26 - Old Quarter ago
27 - Speakeasy ago
28 - Mine's Bigger ago
29 - Drunken Folklore ago
30 - Homunculus ago
31 - Karga ago
32 - The One-week War ago
33 - Resentment for Complacency ago
34 - Serpent's Head ago
35 - Make it So ago
36 - Re:Cogs in Motion ago
37 - Bherad ago
38 - Soapboxing ago
39 - Emperor's Mercy ago
40 - Just an Errand ago
41 - Accustomed to Violence ago
42 - Proof of a Craftsman ago
43 - Breath of Change/Prisoner ago
44 - Call me Strake ago
45 - Dawn of Another Fateful Day ago
46 - Re: Opus ago
47 - Necrobeast Elixir ago
48 - Impurities ago
49 - Re: Book of Secrets ago
50 - Old World Philosophy ago
51 - Breakfast and Pulps ago
52 - Restlessness ago
53 - Relics of History ago
54 - Air Like Gunpowder ago
55 - Re: Draw Against the Reaper ago
56 - Anima/Animus ago
57 - In the Hall of the God-King ago
58 - Tapestry Unraveling ago
59 - Awake ago
60 - Judged in the Name of the Omniudex ago
61 - Metamorphosis ago
62 - Grievous Miracle ago
63 - The Fiery Eye of Judgment ago
64 - Emberthorn ago
65 - The Red-shingle Path ago
66 - Fruit Right Hook ago
67 - How to Get a Homunculus Drunk ago
68 - Descendant of the Tundra-Striders ago
69 - Warrior-to-Warrior Discourse ago
70 - Revelry in Combat ago
71 - An Offer Too Good to Refuse ago
72 - Lightning Strikes the Glacier ago
73 - Underplanned to Face the Beast of the Storm ago
74 - Too Smug to Die ago
75 - Not Quite Reeling ago
76 - Ancient Truths ago
77 - Judgment Justice ago
78 - The Charred Judge ago
79 - Eternal Beast ago
80 - A Casual Breakfast Before Limb Reattachment ago
81 - Left Arm of the Engine Beast ago
82 - A Promise Upheld ago
83 - To Set Loose the Violent Will ago
84 - Speak of the Blue Moon ago
85 - Lighting the Inner Crucible ago
86 - Impending Unknown ago
87 - The Payment for a City Saved ago
88 - Oblique Maneuvering ago
89 - The Pot Boiling Over ago
90 - Mangy Dogs and Stone Soldiers ago
91 - Stars of Calamity ago
92 - A Hallway of Dead Men ago
93 - Innocence and Wretchedness ago
94 - Slayer's Mercy ago
95 - Paint it Red ago
96 - Hunted ago
97 - The Wannabe Sleazebag's Gambit ago
98 - Sheng and Zhuo ago
99 - New Ammunition, Blue Meat, and a Swordsman's Struggle ago
100 - Foster the Flame ago
101 - Morning News ago
102 - Pieces Falling Into Place ago
103 - To Plan For The Future ago
104 - The Sect Compound ago
105 - Deal With The Merchant Matriarch ago
106 - Training Grounds ago
107 - Rising Heat ago
108 - Shameless Infatuation ago
109 - Sparks and Ball Lightning ago
110 - Caught You ago
111 - Entanglement ago
112 - Entanglement Continued/Metamophosis ago
113 - Metamorphosis Continued/Morning of the Serpent's Day ago
114 - Honest Ping's ago
115 - Decision/Distortion ago
116 - The Caravan Arrives ago
117 - Exotic Influx ago
118 - Strake Departing ago
119 - Merchant of Menace ago
120 - Dog of War ago
121 - Smoking in the Rain ago
122 - Cry For Retribution ago
123 - Teeth of the War-Dog; First Arm of the Fierce Deity ago
124 - Lottery/Nobles as Stage Musicians ago
125 - Face the Music ago
126 - We Fight the Night ago
127 - Formless Butchery ago
128 - Flying Thundersaw ago
129 - Dutybound ago
130 - Enigmatic Gale ago
131 - The Bickering Immortals ago
132 - Monumentality ago
133 - Uni ago
134 - The Markets ago
135 - Ironclad Truth ago
136 - Speak of Iron ago
137 - The Moneychanger ago
138 - Immortal Beast ago
139 - Tremor ago
140 - Snake-oil ago
141 - On the Health Risks of Business Negotiations ago
142 - Of Three Manly Smiths ago
143 - Steel Steed ago
144 - Gunshot to the Head of Subservience ago
145 - Guerilla Warfare ago
146 - The Recluse ago
147 - Brass-eyed Drunkard ago
148 - Steel Commander ago
149 - Burgess ago
150 - Bloody Zero ago
151 - Plan of Attack ago
152 - Before the Execution ago
153 - Big Shot ago
154 - Back in Red ago
155 - Memory of Change ago
156 - Remake Thyself ago
157 - Scrying ago
158 - Re: Bloody Zero ago
159 - Man and Machine ago
160 - Steel Winged Warrior ago
161 - Take Up the Sword, Common Man ago
162 - Visage of the Fierce Deity ago
163 - Second Arm of the Fierce Deity ago
164 - The Lighthouse ago
165 - Tian Meng ago
166 - Cao Hu ago
167 - Flying Sword ago
168 - Heartless Madness ago
169 - Give Me Your Head ago
170 - Armor of Curses ago
171 - A Long Fall ago
172 - Horizonward ago
173 - To Walk Ever Onward ago
174 - Chipping Away ago
175 - Reaching Into Ages Past ago
176 - Break the Seal ago
177 - Ozmir ago
178 - Unearthed ago
179 - Flagrant Lack of Caution ago
180 - Breaching the Eternal Vault ago
181 - Leather ago
182 - Cheesecake ago
183 - Translation ago
184 - The Walking Way of the Despot of Self ago
185 - On the Operation of a Sect ago
186 - Training/Sparring ago
187 - Polishing/Breaking-in ago
188 - Breaking-in Pt. 2 ago
189 - Breaking-in Pt. 3 ago
190 - KGF/Dealmaker ago
191 - Rule Thyself, Despot of Self ago
192 - Power Struggle ago
193 - A Common Foe ago
194 - Empire of Mind ago
195 - Subtle Metamorphosis ago
196 - Stonecrackers ago
197 - Spiritual Cleansing ago
198 - Evolution ago
199 - Thundercharger ago
200 - Bayonets and Heraldry ago
201 - Sturmblitz Kunst ago
202 - Change of Clothes ago
203 - Fresh Fit/Reactor Concerns ago
204 - Believe in the Forgemother ago
205 - Hammerforged ago
206 - Specifications ago
207 - The Impelling Arm ago
208 - Of Arms Encased in Steel ago
209 - Iron Philosophy ago
210 - High-intensity Training ago
211 - Newman Alchemicals and Jorfr's Return ago
212 - Draw Upon the Land ago
213 - Beneath the Sect ago
214 - The Leyline Well ago
215 - Penultimate Day ago
216 - Re: Sturmblitz Kunst ago
217 - Tactical Supremacy Asset ago
218 - Pre-Match Tension ago
219 - Awaken, Unholy One, the Wanderer, Unchained ago
220 - Play to the Crowd ago
221 - Combat Chess ago
222 - Combat Chess Pt. 2 ago
223 - Uragánrana ago
224 - A True Martial Artist ago
225 - Exceeding Expectations ago
226 - Not an Ounce of Strength Unaccounted For ago
227 - The Stubborn Refusal to Admit One's Inferiority ago
228 - Penultimate Clash ago
229 - Thundering Engine Beast ago
230 - Out on Her Feet ago
231 - Not Quite Smelling Salts ago
232 - The Truth of Storm-soul Cultivation ago
233 - The Truth of Storm-soul Cultivation Pt. 2 ago
234 - Ritualism ago
235 - Ritualism Pt. 2 ago
236 - Ritualism Pt. 3 ago
237 - Tribulation ago
238 - Superbia ago
239 - Cleanse ago
240 - Re: Thunderclap Sting ago
241 - Further Observations ago
242 - The Balances of History ago
243 - Yet Another Breath of Change ago
244 - Re: Collier's ago
245 - Re: Collier's Pt. 2 ago
246 - Tyrant Muncher ago
247 - Tyrant Muncher Pt. 2 ago
248 - Tempesta ago
249 - Tempesta Pt. 2 ago
250 - Incandescing Demon ago
251 - The Candidates ago
252 - Vaceran ago
253 - Vaceran Pt. 2 ago
254 - Re: Tyrant Muncher ago
255 - Things to Discuss ago
256 - Options ago
257 - Ballistics Testing ago
258 - As Good an Excuse as Any ago
259 - Visage ago
260 - The Reaper's Visage, Panzerpope, Re: Bickering Immortals ago
261 - The Stones Will Walk Again ago
262 - Alternate Mysticism ago
263 - The Stones Walk ago
264 - Magnetic Choke, Idola Custos ago
265 - Idola Custos Pt. 2 ago
266 - Skin of Bronze ago
267 - Calm Before the Storm ago
268 - Calm Before the Storm Pt. 2 ago
269 - Calm Before the Storm Pt. 3 ago
270 - Calm Before the Storm Pt. 4 ago
271 - Calm Before the Storm Pt. 5 ago
272 - Rising Thunder ago
273 - Rising Thunder Pt. 2 ago
274 - Rising Thunder Pt. 3 ago
275 - Rising Thunder Pt. 4 ago
276 - Defense of Willowdale ago
277 - Re: Soul For the Sword ago
278 - Panzermensch Hatsudo ago
279 - Heartbreaker Thundercannon ago
280 - Victory, Insofar as Survival Can be Considered Such ago
281 - Perilous March ago
282 - Blue Moon ago
283 - Blue Moon Pt. 2 ago
284 - Blue Moon Pt. 3 ago
285 - Mantle of the Incandescent ago
286 - Heaven-piercing Comet ago
287 - The Fire of Heaven Remade Through Man ago
288 - Reignition ago
289 - Toppled ago
290 - Re: Ubul ago
291 - Firefly Thundercannon ago
292/293 - Severance Pt. 1+2 ago
294 - I am Panzermensch ago
295 - I am Panzermensch Pt. 2 ago
296 - Embodiment of Snow Devil ago
297 - Fragment of Lost Hyperborea ago
298 - AbsoЯute Zero ago
299 - Ubul, the Beast Reborn in Stone ago
300 - Iron Rider, Fleshly Crawler ago
301 - Reach for the Moon, Eternal Beast ago
302 - The New Man, Reborn of Lightning ago
303 - One stands arrogantly in defiance of death, usurping the unfettered might of the heavens! ago
304 - Tactical Supremacy Asset ago
305 - Storm Conqueror's Mantle ago
306 - Re: Lightning Strikes the Mountain ago
307 - Atavism ago
308 - Dharma ago
309 - How the Mighty Have Fallen ago
310 - The Black Judge Has a Sense of Humor ago
311 - Swift Recovery ago
312 - Storm Reactor ago
ARC 2 FINAL - Breath of Change ago
Artwork Gallery/Announcement ago
ARC 3 Prologue Pt. 1 - Zelsys Newman, Sect Elder ago
ARC 3 Prologue Pt. 2 - Manifesting Utterly Boundless Force ago
ARC 3 Prologue Pt. FINAL - Borea Awaits ago
1/2 - Town Inside a Titan's Ribcage ago
3/4 - Reality Check Through the Skull ago
5/6 - Crimson and Scarlet ago
7/8 - Sanger Family Rules ago
9/10 - Von Wickten ago
11/12 - A Beast on Two Legs ago
13/14 - Wrathful Epiphany ago
15/16 - Dragonslaying by Any Other Name ago
17/18 - Re: Karmesin ago
19/20 - New Skin ago
21/22 - Red Sun Beneath the Eastern Horizon ago
23/24 - Von Burgghusen ago
25/26 - The Serpent Squirming in the Trap ago
27/28 - Ghost Battalion ago
29/30 - Stolen Steel ago
31/32 - Death of the Dragon ago
33/34 - Promise of Murder ago
35/36 - The Meat Market ago
37/38 - Sin-soaked Entomodragon ago
39/40 - Seven Steps to Petrichor ago
41/42 - Heaven Pierce Her ago
43/44 - Do not make peace with evil, destroy it. ago
45/46 - Heretic's Daughter ago
47/48 - The Ones That Got Away ago
49/50 - Lake of Blood ago
51/52 - The Seed of Legend Taking Root ago
53/54 - The New Era of Cultivation Begins ago
55/56 - Limited Blade Works ago
57 - Doppelsoldat ago
58 - Into the Gaullam ago
59 - Another White-robed Stranger ago
60 - Antediluvian ago
61 - Wodan and Hedan ago
62 - Erased ago
63 - Re: Arches/Going Easy ago
64 - "Light" Sparring ago
65 - Bioarboribous ago
66 - The Smoke Witch ago
67 - The Smoke Witch Pt. 2 ago
68 - The Smoke Witch Pt. 3 ago
69 - The Smoke Witch Pt. 4 ago
70 - The Smoke Witch Pt. 5 ago
71 - Bargaining Chip ago
72 - The Armor of Pure Purpose ago
73 - Devil in the Shell ago
74 - Devil in the Shell Pt. 2 ago
75 - Devil in the Shell Pt. 3 ago
76 - Titan's Bane ago
77 - Deterrence Fields Pt. 1 ago
78 - Deterrence Fields Pt. 2 ago
79 - Deterrence Fields Pt. 3 ago
80 - Deterrence Fields Pt. 4 ago
81 - Deterrence Fields Pt. 5 ago
82 - Agartha Pt. 1 ago
83 - Agartha Pt. 2 - Borean Politics ago
84 - Agartha Pt. 3 - Seventeen Tons ago
85 - Agartha Pt. 4 - Deep Dwellers ago
86 - Agartha Pt. 5 - Duplex ago
87 - Agartha Pt. 6 - Shifting Labyrinth ago
Flu ago
88 - Agartha Pt. 7 - Avatar of Sacrifice ago
89 - Agartha Pt. 8 - Gatemaker ago
90 - Agartha Pt. 9 - Godchild Infanticide ago
91 - Purity of Hatred ago
92 - Purity of Hatred Pt. 2 ago
93 - Burning Fuse ago
94 - Burning Fuse Pt. 2 ago
95 - Hate Beyond Hate ago
96 - Hate Beyond Hate Pt. 2 ago
97 - Midnight Wolf, the Hellhound Fury ago
98 - Re: Storm-conqueror's Mantle [+Announcement] ago
99 - Spindle Release ago
100 - Second King's Mystic Wisdom ago
101 - Comet Plan ago
102 - The Wingless Dragon's Flight ago
103 - On the Precipice ago
104 - The Rainbow Passage ago
105 - Arrival [+New Art] ago
106 - Arrival Pt. 2 ago
107 - Arrival Pt. 3 ago
108 - Arrival Pt. 4 ago
109 - Gymnasium/Family Dirt ago
110 - Gymnasium/Family Dirt Pt. 2 ago
111 - Lifting Heavy ago
112 - Lifting Heavy Pt. 2 ago
113 - Wolfblade ago
114 - Wolfblade Pt. 2 ago
115 - Wolfblade Pt. 3 ago
116 - Severance Preparation ago
117 - Severance Preparation Pt. 2 ago
118 - Severance ago
119 - Tensions ago
120 - Cultural Tour ago
121 - Ingvald the Forgehand ago
122 - Logic Automaton Assisted Design ago
123 - Logic Automaton Assisted Design Pt. 2 ago
124 - Cultivation Pills (At Last) ago
125 - Discourse Between Bullheaded Fools ago
126 - Silverhand ago
127 - Meeting Jorfr's Parents ago
128 - Eisengeist ago
129 - Holmgang Intel ago
130 - Innocent Sin ago
131 - To Give a Thundergod a Body ago
132 - Simultaneous Cultivation ago
133 - Primary Spring [+Announcement] ago
134 - Re: Ingvald ago
135 - Re: Ingvald Pt. 2 ago
136 - Victor's Breakthrough ago
137 - Wargames ago
138 - To Know One's Place ago
139 - Prostrate Yourself ago
140 - Koschei the Undying ago
141 - Koschei the Undying Pt. 2 ago
142 - Koschei the Undying Pt. 3 ago
143 - Boneyard Mantle Prelude ago
144 - Citadel of the Self ago
145 - Get in the Titan, Khestun ago
146 - Jungle Expedition ago
147 - Jungle Expedition Pt. 2 ago
148 - Jungle Expedition Pt. 3 ago
149 - Red's Dungeon ago
150 - ☼Strange Mood☼ ago
151 - ☼Strange Mood☼ Pt. 2 ago
152 - Nailbreaking ago
153 - Enantiomorph Pt. 1 ago
154 - Enantiomorph Pt. 2 ago
155 - Damascened ago
156 - Damascened Pt. 2 ago
157 - Sagaborne ago
158 - VS. Rikke Pt. 1 ago
159 - VS. Rikke Pt. 2 ago
160 - VS. Rikke Pt. 3 ago
161 - VS. Rikke Pt. 4 - The First Beast Wakes ago
162 - VS. Rikke Pt. 5 - True Love ago
163 - VS. Rikke Pt. Final - Thundergods Unleashed ago
164 - Victorious and Vindicated ago
165 - Victorious and Vindicated Pt. 2 ago
166 - Re: Sagaborne ago
167 - VS. Svend Pt. 1 ago
168 - Runar's Astral Hammer ago
169 - Wide-wuth's Dragonpiercer ago
170 - Re: Victorious and Vindicated ago
171 - Re: Victorious and Vindicated Pt. 2 ago
172 - A Great Deal of Many Smaller Events ago
173 - Teutobochus ago
174 - Teutobochus Pt. 2 ago
175 - A Long Way Up ago
176 - The Immortal Throne ago
177 - The Revenant King ago
178 - The Revenant King Pt. 2 ago
179 - The Scales ago
180 - Darkness Falls ago
181 - Roar of the Jungle Dragon ago
182 - Into the Starlit Night ago
183 - Memory Restored/Clash of Titan and Dragon ago
184 - Clash of Titan and Dragon Pt. 2 ago
185 - Blood Feud ago
186 - Blood Feud Pt. 2 ago

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This story has the following four things going for it.

The first is that is has its own consistant unique style and I enjoy it, this probably is not the first story the author has developed and it shows. 

The second is the story takes place in, so far, a well developed world with its own backstory. It feels like some care was spent designing the different factions, environment, and history.

The third is the grammar is good enough that I've never been taken out of the story by an error. I know this can be a deal breaker for some and my tolerance is pretty high, but I don't think anyone will have any complaints here.

Lastly the characters are well written vibrant and I can see them when reading the story. If the secondary characters are well written enough that I wouldn't mid a chapter about them on their own then that helps immerse me into the story as it doesn't feel like the main character is the only real person.

Thanks for the story I look forward to reading it for a long time.

Genre wise I'm always a sucker for steampunky magitechy worlds and this fits the bill. The story does have a bit of light smut but I don't feel like it detracts in any way (frankly I like a little as long as it fits in).



That 166 up there is for book 2 rather than book 1, here to note that the story is still going strong


Akaso does as they always do, churning up unique, fleshed out settings with great worldbuilding


Characters are well written, and our MC Zel definitely doesn't land in the commmon categories that get dragged around by plot, instead propelling it by sheer force of will mixed with rational decisions. Risky/reckless, sure, but nothing without logic

Pacing varies by the authors will, but updates are frequent, and there's a ton there already. Fight scenes are well written and stay unique, and the in-betweens spend the due time to flesh out the world, show the developments and improvements of characters, and generally not gloss over things to rush them. 

The story sometimes hops into other characters perspectives, giving you a peek into their thoughts, secrets/abilities, and perception of circumstances. More natural than forced explanations/glossing over

Slow Learner

Fun time so far. Don't listen to haters!


Yeah so, I read like the first arc awhile back. I like the way the setting starts out so bleak and just keeps powering through the awfulness. I decided to drop a review after I saw the disgusting comments you were getting. Hope things improve!

^_^  ^_^  ^_^  ^_^  ^_^  ^_^  ^_^  ^_^  ^_^  ^_^  ^_^ 


The MC is non-stop fun and a grade- A ass kicking machine.   The world has interesting cultivation methods and the monsters so far have all been really interesting.  Looking forward to seeing where the world goes as the MC gets involved in the bigger politics and revolution.   

Fun characters and world to fight monsters in!


A remarkable and sprawling cultivation tale

Reviewed at: 114 - Wolfblade Pt. 2

Filled with action and challenge, this story will consistantly entertain. The characters are larger than life, and the world has a depth of history which peeks through the events and descriptions and leaves the reader wanting to know more.

Style - This is a rousing action adventure with few surprises and little buildup. When a threat is coming, you will know ahead of time, and it will usually be resolved within a few chapters at most. This makes for a read which is easy to chop into short bursts of entertainment.

Story - The author's artistry in creating a fantastic world is almost matched by their ability to lead us through it with an adventurous and potentially world-spanning plotline.

Grammar - The issues with grammar were rare enough that I have neglected to remember the specifics. Extremely rare cases of wrong tense, wrong word, or mispelling. This is a pretty smooth read.

Characters - Complex motivations, contrary choices that fit with natural self defeating human tendencies, and significant emotional depth. They probably won't tug your heartstrings, but they will feel authentic.

This is a work worthy of attention and deserving of monetary compensation, at the very least justifying a few minutes spent on writing a review.


A love letter to righteous violence

Reviewed at: 73 - Devil in the Shell

This is an absolute behemoth of a story. That's all I have to open with here, it took me three days to binge this monster, and what a glorious monster it is.

I can't pretend this series is for everybody, and in fact there's some minor aspects that rub me a bit of a wrong way, but the core of this story is sending a very specific message, part of which is kind of about the fact that to a certain degree, personal iddological differences are inevitable and fine. Just don't be an asshole, y'know?

But if you are an asshole, then you're eventually going to get your ass kicked, and THAT is what this story is really about: sometimes violence is just straight up the answer.

And from there I'll talk about the characters. Our main character here is a walking testemony to the glory of violence when it is used in service of a righteous goal. In this case, nothing more or less than beating the fuck out of people who maliciously harm others, and MURDERING THE UNHOLY HELL OUT OF IMPERIALIST FASCISTS, OH I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO CATERED TO.

If you're looking for complex and nuanced political drama, this ain't for you. I've got places to go to if I wanna think about the complexities of war and government, if I wanna think about how "war crimes" are only punished instead of prevented. 

This story is about punching dictators in the dick. This story is about blowing a suicide bomber's head off before he can press the detonator. It's about nothing more or less than pest extermination. 

Sorry, I keep getting pulled back to the story in general. The characters are wide and varied, and we are given a vast spectrum of people to see this world through. Even when we see through the mind of a truly evil man, we are still shown the very worst part about monsters: they're still human. It's awful, that even dictators have favorite colors and preferred bands, that even genocidal maniacs will choose a specific restaraunt to go to because they like the food and service. And in contrast, we are shown the ravages of guilt and the impossibility of innocence, but also that a lack of innocence is not a damnation. Repentance is always possible, even though so few choose to walk that difficult path. 

Style wise, the author does something very fascinating with in-scene POV changes to refocus on other aspects of a given situation in a way that speeds up what would otherwise be a tedius but necessary sequence. Where Zelsys has to outline a full design prospect, Zefaris browses shelves and gives us a look at other places of the world. No moment is wasted, every chapter is purposeful to the Nth degree. It's downright masterful.

Grammar wise, no complaints, in fact even in the best crafted works I sometimes struggle to parse a sentence but that just hasn't happened here! 

In summation: if you ever think to yourself, "How many people have to die as a result of like three hundred people in power choosing to make more money before people start killing them back," then read this story! Because the main character asks herself that question, says "Three or so give or take the circumstances," and starts killing people and doesn't stop. 


A rich, beautifully-rendered world (updated)

Reviewed at: 0.02 - Dogs of War

This is a rich, deeply-rendered world, full of beautiful details. It reminds me a little big of Greg van Eekhout's California Bones series ... even though that's contemporary California (ish) and this is a gritty, strange, dark, textured second world.

The sentences are sometimes dense, but that is a perfect match to the content, because everything, from the the magic to the politics to the setting, is layered in fascinating and often surprising ways. 

Overall, this is a beautiful story, though maybe not for someone looking for a light, mindless read to binge!

In terms of style, as I mentioned, this can read a little dense. Yet that added to the impact of the story, instead of the reverse. I needed to pay more attention than I often do ... and I wanted to.

So the grammar--or not really grammar, but the sentence structure--likewise can be non-simple. But in this case, that's a virtue.

The characters work extremely well. They're the one thing that I found maybe slightly on-the-nose. Though actually, I wouldn't have even noticed that if everything else wasn't so stellar. So 4.5 stars, just cause giving all 5 stars feels cheesy! (Forgive me!)

The story is strong ... and somehow, the absolutely exceptional worldbuilding feels like story to me. I'm not sure how else to say it, but it's definitely a compliment. Beautifully done.


(NOTE: This review is transferred over from a previous page that only had 'Sturmblitz Kunst'. Looking forward to reading the whole thing now!)


This is great, truly great. As the title implies, this has inspired me to a whirlwind of theorycraft and imagination. I will follow your story with great interest.

On the categories; your styling and story are top notch, they flow well, all of the A stories are fleshed out and have an appropriate depth to them, I've yet to find a primary character to be two-dimensional or uninteresting, and the world is developed. While primarily a backdrop, I've found the litmus test of good writing to be how clear a picture of that backdrop the author can paint in a reader's imagination, and this has captured quite handily such a picture. The various plot devices (magic, etc.) have rules, and most importantly, they don't bend, nor break them for the sake of convenience, and the exceptions we see are not willful ignorance of those rules, but rather apply revised understanding of them, through the quasi-unreliable narration of Zelsys and those around her.

The only nitpick I have is with spelling, and even that is fairly minor, sometimes words will be misspelled with letters adjacent on a keyboard to the correct one, or similar but not-quite-right words used.

Overall I can count the times I've recognized those substitutions on one hand, and ultimately it matters not, seeing as I glossed over every one of them before doing a double take. 


Capital work!




☑️ Badass female protagonist with really cool powers

☑️ Strong female AND male characters. Shows that there's no need to put down one side to boost another. 

☑️ Rich worldbuilding. Immersive characters. 

☑️ Technology +/vs cultivation 

☑️ Well developed side characters    


❎ Changing POV 

❎ Confusion and forgettable terms

- LGBT+ relationship. Not a downside, imo.      


I don't have much experience in writing reviews so don't expect anything professional.   I came upon Retribution Engine when I clicked on the ad for its sequel Sturmblitz Kunst. The synopsis caught my eye and I decided to binge it.  


Rating : Really, really good. Not the best but nearly there. (no offence, author)  


Description on RR : "The War of Fog is over. Every major city is under occupation. Now we prepare to take back our home."  - Unknown Soldier  The world's great heroes have slaughtered one another for the ideals of their countries, but the world keeps moving.  The industrious nation of Ikesia lays still smoldering from the nigh-apocalyptic War of Fog, yet it stubbornly forges onward, shielded from further invasion by the impenetrable Blackwall. Its leader - the Sage of Fog - has disappeared, yet his influence is still felt everywhere, his plans and contingencies still in motion - even the Blackwall is said to be his last, desperate creation.  New heroes have begun rising from the war of fog, and there is more need for them than ever. A towering foreigner has emerged from the desolate Exclusion Zone.  She strides into the war-torn country without the intent to pick sides, but is soon forced to do so when the machinations of malevolent others collide with her own ego.    

>!So, in short, certain group of cities tried to unite and form a country (Ikesia) under a guy called Sage of Fog. Other powers, Empire and Merchant led country didn't like that so they sent their cultivator to put them in their place. Ikesian brought out the big guns(literally). Sage had started a technological revolution in Ikesia and taught them about modern warfare. Guns, artillery, trenches, tanks, etc. Ultra powerful cultivator with flashy techniques can't do shit when struck by mortar or High explosive tank ammunition. Both sides suffered huge casualties. Sage raised a giant freaking wall which doesn't let anyone with bad intentions to Ikesia enter and then disappeared. So the war has entered a lull. The story starts from here!<  


The novel is set on a world filled with 'fog'. This is the basis for most cultivation methods, kinda similar to Qi in CN. In this case, fog-breathing (qi cycling) is much more..... technical? It's not as simple as cycling fog through channels in certain way and shooting out fireballs and shit. It's much more complicated and there are tons of different methods.  


Style :   Well written with minor grammatical errors. The story is written in such a way that even the info dumps are interesting to read.   


Worldbuilding :   The lore is deep. The world itself is pretty small - limited to a single continent. There are major countries with their own special setting. Pateiria Empire ruled by Divine Emperor (fuck this guy), Grekurians by merchants, etc. Beyond the continent is the Sea of Fog which only Kargarians (travelling merchants) can transverse. Everything is well established and rich with history, which might capture you or annoy you depending on your preferences. Also, there are elves, so there's that. They don't usually come into play and there are only few of them around. The reason behind their origins is pretty interesting.   


Characters :   Another strong point of this novel. Almost every major side characters is deeply written and well fleshed out with their own backstory. Main character is smug, prideful and narcissistic (in a good way). Other characters include - A traumatised sharp shooter. Alchemist swordsman. History teacher turned soldier. Retired warrior Governor trying to protect his city-state. War criminal with his mech armour. Inquisitor. And few more. All these characters come into play as the story progresses and enhance it. There are hidden masters too, watching and recording everything from the background. Occasionally manipulating things.   

 Power system :  There are tons of cultivation methods which rely on breathing fog and more. It's kinda hard to explain but will become clearer as story goes on. The interesting thing is that Ikesians (the people of country torn by war) and Grekurians (inquisitors, specifically,) use technology to add to their cultivation. Plus, they specifically developed weapons designed to be used by common soldiers which could take down cultivators. Main character uses engine type cultivation, she basically treats her body like engine and fog as fuel. My favourite though, is the singing variant of Victory Demon which uses sonic waves at various frequencies to mush up your insides. Imagine a flaming guy killing bunch of people by singing his national anthem.   However, power isn't limited to cultivators alone. There are tech which can tear apart cultivators - cannons and mech armour which is shown later in the story. I don't wanna spoil much but technology plays a major role in this story.   


What else...  

The romance between MC and another character is done pretty well. There's not much character development for MC but side characters grow as they progress together.     


Negatives :  

Confusing terms. I would advise you to read the codex before starting the story cause various terms get confusing later on. It's hard to keep track of what means what.   

Changing POVs. It felt abrupt in the starting chapters and kicked me out of the flow. I would have preferred if author put the name of person in bold heading before starting another pov. You get used to it with time.   

LGBT+. Not exactly a negative but some people might be uncomfortable with it      


Quickly Became One of My Favorites

Reviewed at: 243 - Yet Another Breath of Change

I started reading because it had daily updates, and the more I read the more I loved the story. There are fairly few errors, and the writing is pretty solid in general. I feel like ti bears mentioning that I started reading after the revision, and feel like Retribution Engine is very solid. There are NSFW parts between the main couple

Zelsys and Zefaris, so it's lesbian sex. Zelsys does grow a dick eventually.


, but reading those is not required to follow the story, although the NSFW parts do develop their relationship a bit.

Akaso somehow has a fairly unique style, and manages to be original in a genre that's saturated with slightly different versions of the same characters doing the same things, just with different names. Akaso seems to be a bit of a sucker for big, dramatic moments, there are a lot of impromptu speeches and declarations, and it's fairly common to see characters developing or perfecting techniques in a flash of insight mid-combat.

The story is solid. There's a very well fleshed out world that we're only seeing the surface of, and, as I mentioned above, while there is a fair amount of characters developing/perfecting/revealing techniques mid combat, I don't feel it's at the level of plot armor, since each reveal is really just pieces that Akaso has been laying out as the story goes finally coming together.

The characters in this are great. None of them ae 1d, including side characters and even just grunt soldiers on the enemy side. Zelsys is very smug and egotisitical, but in a lovable way. The juiciest character developments for me revolve around the protagonists other than Zelsys, though that's not to say that Zelsys doesn't grow and change as the story goes on.

There are occasional errors, but none of them have been enough to bother me, which is well above the norm for webnovels, and Akaso is happy to fix errors if they are pointed out.

TL;DR Give it a shot. It's got the all the good parts of progression fantasies bundled up with an epic storyline, and a vibrant world full of interesting people and many mysteries to uncover.